Title: Everybody Breaks a Glass

Characters: Apollo, Wally

Necessary Warnings: um...'hell?'

Ya so um I thought of this while eating chocolate chip cookies and writing my English paper so yeah that is all. Enjoy and review.


"What are you doing?" Wally asks even though it's quite obvious what Apollo is doing, she just doesn't want to believe it.

"What does is look like we're doing?" Apollo retorts and Wally frowns because sarcasm isn't as fun when you're on the receiving end of it.

"It looks like you're eating my brownies." Wally says irritation lacing every word and Apollo shrugs which doesn't help Wally's mood in the least.

"They were in the fridge he says by way of explanation and takes another bite.

"Didn't you read my note?" she hisses at him her voice it getting all high-pitched and squeaky the way it does when she gets particularly irritated.

"Yeah," he says poking the yellow post it note. "Says here 'Do Not Eat Property Of Wally West. This means you, Robin.'" he reads and by the end of that Wally is seething as she always seems to be after spending time with the archer.

"So if you knew it was mine, why are you eating it?" she forces out through gritted teeth. She's normally not an angry person really; Apollo just brought out the worst in her.

"'Cause it doesn't apply to me." another shrug, "The comma makes it direct address which means it only applies to Robin." he takes another bite and Wally can't believe he's actually still eating.

"What?" Wally asks genuinely confused because what the hell was she in English class or something?

"Wow it's a good thing your pretty." Apollo deadpans and Wally flushes eyes flashing with anger.

"You." Wally hisses and Apollo smirks.

"Love you too babe." He takes another bite and Wally growls.