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Soul of a Dragon

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Death, Rebirth

Harry had won. Voldemort was dead. The curse had once again rebounded. He smiled in victory… before collapsing.

Ginny ran to Harry.

"Harry! What's wrong? Harry!" shouted Ginny.

Hermione and Ron joined Ginny. They saw that Harry was bleeding profusely.

"I think… I think the curses didn't kill him. But it did hit vital areas." said Hermione, taking a guess.

"What's the supposed to mean?" asked Ron clearly panicking.

"It's just like his scar." Explained Hermione.

Ron's eyes winded when she said that.

"Harry stay with me." Cried Ginny.

"Ginny…" whispered Harry.

"Yes?" asked Ginny.

However Harry wasn't able to tell Ginny what he wanted to say, the last thing he said was her name. The boy who lived had died.

Not far away from Hogwarts, a group of Death Eaters evaded capture.

"What do we do now?" asked one of them.

Another of them took out a letter that he received from the Dark Lord. He read it and laughed, "Looks like the Lord has come up with a back up plan in case he died." He said.

"What do we have to do?" asked a third.

"We need to find a dead body, not our lord's. And one that had to die in the past week." Explained the one with the letter.

The group smiled, they had a choice of a lot of bodies right there in the castle. Of course they had to be stealthy, but they might be able to pull it off.

Harry found himself in a bright light. He knew he was dead.

"Harry… with all you have done. You are granted a new life. Reborn with new memories." Came a voice from the light, "Live it well."

Harry felt another bright flash of light… plus that giant surge of magic didn't help it at all. After about minute after the magic cleared up, he got his bearings. The first thing he noticed was that he was sucking on his tail like a baby with their feet.

The second thing he noticed was that he had a tail. He saw what appeared to be very carful unicorns in the room (with the biggest one having wings), he managed to get a better look at his body.

From what he could tell he was a dragon, a baby dragon.

Whoever had him reincarnated must have a weird sense of humor…

7 Years Later…

Spike (formally known as Harry Potter) stared at the ceiling from his bed. Couldn't get to sleep was so he was reflecting on his… well his current life. Who ever that god, angel or some other celestial being was, they really gave him second chance.

He has ponies who cared about him. Granted it was weird to be reincarnated in a world where Ponies were the dominant species… but he had grown used to it.

He had also gotten really sued to acting like a child, he knew after the Owlowiscious incident he did have to scale it back. Running away thinking Twilight didn't love him any more made him feel stupid in hindsight.

Even he did have Harry's memories, he had to move on. He was sure while everyone did probably missed him, they moved on. He hopped that Ginny found someone else. After all he did. Even if honestly he knew he had very little chance with her. He figured that chances were higher that Vernon Dursley would come out saying he loved magic in all of it's splendor than wind up with Rarity.

But Hay, his fanboyish crush on her was just him acting like a kid.

He was sure that Ginny had found someone. After all it had been 7 years.

In a world dominated by humans.

It was 7 years since the end of the 2nd Wizarding War… and 6 years since the start of the 3rd.

Word was that Voldemort had set up a back up plan. But giving random Death Eaters his plan, it turned out he would live using a form of Necromancy he discovered, that dragged a soul back from the after life, put in a new recent dead body, however the caster would have a slow, possibly lasting years death.

And the Dark Lord's biggest target was one Ginevra "Ginny" Weasley. She had something he wanted. And she wasn't going to give it up.

For the past 6 years she's been on the run. She's lived in many centuries, sometimes even living the muggle world. But the Death Eaters would always find her.

It didn't help that her parents were among the first to die in this war.

But fortunately she was never alone.

Ron and her eventual sister in law Hermione both joined her right away, just as they did with Harry.

Luna joined less than a month later, not wanting the person she considered her oldest friend alone.

Neville was the next to join, about 6 months later after his fiancé was murdered by death eaters.

However the biggest surprise was when Andromeda Tonks died surprisingly of natural causes. Ginny (the group of friends having stayed at the house in the early days) was given custody of little Teddy.

A few months after Teddy joined them, Bill and Fleur decided that they couldn't stand by and watch any more and joined the group, with their young daughter Victoire.

About two years after Ginny started running, George joined his siblings along with his wife Angelina (having gotten closer after Fred's death) and their daughter Roxie.

It was difficult being on the run with so many people and three young children no less. Which was why Ginny was tired of all the running. They were running out of places to hide.

However Hermione found a spell that creates a portal to another world.

"Are you sure this is going to work?" asked Ron.

"hey better to die in a magic accident then to be killed." Pointed out Angelina.

"And they always do worse to us than kill us." Pointed out Neville.

"But this might be a dangerous spell." Said Ron.

""We have permission from the ministry." Said Hermione looking though the book that contained the spell.

Ever since Kingsley Shacklebolt became minister of Magic the Ministry was no longer corrupt… well it was less corrupt. However due to his anti-pure blood agenda plus the fact that he can (and has) take on a random death eater. Voldemort has declared him off limits until "the Weasley Girl" was dead.

It was him giving them his approval of trying to find anyway possible to hide was one of the things that always gave him hope.

It was also they're spies "Sleeping Dragon" and "Blue Sky" that told them whenever they gotten a lead and were about to attack.

In fact it was them, that finally drove Hermione to find this spell.

"I think I have it." Said Hermione, "We should pack up now."

"Are you sure that is a good idea?" asked Fleur, "The children are sleeping."

They looked at 7 year old Teddy, 6 year old Victoire and 5 year old Roxanne or "Roxie" as she was to those that cared about her.

"This would be the faith time we took them in the middle of the night." Said Luna.

Ginny looked down, "I'm going alone this time. I'll go to this world on my own protect it there." She said.

"So who's turn is it this time?" asked George.

"I had last time." Said Bill.

Angelina got up and sat down next to Ginny.

"Ginny, we've been though over a 100 times." Said Angelina, "We're all family, we haven't abandon you yet and we won't abandon you now."

Ginny looked up at her sister in law, "Harry wouldn't want to see me like this would he?"

"No…" said Angelina brushing away a few strands from Ginny's face.

"We still need to get ready." Pointed out Hermione.

They got all of their things they had, and woke up the kids. Teddy was esspeiclly grumpy. Hermione performed the spell and the wand work and the portal was created.

"I hope that we go somewhere peaceful." Sighed Ginny as she took the first into the portal.

Hermione and Ron followed her.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" muttered Teddy.

"What other choice do we have?" asked Neville who went in.

Teddy grumbled when Victoire took his hand.

"Come on Teddy!" she said dragging him along.

"That girl." Sighed Bill as he and his wife followed them.

"Luna…" sighed Roxie pulling on Luna's sleeve.

Luna smiled as she let the girl climb on her back.

"Don't you want to climb on my back?" asked George.

Roxie gave him a dirty look at Luna entered the portal.

"She's' still holding a grudge." Said Angelina.

"One time." Grumbled George.

The two entered the portal which closed, hopefully preventing any Death Eaters form finding them…

Back in the World dominated by ponies…

Spike sighed as he tired to get the sleep. One of the reasons why he couldn't get to sleep was the sleep over.

"And I said… Oatmeal? Are you crazy?" came Pinkie Pie's voice from several floors below.

"Dragons are trying to get sleep you know!" shouted Spike.

Floors below, the 6 ponies looked up.

"I guess we should quiet down." Laughed Twilight with a nervous laugh.

That was when Pinkie began shuddering.

"Hey Pinkie what's wrong?" asked Dash.

"I-i-i-it's the Pinkie Sense!" said Pinkie just as her body gave a quick break from shuddering.

"What's that one mean?" asked Rarity hopping it wasn't bad.

"It means something is going to happen you never thought would happen." Explained Twilight.

"Where is it?" asked Spike.

Everyone stared at Spike, he had went down stairs when he heard it was the Doozy.

"I want to see what's going on." Admitted Spike.

"Its in the T-t-t-t-own Sq-sq-square." Said Pinkie has another bout of shudders came to her.

"We should go investigate just incase it's dangerous." Said Twilight.

"But what if it's a meteor crashing?" asked Fluttershy.

"I'm sure it's not a meteor crashing." Said Twilight.

When they got to the Town Square, Twilight was right it wasn't a Metro Crashing… but whatever it was, it was strange.

Hanging the air was a strange glowing portal.

"What is that thing?" asked Rarity.

"I have no idea." Said Twilight, "All I can tell is that there it was a created by magic. But not unicorn magic."

"What other kind of magic is there?" asked Rainbow Dash getting suspicious.

Before Twilight could answer she doesn't know, they saw something fall out of the portal. Fortunately whatever it was it was fine.

It was similar to a monkey, it had hands and wore clothes. The thing very little hair except for a mane of long red hair.

It looked up at the portal and said, "At least it worked." it said.

Spike looked at the thing, his eyes widened, "Ginny!" he thought.

Indeed that thing the ponies stared was Ginny Weasley looking for a new world.

"What is that thing?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"I don't know." Responded Fluttershy.

That was when Spike, know he wasn't in danger approached her.

Twilight was about say something, but something told her. IT was going to be fine.

"You okay?" Spiked asked Ginny.

Ginny looked up at Spike. Their eyes met. Ginny looked away.

"Sorry for staring." said Ginny, "Yours reminded me of someone… from a long time ago."

Spike helped her up as she dusted herself off.

Fortunately Ginny by getting up, avoided her brother and youngest sister in law as they fell out of the portal.

"I must have forgotten to adjust it for varying altitude changes." Said Hermione, "IT could be worse that than this height."

"How can it be worse?" asked Ron.

"We could have wound up hundreds of kilometers in the air, or even underground." Explained Hermione.

Ron paled.

"Maybe you should get up." Said Ginny.

The two barely managed to avoid a falling Neville.

Neville managed to shake it off and get up.

"At least it's not higher." Mumbled Neville.

"Hold on." Said Hermione taking out her wand.

She conjured a large air bag to give everyone else a better landing.

"That was the same magic signature as that portal." Thought Twilight.

That was when Teddy and Victoire came out the portal, Spike couldn't help but to stare at them.

"Who are they?" asked Spike, "The girl does look like Fleur."

It hit him when Bill and Fleur came though the portal, followed by Luna and Roxie, then Angelina and George.

"Looks like everyone made it." Said Ginny.

"Excuse me!" said Twilight.

The witches and wizards looked at them and gaped.

"Colorful horses?" asked Ron, "With one that just spoke."

"Well chances were high we wound up in a world where humans weren't the dominant species." Pointed out Hermione.

Hermione took charge being the unofficial spokesperson of the group.

"If you take us a place to rest, we can explain what's going on." Said Hermione.

Twilight had a look on her face.

"I think we should trust them." Said Spike, "They don't seem to mean us harm."

"How would you know?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"Um… a gut feeling." Said Spike.

Twilight sighed, "If Spike trusts you, I'll trust you as well." Said Twilight.

After Hermione vanished the airbag, Twilight led them to the library. There Hermione began their introductions.

"My name is Hermione Weasley." Explained Hermione, "This is my husband Ron."

Ron gave a nod.

"They got married… that's good." Thought Spike.

"My Sister in Law Ginny." Explained Hermione.

Ginny was quiet.

"Bill, one of my brothers-in-law, his wife Fleur and they're daughter Victoire." Explained Hermione.

"It's a pleasure to meet… um… horses." Said Fleur not sure what to say.

"Ponies." Corrected Rarity.

"Thank you." Said Fleur.

The two had the strange feeling, like when meets a kindred sprit.

"So they had a daughter, I shouldn't be surprised." Thought Spike.

"George another of my brother in laws, his wife Angelina and they're daughter Roxie." Introduced Hermione.

The family all waved.

"So they got married." Thought Spike honestly surprised.

"Our good friends Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom." Introduced Hermione.

"It's good meet you." Said Neville.

Luna wasn't paying attention to the introductions but instead paying attention to Spike.

"Why is Luna staring at me." Asked Spike.

"You're surrounded by Soul Dust." Said Luna.

"Okay…" said Spike unsure what to say, but glad Luna never changed.

"And Teddy Lupin…" said Hermione unsure what to say.

"An orphan." Said Teddy.

"I should have known it was Teddy." Thought Spike looking at the grumpy looking boy.

"So why did you just suddenly come out a portal?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"Lord Voldemort." Answered Hermione.

"What?" asked Twilight.

"Lord Moldybutt?" asked Pinkie, "Why would someone be named that… unless they had a mold cutie mark…"

"No Voldemort." corrected Bill.

"He's an evil wizard who will do anything to kill Ginny." Explained Hermione.

"Why?" asked Spike.

"I have something he wants." Said Ginny in a way that said she didn't want to say any more.

"We've been running from him a long time, traveling the world." Said Hermione.

"And there's few places we can hide. With America having been taken by Dark Wizards a few years back the safest place to hide is out of the question." Said Neville, "We were starting to run out of options.

"We all decided to instead find a new world. A world where we can live peacefully for the rest of our lives. No longer running away from Voldemort or his men." Said Hermione.

"How do we know your not lying." Said Rainbow Dash.

"I believe them." Said a voice.

They turned to see two well larger ponies (though by size they should be considered horses). The ponies bowed to them.

"Princess Celestia? What are you doing here?" asked Twilight running up to her mentor.

"I sensed a rip in time and space." Said Princess Luna, "I informed my sister about it."

"I needed to know if you were something evil or not." Explained Princess Celestia, "I heard your story and I invite you stay here in Equestria."

"Thank you." Said Hermione.

"Quick question. How long were you even in here?" asked Ron.

"Since the pink one said Moldybutt." Said Luna.

"Yep! I saw them too!" said Pinkie.

"May I ask a favor of all you." Said Princess Celestia, "If all you, besides Rainbow Dash, give them a place to stay, while they get settled in."

"Why not me?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"Because you live in house made of clouds." Pointed out Applejack.

"Oh… right…" said Rainbow Dash.

The five ponies nodded.

"Also…" said Princess Luna, "I will be staying in Ponyville as well, after all I still haven't fully settled in either and I feel that staying here will let me."

The humans looked at the Ponies.

"Long story." Said Twilight.

The humans nodded.

"But won't that be confusing with Lunas!" said Pinkie, "I mean if one of called one you it would be like "I meant the other Luna, not you Luna" it would just be confusing!"

"Or you can Princess to my name." said Princess Luna.

"Oh… right…" said Pinkie Pie.

Teddy yawned, "Let's just figure out everything in morning! I want to go to bed!"

"Mr. Grumpypants is right… I'm tried." Said Roxie.

"Don't call me that!" muttered Teddy.

"Let's figure out everything in the morning." Said Hermione.

Hermione began to conjure sleeping bags, Twilight watched in interest.

"Of course she would want to learn in that magic." Thought Spike, he shook his head, he also realized something, "Twilight… can I talk to you alone."

Twilight looked at Spike, and saw there was something wrong.

And she was right, after all Spike was going tell her something she would have never expected. A secret he kept his whole life… a secret that he never thought he would ever have to tell anyone.

Next Time: Spike tells Twilight about his past life. As the humans get settled it, someone figures out Spike's secret. Who is it? And just what is Soul Dust? Find out next time!