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Summary: Midnight's; One of the only bar's in the world that caters to societies rejects. The so called 'Dark' creatures, those who are affiliated with the 'Dark', those who just fit in wizarding society, and mutants from both the magic and the mundane world. The rules of the bar; no discrimination, and no fighting, anyone caught breaking the rules suffer a one month ban no matter who, or what, they are. The owner, a no nonsense kinda woman who just so happens to attract the attention of a certain feral. What is Midnight Evans to do when Victor Creed comes sniffing round, intent on claiming her as his mate? And how would Midnight's existence and the existence of her unique bar effect the Harry Potter story?

Chapter 1

Victor Creed eyed the lettering above the door with interest. No one else seemed to be giving the place a second glance, except one or two, who from the scent of them weren't exactly human. 'Midnight's Bar' looked quite well kept, but there was an air of concealment and mystery to it. His kind of place. The lettering spelling out the name of the place was in a dark blue, with bronze edgings. The glass panes of the windows were tinted, but he caught sight of people moving round in there.

He put his hand on the door handle, and opened the door, and entered the bar. The first thing he noticed was the bar. It was in the centre of the room, and was very large; it went round, creating a square in the centre of a large circular room. The room seemed to be in two halves. One was much rowdier than the half Victor was standing in, as if it was some how later in the evening in that half. There were three doors in the other half, and three doors in the half Victor had entered. Two of the doors, one in each half, were wide open to reveal stairs which obviously led to rooms. Victor watched as a drunken man in what seemed to be robes stumbled up the stairs, pulling a key from his pocket. Two doors were probably entrances, while the last two were… well, Victor couldn't quite figure it out. The second door on this side was just a couple of centimetres away from the one he'd used, but there had been no sign of the second door on the outside.

One of the men at the bar on this half of the room called out in a slurred voice, already quite drunk.

"Hey Midnight! Get me another one!" He said, moving his glass forward.

When Victor caught sight of midnight, he felt his pants tighten, and an appreciative growl build in his chest. Midnight was around twenty five in looks. She had curly red hair, not ginger, but proper dark red. Her skin was creamy white, and she had bright green eyes, that seemed dimmed slightly by some sort of pain. The first thing that Victor noticed about her eyes however, was not their colour, but that the pupils were slits, like a cat's. Then Victor noticed her claws. They were thinner and more feminine than his own, but he didn't doubt they would cause a lot of damage. Her body was well curved. And her breasts were just the right size for his tastes. He'd be able to get a good handful. Midnight was wearing a fitted black vest that had lace over the top and round the edge, and was fastened up with two buttons. She turned round, revealing that the top left the majority of her back bare. Her skirt was black also, and the top of it was laced up and seemed to be silk, the rest of the skirt was chiffon. Victor could just imagine ripping the clothes she was wearing from her body, and taking her. Pounding into her long and hard, and marking her as his.

"Are you sure you want to keep drinking, Rick?" She asked the man.

"Nothin' else to do. My woman left me, got kicked out of my job. What's a guy like me to do? And all because one person found out I was a mutant, and blabbed."

Midnight smiled softly, and poured the whiskey into the man's glass.

"You lost your job too?"

"Yeah. You looking to hire? I don't care what the pay is."

"My staff is full right now. But, if I get an opening Rick, I promise I'll contact you."

"Thanks Midnight." Rick said.

Victor walked further into the bar, and sat down on an empty bar stool at the bar, ignoring all the people at tables.

Midnight finished serving Rick, and put the bottle back, before looking at the newcomer. He was ruggedly handsome, his dark hair short, side burns, a long black coat on, and claws, that were like her own, just bigger, and far more male. His eyes were a piercing blue.

"Well, I haven't seen you in my bar before." She said. "Do you know the rules?"

"I don't play by rules, darlin." He said.

"Well, in my bar, if someone doesn't play by the rules, then they don't play at all. The rules are simple, no discrimination against others in the bar, and no fighting. If you have a score to settle, you take it outside. Otherwise, it's a one month ban."

"Most bars ban people for life." Victor chuckled.

"Well, not here. My bar caters to the outcasts of society, if you get me. Here, people can just relax without snide whispers, and remarks. Anyone caught breaking my rules will be chucked out."

As if to help emphasise her point, a man in the other half of the bar started yelling. "What the fuck are a couple of Mudbloods doing here?"

Midnight's face darkened, the bar fell silent, and she stormed round the bar, pulling a shotgun from under the bar, and pointing it at the man.

"Right Scabier! OUT! One month ban, and don't come back until that month is up, understood? You know I won't stand for any sort of discrimination in my bar, especially as I'm just as much a Mudblood as them, now get out!"

The man stumbled, and headed out one of the two closed doors on the other half of the room, and then all the talk and chatter went back to normal, as Midnight placed the gun back in it's place, and walked back to the newcomer, extremely glad that Scabier had seen her use the gun once before.

"So, what can I get you?" Midnight asked the newcomer.

"I'll have a whiskey, Darlin. Jack."

She smiled, and turned round and grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniels and a glass. She placed the glass in front of him, and started pouring the drink. That was when Victor took notice of what seemed to be a wrist holster made from some sort of lizard skin. It was strapping a long thin piece of wood to the inside of her wrist.

"Are you going to pay for this now, or open a tab to pay at the end of the night?" She asked.

"Open a tab." He said. That was when he noticed another person appear behind the bar, and then a third. A man and a woman. "Only three staff members?"

"There are others, milling round the bar, taking orders, or in the kitchen preparing food. If you become a regular, you'll recognise staff from clientele. Oh, one more thing; mutants aren't the only folk in here that are strange. But you'll get used to it. Strange things are bound to happen, just brush it off as normal for here."

"Will do darlin." Victor said, raising the drink to his lips, and downing it in one. He motioned for her to pour another, and she did.

"Should I leave the bottle?" She asked.

He nodded, and she left the bottle, on the counter, and went off to tend to other customers. Victor watched Midnight avidly as she walked round the bar, he watched her every move. She walked with confidence and grace, and reminded him of a cat. The fact amused him, as he was practically a cat as well.

"Don't even think of making a move." Said a man from his side. Victor looked at him. The man wasn't too drunk, unlike Rick on his other side.

"What do you mean?" Victor asked.

"She'll shoot you down man. Like everyone else before you, and everyone else after you, whether that be man or woman, because she attracts both somehow, but she's definitely straight."

"You sound like you've had experience." Victor said.

"I have. Midnight does what Midnight does. Especially after that Halloween, those eight years ago."

"What happened then?"

"Well, it was before this place opened, but loads of people still knew of Midnight Evans. She was quite a girl. Hard to get, but if you did you had a hell of a time with her apparently, though none of her boyfriends said anything more than that, so there's no idea what happened when Midnight got involved with someone. She may still be a virgin for all anyone knows. But anyway, she had a twin. Emphasis on the 'had'. Lily Potter nee Evans looked almost exactly like Midnight, but she was human. Didn't change the fact that she was just as talented a witch as Midnight. But that didn't stop known murderer killing Lily and James Potter. Midnight's never been with someone since. The loss of her sister affected her badly. So you don't stand a chance."


"You're a mutant right? Well, mutant's aren't the only oddities in the world. Witches, Wizards, Vampires, Werewolves all sorts exist, just hidden from sight. Midnight set this place up for the freaks of both societies. That's why there's two doors. One for New York, one for Salem Square and then one for London and another based in Knocturn Alley."

"Are you kidding me, London?"

"Yeah. That's the other half of the bar. London and Knocturn. It's a very advanced spell. The Evan's twins, as Midnight and Lily were known, came up with it. This bar can't be accessed from anywhere other than through those doors. Look round. No windows. The ones everyone sees on the outside are just illusions."

"So, magic exists, and because of the death of her twin, I don't stand a chance with Midnight?"

"That's about it."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because someone needs to explain things to newcomers who look like they'll be regulars." The man said.

Midnight came back round then. "Can I get you anything else?" She asked the newcomer. Jay, who helped her keep newcomers in check, had taken the seat next to him. She had heard their entire conversation, and she sent Jay a quick glare at Jay for revealing so much to him.

"This guy here's been telling me no one stands a chance with you. That true?" The newcomer asked her.

"I don't see people." She said, removing the now empty bottle of Jack Daniels. He wasn't even drunk. But she should have expected that. Her instincts screamed at her that he was like her. A feral mutant.

The newcomer grasped hold of her wrist, the one without the holster. "Well, Midnight, how about we have a little bet? I'll bet you, that in a month's time, I'll have had you under me at least once, and will have my mark somewhere on your body." He almost purred, running a finger of his free hand down her neck, causing her to shiver. "If I win, well it's quite obvious."

"And if you loose?"

"Well, I'll just have to keep trying."

"That's not much incentive for me to accept the bet…" She trailed off, not knowing his name.

"Victor Creed. Alright, tell you what, if I loose, I'll work, completely for free, as security for this place, for a year."

Midnight eyed him for a moment, before she nodded. "Just so long as it's completely for free, any drinks you have you pay for, same goes for food, and if you choose to, lodgings as well."

"Agreed." Victor said.

"Then you're on. You have a month to try and get me into your bed, Victor Creed, or you'll be working for me for a year with no pay. Game on."

Victor released her wrist, and smirked at her as she walked away to another customer. Game on indeed. He thought. This would definately be a fun hunt, and by the end of it he was confident that he'd have her for himself. His own little witch to play with.

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