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Four Months Later…

Booth awoke at the first sound of his infant daughter's whimpers. He glanced over at his girlfriend, who was still sleeping soundly. Booth knew that Brennan must be exhausted if she wasn't waking at the sound of Christine stirring.

Booth carefully slid the covers off himself and got out of bed. He gently lifted his daughter from the bassinet and held her tight against his chest. Silently, Booth carried her into the nursery and laid her down on the changing table.

"How's my little princess?" Booth said leaning down to kiss her on the forehead.

"Let's try to do this without waking Mommy, okay? Mommy needs her sleep."

Brennan was breastfeeding, of course, so, nighttime feeding was her job. Christine, thus far, refused to take a bottle of breast milk. For the first few weeks, Booth would get up each time Brennan breastfed their daughter. Although he was, of course, glad that Bones was breastfeeding, Booth sometimes felt helpless to provide for his daughter in similar way. Being there at least made him feel helpful and Booth was surprised at how much he enjoyed watching Brennan breastfed their daughter. Rebecca hadn't breastfed Parker, and Booth doubted that she'd have let him watch. Booth hoped that he could share a bond with this daughter that paralleled the clear bond between Christine and Brennan during feedings. As time passed, Brennan insisted that Booth get some sleep during the nightly feedings. Reluctantly, Booth agreed that this was the pragmatic way to proceed.

Tonight, much to her father's surprise, Christine was quiet during her diaper change. She typically screamed as if being tortured. Holding his freshly diapered daughter, Booth sat down in the rocking chair. Booth rocked slowly as he hummed Christine a lullaby. As he hummed, he thought about the last several months and was grateful that he was there, fully recovered, rocking his daughter to sleep. With happy thought in his mind, both father and daughter drifted to sleep.

When Brennan woke out of habit for Christine's early morning feeding, she was startled to find both the bassinet and Booth's side of the bed empty. Quickly pulling on her robe, she rushed to the nursery door, steering clear of the many still unpacked boxes littering the hallway. Brennan halted in the doorway and breathed a sigh of relief. Her lips curled up into a smile at the sight before her, both father and daughter sleeping.

Bones had always known that Booth was a good father, but he'd exceeded even her expectations. Anyone could see how he adored their daughter. He was so tender and patient with Christine, and for that matter, with her. In the first days after they'd brought their daughter home from the hospital, she struggled with breastfeeding. While Brennan found herself frustrated that she was unable to do something that women had done for centuries, Booth was reassuring and helpful. When she was so exhausted from getting little sleep when Christine had the croup, Booth took several days off from work to care for their daughter and allow Brennan to get some sleep. Regardless of the new parenting challenge, Booth always had the right words to calm and encourage her.

While Brennan was contemplating how exceptional a father Booth was, Booth awoke.

"Hi, Bones," he whispered.

"Hi," Brennan replied with a smile.

Booth slowly rose from the rocking chair, "She was starting to stir, needed a diaper change. You were sleeping so soundly, I didn't want to wake you."

Booth moved towards the door.

"Wait, let's try the crib again," Brennan suggested.

Booth looked at her skeptically.

"She's nine weeks old. She'll outgrow the bassinet soon," Brennan reasoned.

Booth nodded. He gently placed Christine in the crib, hoping that it wouldn't incite the usual twenty minutes of wailing.

"We'll be right down the hall, sweetheart," Booth whispered, "I love you".

Brennan leaned over the crib, pressed to finger to her lips, then pressed her finger lightly to her daughter's forehead, and said, "Love you."

Quietly, with their breath held, they left the room. They breathed a sigh of relief when they reached the bedroom and didn't hear crying. Silently, they climbed into bed.

"Thank for letting me sleep," Brennan said.

"Any time, baby," Booth said, leaning in to give her a kiss.


"Yeah, Bones?"

"I'm ready."

"Ready?" he asked.

"I'm ready to marry you," she said plainly, her voice quivering ever so slightly.

Booth was speechless.

"Booth? You – you still want to get married? You haven't changed your mind. I know that officially living together at the same residence has -."

Booth pulled her close to him, "God, no. Of course I still want to marry you! Living with you in our home has made me want to even more, Bones"

Booth scrambled to his feet and fished into the drawer of his nightstand. His hand emerged holding a small velvet box. He swung around to face Brennan and popped open the box with his thumb.

"This was my grandmother's," Booth said of the diamond solitaire ring, "she and Pops had fifty years together. I hope we can have that too."

Bones smiled at the thought of them, old and gray. She remembered another time that Booth had offered her fifty years together.

"Have you had this ring long?" Brennan asked out of curiosity.

"Pops gave it to me soon after I told him that you were pregnant. He said he'd been waiting to give it to me until I'd found the right girl," Booth said sheepishly.

Bones chuckled, as she could imagine Pops saying just that.

"I guess Pops knew what I needed – what we needed – better than we did."

"Pops is very intuitive," Bones said.

"Yes, he is," Booth replied with a smile, "and he is going to be over the moon to find out that you are going to be his granddaughter in law."

With those words, Booth took the ring from its velvet box and slid it onto Brennan's finger.

"It fits perfectly," Bones remarked, admiring the shine of the diamond.

"I had it sized for you," Booth said, leaning in to kiss his fiancé.

Booth pulled back from the kiss only long enough to tell Brennan he loved her. Then, for one of the first times since their daughter was born, Booth and Bones made love. And, down the hall, Christine slept silently in her crib.

The leaves were crimson and orange and their daughter nearly walking by the time Booth and Brennan married. Their guests would remember it as one of those perfect falls days, neither too warm, nor too cold. Though, their guests most likely remembered the day as perfect, because two people who were perfectly imperfect for each other vowed to love one another forever.

The ceremony took place on the vast lawn of the Jeffersonian. Brennan had flatly refused to be married in a church or by a priest. Since Brennan had acquiesced and allowed Christine to be baptized, Booth didn't push the issue. He knew that if it were up to his soon to be wife, they'd get married at the justice of the peace and enjoy dinner with friends afterwards.

Regardless of the setting, Booth was delighted to see his bride walk down the aisle, in a white dress, nonetheless, her face alight with joy. When they joined hands and said "I do", there was no trace of doubt in either pair of eyes. With the help of her older brother, Christine toddled down the aisle to meet her parents after the ceremony was complete. Booth quickly snatched her up into his arms. He wrapped his other arm around his bride, while she placed her hand on the shoulder of her stepson.

"I have everything I'll ever need right here," Booth whispered into Brennan's ear.

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