Luna has always been different .But she isn't mad. She has never been mad. Luna simply sees things others choose to ignore. Her daddy tells her that she's his special princess, his beautiful baby girl. Her Daddy and her, they are believer's, they believe when others give up on hope and faith and love.

She is just different, special.

Luna tries to tell herself this when other children call her names.


Each time she hears that word it is like an icicle is being driven into her flesh. Slowly and so very painfully .The pain it hurts but still Luna continues to hold her head high and most importantly she continues to believe.

After all who would she be if she didn't believe? Without her ability to believe the impossible she wouldn't be Luna Lovegood. She would lose her identity, her life would become empty. She would become like so many others dull, boring and hollow.

Simply existing but never truly seeing.

So Luna continues to believe. She tells others of crumple horned snorkacks and nargles .For if Luna didn't then who would?

People needed to learn to believe and it was Luna's job to show them how. So Luna continues to hold her head high and she continues to believe.