Hey guys, welcome to Come Home. This story is about Bella who gets a job in Chicago as a publicist's assistant/intern and meets some people by the name of Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Elizabeth Masen. This story takes on the journey Bella goes through while her time is in Chicago. Between Jake being her boyfriend, Charlie and Sue getting married and new visitor come summer. This story does have a beta for punctuation and grammar. The wonderful CastileandAragon1230-1716 is my beta. I hope you all enjoy this story. I know it's not the story where Bella is a Marine like you voted on, but I fell in love with this story and wanted to give this one to you guys first. Pass it on to your friends and readers if you love it. This story was all titled after the song COme Home by: OneRepublic ft. Sara Barellis. Now on with the story.

I was boarding the plane, headed to Chicago Illinois. I just received a paid internship there in one of the publishing companies. I was assisting one of people that read people's work and decided whether it would be published or not.

Last call for flight 365 to Chicago. The intercom boomed across the airport. I gave Charlie one last hug goodbye and kissed Jake. Jake and I were together. He was the best boyfriend someone like me could ever have. He knew somewhere in my broken heart I loved Edward, but he knew that I loved him too.

"Call me when you land." He said and brushed my hair out of my face.

"I will call you when I am in the taxi headed toward the apartment." I smiled playing with his collared shirt I got him for his birthday. I walked away from him and Charlie as I grabbed my luggage. I walked to the gate, handed the woman a boarding pass and looked back to see Jake and Charlie waving goodbye. I blew them both a kiss and Jake pretended to catch it and put it in his pocket. Charlie fake gagged and walked away. Jake winked and I walked into the airplane.

Attention all passengers, my name is Doug and I will be your pilot for the trip to Chicago. If you would direct your attention to our lovely stewardess she will show you the routine if something were to happen while we are in flight. I shut my phone down and watched the woman as she instructed where the exits were and the oxygen, etc.

I tuned the woman out as I looked out the window. The plane started to move back and head toward the runway. We took off and a woman behind me screamed bloody murder. She apparently didn't like flying. She was given a pill by her husband to make her calmer while she was flying. Whose bright idea was it to put her by the window?

"Gorgeous view from up here isn't it?" A man's voice asked. I looked toward the aisle and it was the male steward. I smiled and nodded. "Can I get you anything?" He asked. "We have coke products and alcoholic beverages are extra."

I smiled a pressed smile. "Underage." I lied. I was 23. "Coke is fine." When I told him I was underage he blushed. He must have been the same age I was.

He marked me down for a Coke and walked away to go get it. I giggled silently to myself and suddenly felt the presence of someone next to me. "Bella?" I voice asked. I looked to the voice and it was Mike Newton.

"Mike, hey, what are you doing here?" I asked.

"I go to school at Westwood in Chicago." Mike said. "I had to come home because my mother is ill."

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that." I said. "Westwood is a good school, so I hear."

"Yeah, they've got a great programs."

I smiled yet another forced smile and turned my attention back to the window. Mike still sat next to me. "Are you going to go back to your seat?" I asked.

"This is my seat." He said.

"Oh wow, what a coincidence." I muttered

He nodded, "Me and my best buddy Bella, airplane buddies." He said wrapping an arm around me. I quickly wriggled out of his arm and it went back to its respected place. I turned my iPod on and listened to the music trying to block out whatever conversation I could that had to do with Mike Newton. This was going to be a long 3-4 hour plane ride.

When I landed it was dark and raining, Mike had just given me his number for me to call him sometime. I threw it out as I grabbed a taxi. I handed the driver a piece of paper with the address on it and pulled out my phone to give Jake a call. It rang and rang. Hey you've reached the Black residence, sorry we missed your call, please leave your name and number and we'll get back to you as soon as we can, thank you. Billy's voice said. But suddenly there was no beep. I smirked knowing what was going on.

"Hi Billy." I said.

"Hey Bella, glad you finally caught on to what was happening." Billy laughed.

"Yeah, you and Jake have only pulled it a handful of times too many." I said. "Is Jake home?" I asked.

"No, he is out with Sam and the pack, try his cell phone, I don't think its any wolf thing they were doing tonight." Billy said.

"Okay, thanks, and if I don't reach him, can you let him know I've landed and headed toward the apartment now?" I asked.

"Of course, talk to you later." Billy said and hung up. I called Jake and he answered.

"Bella!" Jake said with excitement.

"Hey, I am on my way to the apartment." I said.

"How was your flight?"

"Eventful." I said. "Mike Newton was the person sitting next to me."

"That's gross and I don't think I needed to hear that." Jake joked.

"I didn't need to experience that either." I said.

Jake howled in laughter. As I looked out the window I saw that we were passing a cemetery called Graceland Cemetery. I studied the art in the Cemetery for a report in college but that's the only thing I knew about it. But as I wondered deeper into my thoughts and listened less to Jake I remembered someone close to me mention Graceland Cemetery.

My parents were buried in Graceland Cemetery along with an empty casket alongside them with the head stone reading Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. I used to go there almost every year when there was a planned rainy summer day. I haven't gone in a while though…

"Earth to planet Bella!" I heard Jake's voice say pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah, I'm here, just something caught my eye." I said. The taxi stopped and there was my apartment, right in front of the cemetery.

"Alright Jake, I'm here so I'll call you in a few days."

"Alright Bell. I love you, and try not to trip or hurt yourself, no one's there to help you or find you." He said.

"I won't, promise." I laughed and hung up. I grabbed the umbrella from my purse and opened it as I got out of the taxi. The drive grabbed my suitcase from the trunk and I paid him for the ride. I into the building, very posh and lavish, Very expensive looking. Charlie ran into some money when the inheritance from Grandma Swan came in about 6 months ago. Charlie was able to retire from the police force if he wanted, but he wouldn't dare even think about it. Since we had money, everything changed. We moved into a better house, he bought me better looking clothes. I wore more dresses than I did jeans. But I still had my moments of old ripped up jeans and my sweatpants that had holes in them. No wonder he picked this apartment complex.

I hit the elevator and its doors opened and I hit the 5th floor. The elevator was quick and opened to the 5th floor. I grabbed the key that was sent for me in the mail and opened room 5092. I got inside and the place was gorgeous. Fully furnished, its color scheme of blues, browns and crèmes, Charlie really out did himself.

I set my luggage by the couch and explored the rest of the apartment. I had a king size bed with French doors that opened up to a balcony. I jumped onto my bed and inhaled. I smiled feeling comfortable and I turned over and kicked off my shoes and soon fell asleep.