At the hospital, Ethan, Sarah, and Erica were waiting impatiently in the waiting room.

"He's gonna be fine, Erica," said Ethan as Erica paced back in forth, almost becoming a blur. "All they're gonna do is run x-rays on him and put a cast on him. Nothing too crucial."

"It's crucial that I'm not in there with him!" Erica snapped, and Ethan sunk a little lower in his seat. Sarah caressed his arm gently, and Erica rolled her eyes with a big sigh.

"What now?" said Sarah.

"That," said Erica, gesturing towards the lack of space between Ethan and Sarah. "You two. It gets on my nerves."

"What gets on your nerves?" said Ethan.

"You two acting like a couple all the time," Erica exasperated, putting a hand on her hip. "Seriously, would it kill you two to start dating?"

Ethan and Sarah exchanged glances briefly.

"Erica, this isn't the right time to be talking about me and Ethan," said Sarah. "Just a minute ago, you were worrying about Benny and-"

"Yes, Sare, thank you for bringing it up again," said Erica.

"Still. We're in a hospital. When was the last time you saw two people get together in a hospital?"

"When you're a Dusker," said Erica, almost dramatically, "love is possible at anywhere, and at any time."

"Oh boy," Ethan muttered.

When Benny came out with his grandma some hours later, with his arm wrapped in a navy blue cast, he saw Ethan, Sarah, and Erica waiting for him by Sarah's car. Erica didn't care that Benny's grandma was standing there. She ran across the parking lot and started kissing Benny all over his face.

"Erica, Erica-" Benny stammered, managing to pry his girlfriend's fingers away from his face. "I'm fine, I'm fine." His eyes flickered in his grandmother's direction briefly, blushing. "Please, not in front of grandma!" He complained to her in a whisper.

Erica smiled, and she snuck one more kiss in on his cheek.

"Can I go to Ethan's?" Benny asked.

"Go ahead," said his grandma. She gave Erica a brief look of suspicion and walked away.

As soon as they reached Sarah's car, Ethan man-hugged Benny carefully, and Sarah hugged Benny gently before the four of them got in the car.

The car had dark-tented windows. Which was a pretty nice benefit.

~Morgan Household~

As Benny sat down on the couch, Erica got a sharpie before sitting down next to him. She sketched out her name with a little heart. Ethan even signed his name, and Sarah did hers in bold letters.

"Thanks guys," said Benny, and Erica kissed him on the cheek.

Ethan went upstairs to leave Benny alone with his girl, and it was no surprise when Sarah followed him.

"Ethan?" said Sarah, and he turned around. She was closer to him than normal-and Ethan was starting to like it.

"What's up?" said Ethan as casual as he could manage.

"Could we talk about what Erica mentioned, back in the hospital?"

"Uh, yeah. Okay."

They both sat down on his bed. Ethan's heart started to beat faster, and Sarah heard it-she thought it was a mouthwatering, yet pleasant, sound. Carefully, she leaned into him, resting her head on his chest just to hear his heartbeat even more. She was so attuned to it now...

Ethan's hand rose up slightly to rest at the small of her back. Sarah didn't mind that either.

"What are we exactly?" she asked, breaking the silent after a minute. She had waited for his heart to slow back down to normal-which it did. They were so comfortable with each other nowadays.

"I don't know," Ethan said, getting nervous. He didn't want to give her the wrong answer, or she might get upset. Like all girls do. "Do you want to be more than friends?"

Sarah traced the lines of fabric on Ethan's shirt with her index finger in small circles. "I think we both crossed that line with each other. Friends don't do this." She gestured between the both of them to emphasize what she meant.

"Hmm. You're right about that."

They were both quiet.

"Do me?" Ethan said in almost a whisper.

"Of course I do," said Sarah in the same tone.

"No, no...I mean, like, more than a friend."

This was the breaking point. Sarah knew it. She knew he's loved her for the longest time, and she started liking him a little in return. And her feelings about him kept building and building...

"Yes," she whispered. "But I don't have to ask you that same question because," she looked up at him, "I know you already love me."

"I do," Ethan admitted.

Sarah smiled. "That's good."

And then Ethan did the one thing he had always dreamed about doing-he took her chin in his hand, tilting her head up, and he pressed his lips against hers.

~9:46 p.m.~

"I gotta go, my parents want me home," said Sarah as she walked in the living room.

"My mom's gonna start freaking out if I don't go too," said Erica, and she stood too.

"Don't go," Benny begged, standing up as Ethan walked in the room from the kitchen. "Please stay. You can't leave!"

Erica smiled. "I know, I wanna stay too. Come walk me to the door."

Benny pouted. "Fine."

Ethan and Sarah followed the two. Erica stepped outside, then turned around and kissed Benny. Benny kissed her back, then Erica pulled away to hug him.

"I'll see you tomorrow," she said in his ear. She kissed him one more time on the cheek and then she was gone. Benny sighed and stepped back as Sarah took her place in the threshold.

"I guess that's my cue to leave," said Sarah, looking up at Ethan.

"See you tomorrow?" said Ethan.


Ethan took her chin in his hand again, and he leaned down. Their lips met, soft yet firmly, for a few seconds before Ethan broke the kiss. Benny was gawking.

"Bye," said Sarah, and she started walking into the night.

"Bye," said Ethan in a dazed tone with an awestruck look on his face, and he closed the door before leaning back on it. He sighed.

"What the HELL just happened?" said Benny.

Ethan shrugged. "Erica was right. Us dating each other wouldn't kill us."