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After signing the forms Mr Schuester had given them, the New Directions students started discussing their weekend plans. Rachel told everyone who wanted to hear (and Finn – definitely Finn too) that she hoped to have another date that weekend, hopefully on Friday night, and that it was going to be perfect.

The others, however, didn't have any elaborate plans, so when Sam came up with the plan to go for frozen yogurt with the whole group, none of them were totally against it. They had the vouchers, after all, and it would be a nice contrast with what they'd done the previous week.

"I'm not coming," Rachel immediately said, looking around the group. "As much as I appreciate the efforts to get this group to bond more, I am a vegan – frozen yogurt is not on my list of approved food. Besides – I'm pretty sure I have a date tomorrow. You know who – "

"Don't know, don't care," Santana interrupted, rolling her eyes. "You can give us your voucher if you're not using it anyway."

Rachel looked slightly offended. Still, she didn't seem to be able to find fault with that argument. "Fine. That seems fair." With that, she handed Mercedes said voucher and sat back down in her chair.

"You can still come, right?" Finn asked, a little uncertainly, but Rachel shook her head.

"No, I can't," she said for what seemed to be the fiftieth time. "I have a date, remember?"

Lauren pretended to gag at Rachel's behaviour, and Quinn had narrowed her eyes long before.

"Fortunately," Santana muttered.

Before Rachel (or anyone else) could say anything to that, the bell rang, and all of them quickly dispersed.


The next day, everyone gathered at shop that Figgins had managed to get the vouchers from – only Mercedes was running a bit late. When she arrived, in the end, they quickly noticed that she hadn't come alone.

" – and do you know what that does to my complexion, Mercedes?" Even if they wouldn't have recognised the voice, only Kurt could be worrying about his complexion when he was offered a treat.

"Just enjoy the night out, Kurt," Mercedes told him right before they stopped in front of the group. Finn just eyed the two of them strangely.

"You didn't even tell me you were coming!" he told Kurt accusingly.

Kurt just cocked an eyebrow. "I didn't know. Mercedes showed up and practically dragged me along after you'd already left."

"You could use a night out with friends to get your mind off of things," Mercedes explained. "Besides," she told the group, "Rachel's not using her voucher, and she kind of owes Kurt, so this is perfect, right?"

"Why does Rachel owe Kurt?" Quinn asked, glancing between the two of them. "What did she do now?"

"Don't even bother," Mercedes said, waving her hand. "It took me a lot of time before he would even tell me." Kurt's face, by now, had clouded over.

"Let's go in," Tina said hurriedly, before anyone else could question Kurt further, and so they did.


In the end, Kurt did end up getting some frozen yogurt, but while he seemed a little happier, he still looked upset for some reason. He tried to cover it up, chatting enthusiastically with all his friends, but he couldn't hide his misery completely.

"This is much more fun with you than with Rachel," Mercedes told him when they were all sitting. "Good thing she's a vegan."

Kurt nodded absently. "Though I wonder if she would've given you her voucher if she knew you were taking me."

Mercedes rolled her eyes. "Rachel may be obnoxious, but she's not stupid enough to think I wouldn't bring you along."

Kurt gave her a disbelieving look. "You wouldn't say that if I told you exactly what she told me this afternoon." When Mercedes' face darkened, he quickly added, "So I probably won't tell you. Not here, anyway."

"Rachel said she had a date tonight anyway, didn't she?" Tina asked after a few seconds, interrupting the silent conversation Kurt and Mercedes were having.

"It was all she could talk about," Mike agreed.

"It was going to be great," Artie added, not appearing to believe it himself.

To their surprise, Kurt snorted. "I'm fairly sure Rachel doesn't have a date tonight." He sounded almost smug.

"How do you know?" Puck asked, though acting as if he couldn't care less about the answer.

"Her potential date turned out to not be as interested in her as she might've hoped," Mercedes replied when Kurt didn't say anything.

"She's probably writing a song about it now," Kurt added with a slight frown. "Why is she writing songs anyway? If she's trying to get an album out before graduation, I may have to strangle her."

"She wants to do original songs for Regionals," Santana responded with a snort. "Yeah, like that's ever going to happen."

"Are we allowed to write original songs for Regionals?" Kurt asked, surprised. "Not that the Warblers would ever do that, mind you."

"I guess if Rachel is so adamant on writing original songs, it's probably allowed," Tina replied.

"So," Santana started, smirking. "Why was Berry's date suddenly so turned off? Did he realise she's too much of a prude? That she talks too much? That – "

"He realised that he was, in fact, really gay," Kurt responded, rolling his eyes. "I don't understand how he could think otherwise because of Rachel Berry."

For a moment, everyone stared at him. "You're not talking about Blaine, are you?" Quinn asked suspiciously.

"Sadly, yes," Kurt replied. "After that drunk kiss last week, he was almost certain that he might be bi."

"After one drunk kiss?" Tina asked disbelievingly.

"Scratch that," Puck said, "after a drunk kiss? Even I know everything's different when you're drunk."

Kurt shrugged. "Unfortunately, Blaine was not aware of that. He honestly thought that he liked Rachel."

"Ouch," Tina muttered, looking at Kurt sadly. Kurt sighed in response. Though he didn't exactly want his friends' pity, he was glad he'd told them – at the moment, he wasn't liking Rachel all that much. If his friends wanted to share in the sentiment, they were more than welcome.

"Couldn't you just lay one on him when he said that?" Santana asked, smirking devilishly again.

Kurt pulled a face. "He doesn't like me like that. I don't want to ruin our friendship." Then, he frowned. "Then again, this whole gay/bi matter might have already done that anyway."

"I don't get it," Brittany spoke up, looking confused. "Why is it bad to be bi?"

"It's bad if it makes you think you like Rachel Berry," Santana explained, and Brittany nodded in understanding. "And you're ridiculous," she told Kurt. "I may be a bitch, but even I can see the way that guy looks at you. You just lay one on him, and he's all yours."

"My thoughts exactly," Mercedes said, grinning.

Kurt looked scandalised, but Santana wasn't quite done yet. "Besides, if he put it like that, he practically asked for it, if you ask me."

"Asked for what?" Brittany asked, and Santana turned towards her to explain.

"He's really gay again now, though?" Puck asked briskly. Something told Kurt that if he answered with a negative, Puck would arrive at Dalton on Monday before he did, and the Warblers might have to look for another soloist for Regionals.

So he nodded – both because it was true and because he didn't really want Puck to hurt Blaine. "Yeah, he is. Well, he said he was. After Rachel kissed him while both were sober, that was the first thing that came out of his mouth."

Quinn laughed in delight, and Santana, who had heard the last part, almost choked on her frozen yogurt. "Serves her right," she muttered.

"So…," Finn started, still looking a bit lost, "Rachel likes Blaine now?"

"I'm fairly sure she just liked the idea of potentially getting a new boyfriend," Kurt told him. "Or – how did she put it again? Someone who might give her vaguely Eurasian looking children in the future."

"Didn't she tell us like last week that she was going to be an independent and strong woman for a while?" Mercedes asked, shaking her head. That was true. Then again, Kurt figured that he, too, had to learn to become less dependent on a potential love interest. He might like to think that he was doing a better job at this than Rachel, but there was always room for improvement. And who knew, maybe someday, everything would be alright again between him and Blaine.

Soon after, they dropped the subject of Blaine and Rachel, and Kurt found himself actually enjoying himself. It was good to get his mind off of subjects like that. Whatever higher being there may be, though, seemed to have it out for Kurt. All of a sudden, his phone signalled that he'd gotten a new message, and while he was getting to that, two other messages came in.

He sure was popular tonight.

He half expected at least one to be from Blaine, but instead, it appeared that the Warblers' council members had decided this to be a good time to overwhelm Kurt with messages. They were all pretty similar, asking what he'd done to Blaine and hadn't they made up yet now that Blaine was sure about being gay again?

News certainly spread fast at Dalton.

Fact was, Kurt hadn't done anything to Blaine. After Rachel had left as well, leaving Kurt standing there awkwardly half in line, he had opted to leave as well. After what he'd witnessed before that, he needed some alone time; some time to think. And so, he'd assumed, would Blaine.

Reading between the lines of the texts he just got made him wonder if Blaine agreed with those ideas. He quickly texted them back, telling them that he had no idea what they were talking about, he had done absolutely nothing (though maybe that was what they were inquiring about), and he would see them Monday at practice, if not sooner (during lunch that day, most likely).

Glancing up again, he noticed at least half of his friends staring at him. Raising an eyebrow at them in question, Mercedes asked, "Was that Blaine? That wasn't him, right? If – "

Kurt swiftly shook his head. "That wasn't Blaine. Just some… other Warblers."

With that, the subject was dropped again, and Kurt was filled in about the latest happenings at McKinley – those stories included, of course, the Ke$ha song they'd sung, and how that had led to them all being here, but also all the alcohol they'd consumed that week (apparently, Rachel hadn't been the only one who'd kept drinking after the Saturday before), and how coach Sylvester had now become Aural Intensity's coach – her newest attempt at bringing down New Directions, it seemed.

Even so, all that news, however funny it was, was also a bit worrying. Kurt decided not to mention all that, though. He was just happy to spend some time with his friends while none of them were completely inebriated.

The fun wasn't going to last, of course. Not half an hour later – the frozen yogurt was all gone by this time, but no one felt like leaving yet – someone entered the shop. As customers had been entering and leaving the entire night, nobody looked up.

Oh, if only they had.

"Oh, hey, guys! So you are still here! I wasn't sure, but I decided to come anyway – "

Rachel was cut off by Quinn. "So how'd your date go, Berry? We didn't expect you to show up."

"If we'd known, we would've left already," Santana muttered darkly.

Rachel grabbed a random chair and sat down in between Sam and Finn, who were, luckily, at the other end of the table from Kurt. "It was magical. First, we went out for dinner, and then – "

"Wait a second," Santana interrupted her. "Cut the crap, Berry - are you seriously trying to convince us that your date was not a complete disaster, even though we all know there was no date to begin with?"

Rachel huffed. "Fine," she admitted. "There was no date. Obviously, my talent was too much for him to handle."

"Or he was gay," Mercedes retorted.

Rachel's face fell, but she quickly recovered, smiling brightly. "Yes, that might've been a contributing factor as well. I feel privileged to having been on a date with a guy who turned out to be gay in the end – "

"Correction, he was gay all this time until you came along and managed to somehow convince him he was not," Quinn told her.

"Yes, but…," Rachel spluttered. "I helped him – "

"Oh yes, and what a great help you were," Quinn bit back. Kurt wondered where her sudden motivation to defend him at all costs came from, but not for too long. He definitely didn't mind this Quinn.

As Rachel spoke up again, he sighed. "I can't listen to this anymore," he announced, standing up. Only now did Rachel realise that he was there and had, in fact, been there all the time – even before she'd arrived. She started talking directly to him now, but he tuned her out in favour of saying his goodbyes to everyone else. Mercedes offered to drive him home, but then Finn said that he'd just leave as well and Kurt could come with him. Which was even easier.

When they left, Kurt heard Mercedes (backed up by the other girls, it seemed) chew out Rachel even further for going after Blaine while knowing how Kurt felt about him. He could've known this would happen the second he was gone (and if Rachel hadn't shown up here, she would've gotten hell for it the next day at school), but at this moment, he couldn't be bothered in the least. Perhaps this was also the first step in redefining his friendship with Rachel.

Finn, who Kurt suspected had just left because fights between girls tended to freak him out a little, was silent during the entire ride home. Not that Kurt minded much. Apart from a couple of incidents, he had had a pretty good night, seeing all his friends again in a different setting. They should definitely do this again.

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