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We went on a plane to New Mouse City.

I looked to where Bratfur was sitting.

Delilah was sitting there too.

"What are you doing here?" I asked Delilah.

"Bratfur asked me out," She said.

Everyone laughed.

Then we reached New Mouse City.

We walked out.

I walked into my house.

I saw a little Cellar Spider in a corner.

I smiled.

I took the spider outside.

I walked into the forest.

I set the spider on the grass.

It crawled away.

When I got back I saw Delilah and Bratfur going somewhere.

They were holding hands.

Then I saw Benjamin and Bugsy going to the same place.

They were also holding hands.

I realized they were going on a date.

In fact, everyone was going on a date.

I saw Petunia.

I walked towards her.

"Would you like to go on a date?" I asked.

"Yes," Petunia answered.

We held hands and walked with everyone else.

A week later, I wrote a book about my adventure.

It was called Geronimo and the Diamond of Ratzikistan.

It was an instant bestseller.

Two years later it was turned into a movie.

It broke all box office records.

And the adventure made me braver.

I leapt outside.

"Who wants to go to The Valley of the Vain Vampires and see the Thirteen Ghosts in Billy Squeakspears castle?"

Trap, Thea and Benjamin leapt into my car and we drove to the airport, listening to Michael Jacksons 'Thriller' on the way.