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Kesi ran through all the halls. Where was Yumi? She hadn't seen her all day! Maybe something bad happened and it was all Kesi's fault for not being there. Maybe she hurt herself trying to get an item.

She ran past the nurses office, but didn't stop. If she was hurt it was by something evil and she would have been either dead or trapped. She began to gain speed, until someone stepped out in front of her.

"Hey cuz," Kosey Kaiba said, holding his little cousin's shoulder.

"Kosey," she said with a terrified look on her face.

"So you haven't forgotten." His voice was smooth, yet covered in venom. Every word that came out of his mouth seemed to kill Kesi from the inside then make it's way out.

"No, how could I forget what you had put me through," a tear ran down her cheek. She hated every memory of him, she wished for them to go away.

"I suppose you're helping the Motou girl?" He asked, knowing the answer.

"Yes, Father told me to. It's my duty as a-"

Kosey cut her off, "As an Ishtar? There is no pride in the Ishtar name any more. Your father made sure of that years ago!"

Kesi's fists balled up into two tight fists, her crying had gotten fasted. Kosey was the one person in the world she hated. He would always call her names or make fun of their family. Kesi could deal with this, it was the other thing he had always done that caused her pure fear and hatred of him.

Kosey smiled as he saw her thinking of the past. He found enjoyment in torturing her with what had once happened. It was like a cat and mouse. The cat would always win as long as the mouse was afraid.

Today, the mouse had faced it's fear. Kesi shrugged Kosey's hand off her shoulder and began to run away. To a place with witnesses. She almost passed the nurses office again, but dodged inside of it. She was met with two pairs of curious eyes.

"Why does everyone want my office today?" the nurse yelled and stormed off into the hallway. This was the second time her nap was interrupted.

The three girls stared as she walked out the door. Then Kaylee and Yumi looked over to Kesi. Kaylee's eyes widened. She hadn't seen her cousin for years. She quickly ran up and hugged the girl, almost loosing her glasses in the moment.

"Kesi!" She shouted. Then as if remembering something her happiness melted away and was replaced fear. "We've got to hide you, he'll be here any minute!"

"I feel like I'm missing something..." Yumi muttered looking over to her two friends. She had never thought of it, but it would make sense if they knew each other. Kaiba was married to Kesi's aunt, making Kaylee somehow related, although just by a string.

"Has he seen you yet? Is that why you were running?" Kaylee asked concerned.

"Yes... he stopped me in the halls and I ran. I've...never done that before," Kesi's voice was small and broken, struggling with what just happened.

Kaylee shoved Kesi under the bed Katsu was on. Kesi looked at him uneasily. He looked as though he were dead, but his small breathing said otherwise.

Under the bed was cool and dark. The only source of light was a crack between the floor and the skirt of the bed. She saw a shadow begin to invade the light. She knew the owner of the shadow just by the sound of his foot steps. Kosey.

His words spat at Kaylee, "Where is she," he demanded.

"Where's who?" Kaylee asked looking innocently at her brother. She was a great liar, Yumi would have to ask her how she did it later.

"You haven't seen Kesi any where?" He asked looking to Kaylee, and then back to me.

"Cousin Kesi's here? I hope I get to see her!" Kaylee said excitedly, as if not knowing the girl was under Katsu's bed.

"She's not your cousin. You are not related to her, I hardly even consider you a sibling. If Dad didn't have you every other weekend, you might as well just be another amateur duelist with way to many fairies in her deck."

Yumi saw Kaylee's hands ball up into fists, she looked down, but controlled her emotions. After a little bit she lifted her head to look at Kosey. She smiled at him as if nothing had happened.

Kosey slapped her. "You are such a stupid girl. Always smiling, don't you know how to be sad?" He screamed at her. It was the first time Yumi had seen him mad. Probably the first time he had ever been mad. Kaylee's head moved back to where it was, a smile still on her face.

Anger seemed to boil over in Kosey. He stormed out of the room. When he was gone Kaylee's smile melted away. Yumi looked out the hall to see if he was gone.

"You can come out," she said to Kesi, as the girl slowly crawled out from the bed.

"You're still the only person who can get on his nerves," Kesi told Kaylee who was getting an ice pack from a freezer.

"What's going on! And who was that?" Yumi interrupted.

"Sorry Yumi, I didn't think you knew Kesi, she's my..." Kaylee couldn't come up with the correct term, "We've known each other for a long time."

"You know I don't care if you call me your cousin, I'm not like Kosey." Kesi said. "When did you two meet anyway?"

"I met Kaylee before I met you on the boat, we ate super with-" Yumi's voice choked. She couldn't bare to remember the happy day they had spent with each other. Kaylee put a hand on Yumi's shoulder and brought her in for a one armed hug, the other was preoccupied with an ice pack.

"It's okay Yumi, We;ll get Katsu back," Kaylee said in a soothing voice.

Kesi looked over to the hospitalized boy. She hadn't noticed him before, but he looked lifeless. Her head began to throb and she doubled over in intense pain. The room began to spin around her an suddenly she fell into a dream like trance.

The boy was there and so was Yumi, they were looking at each other intensely. The bot looked different. He was darker skinned and had a scar stretching across his face. Yumi was confronting the man about something. He smirked at her as she yelled in his face.

"What did you do to him!" Yumi screamed at him, his attitude didn't change.

"He was weak, his body could hardly handle the item. When I took it out he couldn't handle it," the boy laughed as he said this. His eyes were filed with coldness, not a hint of remorse in them.

Yumi began to cry, Kesi couldn't figure out why. Who was the boy she was talking to? What were they talking about?The scene began to fade away, the two bodies drifted into thin air.

Kesi woke up with a start. She was breathing heavily for what seemed like no reason. Yumi and Kaylee looked at her wide-eyed. What just happened to their friend?

"Yumi, I need to tell you something very important."

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