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Truth or dare 6

"No Yamcha I do not have any tapes of Vegeta singing! Even if I did I wouldn't give them to you to sell on EBay. "Bulma said to Yamcha the phone up to her ear. "Hold on a sec."

Bulma twirled in a few directions.

"Damn cord phones."

She moved in another 180 degree circle trying to escape from the phone cords wrath.

Vegeta walked into the kitchen from outside and halted his position staring at Bulma. He shook his head at the ground and watched her silently as he leaned up against the wall.

Bulma, now in a bigger mess the before, started hopping up and down hoping the cords would slip off of her somehow. "Just give me one sec yamcha"

Yamcha eyes widened as he heard Bulma grunting and groaning and a few thuds from time to time from the other end of the phone. "Um….Bulma…"

"1 sec……..Yamcha." Bulma said in more of a loud moan then her normal voice.

Yamcha mistook her groans for sexual things. "Oh Bulma."

"Really Bulma cant you contain yourself. You look like your about to shit your pants." Vegeta said startling Bulma.

"VEGETA!!" Bulma yelled. "Happy Birthday!!!" Bulma excited forgot about the cord and started to run toward Vegeta to give him a hug only managing to trip on the cord.

Vegeta didn't even make a motion to help her from falling.

*THUD* Bulma hit the floor face first.

"Bulma?" Vegeta asked watching her lie on her face motionless on the floor.

Bulma didn't move.

Vegeta watched her blankly.

*Crickets chirp*

On the other line of the phone Yamcha had passed out.


~A few hours later~

Bulma was sitting at the kitchen table holding a bag of ice on her forehead. "I wish you would have just strangled me with that cord. It would have saved a lot of embarrassment." She removed the bag revealing a huge red bump on her forehead. "Your party is today and now I'm going to look like shit around all my friends."

Vegeta sat across the table from her eating his lunch. "Why are you throwing a party for me? I don't celebrate birthdays."

"Because I want to have a party with my friends again and that gives me a reason."

There was silence in the room for a moment. Then Vegeta stared directly into Bulma eyes.

"I'm NOT playing Truth or Dare again." Vegeta said narrowing his eyes.


"NO, I'm not going through that again!"


Vegeta smirked thinking he had won.

"I have a different game in mind." Bulma said mimicking his smirk.

"And I'll play it when pigs fly."

Bulma reached for a walky talky she had in her pocket. "Dad, faze 2!" Bulma said quickly and quietly

Vegeta raised an eyebrow. Then he heard a sudden loud scream.

He looked out the window from where he was sitting and oolong shot by the window screaming his head of with a pair of fake wings on his back.

Vegeta sat not moving trying to register the insane scene that played out before him. He thought for a minute. "Damn you."

"I guess that means your playing?" Bulma said just as the door bell rang. Bulma stood up and ran to the door. "Krillian! 18! Hey!!"

"Hey….Bulma?" Krillan said noticing the huge bump on her head.

1 stepped up also noticing it. "Hey Bulma how are you?"

"I'm alright….." Bulma said watching krillan kinda motion up to his forehead in a questioning glance. "Oh, I almost forgot! I fell earlier….just a small bump." Bulma's voice faded away as she spoke. "Well anyways come on in and make yourself at home. I'm ordering pizza for dinner."

"PIZZA? Where?" Goku shouted pushing Chichi up to the door.

"Pizza….AHAHAHA….if you rearrange the letters in the word Pizza you get zipza…..haha…..*burp*" Yamcha fell around the corner coming up behind Goku carrying a bottle of alcohol.

"Your drunk already?!?! It's only 2:00?" Bulma said not believing the way he was acting.

Goku and Chichi stood staring at Bulma's now huge forehead.

Yamcha suddenly dropped his beer bottle. It broke all over the porch. "OMG, YOU HAVE HERPES!!" He screamed pointing at her forehead.

An old woman walking by on the sidewalk with her granddaughter freaked out and covered her granddaughter's ears and ran by quickly.

"HERPES WHERE?!?!" Goku freaked out.

Chichi pushed Goku inside and pulled Bulma in with her slamming the door on Yamcha.

"I fell earlier that all." Bulma said feeling extremely embarrassed.

"Who has herpes?" Krillian asked.

"No one!" Chichi and Bulma said at the same time.

The front door opened and Tien came in holding Yamcha by his collar. "Who let this dog out?" He said smiling. He dropped Yamcha on the ground and gave a friendly handshake to everyone around. Chiaotzu followed.

"Wow I didn't think you would show up." Bulma said happily.

"Well I heard about the Truth or Dare game from the last party and just thought I HAD to be here." He laughed. "Um…Bulma?"

"She fell." Chichi told him and walked into the kitchen. "Bulma lets call the Pizza place and get the food ordered." She walked in and grabbed the phone book. "Where do you want to order from?"

"I'm going to let the 'guest of honor' choose." She said mockingly to Vegeta who had just walked down the stares from his room.

He stared at her not talking. He smirked when he looked her swollen forehead. He opened his mouth to say something.

"Don't make me get oolong!" Bulma said pointing her finger at him.

Vegeta turned and walked out of the room.

"Maybe we will just get pizza hut…" Chichi said looking into the phone book. She didn't want to know.

She grabbed the phone and ordered the pizza and had it ordered to come at 5:00.

"Tell me do you plan on us playing Truth or Dare again?"

"No, I have a better game. It's called 'Have you ever'. It's a drinking game." Bulma said with a smile.

"I've heard of that game."

"And I'm sure you have nothing to worry about Chi." Bulma said laughing.

"What do you mean by that?"

"You'll see when we play." A huge grin formed on Bulma's face.


~A few hours later~

*Ding dong*

The Pizza young guy stood at the door holding 5 boxes of pizza, a huge stack of 40 other pizza boxes sitting next to him.

Snickering could be heard from the other side of the door. It finally opened.

"Hey. How are you?"

The Pizza guy's mouth dropped open.

There stood Yamcha with a rainbow clown wig on and one of Bulma's bright red dresses on with red lip stick smeared all over his face. He was holding a purse over one shoulder.

"How much do I owe you?" Yamcha asked taking the purse off his shoulder and opening it pulling out a wallet.

"Uh……. $450.99." He said wanting to turn and run.

"Alright Hun, give me a second." Yamcha dropped the wallet on the ground so that you could tell in was on purpose. Yamcha bent down to pick it up and one of his water filled balloons fell out of his dress splashing on the ground in front of him and on the wallet.

"Opps again." He turned so that his butt was facing the Pizza guy and bent down to pick it up revealing that he wasn't wearing anything under the dress.

"Oh man….."Krillian whispered in the dark room they were hiding in. He starting trying to hold back as much laughter as possible but it wasn't working only making him laugh more.

Vegeta held his forehead in his hand and looked at the ground embarrassed for the Pizza guy being harassed by the drunken bastard.

Bulma sat behind Vegeta watching in all immatureness. She laughed hysterically as the wig yamcha was wearing fell from his head and fell into the water.

Yamcha stood back up and leaned against the door frame. He pulled the money out of his wallet and put it in his now uniboob cleavage. "You want it? Come and get it." Then he growled not realizing he lost his wig.

The Pizza guy reached slowly out grabbing the wet money quickly and running to his car, getting in.

Yamcha chased after him, his wig catching onto his hooker boots as he ran, jumping onto the cars front window. His chest smashed against the window popping the other water balloon causing water to go everywhere over the front windshield.

The Pizza guy freaking out turned on his windshield wiper fluid spraying Yamcha in the face.

Yamcha grabbed his face in pain and rolled off the car as the guy drove away quickly.

Everyone inside was dying with laughter.

"Ok guys lets eat." Chichi said trying to hide the fact she was amused and be the mature one.


"Ok guys were down to our last box." Bulma said (her head is no longer swollen but is like a little red dot) bringing the last box over and setting it on the table.

Goku and Vegeta were the only ones who went to it to eat some. They were sitting there in complete silence eating when Yamcha's head hit the table and he stopped moving.

"I hope he just passed out." Chichi said standing up quickly

"Yeah he did." 18 answered feeling for his pulse. "Just let him relax for a second."

They continued to eat until a loud fart erupted into the room. Everyone got silent once again looking to each other for whom had done it. Krillian started cracking up looking at Yamcha.

A few seconds later another low pitched fart started but wasn't stopping. 18, extremely appalled, took a glass of water and dumped it over Yamcha's head. Yamcha jumped up quickly turning the loud low pitch fart into a high pitched squeaky one that stopped after a second.

"What the hell just happened?" Yamcha yelled looking around everywhere his napkin stuck to his forehead.

Everyone except Vegeta started to laugh hysterically even Chichi and 18.

Vegeta looked at Yamcha and thought to himself. *I'm the only level headed one here tonight….* Then again held his head in his hand.


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