Spitfire rolled over, breathing in through her nose and blinking rapidly as she rejoined the waking world. She turned her head to the right, her chin smearing pie residue across the expensive pillow, and her eyes widened. Oh dear Celestia. That HAPPENED.

Much more awake than she was before, she rolled in the opposite direction, meeting a wide, stupid grin, inches from her face.

"Hey there!"

Spitfire squeaked and rolled out of bed backwards, landing in yet more pie upon the carpeted floor. She slid around a bit as she got to her hooves, breathing fast, before she closed her eyes, willing herself to calm down. With a final, deep breath, she came to terms with her situation. I just had sex with Soarin. Holy shit.

The revelation that she had willingly had a fling with a close friend didn't upset her so much as entertain her. Spitfire had always been a… free spirit. What truly disturbed her was the feeling that she slowly realized was unavoidable, a feeling that she could not run from, and wasn't sure she wanted to to begin with. She wanted more. Not just of his body, of him in general.

Finally regaining control of her speech, she gave her partner from the previous night a smirk. She hid her internal struggle to the best of her ability, confident that he wouldn't pick up on the storm of emotions fighting for dominance inside of her. "Hey there yourself. Have fun last night?" She climbed back into bed and moved closer to Soarin, stopping her advance right near his face as she began to trail a hoof down his chest. "How was the pie?"

Soarin began to stammer a bit at Spitfire's touch, unsure of what she was doing or where this would lead. "Uh… um… it was really good! I think there's still some left!" He craned his neck over his shoulder, facing away from the light yellow pegasus that shared the bed with him. His hoof extended, grabbing a chunk of what was left of the lemon meringue pie, and he brought it to his mouth and munched happily as he turned back to his lover. The look on Spitfire's face confused him even more.

She smacked him in the chest, letting out a noise of disgust as she gave him her best are-you-fucking-kidding-me look. "Not that pie, jackass."

Soarin blinked. And again. He raised the remains of the dessert to his mouth, taking another bite and chewing slowly. "Uh… what?"

The pegasus mare ran a hoof through her wild mane, smearing cream and lemon filling through it unintentionally as she sighed. "I mean… my pie, Soarin…" she said as suggestively as she could, praying that he would pick up on her meaning. Of course, with him, all she could do was pray.

"YOU HAVE PIE? YOU MEAN THERE'S MORE!" He stood up on the bed, excitement reaching the levels of a foal who had just been given a free tray of caramel apples.

Spitfire, who normally considered the cluelessness cute, found her patience wearing thin with the pale blue stallion. "Soarin… be serious here. We just had sex. I mean, I've had the odd fling, especially when I was younger, but never with a… a close friend. We really need to talk about this and figure out where we stand." She silently swore to herself that if he replied 'Well I'm standing right here, but you're still lying down!' or any variation of such a statement, she would end him here and now.

"Oh. …oh. OH!" His green eyes grew to an impressive size as reality started to settle in. He sat down upon his rump, looking down at Spitfire, who suddenly looked serious and a bit unsure of herself. "Yeah… yeah, I guess we did, huh? I mean… I've never actually done that before, are we supposed to celebrate or something?" he asked, tilting his head. "I mean, it was awesome! I just… didn't really expect it!"

Oh sweet lord, this is going to be a long, LONG fucking day. He was a virgin? Thinking back, she should have guessed, given his demeanor and reaction to her advances. However, she shook those thoughts from her head, trying not to be judgmental. At this point, she just hoped that she hadn't inadvertently sabotaged their friendship. I have to let him down gently, let him know that it wasn't serious, that I'm not looking for more right now. Right?

Am I?

Spitfire had never considered 'going steady' with anypony before, she was merely content to get up to a little mischief when it suited her. She had been attracted to the odd stallion before on a deeper level than lust, but with her busy lifestyle, an opportunity for true romance had never presented itself. But… he and I practically live together as it is, given how often we tour. Hell, we wouldn't even need to date, we know each other pretty well already. She glanced up at his smiling face, feeling a surge of emotion she would have never expected before last night's events. Maybe… maybe there is something more here…

"I… I-I mean, there's no one I would have rather done it with!" he tripped over his words, trying to maintain a smile as he began to panic. "Like… like we've known each other for… forever, right? And I mean you're like super beautiful and stuff!"

He thinks… I'm beautiful? Not even 'cute', or 'hot', but beautiful?

"You're… you're not mad, are you?" His heart began to sink as he lowered his neck, making himself smaller. "Oh man, I really messed up. Spitfire, I'm so sorry…"

The bed creaked as she shot up, standing before him. She had made up her mind, and wasn't about to tolerate her wingman and newfound lover feeling guilty about what he had done, what she had started. She placed her hooves on his shoulders, giving him a serious look. "Soarin, no. You didn't mess up, and to be honest… I don't think I did either. I came on to you, remember?"

"W-well, I mean, I thought in the end I came onto y- "

Holy SHIT shut up. Something about him being innocently dirty made her want to slap him, but she refrained, trying to maintain the seriousness of the moment. "Shh! That isn't what I meant and you know it! I'm trying to be real with you, Soarin! I mean, if it's alright with you, if you're… if you're interested, I… I wouldn't mind being your girl."

Soarin was taken aback yet again. It seemed to be an event becoming increasingly common that day. "W-w-w-w-w-what? You… you mean… we're a couple now? You… you wanna be my marefriend?"

She fixed him with a warm, loving smile. One without lust, without her usual cocksure attitude. One that she reserved just for him. "If you want me to be."

"Of course I do! I've never had a marefriend! All of the guys on the team say I'm too dumb to get one, but boy are THEY wrong!"

Spitfire couldn't help but giggle a bit. "I don't think you're dumb, Soarin. I mean, not really. A little out there, maybe a bit slow, sometimes. But I think it's cute." She gave him a quick peck on the cheek, earning a blush from him as she lowered her hooves back to the mattress. She leaned in for another kiss, a full kiss upon the lips that she maintained for several seconds before breaking it off. I guess it's official. I'm seeing Soarin now. Hopefully he's in the mood for a little more fun to celebrate.

"Well, my stallion friend," she said while hopping down to the floor. She began to walk toward the bathroom, looking over her shoulder and giving him a half-lidded look as she walked. "I think I'm gonna go shower. Things got a little… sticky last night. I could go for getting a little wet and steamy." She smirked, and walked fully into the other room and out of his sight.

Soarin stood upon the mattress, alone. He looked down at the ruined bed, planning to make it while Spitfire cleaned herself up. He took the topsheet in his mouth, slowly dragging it back and surveying the carnage, when a voice startled him, making him jump a bit.

"Hey! Are you coming or not?"

He stared at her, her face and neck poking around the corner with a look of disbelief. "Uh… uh… I'm allowed to? You want me to shower with you?"

Incredulous looks were becoming her specialty that morning. She had a feeling she should get used to making them. "Yes, you're allowed, you dolt! For the love of Celestia, get the hay in here!"

He leapt off the bed, abandoning the task of cleaning up the room for the task of cleaning up his new marefriend. He suspected they would be getting a little dirty before any cleaning happened, and he was totally alright with that. Things were looking up, and he couldn't wait to see where this new relationship took him. He galloped toward her, unable to contain his happiness. "Here I come, gorgeous!"

She pulled her head back into the bathroom, laughing to herself as she turned on the water. What have I gotten myself into?

Author's Note: What has Spitfire gotten herself into indeed. What zany shenanery will these two get into in the future? How will their relationship play out? Hell, I don't even know, and I'm the one responsible for this mess!

Here it is, chapter one of a series of loosely connected one-shots with the Soarfire ship. I find these two incredibly cute together, and hopefully you will too. This will update sporadically as I think of more things for them to do between my other stories, whenever my muse strikes. Hopefully you all like it, and I didn't ruin what I had going with the prequel. I think this could be a fun, lighthearted diversion from my other work, something completely non-serious and drama-free. It can only get more cute and stupid from here, especially since Soarin is involved, and nothing says cute and stupid like he does.

I know Spitfire may seem a little out of character, but I don't think she is, honestly. Not only does she barely have a character in the show, but she was a bit confused and conflicted in the beginning. Now, however, she's all-in on the relationship and the fun that it could bring. Still, I'd like to hear what you guys think of these two together, and whether or not you like their personalities. Let me know what you think so far!