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Pirates – Chapter 14 (Fight)

Percy, Grover, and I wandered around the market's main district. I was hugging Percy's arm in case I get separated from him, and Grover hugged mine. He was very persistent; I couldn't shake him off.

Pushing through the crowd awkwardly, we went up to the closest stand: a store for expensive looking weapons and armour.

Excited, Grover dragged me towards it as I pulled Percy along like a dog. Once we've approached, Grover let me go and instantly started browsing through the items. I continued to hold onto Percy however; I didn't want to get washed away from a mob of shopping pirates.

Percy pulled up my hood over my eyes in case anybody detects us.

"Say, Percy? If you're quitting a pirate, what's going to happen to you then?" I asked him.

"Well, I told you I'd stay with you. And whoever said I was going to quit as a pirate? I just said I was leaving Luke's crew. I want to start my own. And, I want you to be my first mate," Percy grinned.

My jaw hung in shock.

"If you don't come, I'll drag you along with me anyways. I'm not leaving you alone," he says with determination.



"What kind of pirate captain would you be without a ship?" I stared.

Percy went silent for a moment, as if just realizing that very important issue. You can't be a pirate on land. We need a boat. And the other problem was: where the hell do we find one?

"Well, if I were the one of the Stolls, I'd say that there're a lot of boats docked on the port," Grover pointed out, lifting up a nice looking sword. He examined it for a second before placing it back down and moving out of earshot to look at other weapons available. I had a feeling he wasn't quite paying much attention to our conversation, or else he would've been begging us not to leave again.

"So we steal one of them," I clarified.

"Well, yeah, but it's going to be hard. Most ships are guarded and a lot of pirates are very gruesome," Percy added.

"Well, we don't need that big of a ship. It's only the two of us?" I asked, looking questioningly at Grover. Maybe he wanted to come with. I'd have to ask him about it later.

"Sure, I guess," Percy scratched his head. "Well, I think there's row boat – Ouch!"

"Us, a row boat on the seas?" I raised an eyebrow at him, after smacking upside his head. "You're kidding me! One wave would wash us off the boat in a second! It has to be at least bigger than a row boat."

Percy frowned. "Well, it's only going to be the two of us, so a row boats fine. Plus, with my awesome powers, there's no need to worry about waves blowing us off. It'll be fine!"

"Percy," I started. "You want to be a captain of a crew, right?"

Percy nodded his head.

"Well, a crew definitely does not only consist of one person," I flicked his forehead.

Percy flinched at the pain. "Well, we can get a ship afterwards, can't we? Like, until we find another couple of people willing to be in our crew. And, the row boat is the easiest to steal, by the way."

I bit my lip. It was true, "But what if we don't have the chance to get another boat? What if we manage to find more than five people at the same time, but we just don't have the proper boat to fit us all in? There are a lot of problems having seven pirates on such a tiny piece of bark."

"Well, the boat looks big enough to squeeze in seven people… Plus, we could also travel by air bubbles underwater, so it's not a problem!" Percy continued to argue. Man, was he stubborn or what?

"But, I'm your quartermaster and lieutenant, so," I began saying.

"Hey! I never assigned you to be my quartermaster or lieutenant!" Percy crossed his arms.

I gave him the "Really, Percy?" look.

Percy just looked at the ground and shifted his feet uneasily. It was obvious he wanted me to take those jobs anyways, but of course, he had to be cantankerous as usual.

"Fine!" Percy huffed, finally giving up from under my intense stare. "We'll get a bigger ship, alright?"

Smiling in triumph, I led Percy closer to the weapons stand happily. The grin faded though. It seemed that the stand was to be kind of popular since a lot of people were crowding. No. They're starting to crowd the area. There was hardly anyone here before.

"Something's going on," I said to Percy with worry, thinking of Grover. "Come on."

We both pushed through the heavy clustered people in the way. And in the center of attention was Grover himself. He was picking a fight with the manager of the store.

"You break it, you pay it!' growled the huge bulky dude. He looked intimidating, and bigger than Beckendorf himself. He seemed like a dangerous person to mess with.

"I – I didn't break it! I swear! It wasn't me! It was this other guy who broke it! He was the one who pushed me!" Grover whimpered.

"LIES," the man roared. "You broke it! So what if he pushes you? You're the one who slammed into it!" The man held up a beautifully carved shield. The material may look strong, but for Grover to create a huge dent in it without a bruise must've meant the quality of the material actually sucked.

Grover was cowering, and he couldn't stand a chance. Everyone was looking, but they aren't willing to help; most wanted a fight and kept chanting out that word. I couldn't do much, but I should be strong enough to hold him off for Grover to run away. I mean, I beat Clarisse and my own security guards. I could take this guy on too.

I let go of Percy's hand and tried pulling the hood down as far as it can. "Hey!" I shouted. "Picking on someone smaller than you?"

The man and the audience turned to face me. I began to feel slightly nervous, but tried to stay looking confident. I gave Grover the chance to leave, but he just stood there like an idiot, shocked that I was standing up for him.

The man sneered. "Are you going to pay for him then, boy?"

I bit my tongue. "No," I started. "How about a challenge? No rules. If I win, you let him off the hook. If I lose, then I'll pay."

I felt Percy grab my wrist. "Don't do this," he whispered next to my ear.

I had to do something, didn't I?

The man laughed a loud and thundering laugh that startled everyone, causing the people to back up a few steps. Percy, Grover, and I stayed in our regular positions.

"I'll fight you," the man grinned. His teeth were yellow stained and disgusting. "Losing would mean you'd owe me eight thousand gold coins, boy."

I was about to agree, but Percy stepped in front of me.

"I propose another deal," he said, interesting the store manager. "I challenge you to a fight. No rules. I win, you let him," he gestured to Grover, "go, and get on your knees and praise both of them." It was obvious that he was implying me and Grover.

"And if I win?" the man asked gruffly.

"I doubt you'd win," Percy says. I dared to lift my head up to look at Percy's face. His eyes showed that he was bold and confident. Come to think of it, I've never seen Percy in action before. "But if you do, I'll give you ten thousand gold coins. How about it?"

"You don't have the money, kid," the man laughed.

"I do," Percy says. "If it turns out I don't, I'll work for you as a servant for the next decade of my life."

Percy's officially won the stupid award. I grabbed his arm. "Are you an idiot? Stop being a Seaweed Brain for a second," I hissed.

Percy merely unhooked my fingers around his arm and let my hand go. He didn't even make eye contact with me. My head couldn't help but fill with questions. Is Percy good at fighting at all? Is he going to reveal his powers and use them? What on earth is he going to do?

The man stared at Percy and I saw his fingers twitch. If he won, he'd get a good offer. But his head turned to me.

"I decline. I want to challenge you. See what you've got, boy," he said to me. I was a little surprised at first, but it was also best taking the easiest opponent and win anyways; I'd have done the same. Too bad for him; I'm not an easy opponent. "Like you said: 'no rules.'"

He was planning something, and I know it. My eyes scanned the surroundings. There were people for sure, and we were right in front of the weapons' store. There was a sign painted on a huge wooden board reading, "Any usage of these products without payment must pay a $200,000 fee."

Because he was the owner of the place, he'd have free access to these weapons. Was that it? Most likely since his fingers were inching closer to that iron mallet. My own fingers itched to grab my dagger.

"Our match," the man grunted, "starts now."

He picked up the mallet, and it doubled in size, bigger than me. The weapon must've been enchanted somehow. The man smirked when he saw my expression and tried to pound me into pieces. Luckily, I narrowly dodged his attack after recovering from shock. With a mallet that huge, it is almost impossible to escape its wrath.

Swiftly, I tried to get as close as possible to him without getting smashed. I quickly reached down and took the dagger out of my boot and stabbed him in the stomach. The man grunted and coughed out blood, but he looked up and gave me a deadly glare. I swallowed down fear and glared back, twisting the dagger that's still stuck deep in his flesh.

Slowly, his expression showed pain, and I was beginning to feel satisfied. However, the man managed to use his strength to shove me aside brutally. I fell onto the ground, feeling my shoulder dislocate. I restrained a scream. My knife skittered away from my reach. The man got up, blood dripping from his mouth, lifted up his mallet above me.

My eyes bulged from horror, trying my best to scramble back up, but there was no time. I rolled over to avoid getting hit, cradling my shoulder, enduring its pain. I stumbled on back to my feet.

The store manager sneered at me as if wondering why I still have the nerve to fight back. Well, firstly, I will not lose to some fat man wearing a half burnt apron, especially with people watching; and above all, with Percy watching. Plus, I've got to save my dignity by beating him up.

Apparently, the crowd was cheering for the apron man as he raised his mallet up once more. I merely glared at the man, understanding his next move. I needed to get my dagger and avoid getting smashed like a bug.

I got into a balanced stance, standing on the tip of my toes, and ready to run for my weapon, watching steadily at the oversized hammer. The man brought the hammer over his head and swung so unwittingly fast that I wouldn't even dodge it in time.

Luckily, Percy sensed the danger and wrapped his arms around my waist just when the mallet was about to drop. He pushed both of us aside, protecting my damaged shoulder when we slammed onto the cement floor. He then rolled us over right when the mallet touched the ground. My hood slipped off.

Percy was on top of me. I felt Percy's hot breath on my neck, and my face unintentionally began to heat up.

What the hell is he doing? Does he think that I can't handle this myself? Sexist moron! I could beat that fat duck in a millisecond! I was just going easy on him! Didn't he just see me stab his fatty blubber?

But before I could shout out those words at him, Percy got off me quickly. He was much lighter on his feet than I thought. Swiftly, he took out his pen from his pocket and uncapped it. It immediately transformed into a bronze leaf-shaped sword.

Great. Now afterwards, I'd have to yell at him for stealing my fight away from me too.

"What are you doing?" the aproned man snorted.

"No rules," Percy reminded him in that cocky way of his.

Percy charged at the oblivious, fat store manager and knocked him out by smacking the bottom of his sword handle to the side of his head, extremely hard. The man fell unconscious, and there was a pool of red blood chilling out around his head and from the wound I gave him.

Percy re-capped the sword and it turned back into a pen, stuffing it back into his pockets. "You okay?" he asked as the crowd around us began to murmur about something.

I continued to gap at him. "My fight. Stolen. By you of all people," I said with surprise. And then I glared. "Ugh. Stupid Seaweed Brain."

Percy raised his hands up in self defense. "Hey, I was only trying to help."

I clenched my teeth. "I was doing just fine on my own, thank you very much," I growled, ignoring Percy's offering hand and stood up myself, cradling my shoulder.

I was obviously upset. Now Percy thinks that I'm not capable of taking care of myself. That stupid imbecile… If only I had a couple more minutes. I realized that the people around us were whispering about me.

"That was a girl. What does she think she was doing? Is she an idiot?" one muttered to another.

It was enough to make me snap. "Shut up!" I yelled at the blonde, skinny boy. He was wearing a purple robe and stood like a stuck-up snob. "I was trying to help a friend, where as you are just a pathetic little bystander."

The pale blonde sneered at me and cracked his bony knuckles. "Excuse me, young lady?"

My anger burned stronger. That stupid kid needs a lesson about proper behavior. And I was about to teach him just that if Percy hadn't stopped me. Why was it always him? It was always his fault for everything.

Percy put an arm around my uninjured shoulder. "Hey, calm down," he whispered into my ear.

I just turned to face him, and I gave him an icy stare before shaking his arm off. I pushed though the cluster of gossiping people and stormed off angrily, hearing Grover's and Percy's voice calling after me.

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