SUMMARY: Rachel is dating puck and finn is daiting Quinn ... finn and Rachel hate each other but what happens when the two get locked in a closet together ...

Just happened ... Chapter 1

Rachel walks into school and heads to her locker to see puck waiting for her.

Puck: hey bbe *leans down and kisses lips while holding waist he pushes her againg the locker and it turns into to a hot make out session*

Quinn: please can you stop EATING my best friend *she pulls them apart*

Puck: cock blocker

They all start walking to lesson when they get their Quinn runs to finn and straddles his lap theystart making out

Puck : if im not getting any then neither are you

Finn; why would you want to get any with man hands any way

Rachel: oh shut u lanky twat

Puck; guys stop why do you too always argue cant you just be friends

Quinn : yeah i mean come on we used to all be best friends

Rachel: yeah well if he didn't try and get off with my mum i would have had to smash that plate round his head

Finn: shame are u sure she is ur mum i mean she it HOT and you are NOT

Rachel runs out crying

Puck: wtf man *runs after her*

Quinn why did you do that

Finn; what its her own fault

Quinn: whatever *gose to find Rachel*

Quinn finds puck outside the girls locker

Puck; we need to sort them to out

Quinn: i have an idea

Puck; oh yh what is it

Quinn: bring Rachel round to mine tonight

Puck: why

Quinn: we r gunna lock them in a closet together until they agree to be friends

Puck: perfect cya later

After school puck and Rachel knock on quinns door

Quinn: hey guys come in

Rachel: thanks for inviting us but why are we here

Quinn: thought we could hang hey will u do me a favour and get the dvds out of my closet

Rachel: ermmm okay

Rachel goes into closet to get dvds when suddenly the closet door shuts and puck and Quinn look then run out the house

Rachel hers something

Finn: Quinn babe is that you can i take my blind fold off now

He say while grabbing her and pinning her up against that wall he leans in to kiss her thinking its Quinn

Rachel: *screams* finn get off me it me Rachel

Finn: *rips blind fold off* what the fuck are you doing here

Rachel; Quinn and puck locked me in here

Rachel phone rings

Rachel: hello

Quinn: you aint coming out till u 2 make friends

Quinn hangs up

Finn: what

Rachel : oh shut up

Finn: btw hows ur mum *winks*

Rachel slaps finn but he grabs her hand before she dose and pushes her against the wall

Rachel *heart speads up* wwhat ar are you doing

Finn: why so nervous

Rachel: let me go

finn leans so there lips are inches apart

finn: don't u like being this close

Rachel: u have a girlfriend and i have a boyfriend

Fnn: who said i was gunna kiss you *smirks*

Rachel oh *souding disappointed*

Finn: whats wrong did you want me to kiss you

Rachel : what ermm no can u move please t to warm

Finn: yh u do look pretty hot *not moving at all while his eyes travel up and down her body*

Rachel : thought you said i wasn't *smirking*

Finn: oh trust me your hot and your legs just scream fuck me

Rachel graps his neck and starts making out with him