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Epiphany: Abyss

Chp.1: Prologue. Crying Rain.

What is evil? A manifold and infinite abstract creature? Or a carnivore vacuum, undercover by the darkness and fed by the absence of virtue?

(Hinata POV)

I hate this place. I can't see the stars or the beautiful moon. Instead, is raining. I'm sure that the ever falling water is carrying my blood around the land. I cannot feel the pain any more. I just can feel his hand, his fingers intertwined with my own. I fantasised that maybe he died knowing that I was next to him, in the ground, all bloodied and beaten, with his cold dead fingers wrapped with loving hands, my own. But I know that he died before that. That I dragged my self next to him, my useless crushed legs be dammed, an lay on my back, forgetting the pain, with his cold fingers taken with my own, trying to see the moon one last time trough the dense gray mantle of clouds.

The Fourth War was over. We won and we lost. Both sides are totally annihilated. All the Zetsu Army, until the last one, was crushed. All the Allied Force was killed. Even the madman that was Uchiha Madara, perished. He recreated the Juubi, and tried to be its new jinchuuriki, but the stupid immortal overestimated himself. Mere seconds after sealing that monster within him, his body gave up, exploding in a morbid fascinating flashy way, bringing that thing to the world. But Madara did´t thought about a small factor in his over calculated twisted master plan: Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto, having conquered the whole power of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, obtained his new "Demon Sage Mode" and, in the process, changed the seal in his body to the one that used the Sage of the Six Paths all those centuries ago. When Madara extracted the Kyuubi from him, he also pulled his soul. I don´t know how, but from within, Naruto´s Will destroy the Juubi. Sadly, it was too late. Everybody in this war was dead. I was maybe the last one around, and I was dying too.

So many regrets. I never beat my sister to the Heir Title, never surpassing her in our family fighting style. I never went beyond chuunin rank. I was never loved by my family. But my deepest regret, I never gained Naruto´s heart. After I confessed my feelings for him, he rejected them with my devotion for him in exchange of that pink haired bitch. Later, after we become, to my eternal dismay, friends, I asked him why. He's answer was direct, honest, and depressing. He told me that, while growing, he knew that I was observing him, watching, never talk to him or play with him. He understood my shyness, but the fact was that I never did anything to ease his lonely pain hurt him even more than the adults. For him, that was water under the bridge now, but deep down, his heart was still hurt thanks to his upbringing.

I was depressed a couple of days after that. I wanted to tell him that he was wrong, that I care deeply for him, that I would be next to him for all eternity, that I would fallow him until the deepest rings of hell for him. But all that anger, all that despair I redirected toward myself. I was the one to blame, the one that never did nothing, the ever hesitating, the ever self doubting. In the end, I only could be his friend, the best that one could ask, and see, in the sidelines, how that Haruno bitch used him as a consolation price over her precious emo, drama queen, traitor. But including them, I didn't do a good job. I never saw coming Sakura´s betrayal. Her back stabbing, literally, Naruto-kun, working for the emo traitor in the shadows, putting aside her village, her nation, her friends, for the avenger. But she had a fitting punishment for a traitor. Killed by her Uchiha after the job was done and she was of no use for him. That killed Naruto in the inside. He was never the same again, he never smiled again. And I´m sure that was the reason that he was captured by Madara in the end before he could recover from the wounds inflicted by Sakura.

At least everything is at peace now. With practically all the ninjas around the world dead, it would be quiet for a long while. Some wishful thinking on my part hoped that it would last forever, but humanity had the knack of never learning of its mistakes.

With that bittersweet last thought, I, Hyuuga Hinata, closed my all seeing eyes one last time. A small, shy smile, was fixed on my face while I was swallowed by the darkness.

(Normal POV)

When Hinata open her ayes again she was floating in a gray like mist. Totally naked. But she didn't care. The first thing she discovered was that she couldn't move, she even couldn't blink. It was forced peace, but peace nonetheless. The pale eyed girl stay like that for what it seems an eternity. Time didn't have a meaning in this place.

"Finally, you wake up, little princess." A dark twisted backward sounding voice boomed form everywhere.

"What…Who…?" started Hinata´s cracked voice.

Suddenly, the mist started to thicken and darken in from of Hinata. As soon as it started, it stopped. Now, face to face, was Hinata with a twisted carbon copy of herself. This one has her normally white sclera totally black, and her pale white eyes were golden in colour. All her hair was white and the skin was like it was painted in the white too. For The final touch in what looked like an evil version of herself, E-Hinata was portraying an evil sick smile on her face. (AN: Imaging a hollow-Hinata)

"YO!" Half saluted, half waved the newcomer in her backward voice.

"Who…who are you? Why you look like me?" said Hinata, evidently shocked.

"Me, little princess? Me is you, just better." The confusion on Hinata´s face was clear, because the E- Hinata continued on. "I´m part of you, or more accurately, I am your darkest side, the one that you had buried within. You can call me Yamihime."

"But how?"

"The Kyuubi. You see, even after your precious Naruto died, some residual yoki stayed in his body. It had the phantom will of the Kyuubi and was trying to scape before being consumed by the Juubi. The yoki in the air also was helping, but it was not enough, so when you took Naruto´s hand, it latched to you, trying to posses you. Sadly, it only quicked your dead, but in a last effort it latched in to your soul, finding the darkness in your heart. It tried to devour you again, but it was too weak and because of this I was born, and the reason why I am in front of you right now."

"But...but… that can't be. I´m not evil. I am not a bad person." Said a teary eyed Hinata.

"Stop lying to yourself. You know that you hated them. You hate your family for the abused and the way they treated you. You hate your village not acknowledging you or your crush, Naruto. Heck, you even hate Naruto for his rejection. But above all, you hate yourself for being so weak, for not being there for Naruto. Each time you buried your hatred, your sadness, your sorrow, your guilt, your envy…Every time you tried to burry all this, deep in your heart, I was becoming stronger. But, sadly, for all my intentions to try and controlling you and be free, I can't, because we are dieing. Unless… "

"What? What can we do?" asked Hinata desperate.

"Do you want to save Naruto and get a better chance in lived? What will you do to fix things for the better?"

"Anything" said Hinata without hesitation. She missed the evil smirk that appeared for a second in her alter face.

"There may something that can be done. The part of the Kyuubi that is now part of me had an interesting knowledge. A way to send our soul to our past self body. But they are some rules to it."

"What kind of rules?" Hinata was awed about the existence of something like that.

"First, we had to do it correctly in our first try. Second, we will end fused together when we arrived."

"What do you mean?"

"Right now we are separated identities. Instead of being an "us" it will be a "we". So, we are going to suffer some personalities changes. Any questions?" said Yamihime with a too innocent smile.

"Why are you risking you existence too? You will disappear in a way."

"You forget one thing. I'm also you. I loved Naruto too. We may disagree with each other methods, and hopefully when we return we will change to something more… aggressive, but we are still the same person. So, will you do it?" she sound hopeful.

"I will, what I have to do?"

"Just sync your chakra with mine. I gonna do the rest. And one more thing… this is going to hurt…a lot."

Before Hinata could say anything, the Hyuuga felt a wave of orgasmic pleasure through her body. It felt so good that pure ecstasy was cursing through every pour of her body. Internally, Yamihime couldn't help her smirk. She couldn't believe the naivety of the little human. That She, the Kyuubi no Kistune, could be defeated by someone mere dark side. Pathetic! She of course wrapped the truth to her convenience. She needed a new host, since her body was sucked by Madara. She planned to go to the past and overtake the young Hyuuga body and crushed her soul. Then, she would track down the Naruto-gaki and make him summit to her. He would be her slave and when she finishes with him, she would recover what was rightfully hers, her power. But as somebody said in the past, "a plan never survives the encounter with the enemy". Kyuubi, as many before her, made a simple mistake in her calculation: Uzumaki Naruto.

Somehow, a remnant of his soul travelled with her and started to take hold of her. She try to beat him, but Uzumaki Naruto´s will was something forged in legends.

In a weird twist of destiny, the last will of Naruto, Hinata´s soul, Hinata´s darkness and Kyuubi´s soul piece, combined. The end result was a new Hinata, ironically, like the one Yamihime portrayed her. The same Hinata, now with some radom knowledge of the Kyuubi that survived the fusion, and the dark instincts of herself combined with a part of Naruto´s presence and determination.

It was this new Hinata that woke up three days after her first day in her last year in the academy, in her bed, covered in bruised and totally sore, product of what she remember one of the most brutal training sessions with her sister and father in her childhood.

"So, it begins…" though the time travelled with a familiar sick sweet twisted smile in her face.