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Kind of short again, but like a lot of my updates its a bridging chapter to get me back into the story

Taiki and Wizardmon finally got to the precipice and peered out across the land below. "She's gone" Taiki whispered
"Dammit" Wizardmon growled "We have to move quickly before she acts next. Follow me" Wizardmon insisted. He swept his cloak and he transformed into a gigantic bat "Hop on" he added, as he realised Taiki could no longer use his digivice
"O- Okay" Taiki stuttered, climbing onto the black, leathery creature.
"She'll be in a clearing right now slaughtering Koromon, we have to catch up before she wipes out the whole village" Wizardmon explained before taking off as fast as he could move, forcing Taiki to hug his body tightly.
"Why is she doing this?" Taiki asked as Wizardmon plummeted downward and avoided a particularly tall tree
"I'm not sure yet. Save your questions for when we find her" Wizardmon replied


Nene stabbed another Koromon with a sharpened stick and laughed "See Yuu! You would've done this if I hadn't stopped you, are you watching?" she cackled, throwing it into another and watching the data explode. Suddenly she heard the sound of flapping wings behind her and turned to see a motherly Birdramon
"Child, continue and I will be forced to kill you myself" Birdramon explained with a stern tone
"We'll see" Nene told her before flashing a black card at the Birdramon and turning it into empty space. She looked down at the card, now with a picture of a black Birdramon on.
"Nene, you have to Stop!" Wizardmon's voice yelled as he transformed back into a champion and walked towards her, leaving Taiki behind him
"Oh, we'll see about that" Nene laughed, she threw the card up and pointing her digivice at it. A beam of darkness hit the card before a blackened Birdramon with extended fangs and deep red eyes appeared.
"Xros Load that," Nene turned and walked off "Kill them" she added before disappearing into the forest
"Nene!" Wizardmon shouted moving to chase her but Birdramon moved into the pathway and then flapped her wings, sending Wizardmon hurtling backwards.

Taiki caught the weakened wizard and looked at him, then Birdramon, terrified "What do we do?" he asked, shaking
"There's not much we can do. You get the Koromon out and I'll hold this abomination off for a while, okay?" Wizardmon wheezed and got to his feet "Electro Squall" a ball of electricity caught the Birdramon in the face before it could munch on an unsuspecting Kormon "Electro Squall, Electro Squall!" two more balls knocked it backwards "Go!" Wizardmon shouted, charging at the creature with his staff poised for fighting. Taiki nodded and burst to his feet
"Come on Koromon, we have to go" he insisted, ushering them away but they all looked at him, confused. "Please, we have to hurry!" Taiki yelled, looking back and forth between them and the fight. "Shoo!" Taiki roared, waving his arms. The Koromon looked at him for a moment and then ran as he chased after them. "Good luck Wizardmon" Taiki whispered as he fled.


"Good luck indeed" Nene laughed as she mounted another BlackBirdramon slightly above Taiki before shooting off again "You'll need it" she laughed, her eyes dancing with malice.

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