Chapter four

I can't believe this has four chapters! It's quite something! :D here goes…

Ruth showed the doctor around the grid, and then sat down at her desk. They had at least 5 minutes before Harry wanted to talk to them all. The Doctor pulled up a chair next to her desk and sat down.

"So" he said,

"So what?" She asked, knowing that grin all too well

"When you say you're not married yet, and you blush slightly and look anywhere except at the gentleman who is also colouring slightly and looking anywhere other than you, it kind of makes me suspicious"

"Well you can be suspicious all you want. I'm not telling you anything"

"Oh but you are. Just because you aren't saying anything, doesn't mean you aren't telling!"

"Euh! You are soo like Beth!" She cried, exasperated. They laughed at this for a bit before everything settled down. The team were still staring- as if they couldn't quite believe what was going on. All was quiet for a while until…

"RUTH!" Harry yelled from his office doorway, causing most people to jump –apart from Ruth herself who had seen this coming. She got up, muttering to the Doctor "If I'm not out in 5 minutes, come rescue me" and she walked off. Maybe Harry was angry with her after all.

"oh, I don't think you'll want rescuing from your secret love!" He whispered back, and she hit him round the head before straightening her shoulders and walking into Harry's office.

"Yes?" She asked, standing in front of his desk. He looked up at her and for a moment they were lost in each other's gaze.

"Ruth," Harry said, breaking the silence "I just wanted to say, can you get your friend to solve all of this sooner rather than later please? I have Russia breathing down my neck and the cousins are not going to stay happy for long, not when they find out our solution."

"Sure." She turned to leave, but he called her back

"Wait." She turned back to face him, and he came around his desk-perching on the end of it. "I was just going to say that…well I just wondered…I mean it's ok if you do but…well, I just"

"Harry." She cut in "What are you talking about? Just say it-I won't be offended, promise"

"I wanted to know if now that he is here, I don't matter anymore. If I've always been second choice, second best." He finished, trailing off at the end.

"Second best?" She asked, a thousand emotions running across her face "You have NEVER EVER been second Harry. You're first. Now and FOREVER more ok? You mean so much to me it's almost ridiculous. I think about you constantly. I dream about you- I love you that much ok. I would do ANYTHING for you and I just wish you would realise that!"

Harry stared at her for a while, a smile spreading on his face. "Well. I'm glad that's clear now" and he kissed her. Short, but sweet as they say, and it was enough for them at that moment.

"mmm." Ruth started when he had pulled back "I think we'd better finish this thing really soon. I need you more than you know"

He chuckled "I'm pretty certain I know" and then she turned and walked out, pausing at the door to wink at him. She wandered back to the desk and sat down, trying to look calmer than she felt.

The next evening, the crisis was over. The aliens had gone and all was well with limited deaths.

"RUTH!" Harry yelled across the grid.

"Does he always do that?" The Doctor asked, after everyone had had their third heart attack that day.

"Yep. Always, and the worst part is that we all still jump out of our skin every time! " Beth told him

"Oh, you'll get used to it someday" Ruth commented, as the only person who hadn't jumped, screamed or anything else to a similar effect. "Excuse me" and she went to Harry's office, where the blinds were drawn.



"You wanted me"

"No, not wanted. Just want. Now, forever-you name it"

"Oh. Ok"

"That's it?"

"No. This is" And she pulled him into a fierce and passionate kiss.

From behind the blinds, the doctor sat at Ruth's desk, breaking her computer with his sonic screwdriver- and then fixing it again after, of course. He turned to Beth,

"Do they always hide behind blinds for long periods of time?" He asked. She giggled and replied,

"Only today. But I think it may become habit soon enough"

They laughed, the guys joining in.

It seemed like everything was back to normal. Apart from the strange man sat at Ruth's desk. But it didn't seem like he was going anywhere anytime soon. Besides, he thought, she'll make me take her and lover boy somewhere anciently significant for their honeymoon.

And that's all folks! I really hope that anyone who has read this enjoyed it :)