Bella listened idly to Jessica's babble about some fantastic date with Mike Newton and how he had told her, finally, that he loved her.

"That's great Jess! You deserve it!" Bella continued walking downtown, away from the movie theater and the romantic comedy they had just seen.

Truthfully, Bella wasn't in the mood for the movie or the talk about how great Jessica's relationship was going. She had just got off of a very serious relationship with Jacob. Jacob Black. Her heart ached still as their last conversation popped into her mind.


"No, Bells, I told you, she was just a friend. Nothing more, nothing less!" Jacobs handsome face looked panicked and his olive-toned skin glistened with sweat as he held up his hands in surrender; pleading innocence.

"Oh, a friend who doesn't mind sticking her tongue down your throat once in a while!" Bella paced, her plans for Jacobs present out the window when she had walked into his home and found him with Leah, having a good old time chomping at the others' faces. Her face was flushed with anger and hurt from her best friend, and boyfriend's betrayal.

"Bells, calm down, it was just a little-" SMACK!

"You know what Jacob?", Bella hissed in rage, "You can go and take your little kiss and share it all the more with Leah! I'm sure she would enjoy it much more now that you're single! No guilt in either of your conscience's now, is there?" With that, she ripped from her charm bracelet, the tiny wolf figurine with amazing detail carved into its little body, and threw it at Jacob as hard as her slim arms and frame would allow. She then proceeded to stomp dramatically out of the room. Which was difficult when she tripped over her untied shoe.

Luckily, and Unluckily, a strong, warm arm wrapped around her waist before she could smash her head in on the door frame.

"Thank you!" She hissed and smacked his arms away to continue her storming; ignoring the pitiful pleas from Jacob for her to come back and be reasonable. But Bella was far past reasonable.


"Hellooooo? Bella...? Bella!" Jessica's strident voice pierced into Bella's mind, interrupting her troubled train of thought.

"Were you listening to a word I just said, Bella?" Jessica stared at her and placed her hands on her hips, stopping their walk and trying to look dramatic.

"What? Oh yeah, sorry. I heard about the...with the...and you know... No, sorry Jess, not a word." She gave up trying to remember a word her small friend had just said, and instead just sulked miserably.

"Hey, chill Bella. No sweat, I can understand how hard this must be for you. Even after he slept with her I'm surprised you didn't run him over with your truck."

Bella's head snapped up at that and she felt needy of a tank.

"Oh, you didn't know? Oops... Well, Bella, I need to go and talk about my weekend shift with my boss so I'll see you later!" Jessica realized her mistake and soon was off, sprinting to the Newton's sports store in the other direction.

"Okay, well... Bye." Bella spoke out to the seemingly empty street.

She started walking in the direction of Charlies house and was so caught up in her thoughts, she didn't notice the piercing golden eyes staring, and watching her every step.


Yes, she was the one. The one with blood sweeter than ambrosia and a personality to stop a truck. After stalk- er... watching her for about a month, he was sure that she was the one.

She would be his. And nothing would stop him from claiming his prize...