Chapter 11

"That is never going to work." Robert said.

"Lulu and Ethan can pull it off and they will have us by their sides the whole time." Robin said.

"I don't know if we should risk it." Robert said.

"Look it's very simple, since Ethan didn't know about Holly until a few years ago he can use that story of trying to find his birth mother and Lulu can play the role of devoted fiancé and I play role of devoted sister who only wants to see her brother happy and Lucky will be my husband." Robin explained.

"First sign of trouble and you four get out of there." Robert said.

"Okay, let's get out of here and head to Sri Lanka." Lulu said enthusiastically.


They boarded a plane to Sri Lanka but not together. The children took an afternoon flight while Robert and Luke took the red eye.

(In a house in an undisclosed location)

"I have word that Robert Scorpio and Luke Spencer just arrived in town sir." The guard said to the man in charge.

"Good, that means that they know Holly is here and they will undoubtedly come after her. Not for the undying love for her but for their money. We will be prepared." The man in charge said.

"What should we do until they get here Mr. Sinclair?" the guard asked.

"Make sure the men are armed and ready to go at my signal. Now be gone!" Mr. Sinclair informed him.

"Sir, yes sir." The guard said then left.


(A few miles away from the house)

"Are you sure we are in the right place?" Ethan asked.

"Yes we just have a couple more miles and we should find the cabin." Robin said.

"What are we going to do once we get there?" Lulu asked.

"Be very careful, vigilant, and play your part." Robin replied.

"Let's go through the plan one more time." Ethan said.

"Okay we decided to go hiking and got lost on our way back. We have been out here for 2 days and have run out of water but we saw the smoke coming from the chimney and decided to head this way in hopes of getting some supplies and using a telephone to get back to our resort. Once we are inside Robin and Lulu asks for the bathroom and searches around for a door to a basement or attic or something and then we leave and come back later with reinforcements." Lucky explained.

"Remember this is about checking everything out and getting ourselves familiarized with everything. No sudden attacks and no deviating from the script. This should run smoothly. We get in we get out and nobody gets harm okay?" Robin says and they all agree.