Anthony's POV

Alfie switched off my phone, she looked at me and sighed.

"Michael could do anything from this point onwards" Tyler told us.

"You said it" Dad sighed.

"Anthony I could always phone my mate's Dad is in the force. He could help us out" Alfie touched my arm, supportivly.

"No Alfie, I need to do this"I stood up and walked out, taking my leather jacket with me.

I rang Michael again.


"Michael, where are you? Alfie's scared half to death, tell me where Georgie is?" I begged walking down, Turpin Road to the tube.

"Anthony, the werehouse just off edge of the square" someone whispered as I heard a pole drop onto a cold floor.

I slipped my phone into my jacket pocket and ran down towards the tube, not caring weather I had a ticket or not.

Georgie's POV

I sat there, blood on my hands. His head bleeding all over the floor, the brass pole next to him, I pulled out my phone and texted Anthony.

I'm safe. Dnt worry. Love you xx

Tears started falling down my cheeks. I'd killed him.