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"Dad! Tyler's being a pest to the ladies again" Anthony shouted up the stairs to Eddie who was stood up the top talking to Alfie.

"Just ignore him Ant, your time will come soon enough" Eddie shouted back down, leaning on the banister.

Anthony sighed and walked back out to the pub where Tyler was flirting with Whitney, he decided to just ignore his younger brother and carry on working.

"Excuse me?"

Anthony turned.

A small girl, big blue eyes and blonde hair stood at the bar. Dressed in nothing but a ripped t-shirt, slashed jeans and scuffed boots. Her face scratched and cut. Anthony hated to see a girl hurt.

"Yes, may I help?" He said, feeling his voice go into a whisper. He was getting nervous.

"Erm do you know where the nearest doctors is?" She asked, wiping blood from her eye-brow.

"There's a first aid box in the back, I could fix you in a jiffy" He managed to regain his voice again.

She smiled.

"Alright love" Tyler said, leaning on the bar next to Anthony giving the girl a wink.

She let out a little laugh and lent in towards Tyler.

"Listen here lovey. I'm 21, just came out of Universty. I've just been attacked by my ex and I want your brother to fix me up not you" She gave him a smug smile and patted his cheek before ambling towards the door, followed by Anthony who stuck his tounge out at him.

Noticing that she was struggling to walk, Anthony stood beside her.

"Lean on me" He offered her his arm.

"Thanks" She blushed as she weakly held onto the banister.

"I'm Anthony by the way" He said as the reached the middle step.

"I'm Georgie"

When they reached the top of the stairs, Anthony ended up carrying Georgie into the lounge and laying her down on the sofa.

Before returning with a bandage, bowl of water and a cloth. Georgie sat up making room for Anthony to tend to her.

"Thanks" Georgie said, as Anthony tied the knot on the bandage around her foot which he had on the edge of his leg.

He smiled, taking her foot off and sliding it gently back into her boot.

"Are you staying around here?" He asked as Georgie stood up, brushing herself off and picking up her handbag. Anthony stood up, standing close together.

"Yes. If you must know Im staying at the B&B with my older sister" Georgie wrapped her arms around his waist.

Anthony went red slightly, placing his hands on her elbows.

Their lips met with a little click.