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The house smells like eggs and sausage. I've been making eggs for me and Anna, and well for the bacon, I put it in the microwave because I don't know how to make bacon on the stove.

I was putting eggs on Anna's plate. "I've meet the Salvatore brothers" she looked at me "You know them?" I asked her as I some eggs on my plate.
"Yeah, I knew them in 1864" My eyes went wide... 'They were that old?' I asked myself. "I would be careful around Damon, he was nice when he was a human, but as a vampire, he isn't as good." I kind of already know this.
"On a random note, how long are you staying?"
"Well, I want to stay for a while, if it's okay"
"Yeah, of course it is." I said with a smile on my face.
I was about half done with breakfast when I looked up at the clock. 'Shit' I thought. It was almost time for school. I hurried and got my stuff together.
"I'll see you when I get back" I said to Anna before going out the door.

General POV

Chelsea got to school pretty fast because she was in a hurry. She parked her car and took a deep breath to calm herself. She got to school early when she thought she was going to be late. Outside of her car, she saw Elena and Bonnie and she went to talk to them.

"Hey." she said to Bonnie.
"Hey." Bonnie said to Chelsea before bringing her attention back to Elena
"All I'm saying is to be careful. I got a weird feeling from him last night"
"Don't worry I'll be careful." Elena said, comforting Bonnie. They walked a little bit before bumping into Stefan.

"I'm gonna go find Caroline" Bonnie said, making an excuse not to be near Stefan. Elena tried to Stop her as she left, but couldn't. She left Chelsea and Elena with Stefan. Chelsea saw Tyler off in the distance and went over to talk to him, because it was clear that Elena wanted to talk to Stefan.

"Hey." Chelsea said to Tyler.
"Hey." He said before giving her a hug. Matt was near them and had a 'really?" look on his face.

Tyler was trying to get Matt angry at Stefan because Stefan was flirting with Elena, who was Matt's ex. Chelsea just watched the two talk because it wasn't her business. Occasionally she looked over to Stefan and Elena and saw them smiling. Before she knew it Tyler threw the football that he and Matt were tossing back and forth, towards Stefan. Even though Stefan's back was turned towards them, Stefan turned around and caught the ball, just inches away from his face. Everyone who saw was caught by surprise. Stefan held the ball for a moment before throwing it back to Tyler. Tyler caught it but stumbled back because of how hard it was thrown. Chelsea looked over at Stefan and Elena with a faked confused look. She knew that Stefan was a vampire, but she could show that she knew or something might happen.

"So, I'm gonna go to class" Chelsea said to Tyler before walking away.

Chelsea's POV

The rest of my day felt like it went pretty fast. The only thing that really stuck out at me was being obsessed with the numbers 8, 14, and 22. I kept writing them in my notebooks, but I figured that the numbers are a clue to something that might happen tonight. Before I knew it I went outside the school by a group of girls.

I was on the grass outside of the school stretching. I never imagined that I would actually be doing this. I looked over to Bonnie and she was doing the same thing.
"Are you nervous?" She asked me.
"Well, kinda" I said with a small chuckle and a smile at the end. Then Bonnie looked up towards the football field. I looked up to see Elena walking over towards up carrying a water bottle.
"Hey, you're here" Bonnie got up and hugged Elena while I stayed on the ground looking up to them.
"Yep. I can't be sad girl forever" Elena said before they sat on the ground. "The only way to get things like they were is to do things that were." She began stretching as I came up from a stretch. "Oh, and you're coming to dinner" she said to Bonnie.
"I am?" Bonnie questioned Elena.
"Yeah, you, me and Stefan" I could tell a look of uneasiness came across Bonnie's face. "You have to give him a chance" Elena told Bonnie. She must have seen the uneasiness on Bonnie's face.
"Tonight's no good." Bonnie started to look around "Have you seen Caroline, I've texted her like a million times."
"Don't change the subject Bonnie Bennett. You are coming to the dinner"

"Fine" Bonnie said before looking at me. "Then she's coming too" She pointed her finger to me. I gave her a 'seriously' look. Did she not like Stefan that much? Without even having Elena turn to me, I could tell she rolled her eyes in some type of annoyance. She nodded her head, so she must have no problem with that. Elena turned to me.
"Do you want to?" She asked me. I wasn't sure, but looking at the begging in Bonnie's face, she must really want me to come. After a minute of thinking I nodded my head. A smile appeared on Bonnie's face.
"Okay, now that it's settled, do you know where I live?" Elena asked me and I shook my head.
"I'll drive her" Bonnie popped up.
"I have no problem with that, if it's okay"
"Oh, its fine with me." Bonnie said with a smile and I smiled back.
"I'll tell you have to get to my house after practice" I told Bonnie.

"So, why are you here at practice?" Elena asked me "I didn't think you were the cheerleader type"
"I'm not" I said with a small smile that quick went away. "Caroline roped me into it"
"That's Caroline for you" She said with a smile and we chuckled a little. Next thing we know, we see a car pulling up, playing music loud enough for us to hear.

"" Bonnie said when she saw the car park "That must be the mystery man from the grill"
"That's no mystery man" Elena started to say as the three of us started to get up "That's Damon Salvatore"
"Salvatore?" Bonnie looked at us, "as in Stefan?"
"Yep" I said popping the 'p'. Caroline got out the car and walked towards us. I stared at Damon with somewhat of a threatening look. He looked at me with some confusion but changed his gaze towards Elena. Then a look of cockiness appeared on his face. I could see out the corner of my eye that Elena was annoyed.
"I got the other brother," Caroline said to Elena as she passed us, "Hope you don't mind"

General POV

"Sorry I was late girls" Caroline began to say as she dropped her stuff on the ground "I was… uh busy. Alright, let's start with the double pike herkey hurdler, what do you say?" All the cheerleaders except for Chelsea knew what she was talking about. The cheerleaders began to practice as Damon drove away in his car.

"Chelsea?" Caroline addressed "Since you're new, why don't you just observe?" Chelsea nodded in agreement before walking behind all the cheerleaders. She was never a cheerleader, so she just went along to with Caroline said. After she did Caroline spoke again "Elena, sweetie? Why don't you just observe today too?" Elena was having trouble with the moves so she just walked to the back by Chelsea.
"At least you're alone back here" Chelsea joked which made Elena smile.

The rest of the time Elena and Chelsea watched the cheerleaders practice. Elena got bored watching the girls and switched her gaze over to the footballs players. There she saw Stefan going onto the field. Chelsea looked over to see Stefan getting tackled by Tyler. Chelsea shook her head a bit but returned her attention to the cheerleaders.

Chelsea's POV

I went home after cheerleading practice or really watching them practice. I'm not really a cheerleader, but it's something new. Before I left, I gave Bonnie my address so she knew where my house is. I left my stuff in the living room and went upstairs. When I got to my room I saw Anna on my bed reading.
"Nice books" She said raising her head.
"Thanks." I smiled a little before sitting on the edge of my bed. "So, I've been invited to this dinner, and you won't guess who's going to be there."
"Stefan Salvatore." Her eyes went a little wide.
"Why is he going to be there?"
"For the girl he's dating. She wants a friend of hers to come, and she's only going if I am."
"Yeah…" The conversation was quick and boring.

I went into the bathroom only to come out a few minutes later. Anna was still reading the book.
"Do you want anything?" I asked Anna.
"I am a little hungry," She chuckled a little.
"For human food or blood?"
It took a second before she answered "Blood." I sat on the bed next to her and stuck out my arm. She shook her head, "No." She looked at me. "I can wait until later."
"Hey," I looked at her, "it's okay, we've done this before… just only take a little" I tried to smile, to reassure her that it'll be okay. I put my wrist more toward her. She looked between me and my wrist. I nodded my head before she decided to drink some of my blood. She bit into my wrist and there was momentary pain, but it went away. Not even a minute later she lifted her head and my blood was around her mouth. I looked at the wounds she left in my wrist and wondered how I would hide it. Before I knew it Anna was holding her wrist to me. There was some blood coming out of it, so she must have bit it. I looked at her with an unsure face.
"Would you rather people ask about how you got a wound like that?" She asked me making a good point. What would happen if something happened to me while it was in my system? I looked back at my wrist, and then at hers. The gap on her wrist was closing so I had to make a decision. I ended up pulling Anna's wrist to my mouth, drinking her blood. I could feel my wrist healing it's self now that I have vampire blood in me. After I had enough to heal it, I got away from her wrist.
"I'm not doing that again" I said tasting the blood in my mouth.
"Yeah, that's what you said the last time, remember?" She looked at me and we smiled. I got off the bed and went into the bathroom to wash the blood off of me. While I was cleaning myself I heard the doorbell ring.

I went downstairs to answer the door.
"Hey." Bonnie said as I answered the door. "Nice house."
"Thanks." I smiled, "Come on in." I know I didn't really have to invite her in, but I did anyway. She came in and walked a little bit into the house.
"There's a little bit before Elena wants us over there so..."
"You wanna see my room?"

I knew Anna could hear us, but I wasn't sure if she was going to stay in my room or not. Bonnie followed me up to my room. When we got to my room, I didn't see Anna, so I guessed that she was in the other room.
"I have to look into the other room for something, so I'll be right back." I told Bonnie before I went into the guest room to see if Anna was there. I peered in, and saw her on the bed, with my book that she was reading before.
"Why don't you come back into my room?"
"Because I don't want to."
"Come on," I tried to beg her, "The book will still be here tomorrow." I smiled and she looked up at me. A second later she put the book down and came with me back to my room.
"Bonnie," I said getting her attention, "This is a friend of mine, Anna. She's staying with us while her parents are on vacation." I carefully told Bonnie.
"Hi." Anna told Bonnie.

We sat there talking for a few minutes before Bonnie and I left for Elena's. I was feeling like I needed to be careful, but that could be because I had vampire blood in me, and I didn't want anything to happen.

Bonnie pulled up to Elena's house. It looked almost like mine on the outside. Bonnie rang the doorbell and Elena answered it. Elena let us in and we went to her kitchen to prepare the dinner. I offered to help, since I was there with Bonnie and we ended up both helping.
"You explain it" Bonnie started to talk to Elena while we were putting food into bowls "Last night, I'm watching Nine-o, a commercial breaks come on and I'm like, 'I bet it's that phone commercial. And sure enough, it's that guy and the girl with the bench, he flies to Paris and he flies back. They take a picture." Bonnie was telling something that made her think that she was a witch, but she doesn't think she is.

"Oh, come on. That commercial's on a constant loop" Elena said tried to deny the point that Bonnie foreseen the commercial come on before it did. This made Bonnie bring up another point.
"Well, what about this? Today I'm obsessed with numbers. Three numbers" I raised my head from the bowl I was putting food in to pay attention. I was also obsessed with three numbers. I wonder if they are the same "I keep seeing 8, 14, and 22. How weird is that?" 'They are the same numbers' I thought to myself.
"I keep seeing those too" I mentioned, which made Elena and Bonnie both look at me. Bonnie had a curious look on her face.
"How weird is that?" Bonnie asked. I shrugged a little.

"It happened to me all the time" I was being honest. I can be obsessed with numbers and other things before something happens. It's like a premonition before something happens.
Elena looked at both of us "Maybe we should play the lottery". Bonnie and I chuckled. Elena looked at Bonnie "Have you talked to your grams?"
"She's just gonna say it's because I'm a witch" 'Her grandma to?' I asked myself. "I don't wanna be a witch" 'She just doesn't know what it's like to be a witch' I was sort of like that at first, until my mom explained it all to me. "Do you want to be a witch?" She asked Elena.
"I don't wanna be a witch" Elena said to Bonnie. Elena isn't a witch anyway, or at least I'm about ninety-nine percent sure she isn't. We finished putting the food into the bowls but all we needed were the spoons.

"Okay, Serving spoons" Elena started to look around for them.
"Little drawer on your left" Bonnie said without even looking. Elena looked at Bonnie and then went to that drawer. Sure enough, the serving spoons in it.
"Okay, so you've been in this kitchen like a thousand times" Elena said. I could tell that she was trying not to sound freaked out or anything.
"Yeah, that's it." Bonnie then said. It sounded like she didn't believe it. Then the doorbell rang.
"Okay, he's here" She turned to Bonnie "Don't be nervous. Just be your normal loving self" She finished with a smile and went to answer the door.
"It's nothing to be freaked out about Bonnie" I said to her after Elena went to answer the door.
"I just think it's weird and my grams is just going to say because I have ancestors from Salem and she'll tell me to embrace it." I gave a halfway understanding face. Elena came back to the kitchen with Stefan and we sat down to eat.

The dinner was silent and awkward. It was clear that Bonnie didn't really want to be there, but she just sat there and ate. Elena brought up the fact that Bonnie's ancestors are witches and that grabbed Stefan's attention. He said something about the Salem witches being great examples of being individuals and that made me smile. I could also tell it warmed Bonnie up to him. Next thing I know Damon is coming in. 'Really?' I thought as he walked into where we were eating. I tried to appear calm, even though I was nervous. I knew that he wouldn't try anything in front of Elena.

After we all ate, we went into the living room and talked. I mainly just listened in, but once in a while I said something. Damon said something about him and Stefan watching everyone that they love, die. I felt sad for Stefan, because he seems nice, but not as much for Damon. I looked at them with an interesting look before Elena went into the kitchen to wash dishes.

~The next day~

I was standing with Bonnie at the scene of the crime. Right now, the rest of the day seemed like a blur. Mr. Tanner was dead, killed. I think I know who, but I can't really tell anyone because they all think it was an animal attack. I looked over to Bonnie and she looked shaken. I looked back over at the scene and saw the numbers that we've been seeing. Building 8, the number 14 was on one of the license plates, and 22 was the number of the parking spot that Tanner's Bonnie was found on. I offered to drive Bonnie home, but she had me drive her to her grandmother's house. It was a silent drive. I walked with Bonnie up to the door and I met her grandmother. We found out that the other is a witch. She asked me if I knew what Bonnie was, and I said I did. She wanted me to stay with her when she explained to Bonnie about being a witch, but I couldn't because I needed to go home.

I got home in what seemed like an hour, when it was only a couple of minutes. I got up to my bedroom and jumped backwards onto it.
"Hey." I could hear Anna say from the door way. I looked over to her and she must have seen my face. "What happened?"
"One of the teachers at the school was murdered." I kept it simple. I told her who I thought did it and she was thinking about it too.
"That seems possible." She said before the doorbell rang unexpectedly. I looked at Anna with a confused look before going to answer it. My parents were gone, so they couldn't. I opened the door and gasped at who was there.
"Damon." I looked at him with some fear in my face.
"Aren't you going to invite me in? There is a killer on the loose."
"Yeah, and I'm looking at him."
His expression changed before he spoke again. He took a step back, as if he wanted me to go out there. At first I was hesitant, but I could always immobilize him if something happened.

I was hoping that Anna was listening in as I carefully went out on the porch.
"What do you want?" I asked him.
"How do you know about me?"
"From a friend." Which was half true. He didn't look like he completely believed me, but he didn't say anything. "It wasn't Caroline, if that's who you're thinking."
"Then who?"
"Like I'm going to tell you." looking at his face, I was hoping that Anna's blood was still in my System.
"You better…"
"Or what? You'll kill me? Try to compel me? I know Elena, I could just tell her and she'd stay away from you."
"She wouldn't believe you."
"That's true, but I could always try and convince Stefan to tell her." He looked at me like he was either pissed or out of options. He looked like he heard something from inside my house. I'm glad he couldn't get in and that the only other person that knew about us talking was Anna. He probably heard her coming down the stairs or something. I was trying to think of something I could say so I could go back in my house, and hopefully have Anna give me some blood. Even though I don't like the taste, it would be in my system just on the safe side. I'd rather come back a vampire/witch than being just dead. I heard the telephone ring. I was relived and went into the house answer it, only to find out that Anna called the house from her cell phone.

"Are you okay" She mouthed to me, knowing that Damon was still on the porch.
"Yeah" I mouthed back. She looked at me, "No." I took a deep breath not knowing if I should ask her or not. She looked at me in a 'tell me' look. "Do you think your blood is still in my system from last night?"
"I don't know. Why?" She mouthed back.
"I don't trust him." She figured out what I was thinking. She took out something sharp from her pocket and looked at me. I knew what her look meant. He would be able to smell her blood if she were to do anything. I thought about it, knowing he was outside and thought I answered the phone. I looked at Anna and nodded my head a little. All we did was cut a little on my finger, just enough so you could smell blood. Then she pinched the back of her hand hard enough to make blood come out. I took a deep breath and sucked the blood, but only enough, just to be on the safe side. Yeah, I could take Damon, but he was stronger than me and get to me faster than I could kill him with magic.
"Thanks," I mouthed, "Can you keep listening?" She nodded her head and I smiled. "Thanks" I mouthed before carefully walking back outside.

"You hurt yourself." Damon said the moment I closed the door.
"No biggie, I healed it." He looked at me like I was lying. "Why, do you care?"
"No." Well, this is awkward I started think, it became silent. Neither of us said anything or looked away from each other. Next thing I know he pressed his lips onto mine. To both of our surprised I kissed back. I found myself wanting more as he pulled away. He looked at me with sad eyes and my thought is that he was faking it. He pushed some of my hair behind my ear and held my head with his hands.
"I'm sorry." He said. Next thing I know everything went black.

~One year Later~ (preview for sequel)

It was a light less night as there were no stars in the sky as they waited outside for a resident of the house to come out. The only sounds they heard were the crickets and the faint voices of the people inside the house. They waited until finally a blonde woman came outside.

"Rudy" the lady yelled before she whistled "Rudy, Come on. It's too hot to make me come look for you" She was looking for her dog, little did she know, she would never see it again. She bent down to pick something up before being startled by another blonde girl. She gasped in surprise.

"I'm so sorry" the second blonde began to say "I didn't mean to scare you" she said in a sincere voice
"Can I help you?"
"Yeah, my car ran out of gas a few miles back. My boyfriend is in the hospital and I was on the way to visit him" The second blonde said with her voice filled with sorrow "I was wondering if I could use your phone."
"Don't you have a cell phone?"
"Yeah, but the battery is dead." She took out a phone from her pocket and held it in the air before putting it back into her pocket. "I promise I'm not a serial killer, I just want to use your phone"

"Sure, you can use it" She turned around to go into the house.
"So, I can come in…?" The sad blonde asked.
"No. I'll go get the phone and bring it out here"
"I thought the southern folk were supposed to be trusting." The second blonde said with less sadness in her voice than before.
"I'm from Florida"
"Well, that explains it" The other blonde said with no sadness in her voices what so ever. She rushes over to the first blonde and grabs her by the neck, looking straight into her eyes.
"Now, show us a little southern hospitality" The second blonde compelled her.
"That's my girl." a male voice from behind the tree said. The male came out from behind the tree and into view. He walked up to the girls "Good job."
"Thank you Klaus."
"You're welcome, Chelsea."

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