Author's Notice

All righty folks, I'm back, and with a vengeance. Ok not really. I got out of a bad situation since I last posted for Demon Rose, Logical Listener, Amethyst Stone, Hammer to Fall, and Viper, and now I'm back in the mood for writing. However, when I reread all of my Fanfics I gagged (it was funny for my dad to watch me choke down reading them). I hated them. I won't remove them, but I am planning on rewriting them into one story instead of like five million. Seriously what was wrong with me? A story told from five or more perspectives, it's like murder for me now.

This time I'm writing season one all together in one story. There will be a lot of switching between characters and their given locations but that's cool. I can handle that. Moreover, I will be changing a few little things throughout the story. The character's personalities should remain the same (mostly) but a few little details will be reworked. (I.E: How Flint and Jane first met, the relationship between Sarah and Snake Eyes and how it fell apart, and so on and so forth.)

The new story will be called Citizen Soldier, just like season one was called for all my old stuff. I am in college now, as I have said in some of my other stuff, so that comes first. However, I will try to post a least one chapter a week…no promises however.

I also don't know if I'm going to continue working with Namiko Ai, she and I haven't talked in a while and…well I just don't feel it anymore. That spark of inspiration from friendship is kind of missing you know. If she wishes to continue working with me she knows how to contact me.

Hope to see your reviews for my new story Citizen Soldier soon. I will be typing up the chapters sometime this month so please look forward to those.


Samantha Jane West-Croft