notes: yet another drabble collection. i know, i know. this time, it's mainly for pairings i don't have much experience writing or want to try for the first time.
each will be exactly 100 words in length, because i don't think i've ever written a drabble that coincides with that.

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only ashes

i. skeleton girl

You sometimes wonder what it's like to be Lucius, with a wife who loves him so unconditionally, so purely (how you hate that word – yet how well it seems to fit).

You sometimes wonder what it will take for her not to come home, spilling illegal curses from her mouth and hexing everything she can.

But then you remember – she's Bellatrix, dangerously lethal with paper thin words and far too many skeletons in her closet, and you think (hope) perhaps you are content with what you have.

(You never are, though, because you love her like she'll never love you.)