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Chapter 1 – Freedom at last or is it?

Bella Pov

Thank goodness I'm finally getting out of this fucking hell hole which has been my home for the last 4 years. Well technically 6 years but I won't get in to that just yet. I guess your all wondering what the hell I'm rambling on about. Well let me introduce myself.

My name is Isabella Swan and I'm 16 years old. I have chestnut brown hair, that stops just above my shoulders, chocolate brown eyes and im also 5ft8 and have naturally tanned skin being from Quileute origin. I am currently in juvie for attempted murder and have been here since the age of 12, so I have been here for 4 years now.

However this is not my first time in juvie, I have been to juvie twice before this once when I was ten then the second time I was 11. While in juvie I made sure to keep up with all my work because no way in fucking hell was I being kept behind.

"Come on Swan lets go" yelled James. James is okay he has been my guard since I got here and always knows when I am about to lose my temper.

I get up from my bed and look around the cell that has been my home for one last time before walking over to James. James quickly takes my small bag full of stuff from and handcuffs my hands behind my back. I was taken to the wardens office where he was going to explain to me what was going to happen.

"Bella nice to see you in here for something good instead of being sent to the hole" stated the warden

"Yep it's good to know that I'm finally getting out of this place."

"Ah yes there are many thing we need to discuss before I can let you walk out the front of this building so let's get started shall we."

"Yeah the quicker we get this done the quicker I can leave and actually have a life without my every move being watched. Can I get these cuffs off?"

"No the cuffs stay on you need to get use to having them on." What does he mean by that whatever he means I don't think im going to like it. "Right then let's start. Bella although you have managed to get a grip on your temper, you still lose it quite easily which is worrying as none of us want you to come back you're a bright girl with a good future ahead, you just need to keep that temper at bay. To allow you your freedom the following things are going to happen you will be on probation for two years and will be fitted with an electronic tag for those two years. Any questions so far?" I shake my head two years' probation with an electronic tag doesn't seem so bad.

"Good moving on you are being sent to Forks Washington to live with your father Charlie the chief of police, we believe a change of scenery might help you stay out of trouble." Hell no there's nothing to do in forks it's so boring and way to green " For a while you are going to be escorted by two guards James and Felix and you will still be handcuffed, when we believe you are capable of not letting your anger get the best of you will the handcuffs and guards go." This is total bullshit I thought I was finally free from being escorted everywhere and these fucking handcuffs at this rate I will never get any type of freedom.

"What the actual fuck this is so stupid why can't you let me go without handcuffs? Why do I have to be escorted? Argh" I shout. I'm getting angrier by the second I go to stand up but I'm quickly pushed back down by James who is now holding me down. The warden looks at me and sighs before saying "I would love to let you go without the handcuffs but this is the judge's orders, if you keep your anger down then you'll be out of them in no time."

I let out a frustrated sigh "Fine!" "

"Okay Bella you also have to attend school, you're not allowed to be home schooled so you have been enrolled at Forks high. If you fail to follow all these rules or commit another crime you will be sent straight back here. Do you understand?"

"Argh this is going to be hell. Yeah I understand can I go now?"

"Yes you can go now. Please try and stay out of trouble" the warden states. I nod my head and am quickly escorted out by James and Felix. Yay let the fun begin (note the sarcasm).