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Emily parked the car out front of the repair shop and I ran into the house where Maps were spread out all over the house and Charlie and Billy were leaning over the kitchen table examining the map. Charlie kissed my head and greeted me with a side hug. "Where was he seen last." I questioned.

"Sam said he had to patrol that day because he hung out with you and everyone the day before." Emily said.

Seth was barking outside and Emily went out to see what was going on. "He phased while he was on patrol back to human before anyone could get his where about." Billy stated. Charlie got a call from the station and stepped outside to take it.

"He knew he was always welcome to my apartment in Chicago, whether he was in trouble or he just needed a break." I said

"He's not in trouble, or at least he wasn't until now that he's run away." Billy said. "I don't feel he needed a break either.

"I wasn't even in Chicago for him to come." I said, "I think he knew that to because I didn't tell him."

Carlisle's face popped up on my phone telling me that he was calling. I answered it and he greeted me. "Bring one of the wolves to the house; see if they smell anyone else besides us. It is very possible that a coven came to look for us and found interest in Jacob and may have kidnapped him. There is a key under Esme's garden gnome in the back." Carlisle suggested.

"Thanks Carlisle, I'll take Seth over now." I told him. "I'll let you know." I hung up and looked to Billy. "Carlisle says someone may have been looking for them but ran into Jake and might have taken him." I said.

Billy slammed his fist on the table and started taking the Lord's name in vain. "What the hell is going on?" Charlie asked.

"I'm checking the Cullen house to see if something turns up there." I stated and Charlie threw me the keys to his personal car that Sue drove over. I walked outside and called for Seth. I snapped my finger accidentally like he was a real dog and he growled at me. I apologized and told him what Carlisle said.

I opened the door and he hopped in still in his wolf form and he was so big that his tail stuck out the window and his head stuck out the other window. I sped toward the abandon Cullen mansion and when we pulled out I let Seth out. He stretched and shook himself out. "We are looking for scents that aren't the Cullens." I stated. I walked around back to Esme's garden where there was a garden gnome like Carlisle said there was. There was no key there. I groaned and suddenly the sky opened up and I became drenched. My brand new blue dress, ruined. I didn't care at this point in time. I had to find Jake. I walked to Seth who was peering in the house, I'm sure dumbfounded on how big and gorgeous it was. Seth nudged his nose at the back door and it creaked open.

Seth went in first and got into a protective stance. Nervousness suddenly washed over me as Seth growled and barked as he was taking a deep breath. He ran upstairs and I looked downstairs for anything that shouldn't be there. I found a tiny piece of glass in a corner and I knew it was from Jake because it had pink wax on it. It was from my 18th birthday. I sighed thinking of how far we've come since then and I threw it away. I heard Seth shout that there was a scent that wasn't the Cullens and there was no sign of Jake then he came down in his wolf form. As we headed to the car I started a conference call with Edward and Carlisle. Apparently Edward was already in Chicago looking. He had gone home and started packing and left.

"Seth said that there is a scent that is not the Cullens or Jake's scent." I stated. "But there is a scent, and the key isn't there Carlisle, the back door was open."

"Oh, I took the key; I forgot to put it back." Edward confessed.

"Well I'm not sure where to go from here." Carlisle said honestly.

"No one does Carlisle." I muttered.

"Bell, are you okay?" Edward asked.

"No." I said. "It's pouring and I'm soaked and jet lagged." I complained.

"I'll let you two talk." Carlisle said. "Bella I think I am going to contact other covens to look around, see what they know." Carlisle hung up as I pulled up into the drive way and Seth jumped out the car window.

"Edward what if we don't find him?" I asked rolling up the window.

"Babe, you haven't even been there what- 2 hours and you're giving up?" Edward questioned.

"No you're right I haven't even given the thought of giving up." I agreed.

"Dad says hi and that you'll be okay." Edward said. I smiled picturing Edward Sr in my head.

"Tell him I said hello and that I miss him." Edward pulled away from the phone and we talked a little while longer before hanging up.

With no progress made I went back to Chicago July 31st and arrived at the Chicago airport August 1st at midnight. "Bella." Edward's voice whispered in my ear. I groaned and opened my eyes carefully. The sun poured in from the open balcony and I tugged on Edward's t shirt to hide me from the light. Edward glittered and it didn't help my eyes adjust. The smell of my home was overwhelming as I sat up and the room started spinning. I sat up and I tried to balance with the room but it wasn't working. "Easy there Bell." Edward soothed holding my back. I grabbed his cool hand and put it to my forehead. Things seemed to get a little better but I curled up in Edward's arms before facing the truth and reality that Jake was gone. "We have to get going." Edward muttered.

"Why?" I groaned clenching his shirt tighter.

"Mom and Dad are expecting us to meet with them at the house and there is someone visiting they want you to meet." Edward said. "You also have a meeting with Jeremiah and his wife at 6." I just laid my head on Edward's cold hard chest a bit longer and looked at the clock… it was noon already.

"Wow, noon already." I mumbled.

"Yeah, you slept for 11 hours." Edward said. I just shook my head as I went into the bathroom and got into the shower. I wore a black and red ruffled dress and a pair of black Louboutin heels "You clean up quite well." He smiled as I came out braiding my hair down the side. Edward wore a pair of black jeans and a collared shirt.

"You look stunning." He cooed as he kissed me. Edward and I left the apartment and headed toward the outskirts of town where the house was and stopped to grab coffee and breakfast and of course Edward paid for it. We got to the front door and you heard giggling coming from inside. We walked in and Edward called for his parents.

"In the living room darling." Elizabeth's voice called. Edward rolled his sleeves up exposing his muscles, I latched onto his bent forearm and we walked into the living room. Edward Sr. was there in his usual chair and Elizabeth there on the couch. A woman was there who was dress like she came out of a 1960's movie. She had red hair and beautiful pale skin like all vampires.

"Lisle." Edward greeted. She got up and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Bonjour Edward, so nice to see you well and walking." She smiled.

"Lisle this is our gorgeous Bella." Elizabeth said introducing me.

"Bella, I have heard many wonderful things about you." Lisle greeted.

"Likewise, if it weren't for you saving Edward and Elizabeth, Edward and I wouldn't be together right now." I smiled. Edward Sr. came over and gave me a hug and kiss hello as well as Elizabeth.

I couldn't help but notice that Lisle wore a V shaped crest as a necklace and it reminded me of the painting in Carlisle's office with him, Aro and Caius. She also wore a necklace that was half a heart with her name on it. "Volturi..." I said clutching Edward's arm tighter. Seth's scent that he picked up was recognized as Volturi. They picked the scent up close to the border where the line is between Cullen territory and Reservation. "Where is he?" I asked harshly. Edward looked at me like I was nuts.

"I beg your pardon?" Lisle excused.

"You took him!" I accused then looked to Edward, "You heard what Carlisle said!" With Billy's permission Carlisle went on reservation and Volturi scent was all over La Push.

"Ah yes, the wolf situation in Washington." Lisle sighed.

"Where is he!" I growled.

"I'm sorry, but we didn't know of the situation until we were in Washington finding our dear friends the Cullens, Although wolf is one of our favorite types of food when humans aren't at our disposal." Lisle stated. My blood boiled in my veins and I wanted to kill her.

"Mark my words, when I am changed, you will die." I threatened and walked out of the house grabbing my purse. I stomped off the front porch and walked onto the driveway and made a phone call to Carlisle.

Hello. Carlisle's voice answered.

"Carlisle, its Bella, the Volturi is lying, they have him, I know it." I said. "I can feel it."

Bella even if they did have him they would have killed him by now. Carlisle stated.

"No, I refuse to believe it." I stated then took a deep breath. "Look Lisle is here and she is a part of the Volturi and she isn't denying that they have him. She's just denying that he isn't dead."

"So she says they haven't killed him but she isn't saying that they may or may not have Jake." Carlisle clarified.


I'll put in a phone call. Carlisle said and I thanked him and hung up. Edward came out to find me sitting on the porch soaking up the sun.

"That was too soon." Edward said sparkling in the light and coming to sit with me.

"What was?" I asked.

"Meeting Lisle, I knew that was going to happen." Edward stated.

"I miss him Edward, he used to call me every day when we were together. I missed the phone calls when we weren't together and now that he's gone I miss it even more, I'd rather him be mad at me knowing he is alive then him missing."

"As much as I hate to admit it, I miss him too." Edward said, "Jake and I started to hit it off and start to become friends when the two of you made up."

A tear escaped my eye and Edward held me as he leaned up against the railing post. My back sat up against his bent leg and I rest my head on his chest. Edward told me stories from when he was human and growing up. From the most lavish and posh parties to when his parents were dying from the Spanish flu that had killed him originally. "You know that Mike Newton's great grandparents were friends with Lisle and my parents."

I smiled as the sun came to greet me when it came back from hiding behind the clouds. "Who would have thought you'd be their great grandson's worst nightmare." I laughed. Edward chuckled at that and kissed my head. My stomach growled and Edward went inside to grab my uneaten breakfast and when he came back he sat in the same exact position he was before he left. Edward continued with the history of his life as I ate.

The sun was lowered in the sky at 5:30 and I had to leave to go meet Jeremiah at 6. "I've got to get going." I said.

"I'll see you when you get home." Edward said and kissed me. I walked back into town and to the restaurant. It was a small Italian place that had an outside seating area.

"Can I help you?" The hostess asked.

"Looking for Jeremiah Knicks." I said.

She nodded with a smile, "Right this way." She said and took me to the table.

"Bella!" He greeted and kissed both cheeks.

"How was your Summer?" He asked.

"Good, up until recently." I sighed.

"How come, what happen, tell Jeremiah everything." He said… sometimes he could seriously be gay.

"My best friend went missing."

"Sorry to hear that, I'm sure you'll find him." He reassured.

"Where is your wife?" I asked.

"In New York, her father is back in the hospital." He said.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." I stated.

"Yeah, he'll be okay though." He said. He looked down at the envelope that was on his plate as he drank his glass of wine. "I'm going to make this quick and painless because the children are home with a nut crazed nanny." He stated and I laughed.

"You want me to read them make post it's on them and have them on your desk by next Monday because you just can't decide." I guessed with a smile.

"You know your job to well." Jeremiah laughed. He ordered the wine to be packed up and sent home with me. We said our farewells after a few more moments of conversation and he and he paid for my taxi fare and sent me home.

I opened my apartment and Edward still wasn't home. I made myself pasta and poured myself the rest of the wine. My phone had a restricted number pop up and I answered it quickly.

"Hello." I answered. No one responded. "Jake, if this is you…" I whispered as tears poured down my face. If this was him, was he so scared that he couldn't talk to me. "Jake I miss you… I'm going to come find you and then you can come home to Billy and Rachel…" My voice got higher as I tried not to cry. "Come home Jake, I love you, you're my best friend you can't just leave." I whispered and the other line hung up and I cried over my wine as Edward came in.

"Bell what happen?" He asked rushing to me at vampire speed.

"Someone just called and it was Jake, I swear it was." I said Edward frowned and held me close.

"Why don't you go change and I'll run you a warm bath and you can relax and soak in the tub for a little bit." Edward suggested. "I might even light a few candles."

"Come with me." I mumbled and gave him the puppy dog eyes.

Edward smiled. "I'll think about it." Edward said and I stripped out of my clothes and changed into a bath robe. I walked into the bathroom and Edward was lighting a few candles.

"Coming in with me?" I asked.

He shook his head, "No, I've got to hunt and it may push me over board with you having no clothes on."

I smirked at him and he kissed me. The kiss was intense but he hissed as he pulled away when it got too far. "See now imagine if we didn't have clothes on." He smiled.

"Go hunt." I said pulling my hands out from the back pockets of his jeans.

"I'll hunt while you're asleep." He said, "When you get out I'll give you a back massage and you can relax, you deserve it." He kissed my head and left me alone.

I dropped my robe and glided into the tub, water coursed over my body and I hit the music and put my mask on. I let the music drift my thoughts to other places beside Jake's disappearance and let my muscles relax and loosen up.

I threw my hair into a bun when I got out of the tub and blew out most of the candles. I went for another sip of wine and I was out of wine; which sucked. I walked into the bedroom and Edward was dressed in the same t shirt but a different pair of pants that he normally wore when he went hunting. Still wrapped in my towel Edward laid me on my bed and played my lullaby off my iPod. Hi cool hands sent chills down my warm back. His magical hands loosened knots and cracked my back until I fell asleep in just my towel. I felt Edward cover me with a blanket then that I was it, I fell into a deep sleep and I knew he had left to go hunt.