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Hi everyone!

I know that I should focus more on my already posted stories and update them faster but I couldn't help writing those problematic ideas hehe. It is a Post-Frontier focusing on Kouji and Takuya. It had been three years since their adavanture to the Digital world .

The name is kinda strange but if you looked at the story genres you will understand. I meant by the two Fs Friendship and Family. I found it nice and interesting when I though about the two terms so the idea was created from looking at them.

Anyway please read, enjoy and review*puppy eyes*.

Between The Two Fs


\It is okay…yeah…later then…no worries, buddy…jana\

Kanabara Takuya said cheerfully or rather pretending so hard to seem so as he said an extra happy goodbye to who was on the other line before hanging up.A grim,weird expression covered his once energetic face a few minutes ago. He sighed and sat on his desk chair yeah…maybe later

'Onii-san, lunch is ready!'Shinya called as he opened the room.

'Takuya come now or I will finish your share of meat.'the younger brother teased,grinning widely.

Takuya kept his an expressionless face causing his brother to blink in worry. Takuya would never look like this unless something really bad bugged him and he was supposed to be happy. At least Shinya left him few minutes ago in his hyper energetic mood so what happened?

'What's wrong?'

'Nothing is wrong. Tell 'Kaa-san I am not hungry.'

'What? You will go to the arcade today and if you didn't eat you will be extremely hungry.'Shinya giggled ,'You would eat Kouji-kun alive if you were hungry while playing.'

'No aracde today, Shinya.'Takuya said calmly, putting his elbow on his desk and resting his palm under his chin.

Shinya blinked several times and shrugged, 'But you arranged this for more than a month with Kouji-kun. Besides you didn't spend anything of your allowance for the previous three weeks just for today.'

'Kouji is not coming.' he said, keeping his voice flat and cold to his brother's surprise.


Takuya sighed and looked at the calendar in front of him that showed a happy sign marking today as the waited day. It was the first day of his long-awaited vacation after a hectic and annoying semester. He arranged the visit with Kouji few weeks ago and agreed to go today but…


'I can hear you Shinya. No need for shouting!'

'But why won't he come. He was exited as well.'

'Kouichi is sleeping over.'answered Takuya calmly and briefly.

'His twin. So what? The three of you can go.I mean maybe you won't take me even if I begged you but he will take Kouichi-kun for sure,ne?'

'Kouichi doesn't like video games and Kouji won't leave his twin alone to stare at us while we play happily.'

'Yeah…that was stupid anyway. Let's go together to the arcade then.'



'I said no shinya. Now leave me alone!'

'You didn't have to do that,Kouji.' Kouichi said softly.

They were sitting in Kouji's bed which they will share for the rest of the vacation. Tomoko went to visit her relatives in Kyoto so Kouichi was going to stay at his father's house till her return. And the fact that the twins didn't see each other for more than three weeks made Kouichi's staying at his brother's place the most important event for the whole vacation. Kouji even decided to go to his Kendo classes two times a week instead of the whole week even if he would stay more than three hours in training in these two times.

'Don't worry. He will understand.'

'But…you wanted to go too. I am sure he was dreaming about this for a long time.'he lowered his head in shame. A behavior that made the younger sighing at the hint of guilt in his brother's voice.

'He is my best friend, He will understand besides we can go later.'

'Yeah…sure he will'

'Ni-san. I really want to be with you. I am with Takuya in the same school and I almost see him everyday but you…'

A calm silence comforted the slightly guilty twin as his brother held his hand and whispered,'I missed you Kouichi. I won't have such a chance whenever I want so let's have fun.

Kouichi looked at him in surprise but Kouji squeezed his hand and added,'We can go to the Dream Land and the theater. Maybe we can see a movie or even go to the library. It is larger than the one around your home so you can read as much as you want and have fun too. I won't force you to do anything or to go to a place you don't want. I promised Kaa-san to take care of you and I will.'

'Kouji.' Kouichi smiled and blushed slightly at his brother's care and affection. The younger twin smiled as well.'Well then let's eat something and go out.'

'Hai.'Kouichi cheered.

'Oichii! Arigato Kouji.' Kouichi said happily and licked the ice cream Kouji gave him.

Kouji replied from next to him on the bench,'I knew you would like this flavor.'

They have been in the park for more than three hours now just talking or playing with the only swing there. For someone else these things were extremely boring but for them being together was more than enough.

'Should we go home?It is late already.'

Kouji turned towards him and sighed, 'I am not a good company, ne?

Kouji's voice was gloomy as his eyes cought his twin's but that simple pretending was enough to make the other seem down. The younger wanted to pretend being sad, not knowing that his twin would be easily tricked.

'No you are not. Actually it is me. I am very boring person to be around.'Kouichi sighed, 'Maybe if you have gone with Takuya you would be having fun now.'

'Kou.'Kouji said sweetly,attracting the other's attention.'You know that I love video games but I love you more Nii-san.'

'I know.'

'Then stop acting like this. Now come'n I will push you on the swing.'Kouji grinned dragging the other towards the swing, receiving happy giggles from his twin.

'Why are we here again?'asked a very irritated Takuya . Their mom left for shopping and ordered him to take his brother out .He refused, claiming he wasn't in the mood but his answer encouraged his mother who wanted them both to go out and to leave the stupd video games they kept playing for hours.

'Aren't you old enough for such things?'Takuya asked his younger brother who sat in the sand box and started to build a castle.

'I am not . You are jealous because I can play and you can't.'

'Shut up you brat.'

'I am telling 'Kaa-san.' Shinya sang, forcing his brother to sigh in defeat. He sat on a near bench looking at the sakura tree's branshhes above him. The bensh was leaning on the large tree's root.

What went wrong? That wasn't supposed to happen…ever…but why? All of us .Why aren't we the same anymore?

His memories took him to the time he spent in the digital . He was the flame, the leader but now he is nothing and has nothing. Generally speaking,those weren't the old Takuya's ideas….something went wrong in their life…in his life.

'Nii-san! Are you okay? Kouichi!'

The voice wasn't far from his place but as much as it looked familiar it was different. He knew that voice with the determination and strength it had but now at least at that moment the sound lacked them and insteade of that determination a paniked voice controlled that nature. He sat up and looked at the source, seeing what he thought he would see.

Kouji was holding his brother's fragile form while the other seemed disorient and numb .The elder twin was leaning on his brother's shoulder as the younger helped him to stand.


Kouji, recognizing the voice immediately, looked at him in confusion then after few seconds of staring he snapped angrily at the former reader.

'What are you waiting for?Come and help me!Baka!'


What's wrong with me?

He didn't know ,he would help others without their ask for it especially when it came to his family and friend…

Friends, huh?

He helped him to place the dizzy twin on the bench whose brother repositioned him on his lab, allowing him to rest comfortably.

'Nii-san!'the younger twin called hesterically, shaking him gently,'Nii-san answer me. What's wrong?

His tears started to stream on his cheeks but his brother's soft hand wiped blinked and looked at his brother who was smiling kindly.' Shh. I am okay. Don't c-cry'

Kouji wiped his tears with his sleeve and held his brother's hand tightly. The cold hearted person, the lone wolf whom the whole school feared and respected at the same time was tremebeling slightly as a lost child. If it weren't for Kouichi's reassurance who knows what would happen to him?

Takuya looked away and preferred to wait the other till he calm down to explain. Shinya didn't notice what was happeneing as he continued playing brightly.

'What happend?'he asked finally as Kouji recollected himself and said in a slight shaking voice.'I…I don't know .He was playing on the swing but suddenly he became pale and dizzy. I wanted to understand what happened but he was about to lose consiousness. I tried to make him rest in the nearest bench where you were. I didn't see you,though.'

Kouji stared at his twin whose eyes were partly closed and looked at him just to assure him that he was okay.'I will call 'Tou-san to pick us.'kaa-san must be worried .We are late.'

'Kimura-san! Isn't he sleeping over at your place tonight?'

A sigh

'I was talking about my step-mom. Our Kaa-san is in Kyoto visiting some relatives so he is staying in my place the whole break.'

'That's great!'his vice was emotionless despite the fake smile he put.

I should be happy for them. Kouji needed to spend more time with his brother,right? They are my friends. Both of them even if I barely see Kouichi, I consider him as a close friend after all he is my best friend's twin. Kouji loves his brother more than anything in the world. How couldn't he love the brother he almost lost and regained? Kouichi is so nice and sensitive and he really deserves his brother's care and love.



'What are you thinking about . I was talking,idiot.'

'Etto…what did you say?'he rupped his hair sheepishly.

'I called 'Tou-san to pick us .If you want he can give you and Shinya a ride.'Kouji asked in his deep calm voice as his brother's condition became better.

'It is okay. We will walk. Anyway, call me later. I mean to tell me if your twin became better.'

Kouji rolled his eyes and sharpened his voice.

'What is your problem, Takuya?

'What? My problem. Nothing…really.'

'You are not being yourself, Takuya.'

'Why do you think?' Takuya challenged.

'Because you just called Kouichi by 'your twin'. He isn't only my reflection and he has a name you know.'

'Gomen.'Takuya apologized shortly. Kouji blinked, 'Since when you apologize that easily.'

'You wanted me to apologize and I simply did.'


'What?'he snapped then realizing what he did he apologized again.

'Don't tell me it is because of the arcade.'Kouji hissed. looking at his now asleep twin. His blood boiled angrily.

How could he be that selfish? It is not that I can see Nii-san as much as I want. Couldn't he understand ?Is a video game more important than my twin.

'Iie. It is not becues of that.'

He wasn't lieing. Even if he was dreaming about going there all that time, he know and understand the other's priorities. He wasn't that immature.

There was something wrong,though. Something he couldn't understand or rather didn't want to understand.

'Whatever!Keep it to yourself then goggle-head!'

The silence stretched till Kousie came and took the twins after a dry goodbye and a kinda warmer one from Kouichi who was barely conscious but struggled to see a goodbye and thanks to Takuya. Takuya gave him a dry smile cusing the younger twin to glare at him threatingly.

What happened to us? Why are we acting like this. Why I feel like that?


I didn't explain everything.I mean what happened to Kouichi and Takuya's strange Land is kinda like Dizny land.I saw its name in an anime called Kaze No Stigma.

About Takuya's mother. It is true she let them to play as much as they want but any mother would be angry or worried if her sons kept playing for hours, staring at a screen so it is sorta logical.

Anyway, please tell me what you think guys. That mean alot to me ^^"

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Nii-san:older brother.