Title: Everybody Breaks a Glass

Characters: Wally, Robin, Apollo (Artemis)

Necessary Warnings: some brief (seriously if you blink you miss it) sexual innuendo

Yes I totally ripped the song of from Lights, totally my new favorite singer btw, but seriously that song is like so good.

The first of what I hope to by many little snippets of genderbent Wally/Artemis and everyone else in the YJ cartoon!verse.

And I so don't have a fem name for Robs yet so suggestions would be great but until I get one she'll just be Robin.

(Yes I know I totally cheated and left Kaldur's name that same but whatever this is my fic so you can suck it!)

'Mmm those legs.'

Wally flushes bright red and glares hard at Apollo who smirks.

'I can hear you y'know! We can all hear you!'

She sends through the link and flushes further at his response.

'Oh I know.'

Wally's not sure how to respond to that but it doesn't matter Kaldur orders Apollo out of the room seconds later anyway. Who the hell did that guy think he was anyway? Wally was irate; grinding her teeth and muttering curses under her breath.

'Dude, relax.'

Robin tells her, or thinks at her, this whole Martian mind-link thing still took some getting used to. She frowns at her friend's response. Relax, relax Robin wanted her to relax.

'Yes, I want you to relax.'

She repeats, and Wally glares because Robin was supposed to be her best friend which meant Robin was supposed to be on her side.

'Dude, seriously? I am on your side, but we also have a job to do so you need to calm down so we can get this done.'

Wally sighs heavily but does try to relax.

'Fine I'll relax now, but later…oh just wait until later.'

Wally sends -or thinks or says or whatever- to Robin, who nods in response.

'Ooh a vague empty threat, I'm so scared!'

Comes Apollo's sarcastic retort and Wally decides then and there that she no longer hates the new guy she loathes him.

'I love you too babe.'

Wally seethes and lets out a sound that resembles an angry cat.

Apollo smirks, because yeah this was a lot more fun then he thought it would be.

And Robin, Robin is just whelmed.