The Hammer to Fall Season One (However it is part of Season Two Redemption from the Demon Rose, Logical Listener, and Amethyst Stone saga)

Disclaimer: I do not own G. I. Joe Renegades, the characters or the franchise. I only own the characters of Pile-Driver, Demon Rose, Boy Scout, Amethyst, Viper, Listener, and Sukoshi kage (Sakura). I do not own the character of Dr. Satou, she belongs to Namiko Ai.

Synapse: Sgt. Jake "Pile-Driver" Henderson was once part of Demon Unit before his betrayal to Cobra, and now he has betrayed Cobra in order to save his old flame Jane "Demon Rose" Abernathy. However, he still has to earn his redemption in this long tale. Demon Rose AU.

Chapter 1

Henderson walked out in handcuffs with the Lieutenant. He wanted to talk to the man that Jane was now dating; he wanted to know something about what had happened during her absence. This man looked to be around the same age as Jane, which probably was for the better anyways. Finding himself jealous of this man, Jake sat down on a bench outside the room.

"So, I take it you feel for Viper?" Henderson suggested while looking at the young man.

Flint slumped to the bench beside the convicted criminal. "How did you guess?"

"One the way you were looking at poor old Jane…she's an innocent but understanding gal."

Henderson chuckled as Flint tried to speak. "You have to understand lover boy…Jane lost me. She can't lose you too."

"I don't understand…you forced the separation between her and yourself."

"Yes, and no…I had no real choice in the matter." Henderson turned his head and showed a elongated scar running down the middle of his skull to the base of his neck. "Mindbender's got some powerful chips that he uses."

"Like Ripcord?"

"Like Ripcord." Henderson agreed before facing the new boyfriend of his old flame. "I also want you to know that whatever happens between you two, keep it honest."

Flint nodded his head. "Thanks, I think."

"Now, I need to go yell at Boy Scout in there…" Henderson started to stand up when a black clad hand shot out of nowhere. "What the—"

Snake Eyes held onto his former student and glared at him.

Sarah marched forward and slapped the man across the cheek. "That's for my sister!" She all but screamed at him before pulling her hand back to hit him again.

"Wait just one minute." Henderson said while cringing under his former teacher's grip. "One I'm defenseless, two I haven't done anything wrong!"

Lady Jaye, having heard the shrieking of Jane's sister, walked out and grabbed Sarah away from Henderson. "He was the one who brought her here."

Snake Eyes tilted his head and closely examined his former student. Having noticed the defeated and broken look behind the fearful eyes of Henderson, he let him go. 'You got Jane out of there?'

"Yeah, now can I ask one thing?" Everyone in the hallway remained silent waiting for his question. "Did you hurt yourself while slapping me again?" He looked directly at Sarah.

Sarah nodded her head, and rubbed her hand a little. She had been so furious that she ignored her pain.

Henderson saw a little girl sticking head out from behind a Japanese man and Jana. "Hey there Sakura." He said while kneeling down. But as soon as he did so everyone around him stood in the way of the girl.

Sakura didn't understand what was going on. She managed to make her way through the group of adults and towards the man kneeling in front of her. "How do you know me?"

"I was there when you were born…as was all of my team." He offered noticing Snake Eyes putting a hand on her shoulder to pull her away. "I'm also your godfather."

Sarah looked down to avoid the looks she was getting from the team. She knew that it was all mixed and impossible for her to tell what was going to happen next.

"That crazed psychopath is her godfather?" They all heard Storm Shadow exclaim.

"Yeah, and you traitorous little white clad ninja, you're technically the girl's uncle so our family is a little weird."

"Why you—

"Calm yourself Tomisaburo Arashikage." Jana spoke before touching his shoulder.

"I will do no such thing."

"He described you to a T, Tomisaburo…I suggest, as your teacher, you stop before you do something regrettable."

"Wait, your name's Tomisaburo?" One of the others said while looking at him.

"You really had to didn't you?" Storm Shadow said towards Jana.

"Anyways!" Henderson stated while forcing everyone to look at him. "Sakura, I want you to do something brave for me."

At those words Snake Eyes started to pull Sakura a little closer to himself.

"Yes sir?"

"Go tell your aunt you love her."

Sakura nodded her head fiercely and looked up at Snake Eyes. "Can I go see Jane now?"

Henderson chuckled before moving back to his bench. "When you all get done with Boy Scout, send him out here…I gotta few questions for the old chap."

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