Chapter 1

Ellis had left him. For no reason, he had left him. Nick sat on the couch drinking and every drink he finished he threw to wall. The house had looked a mess. One of the tables broken. Glass all over the floor. Couches flipped over except the one Nick was sitting on. 'Why am I still living?' Nick thought. He can't live without Ellis. So what was the point of living? Nick had looked at one of the shattered glass. He got up and went to it. Picking it up he lifted it to his neck. Tears about to come out of his green eyes. His body fell.

(Now Ellis' part)

Ellis was watching TV until the news came out saying that someone had 'died'. When Ellis saw who it was he got up and ran to Nick's house. 'Oh God it's all my fault.' He thought. Halfway he stopped. Ellis started to cry. "Why did I do that!" He yelled.