"Hello Italy, how do you make lasagna?" Italy stopped his mixing "Come again Greece"

"How do you make lasagna?" Italy laughed "and why do you want to know that?" he heard Greece sighed "Just to know" Italy shrugged "Okay I guess, well first…"

2 hours later, Greece was cutting the lasagna. "I'm sure he'll like this" he put a big piece of lasagna in a bowl and went outside

"Kitty, Kitty, come here Kitty"

"I hate that Greece" an orange cat with black marks on its back and tail said coming out from under the porch. "I'm sorry Garfield" he put the bowl down and sat next to it.

Garfield went to the bowl and sat down. He then took the piece of lasagna in his paws and started eating. "So when do you think your owner will come looking for you?" Garfield shrugged "No idea pal but hopefully not soon. I like it here. Free food and I can sleep as much as I want" Greece smiled "I like you here too. It's not every day you get to talk to a cat who can talk back" Garfield continued eating.

Greece smiled and started scratching Garfield's ears "Whoa man, I'm eating here!" Greece sighed "I'm sorry"

"It's cool" they sat in silence with Garfield's soft chewing the only thing they heard.

"There you are Garfield! You know how long I was searching for you?" Jon said as he and Odie walked up to the duo. "I'm fine Jon"

"I hope he didn't cause you any trouble sir" Greece shook his head "No problems. I like cats and a talking cat is even better" Jon smiled "You didn't have to feed him you know. He eats a lot already"

"I don't mind I called a friend to help me out with it. I'm not good at cooking foreign foods"

"So did you two have fun around Athens?" Odie barked as if saying yes. "Yup it's a shame you couldn't see it"

"Yeah quite a shame" he finished his lasagna and got up "You ready? We got to go Garfield our plane is waiting" Garfield nodded "I'll catch up to you guys I want to say goodbye" Jon nodded and thanked Greece then he and Odie started heading back

"It's a shame you have to go" Garfield nodded "We'll see you again sometime. You should visit us in America sometime"

"Maybe…." Garfield patted his arm "Take care Greece" he then started walking away but Greece grabbed him and hugged him "I'm sorry Garfield but I wanted to hug you since I met you" Garfield laughed "I get that a lot" Greece let him go and he shook. "See ya Greece. Stay lazy" Greece nodded and Garfield headed after Jon and Odie.

Greece looked at the empty bowl then he looked up at the clear sky "He was definitely one of a kind" suddenly he felt fur rub on his arm and he smiled and started patting the cat and it started purring "Yeah one of a kind"