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Okay so this is kind of a late note to the story but it was just a little exercise originally and now its a story, enjoy.

He touched her tender flesh...

It was only for a moment, and then it was gone. He breathed the sweet scent of her brown hair as it brushed past his face, love. That was what he felt, plain and simple. Any time she was near him he felt like confessing the feelings he had for her that he held so dear, he felt like his heart would leap right out of his chest and confess his love for her, he felt like she was his soul mate.


"Come on Taiki, let's go!" Nene said as she spun around, her well groomed hair swished through the air and her clothes rippled in the high air pressure of the mountain that they were on. Nene stared at him, tapping her foot. He looked back, straight into those big pools of blue that swallowed up his stomach and left butterfly's behind. The ground beneath his feet was hard rock, they were on the top of one of the world's biggest digital mountains; it was a huge mound of grey, nameless substance. The top, where they were heading was iced like a cake with a blanket of snow. Just above them the clouds hung low, nearly engulfing them as they prepared to start walking again. He held a backpack with all of their supplies and Nene carried the food in her own rucksack. Both were moss green with the Xros Heart logo plastered across them. They had been sent to get a certain Digimon that was only at the top of this mountain; Wizardmon. His full name, rather than his species was Arnold of the Staff, he had the intelligence to help them formulate a plan to crush their opposition, the problem was that Darkknightmon had caught wind of their plan and had set off his own party, leaving them almost no time left for him to love her and wish he was hers and hers alone, forever.

His heart skipped a beat as her eyelids batted open and closed and as her frown turned into a snarl, no matter what she said or did she was still the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Her soft, pale, peach skin was the only thing he ever wanted to touch him. That hair that looked like a Tanemon's with a growth spurt made him smile with elation each and every time he saw it tied tightly with that yellow bobble of hers. Her face was perfect, not too round and not too long, and her neck was thin and showed off her necklaces perfectly. The white doctor's coat she wore highlighted her perfect, slender frame and the purple and lilac checkered dress hung off her curves better than it would if a supermodel wore it, at least Taiki thought so. To complete her beauty those light yellow cowboy boots made him wish she'd take them off for him, so they could elope under the stars… on a threadbare blanket… with mustard… yeah… mustard…

"TAIKI!" Nene shouted, breaking his trance like state
"uh mh hrmm?" Taiki muttered, trying to gather some coherent speech
"gay neigh?" he replied quickly as he saw her eyes, he had failed at speech.
"What?" Nene said, confused "Never mind, come on, we are going!" she ordered, she turned and he started to stare again, the only thing better than her stood still, was her walking away, with a view like that he knew he'd follow her off the end of the world.
"Nene?" Taiki asked as they walked for a long time.
"Yeah?" Nene replied, she spun and his brain turned to mush, his heart stopped and his words became garbled speech, at least they would if he spoke any. Nene sighed "Well?" she asked as they started walking again, turning around so she wasn't facing him any longer
"Well, y'see I think I..." he began. Nene spun around
"WHAT!" she shouted angrily as she glared at him.
"Never mind..." Taiki said slowly, looking away sheepishly. His hair was messy and his clothes and face were awful, there was no reason she'd ever like him back anyway. "I love you" he muttered as they neared the peek, as they did hail and snow poured down torrentially pelting them with their utmost fury. "Nene!" Taiki shouted quickly as she slipped and flew off the edge. He dived onto the snow, tears flying from his eyes as he imagined life without Nene. Luckily as he skidded to a stop, Nene had grabbed his hand
"Good reactions" Nene muttered, embarrassed she had fallen. She quickly clambered up and hurried off quickly without a single glance backwards.

It was five more minutes before anything happened, five more, eternally long minutes. "Hey, Taiki?" Nene said as they pushed on through the heavy snowfall, leaving a trail of footprints that disappeared after about a minute after being made.
"Yeah, Nene?" Taiki replied, he was sure this was the moment. It was the moment that they would finally elope!
"Thanks for back there." she said, turning and smiling broadly. Taiki's heart sank
"Oh, it was nothing, you'd have done the same..." he said, his heart smashed into tiny pieces like hard toffee at Christmas. Nene smiled and walked over slowly, Taiki's heart and brain twitched, wait she was coming over, what should he do! She leaned in, and so did he. As he prepared to lock lips he felt Nene's arms wrap around him tightly, he sighed and did the same
"What's wrong?" Nene asked as they finished their tight, warm hug.
"Oh, it's nothing, just tired is all" Taiki replied quickly, walking ahead. Nene sighed in exasperation as she began to follow him.

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