Ruth and the doctor…

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Ruth turned again and again, unable to sleep. It had been a long day, and so many unnecessary deaths. She didn't care how long she had been back-clearly three years was not long enough for her to stop caring about the people and their families that they hurt every day.

But today had been really bad. So bad that she knew what tomorrow would bring. Tomorrow the Home Secretary would come barging into the gird announcing that there was only one person who could help them. And all her secrets would come out.

She started to think about what had happened all those years ago, when she had met him.

She had been about three when she first saw that blue box. She could remember the image clear as day, and could remember being picked up by a man, taken inside the blue box and given ice-cream. She had no idea why, because after that her memory went foggy. But the next time she saw him she was eight, and coming home from a friend's party when an extremely fat man came out and asked her the way to the train station. Next thing, the blue box appears and the man, she can remember his face now, comes out and the fat person runs off. "Slitheen. Can't trust them" He says to her, then asks "Ruth isn't it?" she nods

"How do you know my name?" she asks him. Her aunt had warned her about talking to strange men, and he was the strangest of the lot, but there was something safe about this man. In fact she felt safer than she had since her parents had died.

"Well, I don't normally let three year olds into my TARDIS without knowing their names"

"And I don't normally get saved from…slitheens?- without knowing that person's name"

"Fair point. I'm the Doctor"

She didn't say anything, just nodded-accepting this fact. This shocked him most of all.

"Woah. You are so the best person EVER! Everyone else is all 'doctor who?' 'what's your other name' 'Is that code for something' and so on. But not you. No-Ruth Evershed, she takes everything in her stride, sensibly and logically. You'd make a good spy." He said with an infectious grin.

And with that, her career decided, she helped him save the earth. For the first time. The second time she was ten, and then the third ,fifteen.

"Alright Ruthie! Getting old aren't we?" He has said when he saw her

"ME? You're what? 987, 88?"

And so it went on, every five years or so, she would see him. They had a strange friendship, but one they were both glad of. She was the only friend he had who didn't travel with him. But at the same time, she was the only one who accepted him completely, who didn't ask questions and just went with whatever came.

"Do you know what? You're brilliant you are" He had said to her, when she was 34

"You're not so bad yourself" She replied, and hugged him "See you soon I guess"

"I'll miss you my little Ruthie-girl" she slapped him on his arm-he knew she hated the nick-names he gave her.

"Miss you too" she told him. He stepped into the blue box,

"You make sure you excel at your job. I want to be able to walk around saying 'One of my best friends is the BEST analyst M.I.5 has to offer!"

"Will do, doctor. Now get going!" And she slammed the door shut in his face.

That had been the last time she saw him. But not for long, because tomorrow she was certain the Home Secretary would announce him. She wasn't afraid of seeing him-no way! - He was one of her best friends, and she missed him. She didn't miss him in a lovey-dovey way; he was simply her friend-that was one reason why she got on brilliantly with him, and especially with Donna. No, what she was afraid of was what Harry would say, once he found out her biggest kept secret. Would he hate her for not telling him? For not signing some form that says 'I'm one of the Doctor's best friends'? She didn't know, but strangely her last thought before she fell asleep was hardly one of worry. I'd better make sure I don't have loose pieces of paper on my desk, she thought, before finally falling asleep; I know how he likes to make an entrance, landing that blasted box in the most inconvenient places.

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