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Chapter 1

The flashing of the cameras the screaming of her name to get her attention all eyes was on her, in her ruby red dress

what fit her body like a second skin, her hair was in loose curls framing her face and a red penny blossom clipping her

bangs to the side. the tug on both sides of the bottom of her dress made her realize that she wasn't alone two tiny

children accompanied her on the right side of her dress a 4 year old with blonde curly hair hid behind his mother with a

stern look on his face, on the left side of her gown his younger fraternal twin sister with long chestnut brown curls that

flowed past her shoulder, she held her mother dress but not hiding behind it like her brother she stood in front with a

big smile waving to the camera men , penny was in bliss she had the people she love near her , being nominated for

three movies and on her left ring finger shined a beautiful diamond engagement ring.