It was a normal, quiet day in the desert village Alectro. The people did their jobs, there were a few traders from other villages, even some from the Port, and little boys were pick-pocketing unsuspecting passersby. One little boy, however, sat quietly in front of his house, looking at all the people. He found their comings and goings very fascinating.
His parents, the most important people in Alectro, were happy their six-year-old son wasn't stealing things, but it also worried them a little. He'd always been different: a quiet baby and a silent, observing boy without any friends.

No, Alexos was not like other boys his age. He was also quite weak. Not suitable for any hard work. But his parents loved him very much and took good care of their son.
Today, however, was the day Alectro changed.

A cloud of sand was seen on the horizon, and the people hid in their houses, awaiting a sand storm. Alexos was sure it was something else, and he was proven right when the village's gate was kicked out of its place and a bunch of heavily-armed men stormed into Alectro.

The men broke into houses, killing people and stealing their belongings. They knew no mercy. Half of Alectro was dead when Alexos's father overcame his shock and stepped forward, feeling the need to protect his people.
'Halt,' he said, trying to show no fear, 'halt, you barbarians!' One of said barbarians was about to bring his sword down to the man's throat, when a deep voice stopped him. The leader of the barbarians showed up from behind on a black horse. He looked at Alexos's father with steely grey eyes. 'Are you the leader of this - ' he gestured around ' - miserable little excuse for a village?'

'Yes, I am.'
'And,' the leader continued, 'would you die for it?'

Alexos's father then made the mistake to glance at his wife and son. 'I... I would,' he answered, but invaders' leader was now more interested in the woman and child trying to hide away. He got off his horse and approached them leisurely, like he was taking a stroll. 'Are these people,' he started deadly slow, 'your... Family?'
The ruler of Alectro hung his head. 'They are. Please, lord, don't hurt them. I'd gladly give my life for my wife and son.'

'Very well. I see, I see...' The barbarian turned around to face his men. 'Kill that man, and anyone who dares to protest. From now on, I will rule this village.'

Alexos did not look away as the men killed his father. The boy had the feeling he'd seen worse things, though he knew that couldn't be true. He also felt he had the power to stop these creatures from hurting people, but he could not use it. Next to him, his mother fell to her knees and burst out crying, but Alexos did not move a muscle. He simply wasn't able to.

From that day on, the barbarians ruled Alectro. Alexos's mother was forced to marry their leader, Karim. Oh, how many times she wished Alexos was a girl, so that he could become a priestess on the Island and get away, away from his stepfather.
The man was horrible to her son. Upon discovering the boy's physical weakness and his habit of philosophizing about life, Karim locked Alexos up and beat him almost everyday. 'Just to make him come to his senses and be a real man already!'

Alexos himself grew quieter than ever. In a way, he reminded his mother of a volcano, a fire-spitting mountain from the tales of the beginning of the world. He seemed calm, but she thought he was secretly boiling underneath the surface and could erupt any time.

When the Archon died - Alexos was ten years old - the boy said he had finally awoken. Everyone soon enough found out what he meant by that.

The god had spoken.

The End

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