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Chapter 4

Midnight felt her Feral push to take over, but she restrained her, for now. She looked round to see Petunia up against a wall. The fat lard that was Vernon Dursley came out into the hall. He saw Midnight, and his beady eyes narrowed.

"You. What are you doing here?"

"You are going to pay for this." Midnight said. But apparently, Vernon Dursley's temper was easily set off.

"You dare come into my home and threaten me?" He raised his fist, and went to strike Midnight, but was cut off by an almighty roar from Victor as the large feral launched himself at the man. With a hand wrapped round Vernon's throat, he slammed the man into a wall.

"You dare try and raise a hand to my mate?" Victor growled, his claws digging into Vernon's neck.

Midnight slashed at Petunia's face, leaving some very long claw marks on her face. Then, she turned to the cupboard, bent down, and scooped Harry up, cradling him gently.

"You will not tell anyone what happened here today, or you will regret it, do you understand?" Midnight asked. "And one day, your perfect little world is going to come crashing down. I'll make sure of that, Petunia."

"You'd do that to your own sister?"

"Should I refresh your memory? You disowned me for freakishness, Petunia. Not the other way round. Now, I'm taking Harry away from here. You'd better hope you don't cross my path again. Victor, let's go." She was honestly surprised that Victor hadn't killed Vernon already, and that he didn't before he turned away from the man. But he followed her from the house anyway.

"So, we going back to the bar?"

"Yes, but not by apparition. Harry's too young. And sick. We'll have to get a taxi."

"Right. And about him being ill-"

"He's becoming a mutant like us, I know." Midnight said. "I remember going through this when I was young. Lily hardly ever left my side."

At that point, Harry opened his eyes, and looked up at her. "Wh-who are you?" He asked. And then flinched, as if expecting to be hit.

"I'm your Aunt Midnight. I'm Lily's twin sister." She said. They'd reached a main street, and Victor hailed a taxi.

Harry frowned, confused about something.

"What is it, Harry, you can ask any question you want." Midnight said.

Victor opened the door, and Midnight slipped into the cab, and he followed, Midnight telling the driver where they wanted to go, before turning her attention back to Harry.

"Who's Lily?" Harry asked softly.

Midnight stiffened, and tears came to her eyes. They hadn't even told him his parents' names! "Lily was your mother." She answered. "She was married to your father James Potter. And I'm going to raise you as they would have wanted. You never have to go back to Petunia or her family ever again, alright?"

"I don't have to go back?" He asked.


"What chores will I have to do?"

"You won't have to do any." Midnight replied. "You just rest and concentrate on getting better, alright?"

He nodded, and closed his eyes again, tremors running through his whole body. He let out another round of hacking coughs.

"The kid alright?" The taxi driver asked, frowning.

"It's a family illness. I went through it myself at his age." Midnight said. "He'll be fine." She couldn't afford for the man to think she was putting him in harms way. If it went to the government, it might, though the chance was small, get back to Dumbledore.

When they got to the bar, she handed him all the cash in her purse, and he drove off, with a large tip. She walked into the bar, Victor opening the door for her, seeing as her small nine year old nephew took up her arms. She bypassed everyone, her only goal was getting him to the apartment, and putting him to bed, so he could properly rest. She put him in the spare room and quickly covered him with the blanket and brushed his hair from his eyes, which once again opened.

"Aunt Midnight?" He asked tiredly.

"Shh." She said, gently. "You're safe now. Do you want anything? Are you hungry? Thirsty?"

"Thirsty. But you don't have to, I can do it!" He tried to get up, but she pushed him back down on the bed.

"No you don't. I'll go get it. You just rest." She said.

"Alright." He said, meekly.

Midnight left the room. Victor was sat on the sofa. She quickly got a glass of water. "The cub wake up?"

"Yeah." She said, taking the water back into the room, not saying anything else to him. Midnight sat on the edge of the bed and helped Harry drink some of the water. Then, she stayed with him, holding his hand as he fell back to sleep. She came back out to see that Victor hadn't moved. She got hold of her laptop (which she'd been able to make work around magic) and loaded it up, before placing an order for clothes for Harry, all the time, ignoring the larger Feral.

"What's wrong with you, Midnight? Trying to ignore me now? You know that won't work. I won't just disappear."

"You know, I never asked for you to come sniffing around. But you did. And now I have to bloody well put up with you and your bloody unwelcome advances, when I should be devoting all my time to my nephew, who doesn't know the meaning of family, and who is going through something that'll change his life forever. Not putting up with a pig like you!" Midnight snapped angrily at him.

Victor growled, and his hand shot out and grabbed her round the throat. Midnight's hands flew to her throat, as she gasped for breath.

"Look, I'm willing to help you with your nephew. But only because you are my mate. You better learn a couple of things sharp, woman. Now, I like a bit of a fight, but never insult me. Understood?" Midnight nodded. "Good." He released her. "The quicker you start to learn it's easier to not try and fight with me over everything, just be feisty in the bedroom, the easier this will be on you. We're mated, Midnight. And that's the end of it. No backing out, no divorces. This is final." With that, he went over to her kitchen and started looking for a beer or a whiskey, while Midnight sat there, massaging her throat, with a sense of being backed into a corner.

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