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Chapter 18: As Time Went On

It had been 9 months since Voldemort's defeat. After the party many things happened. They gave Harry's body a proper burial. It needed one. Placed in the castle gardens in a far corner. The group also came up with a lie in order to hide the fact that Spike was Harry's reincarnation.

That whoever ran the after life let Harry back on earth for 24 hours. That time he helped defeat Voldemort, had his fun with Ginny and finished his unfinished business.

Of course only Kingsley Shacklebolt, Dudley Dursley and Aubrey Weasley (Percy's wife) were the only ones who knew the truth about Spike's reincarnation that didn't participate in the fight and they all swore to keep it that way.

Everyone who had come to live in Ponyville chose to stay. They had grown used to the ways of Equestria and Ponyville and made some friends. But they did deiced that when the kids were old enough (including those that were yet to be born) would attend Hogwarts with their cousins Molly and Lucy (Percy's daughters).

Kingsley and Princess Celestia made a deal to create a special portal. One that would be in the Ministry of Magic. They would allow visitation Visas for those who wanted to explore Equestria or vacation there. Only those that knew of Spike's reincarnation were allowed permanent Visas, everyone else would have to apply.

Also Princess Celestia would monitor those who came in illegally.

Immigration wasn't allowed unless under certain unsaid circumstances.

Not only that but Draco and Astoria were allowed to live in Ponyville. They built their own House on the outskirts. It took a while for everyone to trust them with the exception of Hermione, Luna and Pinkie (because she Pinkie) but though out the months they learned to trust them and even befriend them.

When they got back to Ponyville, they decided to tell Teddy about Spike (him being mature enough to handle the news). He actually handled pretty well and promised not to tell Roxie and Victoire until the time was right.

Also the three kids refused to talk about their time Derpy babysitting them… all they knew that Roxie wanted to learn how to use the fire extinguisher… and muffins were now Victoire's least favorite food. All Teddy said about was "You don't want to know what happened."

Other news is that month after Voldemort's defeat, Princess Celestia created the Equestria Quidditch League. Spike, Ron, Ginny, George, Angelina and Draco all helped create it. Each one of them each created the name though only one of them were allowed to name a team after one of the British and Irish Quidditch League. Everyone agreed Ron would get the honors (as he wouldn't take no for an answer).

The teams created were the Ponyville Phoenixes (the one that Spike named), the Canterlot Celestials (The ones that Ginny named), the Trottingham Archers (almost named the Trottingham Trots… but everyone single person, pony and dragon vetoed it, of course the person was George), the Fillydelphia Fillies (Angelina, the team was also molded after the Holyhead Harpies) and the Manehattan Dragons, were among the first teams, along with the Cloudsdale Cannons.

Guess which team was considered the worst in the league out of those named…

In fact this made everyone but Ron belie that any Quidditch team that took the name Canons were cursed by someone who hated the team centuries ago. After all it couldn't be a coincidence… right?

However the best one in the League was the Ponyville Phoenixes, in fact the team remanded the same from the game they played… expert for the fact Princess Luna was replaced by Cappuccino (one of Roy's best friends). With Rainbow Dash's speed and Derpy's ability to see in two places at once they were almost undefeatable. In fact the only games they lost were special exhibition games they played.

They had played three of them, and two out of three them they lost.

The first they played a special one against a team consisting of 7 members of the Wonder Bolts. It was a close game, but Spitfire managed to get the Snitch first.

The second was very special, a match against the Bulgarian National Team… it was less impressive than it sounds as the seeker did participate in the Battle of Canterlot and could visit any time he wanted. However the loss was a little more complicated, Rainbow Dash was sick the day of the game and had Spike fill in for her. Spike did catch the snitch, but they lost because the Bulgarians found a way though Derpy's defense.

It was said that Rainbow Dash faked being sick since she knew Viktor really wanted to play Spike not her. She denies it, but George still says she saw Rainbow Dash buying some Skiving Snackbox a few days before hand claiming it was for Pinkie.

However the third game was probably the funniest. Apparently word had spread all across the wizarding world about the Equestria Quidditch League… and the worst team the Falmouth Flacons demanded they play them. Well actually it was the Keeper that demanded they play them. The rest of the team thought "This is going to be fun.". Not in the way they thought "Oh it's going to be fun." No… in the way "I can't wait it see our Cormac response to loosing to some colorful Ponies".

They lost 60 to 1250.

Cormac was the reason for such a lopsided score. In fact Spike upon finding out Cormac still hasn't changed from his time at Hogwarts, told the team how to beat him.

Because of this, Cormac blamed his team for the loss despite the fact that he barely paid any attention to his own position. The other 6 members of his got so angry they pooled their magic together and transformed him into an earth pony.

Princess Celestia did reverse, mostly… Cormac would occasionally and randomly transform into an earth pony, and transform back into a human a few hours later.

Princess Celestia claims due to the magic used she couldn't fully remove the transformation. Though Princess Luna knew better.

Rainbow Dash joined the team permanently because she knew she had all the time in the world to join the Wonder Bolts. She decided to wait until they needed a new member. Then again rumor was that they were considering her. None of the members were confirming… though Soarin' had a few time almost said something before shutting himself up.

In Ponyville, things were pretty much the same before Voldemort came to Canterlot, Princess Luna even still living at the library ("This place is so much more fun than in the castle") the exceptions being Draco and Astoria, Ginny and Spike being together… and Pinkie and Soarin' having started dating.

After Pinkie's party after the Battle of Canterlot the two had become pen pals. After the exhibition match Soarin asked Pinkie if she wanted to go out on a date and she agreed.

He would come to Ponyville any day he had off or if the show was near Ponyville.

Rainbow Dash despite being a total fan girl of the Wonder Bolts didn't care one her best friends was dating Soarin' in fact she was happy for them. After all being the fan girl that she was knew about Soarin's love of baked goods and his habit of eating as much as Pinkie.

While he laid back and she was Pinkie, the two made a very cute couple.

Well to be honest that wasn't the biggest change.

The months after Voldemort's defeat… well… there was a bit of a baby boom…

Really all the women who lived in Equestria who either married, engaged or seeing someone were pregnant…

In fact the first of the births was going on, in Ponyville's hospital.

"I will find a spell to skin you alive you little reptile! You did this to me! You and you're Dragon magic!" yelled Ginny who was giving birth.

Spike laughed nervously.

Ginny was giving birth, not only that but it was multiple birth.

One of the dragon traits Spike retained during his 24 hours as Harry was well... the dragon's way of reproduction. When two dragons do it, the males seed has a special hormone that caused the female to not only releases eggs but always more than one… usually two or three… sometimes more.

Because of that Ginny was haven't Quadruplets. Though Hermione said there might be a chance of identical twins among the four.

Because of this Ginny changed her mind about asking Princess Celestia about turning her into a dragon. She didn't know what would happen to the babies or if something would complicate the pregnancy because of it.

"Maybe you should take a break." Said Twilight who was helping Ginny along with Hermione (despite being 8 months pregnant herself), Fluttershy and Luna. Princess Luna (who had helped birth foals over 1000 years ago) acted as the doctor in order to well… keep the complicated parentage a secret.

"I'll tell you when the first one begins to crown." Said Hermione.

"Get back in here! You stupid baby dragon!" yelled Ginny.

Spike went into the waiting room breathing heavily. Everyone was there, even Charlie, Percy, his wife (and children), Cho and Dudley.

"Don't worry about Ginny." Said Bill, "Mum was like that too when Ginny was born, and when Ron was born… I remember when the twins were born she was yelling too."

"At least she didn't' bite you." Said George.

Spike laughed… then noticed George was being serous.

"She bit me." Said George.

"I did not." Said Angelina.

"It was after I took away her wand, she grabbed my arm and bit me." Said George.

Angelina lightly smacked him on the head.

Spike turned to Ron who was nodding, that did happen.

"Are you scared?" asked Dudley who was also there.

About a month and a half after the battle (in order to give Spike some time) Cho and Dudley came for their first visit, as Cho wasn't able to get private time with Spike/Harry she left it up to Hermione and Ginny to tell him when they visited.

When Spike found out he yelled out "Cho married HIM!" so loudly that they were able to hear him all the way in Canterlot and Fillydelphia… that wasn't a joke either, Princess Celestia actually wrote a letter after he yelled that out and Rainbow Dash (who had a game in Fillydelphia) asked what happened when they returned.

They told them that they met during Harry's memorial, they at first were just friends offering each other an ear if they needed to talk about their shared feelings of not really being able to talk to Harry and apologize in a good enough way before his death. The two eventually fell in love and got married.

Neither Petunia or Vernon knows that Cho is a witch and they plan to keep it that way.

Though it's going to be hard as Cho was also prevent with their first child (though it was often joked that the child would be a Squib as magic wouldn't' survive contact with Vernon's DNA). But hopefully the child would magical.

"I'm more scared that Ginny than being a father if that what you mean." Said Spike.

"She is scary." Said Charlie.

"So you think you're going to be a good dad?" asked Aubrey.

Aubrey was Percy's wife, she also worked at the ministry of magic under the Department of Magical transportation (In fact she recently got a promotion and was the head of the Equestria Portal Division). Spike wasn't surprised Percy married someone who also worked for the ministry. She was a very nice woman and apparently she was in Hufflepuff in Cho's year.

"I think so…" said Spike.

Spike sighed, he saw the Cutie Mark crusaders, Victoire, Roxie, Teddy as well Molly (who had very recently turned 5) and Lucy (who was just learning to walk) playing together. Thankfully they weren't listening to the conversation.

"I'm back from the gift shop!" yelled Pinkie, appearing some somewhere.

Pinkie was holding about 2 dozen balloons.

"How are you able to stay on the ground?" asked Percy.

Percy much like Hermione was confounded by Pinkie whenever he saw her.

"Spike it's starting!" came Hermione's voice from the room.

He went back in.

After much screaming, yelling crying. They were all out.

Fluttershy opened the door.

"You can come in now." She said.

Everyone came into the room. Spike laid on the bed next to Ginny who held four very healthy babies in her arms.

"So have you come up with names yet?" asked Sweetie.

Ginny nodded, she pointed a little boy with reddish brown fuzz on his head.

"James Sirius Weasley." She said, "He's the first born."

"Really?" asked Teddy, "Gave him Sirius as his middle name?"

"What's bad about that?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"I read my father's old journals from when he was in school. One of his best friends name was Sirius, he grew out of it, but he often made puns about the word Serious and Sirius… You're just giving him fader." Said Teddy.

Ginny looked at Spike who shook his head no, neither one of them knew of Sirius' old habit of doing that.

Ginny pointed to a girl in her arms… well there were two girls in her and both had the same shade of bright red and freckles on their face.

"This is the second oldest, Lily Twilight." Said Ginny.

Twilight blushed when she heard that.

"So the two oldest are named after Harry's parents." Said Dudley, "That's a good idea."

Ginny rolled her eyes.

"Our third one, is Luna Fluttershy." Said Ginny.

"When you have two very close friends named Luna you have no choice to name your child after them." Said Spike.

"That is going to be confusing." Said Pinkie.

"Unless we call her little Luna." Said Applejack.

"Oh that's a good idea." Said Pinkie.

Everyone rolled their eyes.

"Are you sure Fluttershy is a good name?" asked Draco, "I mean…"

That Fluttershy look down… everyone in the room glared at him… even Lucy and she wasn't able to talk yet.

"I think I'm going to cafeteria." Said Draco, "Anyone want anything?"

Astoria conjured a brick and threw it at his head.

"I still can't believe he's your cousin." Said Apple Bloom.

"I know." Mumbled Teddy.

"What about baby of the family?" asked Neville.

Ginny looked at Spike.

"Harry Spike… after his father." Said Ginny.

Ginny looked at her… um Dragon friend. She had decided once the children were grown up, she would ask Princess Celestia then. After all Spike had all the time in the world (as Dragon's lived a long life). They could wait little longer.

After all as long at they loved each other that was all that mattered. It didn't matter if Spike didn't have all of Harry's traits. They were soul mates. And no matter what would happen they would always love each other.

The End!

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