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Truth Or Dare

"Vegeta!!!!!!!!! Get your ass in here!!! Were going to have guests!" Bulma yelled from the back door if the capsule corp.

"Why do I have to come in I'm not going to do anything but stand there!" Vegeta said walking as slowly as possible over the house.

"Oh well I have a whole bunch of stuff planned out and I need you to be a part of it. This party's an all nighter to. So be prepared.!" Bulma said hurrying through the house over to the kitchen to get the snacks out.

"Why is it an all nighter?" Vegeta asked sitting down at the table waiting for dinner.

"Oh no I'm not making you dinner tonight! You're going to have to wait for the pizza to get here! Also it's an all nighter because were having alcohol here and I don't want anyone driving home drunk!" Bulma said going up to the liquor cabinet and pulling out at least 8 bottles of fine wine and then pulled three six packs of mikes hard lemonade.

"Damn, who's going to drink all that!!!" Vegeta said smirking, standing up from the table.

"YOU!!! Your always the one who drinks all of it at parties!!!" Bulma said pointing at him.

"humph" Was all Vegeta said walking up the stairs to his room.

"Where do you think your going!?!?!?" Bulma yelled from the bottom of the stair case up at him.

"I'm going to take a shower don't have a hernia!!!" Vegeta called walking into his room and shutting the door.

"Oh,……WELL YOU BETTER BE DOWN HERE IN 20 MINUTES!!!!!" Bulma yelled until she heard the shower start. *hum……. This would be the perfect time!!!* Bulma thought running up the stairs.


About 2 minutes later Vegeta came down the stairs to hear Bulma giggling on the phone. Vegeta stopped before turning into the kitchen to hear what she was saying.

"Oh, Chichi were going to be playing truth or dare!!! ………I know its going to be ssoooo funny………I have my ways of making him play!!…….hehe……ok well ill see you when you guys come. Oh I was going to ask what are you going to do with Gohan?……oh his grandpa's I see well bye!" Bulma then hung up the phone and turned around startled by Vegeta standing there.

"oh hey Vegeta. Your down early" Bulma said with a bright smile.

"What's truth or dare?" Vegeta asked having no clue. Every time they had a party before they never played that.

"Well you ask someone else that's playing 'truth or dare' if they choose truth then you can ask them any question in the world and they have to answer it. If they choose dare then you can make them do anything you want them to. If you don't them you have to gargle raw eggs." Bulma said then walked up to Vegeta and gave Vegeta a small peck on the cheek. "You'll love it!"

" I'm not playing a insane game like that!! Your mad!" Vegeta said grabbing Bulma's wrist.

"Wanna bet!?!?!" Bulma asked

"How would you possibly make me??" Vegeta looked into Bulma's eyes as if he were about to kiss her.

"With this!" Bulma said holding up a tape.

"what does that have to do with anything?" Vegeta reached for the tape but Bulma snatched it away surprising Vegeta that she could keep it away from him. "What is that?"

"You know what your favorite thing to do in the shower is?" Bulma said with a smirk that Bulma copied from Vegeta after the years.

Vegeta's mouth dropped,. "You taped me singing!!!!!!!" Vegeta dived for the tape, but Bulma shoved it in her bra. "You know I'm not scared to go for that."

"Oh really?" Bulma said tempting him. Then Bulma started to run, but before Bulma could get anywhere Vegeta tackled her to the ground in front of the front door.

Vegeta reached down her bra to take it out with Bulma struggling as much as possible.

"OH MY!!" Came a voice from the door. "Are we interrupting something?"

Vegeta and Bulma looked up to see Chichi standing there with a surprised look on her face and Goku standing there smirking. Vegeta quickly took the tape out and smashed it by squeezing his hand. He started to get up But Bulma pulled him back down toward her and lifted her body so her mouth was right next to his ear.

"I have backups….." Bulma whispered seductively. Then pushed Vegeta off of her. "No sorry Chichi we fell."

Vegeta just got up and grunted.

Goku walked up to Vegeta and said as Bulma and Chichi walked into the kitchen. "Good going, sorry we interrupted you." Then walked in behind Chichi.

"Bulma he had his hand in your shirt I doubt you just fell…" Chichi said smirking and trying to be quiet but everyone heard anyway.

"Just don't worry about it." Bulma said blushing


~ a hour and a few drinks later~

All the guest had arrived and were now sitting down to play truth or dare. 18, Krillian, Chichi, Goku, Bulma, Vegeta (who was forced into it), and even Yamcha were there.

"Ok who's going to start!" Bulma called out to anyone. Bulma looked around the room to see Yamcha (who was completely drunk) waving his hand around dieing to be called on. "Any one???" Bulma called out trying to ignore Yamcha. "Fine Yamcha ok you go. Ask someone.

*ok this is the perfect chance to embarrass Vegeta hehe* "VEGETA!!!!!" Yamcha screamed cause he was drunk causing everyone to cover there ears. "truth or dare" Yamcha asked giving a sneaky look.

"SHIT!! …..um………." He looked at Bulma. She waved the little black tape around. "Truth!" He said quickly.

"I truth you… to tell me …….um…….HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU HAD SEX WITH BULMA!!!!!!!" Yamcha said with a huge evil smirk. Stating it as a statement more then a question.


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