Chapter Forty-Five: Prelude To Inauguration

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(A Week Later; In Konoha)

Hiruzen was going over the reports of the recent attack that happened a week ago in Kusagakure by the hands of the "Akatsuki." The report explained how the Akatsuki ambushed and attacked an army of Kusa ninjas during a field mission before attacking Kusagakure directly. Their two attacks combined resulted in the deaths of almost 300 Kusa ninjas, the village leader of Kusa, the village's hospital director, and 14 civilians, while injuring 23 civilians, 12 of which were critical.

Hiruzen though was well aware why the "Akatsuki" attacked Kusa and dealt them a devastating blow that was going to take them more than months to recuperate from. After learning from Jiraiya's secret letter explaining that Kusa had planned on attacking the Uzumaki clan directly with hired help and their reasons for it, Hiruzen himself acknowledged their actions as an outright act of war against Konoha. But after learning how the Uzumaki clan so thoroughly as a whole dealt with Kusa while cleverly pinning the blame on the actual Akatsuki, Hiruzen saw no need for Konoha to get involved or to war with Kusagakure.

The next thing that Hiruzen was contemplating on was how their mission to find and retrieve Tsunade resulted in Naruto finding more of his surviving clansmen, all of whom proved to be very formidable ninjas ranging from high A-class Chuunin to S-class Elite Jounin. It was clear to the Sandaime that the Uzumaki clan, collectively and individually, never lost its edge and was still a force to be reckoned with. He knew that news of Tsunade joining the clan as an official Uzumaki member by birthright was going to make headlines all over Konoha. The very fact that Tsunade willingly and knowingly yielded herself to Naruto as the Uzumaki clan leader wasn't going to be looked at lightly by anyone in Konoha either.

Having a Sannin, the granddaughter of the late Shodai also known as the Slug Princess, as part of the Uzumaki clan was going to raise a lot of awareness of the Uzumaki clan's existence and reputation. Hiruzen knew that neither the shinobi council, the civilian council nor the village hierarchy would rightfully be in any position to oppose Tsunade's decision in joining the Uzumaki clan since her direct ancestry to Uzumaki Mito gave Tsunade that birthright to.

Hiruzen knew he was going to have to prepare a lot of paperwork for the new Uzumaki members entering and joining Konoha and Tsunade's change of name and clan status from Senju to Uzumaki. And with that in mind…

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Hiruzen called out as five shadow clones materialized before his desk. As the clones gathered around the desk, a small cute-looking chipmunk entered the office through the opened window and ran up to the top of Hiruzen's desk.

"What the!?" Hiruzen shouted as the chipmunk grabbed one of his small patch of grapes with its mouth and ran off the desk to the top of one of the tall book shelves in the office before it started eating the grapes there. Elderly Hokage sighed and shook his head before he decided to let the small woodland creature be and enjoy its catch for the day.

"I'm losing my edge and feeling my age if even small chipmunks can outwit me for fruits," Hiruzen remarked to himself.

"I'm sure it would give Naruto and Konohamaru something to surpass other than us," the first clone joked before Hiruzen and the other clones chuckled in good humor. While eating the grapes, the chipmunk looked and stared down at Hiruzen and his clones from the top of the book shelf.

"Alright now," Hiruzen instructed as he got down to business, "We have new incoming Uzumaki clan members entering Konoha and alongside with Tsunade changing her status and name from Senju to Uzumaki."

"The Senju seat will be left vacant as a result," one of the Hiruzen clones said, "We'll have to put a suitable substitute in Tsunade's place as the occupier of the Senju seat of that clan."

"We can summon and use Yamato for the job," another Hiruzen clan suggested, "He has Shodaime-sama's bloodline limit genetically infused into his being as a result of Orochimaru's experimentations on him."

"That question is would Tsunade be willing to accept something like that?" a third clone asked, "While she chose to be acknowledged an Uzumaki by name and status, it still doesn't change the fact that she's still the granddaughter of Shodaime-sama."

"We'll have to discuss that with her and Naruto when they arrive back in Konoha," Hiruzen suggested, "If it's mutually agreed on, we'll follow through with having Yamato being a surrogate Senju clan member," Hiruzen added, to which his other clones agreed, "With the new arrivals of surviving Uzumakis, this will further establish Naruto's clan in Konoha, and with Tsunade joining the Uzumaki, that makes it a total of ten official members.

"That this raises several issues of concern. First off, Uzumaki Seijiro is the bounty hunter known as The Bloodhound. Like Naruto, Seijiro has strong affiliation with Haru no Kuni and like Naruto, he has direct connections with that nation's daimyō, Koyuki-hime.

"From Jiraiya's report," the fifth clone brought up, "Seijiro is a spy master and expert tracker whose skills rivals those of his own. He has strong patriotic loyalty to the Uzumaki clan and now serves Naruto as his new righthand man and second in clan hierarchy."

"While Seijiro however possibly won't join Konoha's shinobi ranks since it would conflict with his profession as a freelance bounty hunter," the third close brought up, "Through Naruto though there could be things we could ask of Seijiro so long as they don't cross whatever limitations Seijiro may have in his willingness to be compliant."

"The shinobi council and village hierarchy may not agree to such a compromise," the fourth clone considered audibly for everyone to hear, "They might consider Seijiro to be a loss end and a wild card as he would have no actual allegiance to Konoha but solely to the Uzuamaki clan."

"And that brings up the issue concerning Akio, Akemi and Akira, who refer to themselves as the Triple A sisters." Hiruzen said, "They're official ninjas of Nadeshiko no Sato, not Konoha but they're Uzumakis by birthright. If those four are discriminated against because of their foreign allegiances, Naruto and others no doubt will raise hell and if Koyuki-hime and Nadeshiko were to get wind about how those Uzumakis were mistreated, Koyuki-hime might retaliate and cut off all of her trade and resource alliance with us. Konoha would lose a major benefactor considering that Haru no Kuni is very famous for its advanced technology and minerals. Nadeshiko wouldn't stay quiet to this either as they would demand an explanation as to why their kunoichis were unjustifiably discriminated against."

"Perhaps those Uzumakis can serve as emissaries living in Konoha," the fourth clone suggested, "We can't force them to become full fledge ninjas of Konoha for the reasons stated earlier. But Naruto, being both their clan leader and member of the Konoha's shinobi council, can have substantial influence on their decisions and actions."

"But it must be within reason," Hiruzen reminded, "Though Naruto is a Konoha ninja and shinobi council member however, he won't hesitate to challenge me and the village hierarchy directly and all of Konoha if he feels whatever we're asking of him will intentionally put his love ones in peril. And with more Uzumakis being found by Naruto, it will raise a lot of attention and awareness to his clan, causing Naruto to become more protective of them; but rightly so considering that horrific atrocity that befell that clan and their homeland."

"Uzu no Kuni," the second clone commented, "They were a powerful nation with no known rival clan or nation. Even the Uchiha clan as a whole never once dared to challenge the Uzumaki clan directly whereas the Senju and the Uchiha clan had rivaled and slaughtered each other throughout the chaotic years of clan wars before the era of Hashirama-sama and Uchiha Madara. And even Madara himself never tried to challenge the Uzumaki clan."

"Madara was strong and very formidable," Hirzen said, "But even he himself knew that challenging a clan of veteran seal masters and grand seal masters alone would be outright suicide. And even if he used Kyuubi at full power and his Eternal Mangekyō Sharaingan, the Uzumaki clan would still easily subdue Kyuubi before having Madara killed and devoured by the Shinigami."

"It was a great loss for Konoha when Uzu no Kuni fell," the fifth clone remarked soberly.

"But honestly," Hiruzen replied with a contemplating tone, "Deep down I always suspected that Danzō was part of the reason why that nation and clan fell to their enemy nations that sought their destruction. Despite being our allies and oldest sister nation existed long before Konoha did, that warhawk Danzō was always suspicious and distrustful of that clan because of their power and longevity. Especially since the previous Uzumaki clan leader, Uzumaki Ashina-sama, vehemently refused to allow him to have any of his clansmen as part of his ROOT ANBU soldiers. And Ashina-sama warned and threatened Danzō that he would personally kill him and exterminate his entire ROOT ANBU organization if he ever learned that he tried or did anything against Kushina when she was brought here to Konoha to succeed Uzumaki Mito-sama as the next Jinchuuriki.

"Danzō couldn't manipulate or do anything against Kushina without provoking the deadly wrath of Ashina-sama himself," the second clone commented, "Danzō couldn't stand that the Uzumaki clan exercise dominant authority over their Jinchuurikis and that he couldn't have Kushina as one his subordinates. Even after becoming the first Jinchuuriki, Uzumaki Mito-sama, when summoned back to Uzu no Kuni, obeyed without question or resistance. But when asked why she was being summoned back immediately, all she said was that it was important clan business that involved all Uzumakis and for Konoha not to get involved as third party. It was later learned that the Uzumaki clan declared war on the Chitsurugi clan for their crimes against them and as a result, the Uzumaki clan completely exterminated them and destroyed everything belonging to them."

"Danzō knew that as long as Uzu no Kuni continued to exist he couldn't get any Uzumaki Jinchuuriki into joining his ROOT ANBU and indoctrinate them into seeing things his way," the fourth clone said, "That was why he was so adamant in his argument in not allowing Naruto to be adopted into any of the clans here in Konoha but instead insisted that Naruto be taken under his wings and trained into becoming Konoha Ultimate Weapon."

"Do you suppose Danzō sold confidential secrets of the Uzu no Kuni and the Uzumaki clan to their enemies in exchange for military favors?" the fifth clone suggested, "Like diverting their attention away from Konoha solely to one clan and foreign nation?"

"There's no clear proof that he did," Hiruzen answered, "And even if that were the case, then it didn't have the desired success as Konoha was still at war with the same enemies as Uzu no Kuni."

"Let's not forget his failed assassination attempt on your life that one time eight years ago," the second clone replied, "You spared him the deserved death sentence only because Konoha was still in need of ninjas after Kyuubi's attack. It's also true that Danzō made Naruto's early life difficult and miserable from shadows by switching the blame for Kyuubi's attack from the Uchiha clan to Naruto. I'm sure it was him who leaked out and twisted the information regarding Naruto's status as Jinchuuriki to the public, undermining the Minato's final wish for Naruto to be seen as the hero of Konoha for jailing the Kyuubi and giving Naruto a chance to remotely have a normal life."

"Isolating Naruto and having the village populace turn on him had a psychological effect on Naruto's mind especially after he was kicked out of the orphanage," Hiruzen stated, "Danzō was plotting to use Naruto's situation as his opportunity to suggest having the boy given to him in order to recruit and indoctrinate Naruto into his ROOT ANBU. That was why I bought that apartment and gave it to Naruto with the monthly allowances I gave to the boy so he could support himself. It was to keep Danzō from having his way in getting Naruto to be handed over to him to become part of his organization and turned into an emotionless human weapon.

"If Danzō had his way in getting Naruto to be handed over to him, like Naruto declared, he would have truly turned on Konoha at some point and become the very monster the villagers had always wrongly labeled him as. I would have truly failed the Uzumaki clan, Kushina and Minato had I not stopped Danzō from having his way."

"Well thankfully things didn't deteriorate to those levels so we have no need to worry about that," the third clone remarked, "But this idea that Naruto masterminded for Sasuke to become a double agent posing as a missing-nin to infiltrate Otogakure is rather ingenious and I can see it working to our advantage."

"Sasuke is clearly willing to follow through with Naruto's plan for him as they clearly discussed with each before presenting to you us," the fifth clone stated, "But like Naruto said, he purposefully sabotaged the Genin team formations and requested that his actions be reversed in order for his plan for Sasuke, Hinata and himself to work perfectly."

"The paperwork for that and the new Uzumakis joining the village and Tsunade joining the Uzumaki clan and Yamato becoming a surrogate Senju clan member will be paramount," Hiruzen groaned before he and his clones discussed Naruto's infiltration plan in further details along with what was to be done with Tayuya who also played a major role in Naruto's plan. When they were done, Hiruzen had his clones gather and put all of the needed paperwork and documents together for the new Uzumakis and Yamato.

As this was going on, the chipmunk from earlier, having finished the grapes, dropped the grape twigs to the floor and climbed down from the book shelf and run out the office through the window. It climbed up to the roof of the building headed over to a Honoka kage bunshin that sat there waiting for its arrival. The chipmunk ran up to her awaiting hands before she scooted the animal up into her hands.

"Good girl," the Honoka clone chimed before a Naruto clone appeared next to her on the roof top.

"I'm assuming that your little animal friend completed the task that the boss asked of us," the Naruto clone said.

"She has," the Honoka cone confirmed

The Honoka clone retrieved the hidden micro-video and audio recording device she planted under the chipmunk's fur in top of its head. That device was one of the advanced spy technology gifts Koyuki-hime gave to Naruto and his clan and Naruto equipped his spy clone network with them. Because of Honoka's special animal pheromone chakra, Naruto had her supply him with some of her clones in order to utilize her special chakra into to having certain animals and insects infiltrate areas that were inaccessible to him. This however helped further develop and strengthen Honoka's abilities and control over animals and insects. The female clone handed over the recording device to the Naruto clone.

"But you and your animal friends are an invaluable asset to our clan Honoka-nee," the Naruto clone remarked, "And your control over animals and insects will soon be unrivaled."

"It's a work-in-progress Naruto-kun," the Honoka clone replied, "If there's nothing more I'll return to my post in the Forest of Death now."

The Naruto clone nodded his head in acknowledgement before the female clone shunshin'd and left the scene. The male clone did likewise and returned home to study the footage the chipmunk managed to record.

(Meanwhile; At An Unknown Location)

All of the Akatsuki members were summoned together via telepathic connection through their proxy leader Deva Pain. They presently were discussing the recent attack that took place in Kusagakure and how Sasori and Deidara were clearly identified as the terrorist attackers.

"Neither Deidara nor myself had anything to do with the attack on Kusagakure!" Sasori argued, "It's beyond me how we were set up to take the fall for whomever were the actual culprits who attacked Kusagakure. On top of that, we were many miles away from Kusagakure when the attack took place."

"But you got to admit Sasori that whomever were responsible truly understood the true meaning of art!" Deidara remarked with a level of admiration and respect, "They turned Kusagakure into a true fleeting moment of beauty that withered into the wind. A true artistic masterpiece that honored my name and image!"

"Idiot!" Kakuza insulted, "That only means that whomever was responsible knows both you and Sasori enough to be able to frame you guys for whatever crimes they commit."

"What does it matter?" Deidara retorted, "We're all missing-nins anyway! That attack on Kusa will only make us more feared and add to our reputation."

"Perhaps we can use that attack to our advantage," Pain commented, "While Kusagakure is a minor shinobi village, the recent incident that took place there will raise aware of our organization and with it we can potentially draw the attention of potential clients who'd want to hire us for our services. Keep in mind that Kusagakure, like any other shinobi village, isn't without enemies and they don't have enough resources or manpower to pose as a threat to us in any way."

"They lost their village leader and other important figures in their village and hierarchy," Itachi commented, "They'll be too busy trying to reestablish their village and strengthen their defense forces because where it stands, they're completely vulnerable and open to attacks by their enemies."

"Not to mention that they recently lost in their skirmish for territory against the Land of Iron," Kakuzu added, "that defeated no doubt had a significant blow on their financial assets as well."

"Regardless," Pain interjected, "Nothing had changed. We will resume our original objectives as before in accepting missions at lower rates and gathering resources to expand the awareness of the Akatsuki."

(Later That Day)

Naruto and his entire group were making good timing in their return trip to Konoha. During their four-day journey, Naruto, his clones and Karin final finalized the first book with its thirteen chapters and did all of the required edits, illustrations and grammar checks. All they had to do now was find a reputable book publishing company willing to print and sell copies of his first story of his new series.

During their trek to Konoha, Karin spent her time talking and being around Arashi. The two Uzumakis started to get to know each other better after Kain decided to give Arashi a chance. In those four days that passed, Arashi hadn't flirted or groped any other girl in front of Karin or anyone else. But like Jiraiya, Naruto and Karin, Arashi was still an open pervert.

As the group continued walking, Tsunade thought about what Jiraiya revealed to her and everyone about him becoming Konoha's Godaime. While doing so, she thought back to her Genin days with Jiraiya and Orochimaru. She remembered how Jiraiya was not only their class' dead last, he was also the worst student Hiruzen had. She recalled all the times he failed at getting things right and the amount of times Hiruzen scolded him for his dangerous blunders and remarked how he ought to be more like Orochimaru, comments she knew Jiraiya hated. Then she thought back to the countless times Jiraiya tried to impress and convince her to date him, only to be met with her violent retorts to his efforts.

Tsunade admitted to herself that in the years she had been away from Konoha after Dan's death, her life became an absolute mess and her wayward lifestyle almost plunged into financial ruin. She through back to all the years of her life she wasted drowning herself in debt, self-pity, gambling, alcohol and running away from debt collectors.

When she looked at Jiraiya now, Tsunade found it hard to believe that he changed so much and became far more than she ever believed he would. She never imagined that Jiraiya would not only train a man who later became one of Konoha's strongest Hokages, but that he himself would become the next Hokage who's training his late student's son aiming to become a future Hokage. Tsunade was no fool though; she knew that Jiraiya was much stronger and faster than her despite her monstrous strength and medical knowledge.

She then thought about Jiraiya's late wife Uzume-hime and his daughter Konohanasakuya-hime who was currently living in the central citadel of Nadeshiko, and when Tsunade thought about Jiraiya having a wife and daughter who were royal descendants of the ruling monarch family of their village, it made Tsunade see how much Jiraiya accomplished in his life and where he was today in the ninja world as an author, seal master, spy master, Sannin and Sage. He succeeded in areas and feats that went far beyond any of her past expectations and thoughts of him.

"Tsunade!" Jiraiya called out, "Hey, Tsunade!"

Tsunade snapped out of her train of thoughts and looked over at Jiraiya.

"Yes?" Tsunade asked, "You called me for something?"

"We're approaching the village gates," Jiraiya said, "Are you ready to step foot back into Konoha as a member of the Uzumaki clan?"

"Do you have to ask?" Tsunade replied, "You're free to blow trumpets horns if you want."

"Uzumaki Tsunade," Naruto tested the name, "It'll take some major getting used to for the whole village. Maybe I ought to call you Uzumaki-obaachan instead of Tsunade-obaachan."

A thick vein appeared over Tsunade's right eye on hearing the alternative name Naruto was considering addressing her as.

"You got a lot of nerves addressing me like that!" Tsunade retorted.

"You'll come to get used to it in time I'm sure," Naruto replied, "Besides, I've been called far worse things as an orphan growing up; some too dehumanizing to repeat."

Tsunade felt a bit humbled on hearing that revelation.

"Your early life as a young Jinchuuriki was no paradise I'm sure," Tsunade replied

"I learned to put the villagers in their place with all the pranks I pulled on them," Naruto said, "With others who truly stepped out of line with me, I blackmailed them after finding some deep dirt on them that they didn't want others to find out about."

"So you become a skilled extortionist," Tsunade remarked.

"In your case," Naruto shot back, "I don't need to blackmail you into doing anything. I just have to sucker you into bet I know you'll lose to."

Tsunade was about to retort when…

"But on a side note," Naruto said, "I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that ero-jisan is going to become the Godaime. I'm concerned about how you'll make time between your new duties as Hokage, your Ichaicha book series and your needed research. Where will your priorities be, I wonder…"

Tsunade frowned at Naruto's perverted humor and her frown deepened when she saw the look Jiraiya actually gave when he took a moment to actually consider what Naruto said.

"You need not worry too much about that Naruto-kun," Karin assured, "I'm sure Jiraiya-sama will have everything scheduled and put in place. A man of his caliber can surely handle the challenge no doubt."

"Thinking back," Jiraiya said as he recalled some fond memories from his past, "My late wife Uzume-hime was actually a huge fan of my book series. In fact, she was my biggest fan."

"She was!?" Tsunade and Shizune asked in surprise.

"Does that really surprise you two?" Jiraiya asked, "During the few years I was away before I returned to Nadeshiko to challenge Uzume-hime for her hand in marriage, she secretly used to buy and read all of my stories. She even bought and read my first book," Jiraiya remarked with a sense of pride, "She was my first biggest female fan back then. It was all the more reason why she was so happy when I returned to Nadeshiko to challenge her for her hand in marriage," Jiraiya smiled fondly, "Oh the things she wanted to act out and role play in those books with me after we married…"

Naruto, Hinata, Karin, Arashi, Shizune and the Triple A sisters all sported deep blushed on their faces. Naruto, Arashi and Karin gave perverted giggles and Naruto asked, "Ero-jisan, how about us Uzumaki men have an all guys hangout and hear all about it?"

"…Really Naruto?" Shizune asked with a sigh.

"You males are shameless," Tsunade remarked.

"Don't you females be double standard hypocrites!" Naruto shot back, "You women be having your girl talks about sex, men and other things all the time!"

"And besides Tsunade," Seijiro added, "You drink and gamble excessively. Therefore, you're in no position to judge anyone in this group."

Tsunade snorted and decided to ignore Seijiro's comment.

"Jiraiya-sama," Akio inquired, "In public, Uzume-hime always carried herself as a strong, dignified and exemplary woman, a model every young girl like my sisters and I always sought to follow before her death. What was she like in her private life if you don't mind us asking?"

"She was everything I ever wanted in a woman," Jiraiya answered with a candid tone, "And in a number of ways, she was more than that."

"How so?" Akira asked with curiosity.

"She was a real capable woman with class," Jiraiya said fondly, "One I truly didn't deserve. When Konohasakuya-hime was born, we were so excited and happy that we were going to be parents together. But Uzume-hime did have her moments of mood swings during her pregnancies. One moment she was all happy, another moment she's all moody," Jiraiya sighed as he added, "…and there were times she was just as violent and frightening as Kushina, but instead of using chains she used swords when chasing me around the citadel."

Naruto and the group burst into fits of laughter on hearing how Jiraiya had to deal with his late wife's mood swings during her pregnancy with their daughter. Turning to Hinata, Naruto whispered into her left ear, "When we have our first child together in the future, you're not going to try to use Juuken on me during your future pregnancy, will you?"

"I wouldn't dream of doing such a thing to you Naruto-kun," Hinata assured in a whisper.

"You say that now but I'll keep this day in mind after we decide to have little Uzumaki-Hyuuga children together," Naruto teased.

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata relied with a heavy blush.

"But beside those minor pregnancy mood swings," Jiraiya continued, "Uzume-hime was a very loving, respectful and capable wife. She helped me to see life beyond what I used to perceive it for during my younger days. She believed in my dreams and goals and saw them better than I did. She helped motivate me to not give up when I used to get discouraged and frustrated over certain failures or mistakes I made and to keep moving forward. Uzume-hime was truly my best and closest friend, whom I spent the best and happiest years of my life with.

"As a parent, Uzume-hime was a loving, nurturing and protective mother and teacher who would have done everything and anything to ensure that our daughter had the best upbringing and training as her heiress. Our daughter was her most precious treasure and as we both saw Konohasakuya-hime as the living embodiment of the love we had for each other. Raising our daughter together helped us to grow closer as a couple and family. Even though my wife was tragically killed by one of Kirigakure's seven swordsmen whom I killed during that very same incident, her memories and the love we shared will forever live on in my memories and in our daughter who's our living legacy."

Tsunade and everyone listening to Jiraiya's words found what he was saying so endearing and touching. They would have never thought of him as being a self-proclaimed Super Pervert with the way he was talking so lovingly of his late wife. Tsunade was honestly expecting Jiraiya to say some rather perverted things he and Uzume-hime used to do with each other as a couple. What she was listening to was nothing like she was expecting to hear from Jiraiya. As she listened to how Jiraiya spoke so fondly and lovingly about his late wife, part of her couldn't help but feel jealous. But she knew she was in no position to behave rudely or indecently towards Jiraiya considering that she never once gave Jiraiya a chance to prove what kind of man he could be.

It was true that Dan spoke fondly and lovingly to Tsunade when he was alive. But it was never as her husband since they never married while he was alive. Jiraiya however was speaking legitimately as a widower and father. Tsunade couldn't even address herself as a widow since she was never married before. Hearing and seeing the way Jiraiya was talking made Tsunade see Jiraiya more differently than how she used to.

'I never knew Jiraiya had this side to him,' Tsunade privately thought with feelings of regrets, 'My hardhearted stubbornness and violent refusal to acknowledge him and see pass his flaws blinded me to see his potential. I always looked down on him despite his best efforts and intentions and wrote him off as an unchanging pervert. In end Jiraiya was right about me: I never knew him as well as I thought and as a result, I was the one who missed out in what we could have had together.'

Tsunade took a moment to look at Jiraiya and saw the glow that was in his eyes and face as he happily continued relating his time and experiences raising his daughter with Uzume-hime. It was the first she ever saw and heard Jiraiya speaking as a true father and husband. She saw how everyone gravitated to Jiraiya as he spoke about all the good times he had in Nadeshiko. Even Seijiro and Shizune were interested in listening to Jiraiya's life story in Nadeshiko as Akio, Akemi and Akira related their own experiences to Jiraiya's story as they themselves were around for Jiraiya's courtship, marriage and life in Nadeshiko.

As Tsunade watched and listened, she started seeing all of the deep qualities that Uzume-hime saw in Jiraiya that she, Tsunade, failed to see because she was always looking on the surface. She never saw underneath the underneath when it came to Jiraiya and after realizing this, Tsunade was starting to wish she had back then.

(Three Hours Later)

The group finally started approaching Konoha's main gates. As they were coming closer, Izumo and Kotetsu were sitting causally at their post when they noticed Jiraiya and his team consisting of Naruto, Hinata and Karin approaching. When they did, that when they took notice of Tsunade, Shizune and Honoka, along with six other red-haired they didn't recognize. But upon seeing the insignia of the Uzumaki clan on their clothes…

"Naruto found more survivors of his clan!?" Izumo asked in surprise.

"And three gorgeous looking triplets to say the least!" Kotetsu remarked but then took notice three new Uzumaki males with him, "Clearly Uzumaki females weren't the only ones Naruto found. And Tsunade-sama is also with them!"

"It's been years since she's left Konoha!" Izumo said, "I never thought she'd ever step foot back here again."

As Naruto and the others began entering the booth Kotetsu and Izumo were stationed in, Jiraiya greeted, "Good day to you both. Trust nothing happened while we were away."

"Everything has been peaceful since your departure with Naruto and the rest of your team," Kotetsu said, "I see you and Naruto brought with you quite a company of friends."

"Surviving brethren of Naruto's clan," Jiraiya stated, "We came across them during our mission to find Tsunade. In-in-all the mission was more than a success."

Izumo turned to Tsuande and greeted, "Tsunade-sama, it's great to have you back in Konoha. Many will be suprised about your return."

"More surprises are in store, I assure you," Tsunade replied, "I never thought I'd be back in this village again after all these years."

"In any event," Kotetsu said, "Welcome back."

"Anyway," Jiraiya interjected, "We have to make our appearance before the Hokage. So we'll be on our way now."

As the two Chuunins watched Jiraiya and the entire group enter through the gates…

"You did notice that older Uzumaki male with them who was dressed in all black, right?" Izumo asked his friend.

"I did," Kotetsu answered, "Something about that guy really unnerved me. I don't know why, but that guy gave me the feeling that he'll bath a nation in an ocean of bloodshed and sorrow if they pissed him off once."

"Next to Naruto, that guy might be the strongest Uzumaki in village now," Izumo said, "Things are really going to get interesting in Konoha now with more Uzumakis making the scene."

Kotetsu just wordlessly nodded his head in agreement.


As the group walked through Konoha, the new Uzumakis took in everything as they followed Naruto, Karin and Honoka from behind. While they were making their way through the village, they were getting onlookers staring at them also, acknowledging that not only were they foreigners but surviving members of Naruto's clan. The villagers were already whispering about the fact that there were more Uzumakis entering the village. But that wasn't all, the villagers were also talking and bustling about the fact that Tsunade was back in the village again. News of her return and the arrival of new Uzumakis were spreading like wildfire through the village.

"Konoha looks almost the same since I last saw it with my own eyes before my self-imposed exile," Tsunade remarked, "The only major difference is Minato's face on the Hokage monument."

"My face will soon be the fifth one added to it," Jiraiya commented.

"Are you really looking forward to shouldering the office of Hokage?" Tsunade asked, "You've always been more of the free-spirited type who's always going from place to place in one adventure after another."

"Being a parent can change one's thinking and perspective of life sometimes," Jiraiya said candidly, "As a father, I have responsibility to my daughter. During the time Uzume-hime was still alive, I had to reset my priorities and balance out my responsibilities as a ninja, being a husband and father. Having that free-spirited attitude that I had back then wasn't going to work for me anymore now that I have a family besides my godson Naruto.

"It wasn't easy readjusting my thinking and mannerism that was so deep rooted into my personality. But Uzume-hime was loving, supportive and patient in helping me to readjust to life as a family man. I can't imagine how I would turned out had she not been a huge positive influential part of my life. Believe it or not, she's one of the major reasons why I decided to become the Godaime Hokage."

While masking it completely however, Tsunade couldn't help be feel jealous of Jiraiya's late wife. Since their time in Tenmangu up till now, Uzume-hime was all Jiraiya talked about, and he hardly mentioned anything about any of his future seven dates with her. Tsunade had always hated the position of Hokage, scapegoating that and Konoha for the many losses she had in her life until her encounter with Naruto who helped her to open her eyes to her blind foolishness. And now she was hearing from Jiraiya's own mouth that his late wife's legacy was one of his influential factors that moved him to decide to become the Hokage.

"Were there…other reasons that moved you to want to become the Hokage?" Tsunade asked, hoping that there were perhaps personal reasons that could also involve herself.

"There were," Jiraiya admitted, "My daughter and Naruto were also my major reasons."

"Your daughter and Naruto were your major reasons?" Tsunade asked.

"Konohasakuya-hime is my late wife's heiress," Jiraiya explained, "She has the responsibility of ruling and governing Nadeshiko with the help of the governing council of her village. It would have been her mother teaching her this as the ruling princess. But with her deceased, that won't be possible. Therefore, as her father, it's now my responsibility to teach her by action and example in how to be a watchful and protective governing figure and leader, looking out for the interest of the people before her own. Naruto dreams of becoming Hokage one day. But with his father Minato deceased, Naruto doesn't have a proper fatherly role model and teacher to follow and learn from directly. Therefore, as Naruto's godfather, it's now my responsibility as well to fill in for Minato."

"You've never been a Hokage before," Tsunade replied.

"We were both taught and trained by the Sandaime," Jiraiya reminded, but then stated, "However, I trained Minato who become the Yondaime. And unlike you, I was married to a ruling monarch before and I learned a lot from Uzume-hime over the years. As her husband, she taught me a lot about politics, the governing system of Nadeshiko, diplomacy between foreign powers and many other things that comes with governing authority. It's not like I'm taking the position of Hokage haphazardly or ill-prepared Tsunade. It's one of the reasons why Sarutobi-sensei believed that I was the best choice over you."

"Over me?" Tsunade asked and the replied, "But I never sought or desired to become the Hokage."

"While that's true however," Jiraiya said, "During a meeting with the daimyo a few days ago, your name was brought up. Sarutobi-sensei explained that despite you being the granddaughter of the Shodai and the grandniece of the Nidaime, you were disqualified from being considered and nominated as a potential candidate because you willfully abandoned Konoha and haven't been active as a Konoha ninja for quite a number of years. From what I learned, Danzō wanted to protest my nomination but he had no grounds on which to argue and he couldn't name anyone else who could have filled in as Minato's successor other than the very man who trained Minato himself."

"Were those the only major reasons why you decided to accept the position of becoming Hokage?" Tsunade asked.

"Whether or not there are more reasons behind my actions," Jiraiya replied with a teasing grin, "Remains to be seen."

Tsunade took his answer with a grain of salt and just accepted it at that. Giving it some thought, Tsunade admitted, 'It's rather hypocritical and two-face of me to expect Jiraiya to say that I was one of his reasons in light of the fact that I had a hatred for that position. And when we were younger, I rejected all of Jiraiya's offers to travel with me as my means of protection and companionship. I have no right to be outraged or angry at Jiraiya for not including me as one of his influential reasons for his decision. I never did anything for Jiraiya to deserve it.'

"Naruto!" a voice called out. Naruto and the group turned to see Sasuke approaching the group with a calm and collective expression.

"Sasuke," Naruto greeted, "It's good to see you again. I trust everything was serene during my absence."

"Nothing beyond what I could handle on my own," Sasuke replied, "I can't help be notice the group in your company. They're obvious not from Konoha."

"No," Naruto said, "They surviving brethren of my clan."

"They're Uzumakis?!" Sasuke asked.

"Very strong ones too!" Naruto replied with a huge grin on his face, "They really know how to kick some ass!"

"Flattering choice of words Naruto" Seijiro remarked. Sasuke turned to the older man and said, "I take it that you're Uzumaki Seijiro,"

"You heard of me?" Seijiro asked with a cautious tone.

"From Koyuki-hime when she was here during the Chuunin Finals weeks ago," Sasuke explained, "She showed up a picture of you, herself and her late father once. And Naruto here said he was going to do whatever it took to find and you and evidently he succeeded."

"It's more like I found him and the others during one of my missions," Seijiro corrected, "And you're the Uchiha whom Itachi let alive for reasons unclear."

"My brother will be dealt with in due time," Sasuke replied, "Till then I'll continue strengthening myself until I'm strong enough to face him."

Seijiro just nodded his head to Sasuke's words. Sasuke then looked at the other new Uzumakis present with Naruto. Then he took notice of Tsunade and Shizune. But Sasuke to verbally acknowledge the Slug Sannin…

"Maybe I ought to properly introduce you guys," Naruto suggested, "Everyone, this is Uchiha Sasuke, my teammate on Team 7. Uchiha Sasuke, these are my rescued Uzumaki brethren, Seijiro, Akio, Akemi, Akira, Kansui, Arashi, and Tsunade obaachan."

"Tsunade?" Sasuke asked with a raised eyebrow, "She's of the Senju clan Naruto."

"Her grandmother was also Uzumaki Mito," Naruto emphasized, "The wife of the Shodai. Tsunade legitimately has blood ties to my clan and therefore can stake her claim as an Uzumaki descendant."

"While that's true Naruto," Sasuke said, "But everyone in Konoha acknowledges her as Senju Tsunade."

"Until a few days ago when I decided to legally change my name and status to Uzumaki Tsunade," Tsunade declared, gaining Sasuke's attention, "I'm officially part of Naruto's clan and for now on I wish to be acknowledged as an Uzumaki."

This was a surprise, even for Sasuke. Naruto had the Slug Sannin, also known as the Slug Princess, as a legitimate member of his clan. Even those in hearing range heard Tsunade's declaration.

"Did she say what I think she said!?" a female citizen asked.

"Unless we heard wrong Tsunade just said that she wants to be acknowledged as Uzumaki Tsunade and not as Senju Tsunade!" another female citizen said.

"But she's the granddaughter of our late Shodai!" one villager argued.

"Could she do that?" another citizen asked, "I mean…"

"There's nothing to question!" Tsunade stated firmly to the citizens with potent bloodlust leaking out, "I'm not only a descendant of the Senju clan, I'm also a descendant of the Uzumaki clan by birthright! As was my late brother Nawaki! I will not have anyone question or challenge my heritage! Do I make myself clear on that?!"

The villagers gulped and nodded their heads fearfully not wanting to suffer Tsunade's wrath.

"I think that got the point quite clearly Tsunade-obaachan," Naruto remarked, "I have the Toad Sannin as my godfather and the Slug Sannin as an Uzumaki. Let the villagers talk about the resurrecting might of the Uzumaki clan for a while."

"While it's great that you're finding surviving remnants of your clan," Sasuke remarked, "I can't say I can relate to your feelings of joy since my clan is all but extinct."

"I'd be happy to adopt you into my clan Sasuke," Naruto suggested, "As clan leader, I'd welcome you into my fold with open arms."

"Thanks," Sasuke replied, "But I already established my future goals of rebuilding my own clan and restoring its greatness. I'm sure you can understand my feelings on that Naruto."

"Without question," Naruto said.

"Anyway," Sasuke continued, "Much happened while you and Hinata were away. I'll explain as we walk to the Hokage Tower."

And with that, Sasuke joined the group as they continued on their way to the Hokage Tower. And as that was going on, Tsunade's declaration as an Uzumaki started spreading around the village fast.

"Hinata?" Sasuke invited, "Join Naruto and I since what I have to explain also involves you."

Hinata hurried over to Naruto and Sasuke as they walked a little further ahead of the group to form their own trio.

"So Sasuke," Naruto asked, "What happened while Hinata-chan and I were away?"

"Sakura was reassigned to Team 8 while your girlfriend here has been reassigned to our team," Sasuke said, "You, Hinata and I are officially Team 7 now."

"It's official already!?" Hinata asked in surprise, "I was taken out of Kurenai-sensei's team and placed with Naruto-kun, you and Kakashi-sensei? I thought the process would happen after Naruto-kun and I returned with Tsunade-sama."

After hearing how Hinata was speaking, it was very clear to Sasuke that Hinata was in on Naruto's plan in reforming Team 7 and becoming the next generation of Sannin.

"Sandaime didn't want to waste his remaining time as Hokage as word got out that he's retiring and stepping down as Hokage once again," Sasuke explained, "He didn't want his next successor to have to deal with that headache of replacing and reassigning our former female teammate with Hinata so he took care of the matter himself."

"We're a team of Chuunins now!" Naruto declared loud enough for only Hinata and Sasuke to hear, "Sweet! When did this happen?"

"Three days ago," Sasuke said, "When Team 8 along with Sakura and myself were called into Sandaime's office for our teams' reassignments. But needless to say, neither Sakura, Kurenai-sensei nor Kiba were happy about this. While Shino didn't say much, but I was able to sense his displeasure by what was happening."

"I admit that part of me does feel bad about this," Hinata admitted with a measure of guilt, "I know Kurenai-sensei didn't want to lose me as a member of her team."

"You were always her favorite Hinata-chan," Naruto said, "Even before you were part of her team. Kurenai-sensei always treated you like you were her own child and she always had that strong maternal bond with you after your mother passed away."

"And that was all the more reason why Kurenai-sensei voice her objections against this change," Sasuke explained, "She argued that she and her team already had a working team dynamic with Hinata and that rebuilding that with Sakura would be difficult as Sakura didn't get along with either Kiba or Shino. Kiba and Sakura vehemently objected to this change also while Shino said only a few words about his displeasure of the teams' changes."

"How did Sandaime-jiisan handle their objections?" Naruto asked.

"Like a true Hokage," Sasuke replied, "He didn't succumb to their objections and he firmly silenced them after having heard enough from them. He explained his reasons behind his decision along with everything you explained about how you masterminded having the original formations of Teams 7 and 8 sabotaged. But he purposefully left out the part of you requesting to correct and reset the teams to the way they were originally supposed to be. He chose to take the fall and the heat of their anger in your place by saying that this was entirely his decision based on his assessment of your past actions and how you coaxed Hinata into cooperating to with you. He didn't want Team 8, Sakura and Kurenai-sensei to target their anger at you Naruto since they believed your actions had done them a huge service.

"Sandaime explained to Kurenai that based on Sakura's level in chakra control that she would be well adept in genjutsu if properly trained in that field. He also mentioned how Sakura needed a strong female figure as her sensei to serve as her role model and instructor."

"How did Sakura-san take to being taken from our team and placed on my former team?" Hinata asked.

"She surprisingly held on to her dignity and didn't go on crying and weeping in front of everyone about not being on the same team with me anymore," Sasuke answered, "Had she become expressive emotionally like that, I can't say for sure how Kurenai would have handled Sakura's behavior since Sakura doesn't have the same relationship and friendship with Kurenai like you do Hinata."

"I'm sure Kurenai-sensei would have handled the matter in a dignified way," Hinata said confidently, "She was patient with me during the times I pretended to lack confidence in myself and acted weak."

"That's the thing: you acted," Sasuke said, "But Sakura's behavior is no act. Kurenai-sensei will need to be firm and resilient if she's going to get through to Sakura. I hope she can succeed where Kakashi-sensei didn't."

"She'll have to if she doesn't want Sakura become a liability or worse yet, a casualty in one of their future missions," Naruto remarked, "Sakura has a long way to go, but if she really puts for the effort, she can go far. I just feel sorry for Kiba and Shino since they'll have to put up with Sakura for now on. Kurenai-sensei will have her work cut out for her in removing Sakura's fangirl behavior and develop her into a true kunoichi. It was a major area where Kakashi-sensei failed at and there were times I was tempted to do the job myself."

"Why didn't you?" Sasuke replied, "It would have done me a great service."

"I didn't because you were after my girlfriend at the time and I needed her to keep you distracted back then," Naruto reminded.

"Please don't remind me of those day," Sasuke retorted with self-disgust.

"It's water under the bridge Sasuke," Naruto reminded, "We already made peace with each other and settled those issues publicly in front of a huge audience that included the Hokage, many ninjas and civilians of Konoha and foreign daimyōs, diplomats and dignitaries from other countries. So basically, that one-sided love triangle the three of us were involved in made us quite a theatrical spectacle during the Chuunin Finals before it ended with a standing ovation leading to our promotions to Chuunin."

"You have an interesting way of putting things into perspective Naruto," Sasuke remarked, "Looking back, it's hard to believe how things started out between the three of us. But don't think for a moment that I won't continue to train to become stronger so that I can one day challenge and fight you and leveling the play field between us."

"Get in line," Naruto grinned, "Tenten has already self-proclaimed herself as my eternal rival and already she's been coming at me many times to do battle with me. You might want to consider joining forces with her if you want a shot at possibly giving me a good fight."

"Pfft! Whatever Naruto!" Sasuke retorted. Jiraiya, Tsunade and the rest of those in their group watched how Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata were interacting with each other.

"They looked to be getting along," Kansui commented.

"You should have been around during their earlier days," Karin said, "It was nothing like this and back then, they never got along."

"How were things when they didn't get along?" Akira asked quizzically.

"It was quite a show," Karin said, "And back then Sasuke was always an asshole trying to steal Naruto-kun girlfriend."

"This Sasuke was that big of a scumbag?" Akemi asked.

"He was," Karin continued, "But Sasuke matured and changed a lot since the Chuunin Exams Finals and now he and Naruto-kun are really good friends and allies. He's not the way he used to be anymore and Naruto-kun and Sasuke completely trust each now since their promotions to Chuunin."

"Then I suppose we can also give Uchiha Sasuke a chance seeing that Naruto chose to forgive, make peace and ally himself with the Uchiha," Seijiro commented, "I don't find it noteworthy that every ninja in this village wears our clan's insignia."

"They have to," Jiraiya stated, "Our Shodai made it an unchangeable law that every ninja in Konoha regardless of their rank wears the emblem of the Uzumaki clan no matter which clan they from."

"Fascinating," Akio remarked, "They're not part of our clan, but are ordered to wear our insignia by law. Had it not been for Naruto-kun choosing to forgive this village for their mountains of sins against him growing up, I'd have felt insulted that they wear our insignia."

"Every Uzumaki would have felt disgusted and angered by it," Honoka stated, "But Naruto-kun has already fixed much of the damage done with me providing re-education of our clan's entire history at Konoha's academy."

(Later At The Hokage Tower)

Hiruzen was sitting at his desk enjoying the new book Jiraiya finished published, especially since it was the limited platinum edition with two alternate endings and the author's commentaries. He only read the first three pages and already he was hooked to the story if his smile and blush weren't indications enough with an occasion giggle coming out of his mouth here and there.

His enjoyment of reading was sadly interrupted by a knock on his office door.

"…This always happens when the plot starts getting sweeter," Hiruzen sighed before closing and putting his book away. After straightening himself out at his desk, Hiruzen answered, "Yes, you may enter."

The door opened and soon after Naruto and everyone with him entered the office. Sasuke was also part of the group entering the office. After everyone entered the office and closed the door behind them, Jiraiya started off, "We've returned and our mission was more than a success."

"I can see that," Hiruzen remarked, "Naruto clearly succeeded in not only convincing Tsunade to return to Konoha and join his clan but he also found other surviving brethren of his clan as well."

"We were overjoyed that we all found each other and that Tsunade-obaachan chose to accept her Uzumaki heritage," Naruto said.

"Obaachan?" Hiruzen asked with a raised eyebrow as he looked at Tsunade, "Well, I suppose she is of age all things considered."

Tsunade felt a vein appear over her right eye as she heavily frowned at her former sensei.

"Don't encourage him!" Tsunade replied, "It's bad enough that he jumps between that and calling me Uzumaki-obaachan!"

"Now you know how I felt when you used to call me "jiji" back then," Hiruzen shot back, silencing Tsunade when she found that she had no grounds to give a justifiable retort to her former sensei on that note.

"Anyway," Jiraiya interjected, "There's a lot that must be discussed with regards to the new Uzumakis and the roles they'll play here."

"I already took care of preparing the paperwork and citizen documents they'll need to fill out," Hiruzen said, "But because Akio, Akemi and Akira were made citizens and ninjas of Nadeshiko, prepared different documents for them to establish and acknowledge their ties to Nadeshiko and be recognized as Konoha citizens."

"I'm sure Nadeshiko won't mind my sisters and I serving as emissaries for them while living here in Konoha," Akio suggested, "They'll understand since our clan resides here in Konoha and they knew that we would leave their village to search out for our surviving brethren."

"I'll see to it that's taken care of," Hiruzen promised and then looked at the oldest Uzumaki male among the group and stated, "Seijiro, you're a freelance bounty hunter known as The Bloodhound who isn't bound to any village though you, like Naruto, have ties with Koyuki-hime of Haru no Kuni."

"Though I'm a bounty hunter however," Seijiro said, "That doesn't change the fact that I and the rest of my brethren are still in subjection to Naruto as he is both our clan leader and a member of your shinobi council, thus putting him under subjection to the Hokage. Whatever instructions you give through Naruto we will follow and obey so long they don't violate our clan rights and privileges."

"Perhaps you can serve as one of our secret hunter-nin seeing that your skills and expertise is on par with the Sannin," Hiruzen offered.

"I was an expert hunter-nin before in Kirigakure in my "previous life"," Seijiro said, "Before one for Konoha would be child's play."

"I wouldn't doubt that," Hiruzen stated, "You are in Kirigakure's bingo books after all and you made quite a reputation for yourself during your time there."

"It's past history," Seijiro commented, "And I'm sure there are ninjas from this village who are wanted dead in Kirigakure."

"Like Kakashi-sensei," Naruto spoke in. Hiruzen nodded his head in agreement and said, "I'll register you as a S-class hunter-nin set apart from the ANBU. But I'll grant you travel privileges like that of Jiraiya in connections with your profession."

"Thank you," Seijiro replied, "But seeing that Jiraiya will become the new Hokage after you step down from that position again, it'll be difficult for him to manage his spy network and fulfill his future duties as Hokage. It's for these reasons that I was chosen to become to fill in for him and carry out his work."

"Seijiro and I have discussed this in great details," Jiraiya confirmed, "Seijiro's skills and caliber as a spy master is on the same level as my own. Seijiro is my best successor who'll serve to carry out my work, and it helps that he already has his own efficient spy network in place."

"It's reassuring to know that you took care of your spy network ahead of time," Hiruzen said, "We couldn't afford you looking for a successor during the transition of you being augurated to Godaime."

"Be that as it may," Jiraiya replied, "But we still have other matters to settle, like Tsunade's change of name and status from Senju to Uzumaki and where the rest of Naruto's brethren will be staying."

"I already have a solution to that predicament," Hiruzen stated before he opened his drawer and pulled out a wrapped and tied scroll. He handed it over to Tsunade and said, "This is for you Tsunade."

"And what's in it?" Tsunade asked.

"Your grandfather's will that was left with Uzumaki Mito-sama," Hiruzen revealed.

"My grandfather left behind a will," Tsunade asked in disbelief.

"Yes," Hiruzen said, "Shodaime-sama always knew there would be chance that he would die in battle some day and he left nothing to chance."

Tsunade quickly opened and unraveled the scroll to read the contents written in the scroll and signed by Hashirama himself.

"This written will entailed that should my grandfather die in any way that all that belong to him, including the Senju District, would be in the ownership and care of his wife Uzumaki Mito-obaasama."

"And since Nidaime-sama died long before Mito-sama did," Hiruzen said, "It's undeniable fact that the Senju District and everything in it is now in the ownership of the Uzumaki clan, considering that you're now Uzumaki Tsunade. But since that entire estate hasn't been touched in years, you all will be in for some major cleaning and upgrading."

"That's why the Uzumaki of the olden days developed Kage Bunshins," Naruto remarked, "We'll form an army of clones to help with the clean-up and upgrading work. We just need you to handle the paperwork to have that estate officially acknowledged as now belonging to my clan. That district can accommodate more Uzumakis should other survivors be found in the future."

"No more staying in hotels or motels anymore!" Kansui remarked in relief.

"A new home to live in at last!" Arashi said happily.

"By the way," Naruto asked, "How's Kakashi-sensei doing?"

"Nothing changed with his condition," Hiruzen answered, "He's still in that comatose state that Itachi placed in under through his Tsukiyomi attack."

"I'll take care of that," Tsunade offered, "It's not a problem I can heal. Kakashi will regain consciousness by today. After we leave here I'll make my first stop to the hospital and take of his condition."

"The hospital will be happy to have you on board as part of their staff Tsunade," Hiruzen offered, "Your healing and medical skills remains unrivaled and it can serve to benefit Konoha."

"It can benefit Konoha more if there's one person on each ninja team that can administer medical treatment during missions," Tsunade suggested.

"There's no need to put this heavy load on Sarutobi-sensei now seeing that his remaining time as Hokage is short., Tsunade-hime," Jiraiya promised, "I'll establish and implement a medical training facility during my reign as Godaime."

"You'll actually will do that?" Tsuande asked.

"Leave that responsibility to me," Jiraiya said, "What you're requesting will take far more time and preparation than Sarutobi-sensei realistically has. After I become Godaime, I'll make sure that medical training institute gets organized and established as you always wanted. I'll make you the presiding headmistress of that institute and appoint reputable experienced doctors and medic field ninjas to serve as instructors and trainers in that school. It'll be a requirement that all ninja teams must have a medic ninja as part of their team."

Tsunade smiled appreciatively and said, "Thank you."

Hiruzen stood up from his seat and went over to the front of his desk. He handed Tsunade and all of the new Uzumakis specifically put together paperwork for them to fill out accurately.

"While you're all here we can begin the process of registering all of you here and making Tsunade's status change from Senju to Uzumaki official and documented," Hiruzen suggested.

(Later That Day)

Being one who searches for the latest news and gossip in town, Ino was on her game in finding out what everyone was talking about. Before long she learned all that she needed and made her way to find Sakura. And speaking at Sakura…

"…I still can't believe I was replaced with Hinata and placed on Kurenai-sensei's team," Sakura sighed, "I tell you it's not easy working with either Kiba or Shino and Kurenai-sensei like a disciplinarian when it comes to me."

Currently Sakura was at a pastry parlor with Tenten. Both girls were sitting together at a table eating a slice of cheesecake with whipped cream and strawberries with some ice scream served at the side.

"I'm sure it can't be that bad," Tenten remarked, "You just have to get used to how they do things I'm sure."

"Kurenai-sensei treated Hinata so kindly from what I heard but treats me like we're at boot camp," Sakura retorted, "She and her other students were adamantly displeased when Sandaime-sama rearranged the team formations and had me reassigned to their team. But Sandaime-sama stated that-"

"Yo Forehead!" Ino called out as she entered the pastry parlor and joined Tenten and Sakura at the table they were eating at. The two girls turned to look at the arrived girl who was sporting a large grin on her face.

"Ino-pig," Sakura replied, "What bring you here?"

"Just some juicy news that I just had to share with you girls!" Ino replied before she started sharing all that she found out with Sakura and Tenten at a pastry shop. After hearing Ino out, both girls found what they heard hard to believe.

"Are you serious!?" Tenten exclaimed as if someone drop a case of explosive notes into a building and detonated them, "Tsunade-sama returned back to the village today and wants to be acknowledged as an Uzumaki?!"

"Considering who her grandmother is," Ino said, "It's not farfetched."

"I'm still finding it hard to swallow that Naruto has a Sannin, Tsunade-sama no less, as a member of his clan now!" Tenten commented, "I mean, she's the ideal kunoichi I want to be like!"

"What's more interesting is that with the exception of Karin," Ino added, "Every current member of Naruto's clan is older than him and are seasoned ninjas."

"But Naruto is their clan leader and that subjugates them to him," Tenten pointed out, "But it's not like they're being force to."

"I guess we'll just have to go to the horse's mouth and find out the true from the source himself," Ino suggested.

"Do you even know where Naruto is?" Sakura asked.

"He'll be with a bunch of other red heads who'll stick out in the crowd," Ino replied, "They won't be that hard to find."

"Then let's go and find Naruto," Tenten suggested, "It'll give me the chance to finally meet the legendary kunoichi Tsunade-sama!"

"So what are we all waiting for? Let's go!" Ino cheered, getting Sakura and Tenten to finish their desserts and pay for the treats before quickly making their way out of the pastry parlor.

(At The Senju District)

Tsunade and the rest of her Uzumaki kin were standing together with her in front of the land that was once occupied by many members of the Senju clan, the land that once housed the Shodai and his wife Mito and the Nidaime. So many memories came flooding back to her mind as she stood in front the estate that was empty as the Uchiha District.

"It's hard to believe that I'm back at the very land that was once the proud home of my Senju ancestors," Tsunade remarked, "Now it's reduced to a silent tomb."

"And now we'll revive it as the Uzumaki District!" Naruto declared, "This is just a new chapter in our reviving clan's history! Tsunade-obaachan, you know this district better than anyone of us here so it would be best if you lead an army of clones around to see what has to be done to clean and update this place."

"I have been here in a long time Naruto," Tsunade replied, "Nevertheless, I'll do my best!"

"Uzumakis!" Naruto called out, "Get Ready!"

Naruto, Tsunade and all of their Uzumaki brethren form a signature hand sign and collectively as one they exclaimed, "Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

A massive burst of white smoke appear that covered the surrounding region. After a brief moment the smoke cleared to reveal an impressive army of ten thousand clones. Facing and looking at the legions of clones, Naruto declared, "Hear my words please! We have a major undertaking in renovating and cleaning this district which is now our new home! We need this entire district up and ready for use before the end of week! Tsunade-obaachan's clones will guide all of you in around the district and explaining everything you need to know, where everything is and what has to be done in order to make this place look alive and active again!

"You'll divide up in groups with each of Tsunade-obaachan's clones taking lead of the groups in this massive project. Now all of you, please divide up into teams with a clone of Tsunade-obaachan in each group and proceeded into the district to begin taking surveys in what has to be done in order to restore the prestige of district and revive it as the Uzumaki District!"

And with that all ten thousand clones divided into many groups and paired up with a Tsunade clone before making their way into the district with Tsunade's clones leading way to begin their work.

"You Uzumakis are aware that all of you will suffer experience exhaustion and lose consciousness by the time all of your clones are done for the day, right?" Jiraiya warned.

"If that should happen, we trust that you'll be a good surrogate clan member and watch over us," Naruto remarked, "You are the next Hokage after all and Uzumaki Tsunade will be dating you. So, I trust you won't let anything happen to us ero-jisan. And Seijiro-jisan?"

"Yes Naruto?" Seijiro replied.

"There are some very important matters of business I need to discuss with both you and ero-jisan in private later this evening," Naruto said, "Will you be available to come by my house later?"

"I'll be there," Seijiro confirmed, "As soon as you tell me how to get to your home."

"Not a problem," Naruto said, "In the meantime let's get you newcomers familiar with this village. But first we need to make our way over to the hospital so Tsunade-obaachan can heal Kakashi-sensei from Itachi's Tsukiyomi attack."

"Kakashi?" Seijiro asked, "As in Copycat Kakashi?"

"The very same one," Naruto confirmed as they started on their way to the hospital.


Sasuke was returning home where Tayuya was waiting for him. He entered the house quietly after removing his sandals and Chuunin flak vest to hang it up on the hanger post. He walked further into the house to find Tayuya in the kitchen cooking some food for the both of them.

"You're home Numb Nuts," Tayuya greeted in her normal demeanor.

"Just came from meeting with Naruto and Hinata," Sasuke said, "They returned today and Naruto brought with him more survivors of his clan during his mission to find Tsuande."

"There's more Uzumakis out there?" Tayuya asked as she faced Sasuke, "I thought he and those two females were the only two left!"

"The Uzumakis were said to have scattered around the world," Sasuke explained, "But even Naruto doesn't truly know how many from that scattered remnant is left alive if they weren't already hunted down and killed by their enemies. What shocked me is that he even got Tsunade to join his clan."

"Tsunade!?" Tayuya asked with complete disbelief, "Are you shitting me!? He managed to persuade a Sannin to become a member of his clan?!"

"Tsunade has Uzumaki heritage and ancestry from her grandmother's side of the family," Sasuke revealed, "Therefore Tsunade choosing to join Naruto's clan as an Uzumaki instead of as a Senju isn't so farfetched."

"But you said that Naruto is the clan leader of the Uzumakis," Tayuya recalled, "Then that would mean that Tsunade placed herself under Naruto's subjection."

"I didn't see Tsunade having a problem with that," Sasuke stated, "When you think about how Naruto is a shinobi council member who did all the things he's done up till now besides kicking your boss' ass twice, getting a Sannin to fall in line with his lead wouldn't be much a challenge. To be honest, if I were my old self, I'd have been seething with jealous hatred and envy of Naruto right now."

"And you're not doing so now, because?" Tayuya asked.

"Being jealous and envious of Naruto won't bring my clan back," Sasuke said, "It won't change what happened on the night Itachi turned traitor and wiped out everyone in my clan"

"You know," Tayuya admitted thoughtfully, "That's always been bothering me, your brother's motives for killing everyone in your clan while leaving your duck ass alive."

"I wasn't worth killing Itachi told me," Sasuke reminded, "And he told me that if I ever wish to kill him-"

"I remember what it was he told you Numb Nuts!" Tayuya interjected, "And the more I thought about it, the more I couldn't make fucking sense out of it!"

"What do you mean?" Sasuke asked.

"The fact is that he willfully left you alive as a loose end instead of killing you along with all of the other Uchiha children that were of your age group," Tayuya pointed out, "What were Itachi's reasons for seeing that those other Uchiha children were worth killing instead of you? For the life of me, it doesn't make any goddamn sense as to why he chose to spare you as he killed every man, woman and child of your clan. What's more, Itachi waited until you weren't around before the act of slaughtering your brethren took place that very night! And then he instructed you to get stronger and to one day come after him if you ever wish to kill him. To test the limit of his ability was his reason for killing everyone while leaving you alive so you could one day come after him and kill him!? That has to be the dumbest most fucked up shit I ever heard!

"Then some days ago he came back to Konoha after years of being away only to attack your sensei Kakashi and put his ass into a coma before tracking down and attacking your teammate Naruto. And temporarily while in Konoha, not once did Itachi sought to find and attack you. He just left Konoha with his partner Kisame after his battle with Naruto and that was before reinforcements came to aid Naruto."

"My brother joined some secretive organization of made up of S-class criminals called the Akatsuki," Sasuke explained, "That organization is after Jinchuurikis like Naruto for unknown reasons. Naruto just happens to be one of their targets."

"And now that I've heard this," Tayuya stated, "That only helps to confirm my suspicions of Itachi's motives. I've been trying to figure it out but something about Itachi's motives for his recent actions doesn't add up!"

"Care to elaborate?" Sasuke invited.

"Why did Itachi spare Kakashi and only put his ass into a coma instead of killing him like he did your brethren?" Tayuya asked, "Clearly Kakashi was no match for him since he got his ass handed to him. And since Naruto is one of the primary targets of that organization of S-class criminals your brother joined, then how was it that Naruto came out of his battle against Itachi completely unharmed? Even in his battle against Orochimaru-sama, Naruto didn't come out of it unscathed and you saw it for yourself that Naruto was heavily weakened and vulnerable before getting his strengths and vitally completely restored by sources unknown."

"Now that you mentioned it," Sasuke considered thoughtfully, "I honestly never questioned Naruto about that and only took it that Itachi was making a statement against me that he could attack anyone close to me whenever he wants and that there was nothing I could do about it."

"I know Naruto is trying his best to help both of us and I'm not trying to paint him in the wrong light after everything he's done for us," Tayuya said, "But I can't help but believe that something happened between Naruto and Itachi that allowed Naruto to come out of that battle without receiving so much as a scratch. Why would a coldblooded missing-nin like Itachi who slaughtered his entire clan choose to spare Kakashi's life and not capture Naruto like he was clearly supposed to? Why wasn't Itachi interested in having you know he returned to Konoha if he wanted you to find him and kill him if you could? These inconsistencies with Itachi's actions don't make sense!"

Sasuke had a thoughtful expression as he deeply considered everything he heard from Tayuya's mouth. After several moments of silent contemplation, Sasuke for the first time seriously started to question Itachi's motives and inconsistencies as he found everything that Tayuya pointed out to make absolute sense.

"You've given me a lot to seriously think about Tayuya," Sasuke said, "And again, you've helped me to see things clearer than I have on my own."

Tayuya went over and kissed Sasuke hotly and then replied, "Helping your ass is my job, it's what I'm here for."

"But with everything you've said," Sasuke said, "It only begs for answers to these questions: What were Itachi's true reasons for slaughtering my clan while sparing me? And what were his real motives in wanting me to come after him to kill him after slaughtering my clan?"

"Those are questions you'll have to ask Itachi yourself if he's up to explain himself," Tayuya replied.

(Back At The Hokage Tower)

"So, Naruto found more survivors of his clan," Homura said after he, Koharu and Danzō heard Hiruzen's explanation.

"And you're telling us that Tsunade chose to forgo her birth surname as a Senju for her grandmother's maiden Uzumaki name," Koharu asked as she couldn't believe what they heard.

"That's right," Hiruzen stated, "Tsunade is joining the clan of her grandmother's birth and she made it very clear that she wants to be acknowledged as an Uzumaki and an active member of Naruto's clan."

Homaru, Koharu and Danzō clearly didn't like what they were hearing.

"Does Tsunade have any idea what her actions will entail for her grandfather's name and the Senju clan?" Homura asked, "Shodai and the Nidaime were our senseis!"

"Like it or not," Hiruzen said patiently, "We can't deny her decision. It's her legal birthright and the same would have held true of her late brother Nawaki if he was alive and sought to follow in his older sister's footsteps It's Tsunade's right by blood and birth and we can't force her to change her mind."

"So the Senju clan and name was assimilated into the Uzumaki clan," Danzō remarked, gaining the attention of the other three in the room, "As a Sannin and granddaughter of our late Shodai, Tsunade have willfully subjected herself to Naruto's authority since he's his clan's legal clan leader. And everything that belongs to the Senju clan will now ultimately fall in Naruto's hand and come under his control. Do you honestly think that was a wise course of action in allowing this?"

"You speak as though Naruto and his Uzumaki brethren are some form of threat, Danzō," Hiruzen retorted.

"In these recent weeks," Danzō replied, "The Uzumaki clan has gain powerful allies and influences in foreign nations, nations that even went as far as to give them financial backing, stock and material support."

"I don't recall ever making that knowledge available to you Danzō," Hiruzen replied sharply.

"I make it my business to know from the shadows what's going on in Konoha," Danzō shot back, "Someone has to make sure Konoha stays safe and protected while making sure no clan within this village grows too powerful or too influential for Konoha to control!"

Hiruzen slammed his right hand down on his desk loudly as bloodlust leaked out of him in loads as it was aimed directly at Danzō. He gave Danzō a hardened death glare and warned, "You've crossed the line with me more than once Danzō and despite this I was willing to look the other! But not this time! I'm warning you right now: you better not try anything against the Uzumaki clan! I failed and shamed Minato and Kushina enough with regards to their son, and I will not add your ambitions and actions against the Uzumaki clan to my list of failures! I will not allow you to do to the Uzumaki clan as you, Homura and Koharu did to the Uchiha clan years ago!"

"The Uchiha clan plotted a coup against us and a rebellion against Konoha!" Danzō argued.

"It was your mistrust of them, and that of Homura and Koharu along with Konoha's discrimination against the Uchiha clan for Madara's actions against the Shodai that led to their rebellion and genocide!" Hiruzen argued.

"Our late Nidaime had good reason not to trust the Uchiha chan!" Homura stated, "He and the Shodai had a long history with that clan steep in wars and bloodshed!"

"And no such history exists between the Senju and the Uzumaki clan!" Hiruzen retorted, "Unless you've forgotten, our sensei the Shodai married an Uzumaki and sought to end the strife between the Senju and the Uchiha clan!" Hiruzen then turned his attention back to Danzō, "I will not risk Konoha's safety just so you can put a leash on the Uzumaki clan, Danzō! Naruto and his brethren won't stand by and allow history to repeat itself! Konoha has done enough damage with regards to the Uzumaki clan's name, history and reputation as it is! Your baseless mistrust and desired actions towards the Uzumaki clan will guarantee that they'll turn on us like the Uchiha clan!"

"Such actions of rebellion would be condemned as treason like it was with the Uchiha clan and call for their execution like how it was with Uchiha clan!" Danzō replied.

"Let's suppose you succeeded in having Naruto and all of his Uzumaki brethren and Tsunade wiped out like the Uchiha clan if they indeed rebelled. Who do you think I and the rest of Konoha will blame if the Uzumaki clan's foreign allies and those nations' allies joined forces and declared war on us for our mistreatment and extermination of the Uzumaki clan!?" Hiruzen sharply warned, "I and all of Konoha would hold you responsible Danzō if your actions against Uzumaki clan triggers an all-out fourth Shinobi World War and Konoha's destruction as a strong response from those foreign nations! If that happens the Fire Daimyō will not defend us for causing our own downfall and the fourth Shinobi World War! On top of that, Kyuubi would be reincarnated and wreak havoc once again and with all of the Uzumakis extinct there would be no possible way to seal him away! Am I clear on that Danzō or do you need that in writing as a Hokage decree!?"

Danzō sneered at Hiruzen both he knew not to test Hiruzen's patience further. Homura and Koharu saw the thick tension between Hiruzen and Danzō the heavy bloodlust Hiruzen was pouring out against Danzō was still present.

"I see that your age hasn't soften or dull your strength and resilience," Danzō remarked.

"Since you're clearly aware of this," Hiruzen replied, "You'd be wise not to act in presumptuousness or pry into affairs that doesn't concern you or endanger Konoha."

Danzō said nothing to that comment as he held onto his own thoughts.

"Hiruzen," Homura said in his efforts to calm the fierce tension in the room, "Jiraiya's time as the Godaime is fast approaching. Wouldn't it be best if your successor is here with now so you can properly train-"

Homura was interrupted when a knock came from the office door. Hiruzen took a brief moment to calm himself and then responded, "Yes? How may I help you?"

"My apologies Sandaime-sama but you have foreign diplomatic visitors seeking to have an audience with you," the secretary replied from behind the door.

"Diplomatic visitors?" Hiruzen asked and their recalled, "Ah yes! I remember now! They were schedule to meet here at this time."

"Should I sent them up to meet you now?" the secretary asked.

"In a moment," Hiruzen replied and then turned to Danzō, Homura and Koharu, "I have private meeting with a special guest at this time. I politely ask that I'm given privacy for my next meeting at this time. We'll discuss Jiraiya's training and inauguration at a later time."

Homura and Koharu nodded their heads in respects to Hiruzen while Danzō silently turned and left the office without given Hiruzen a second glance. Homura and Koharu followed Danzō from behind and left the office soon after. After Danzō and the two advisors have left the office, Hirunzen took a moment to calm and clear his mind after Danzō had infuriated him earlier. After getting himself together, Hiruzen said, "Send them up!"

"At once Sandaime-sama!" the secretary replied as he went and did as instructed. Soon the door opened to reveal an eight-year-old girl with long straight white hair dressed in a beautifully designed and decorated white princess kimono and a golden toad hair ornament clipped to the middle her hair like a crown. She was also wearing laced sandals She was being escorted and followed by two older female Jounins who were here entourage and personal bodyguards.

The three of them entered the office and closed the door behind him. The young girl approached Hiruzen and greeted politely as she bowed, "Hokage-sama."

"Konohanasakuya-hime," Hiruzen greeted politely, "Welcome to Konohagakure no Sato. It's an honor that you bear the name of my village as part of your birthname. My grandson bears a name very similar to yours. His name is Konohamaru and he's just over a year older than you."

"My name was my father's choice," Konohanasakuya replied, "It was a representation of his attachment to his home village. My late mother however used to call me Sakuya-bime for short."

"I'm sure Jiraiya will be happy to see you as you came for his inauguration into the office of Hokage," Hiruzen said.

"That," Konohanasakuya added with a bright smile, "And I came to see Uzumaki Naruto-kun. I'm interested in meeting him."

"Uzumaki Naruto?" Hiruzen asked as he had to fight the urge to raise an eyebrow.

"He's my father's godson Hokage-sama," Konohanasakuya said respectfully, "Your late Yondaime and his wife Uzumaki Kushina-san chose my father to become their son's godfather. Technically that makes Naruto-kun my older godbrother whom I never got to meet."

Hiruzen saw Konohanasakuya's point and where she was coming from.

"I'm certain Naruto will be very interested in meeting his godsister," Hiruzen replied before looking at Konohanasakuya's entourage, "And you both must be her personal escort."

"Yes Hokage-sama," the first older female greeted, "My name is Shizuka."

Shizuka was a fair-skinned girl of average height. She had green eyes and waist-length black hair in a princess-style cut tied in a high ponytail with short bangs and chin-length strands framing her face. She wore a black forehead protector and her village's form-fitting kunoichi uniform; it was grey-colored with a right shoulder-guard, grey gloves, and opening in her shirt which reveals some of her cleavage.

The second female spoke up and said, "And I'm Ami. It's an honor to meet you Hokage-sama."

Ami was also fair skinned and the same height as Shizuka. Except she had blue eyes, straight shoulder-length brown hair, but like Shizuka dressed in her villages form-fitting kunoichi uniform.

"Besides being Konohanasakuya-hime's personal escort," Shizuka said, "We're also her closest friends and bodyguards. We'll be with Konohanasakuya during her stay in your village until it's time for her to return to her home village."

"That's understandable and acceptable," Hiruzen said, "You three will be granted diplomatic status was in Konoha."

"By the way," Shizuka asked, "We receive word that our sisters, Akio, Akemi and Akira, journeyed here to Konoha with Uzumaki Naruto-kun and Jiraiya-sama. Would you happen to know where we can find Naruto-kun, Jiraiya-sama and our fellow sisters?"

"There some important matters that Konohanasakuya-hime, Ami and I as representatives of our village's governing council have to discuss with them," Ami added.

"They should still be in Jiraiya's company," Hiruzen said, "It's still early in the afternoon and I don't imagine they'll be hard to find since they'll be a group of Uzumakis with red hair."

"Point taken," Shizuka replied.

"I'll arrange for one of my trusted ninja to locate and bring Jiraiya, Naruto and the others here," Hiruzen suggested.

(An Hour Later)

Jiraiya, Naruto and the rest of the Uzumaki in their company and Shizune were making their way through the Hokage Tower after being summoned by Hiruzen to report to the meeting chamber held for foreign diplomats. By this time Kakashi was completely healed by Tsuande and released from the hospital as he was allowed to join their company. After leaving the hospital, Hinata had left the ground and returned home after Kō appeared and informed her that she was being summoned by her father to return home for something he important he wanted her to do. While in their company, Kakashi was brief by Naruto on everything he missed while he was in a coma.

"It's hard to believe that so much has happened in relatively such a short time," Kakashi said, "Besides more of your clansmen survivors being found, my team has been reorganized to now have Hinata as the female member instead of Sakura, which now makes Team 7 a full and complete Chuunin team."

"That's right," Naruto said, "With Hinata as the exception, I heard that Team 8 weren't all that happy with the changes made."

"I can't imagine they were either," Kakashi remarked, "They lost their one Chuunin in exchange for a Genin. I imagine Kurenai having her work cut out for her with regards to training Sakura. But I'm sure she'll make a competent kunoichi out of Sakura. Sakura is her responsibility now."

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you're happy about the two teams' changes," Naruto said.

"Whatever you say Naruto," Kakashi replied with a shrug, "But tomorrow, you, Hinata, Sasuke and I will have to have a Team 7 to discuss this new arrangement that the Sandaime has put into effect. With Sakura no longer on our team and replaced with another Chuunin, this will completely change the team's overall dynamics. I'm even surprised the Hokage allowed for this since the last team consisting of the Byakugan and Sharingan failed."

"Hinata-chan, Sasuke and I already discussed that earlier today after Sasuke informed Hinata and I about the rearrangements of our two teams Kakashi-sensei," Naruto revealed, "Hinata-chan and Sasuke won't make the same mistake their clansmen made years ago."

"I'm happy to be assured of that Naruto," Kakashi said, "Because all four of us will-"

"We arrived!" Jiraiya announced as they stood in front of the door they were instructed to head to. Jiraiya grabbed the knob and opened the door to come across an unexpected sight. In front of him were Hiruzen, Shizuka, Ami and…

"Konohanasakuya?" Jiraiya asked in surprised. Konohanasakuya, Shizuka and Ami turned to look at Jiraiya.

"Papa!" Konohanasakuya greeted happily as Jiraiya hurried over to his daughter who in return hurried over to embrace him. The two reached and hugged each other in an affectionate father-and-daughter embrace. Shizuka and Ami were happy to see the family reunion between their village leader and her father, as were everyone else in the room.

"So she's ero-jisan's daughter with Uzume-hime," Naruto commented.

"Without a doubt she is if the trademark very long straight white hair isn't a clue of the resemblance she has to her father," Kakashi commented.

"Konohanasakuya, I'm so happy that you made it safely to Konoha," Jiraiya said as she held his daughter, "You and your escort arrived here sooner than I estimated."

"I wanted to make sure I arrived ahead of schedule before your inaugurated into the position of Hokage!" Konohanasakuya said, "I wouldn't dream of missing it and mama would have been so proud of if she were alive to this. Not only will this make me known as the Sage's Daughter but this will make me the Daughter of Konoha's Godaime!"

"Wow!" Jiraiya remarked, "I never thought that! I could only imagine the serious political implications this will have as a result."

"That's what we wanted to discuss with you, Akio, Akemi and Akira about," Shizuka spoke up gaining the attention of everyone in the room, "The governing council of Nadeshiko wanted Konohanasakuya-hime, Ami and I to discuss those important matters with you and the Triple-A Sisters. Ami and I are both Konohanasakuya-hime's personal escort and bodyguards and the representatives of Nadeshiko's governing council."

"Shizuka-nee," Konohanasakuya said, "There's plenty of time to discuss political business later. There's no hurry for that."

Konohanasakuya looked around to see Naruto and the other Uzumakis in the room. She went over to the Triple-A Sisters and greeted, "I'm happy to see you three again! So it's true that you found remnants of your surviving clansmen!"

"We have!" Akira said happily, "It was a long and hard search but we found other Uzumakis!"

"I'm happy for the three of you," Konohanasakuya said, "And Nadeshiko will be happy for you three as well."

Konohanasakuya then turned to Naruto. As she was about to see say something however, her eyes caught sight of Tsunade. Konohanasakuya walked over to Tsunade and stood directly in front of the older woman. Just as Tsunade was about to say something, Konohanasakuya turned to Jiraiya and…

"Permission to speak freely father," Konohanasakuya requested with an unusually calm but solemn demeanor. Jiraiya sensed that his daughter wanted to get something serious off her chest seeing that she addressed him as "father" rather than "papa" and was asking his permission to express herself openly without being reprimanded or scolded.

"Permission granted," Jiraiya said, as he saw the expression on Konohanasakuya's face slowly changed to an emotionless one. As the daughter of the Toad Sage stared directly at the Slug Princess with emotionless eyes, the building tension between and around the two of them was so thick one could cut it with a knife.

"So you're the woman that my father who had once upon a time worshiped the ground you walk on," Konohanasakuya remarked coldly, much to Tsunade's surprise and that of everyone else in the room; Konohanasakuya continued, "I heard from my late mother how before she met my father, he tried so hard countless times to gain your affections and love, even in your darkest days when you've lost your younger brother and lover. You, the woman who turn her back on her village and people just when they needed you the most."

The atmosphere turned cold fast as the tension between Konohanasakuya and Tsunade grew. Shizune was about to saw something to Konohanasakuya but Jiraiya gave Shizune a stern look that told her and everyone else not to interfere. Reluctantly, Shizune complied and held her tongue.

"My mother once told me that the true measurement of a person is how they respond to the trials of their lives and face them head on," Konohanasakuya said, "From my point of view of you Tsunade, I see a selfish, spoiled frightened child who instead ran away from her problems and shamed the names of the Senjus and Uzumakis, both noble clans that are the closest things to royalty who have accomplished wonders throughout history in the shinobi world. But you spent more than a decade of the hard and well-earned wealth of your grandfather's clan on gambling and sake just to escape the pain of your loss."

"What!?" Tsunade retorted as she looked ready to physically scold the eight-year-old. But she restrained herself as she had to quickly remind herself that Konohanasakuya was not only a foreign dignitary but she was a ruling princess and touching her in any threatening form would lead to an international incident and Jiraiya's anger.

"I heard about your exploits and some of your accomplishments during your prime as a kunoichi and I heard how you, my father and Orochimaru got the title Sannin," Konohanasakuya continued undeterred, "As a fellow kunoichi, I respect your past accomplishments. But knowing everything else about you and how you fell from grace, I find myself disgusted with you thinking you deserve my beloved father's love or his attention."

"Not once did I ever claim to deserve your father's love and affections, even now I don't!" Tsunade argued, "If anything, it was your father who was always chasing after me back then despite the number times I rejected his advances and didn't accept his feelings for me!"

"I don't know what it was my father saw in you for such devotion back then," Konohanasakuya retorted, "But I'm glad that you didn't return his feelings because I would have never been born nor would my father have met and fell in love with my late dearest mother," Konohanasakuya's tone grew colder as she continued, "My mother once told me that some years before I was born you almost murdered my father and came dangerously close to seeing to his murder by your own hands."

Tsunade visibly flinched on hearing how Konohanasakuya addressed the infamous incident that nearly cost Jiraiya his life. In all her years, Tsunade never once thought that her viciously violent act of nearly beating Jiraiya almost to death would have been an actual act of murder.

"It was feminine justice!" Tsunade retorted as she tried to justify her actions, "In that incident I caught Jiraiya-"

"Peeping?" Konohanasakuya spat, "You felt so violated for such a petty act that you felt justified in almost murdering my father! Even now you never apologized for it! I would have accepted that you slapped my father but you don't regret what you did!" Konohanasakuya looked directly at Tsunade, "Feminine justice? That's your excuse?" Konohanasakuya retorted with disgust, "Such double standard hypocrisy! I hardly believe such murderous violence would happen to a female if she were caught peeping on men while calling it masculine justice!"

Karin squeezed loudly after Konohanasakuya made that statement.

"Now you can't tell me that was only a coincidence," Arashi remarked only to receive an annoyed from his girlfriend.

"Konohanasakuya-hime makes a strong argument that even I can't refute," Hiruzen remarked.

"It's ironic that your harsh and brutally violent rejections of my father's advances and interest in you were the very things that drove him into my mother's arms, which led to my conception," Konohanasakuya remarked, "I suppose that I should thank you but it would be pointless since I wouldn't mean it. But like I said, I don't know what it was he saw in you and I still don't see it now. But I know this Tsunade, my father deserves so much better than a bitter disappointing coward like you."

Konohanasakuya-hime took a deep breath and calmed herself down and regain her neutral composure. After what seems like hours when only a few short moments have passed, Tsunade was about to say something but then Konohanasakuya-hime raised her right hand to prevent her from speaking, "I'm not done, so let me tell you this last thing I need get across to you Tsunade. You blamed Konoha for the loss of your younger brother and lover and cowardly deserted your grandfather's village as result."

Shizune got fast nervous when she saw the cold anger burning from Tsunade. Tonton oinked with feelings of dread after sensing the negative emotions radiating off of the Slug Sannin.

"Tsunade doesn't look happy with Jiraiya's daughter," Arashi commented.

"What made you come to that conclusion?" Kansui replied in sarcasm. Naruto quietly observed and listened to Jiraiya's daughter speech and privately thought, 'She's boldly expressing everything I actually wanted to tell Tsunade-obaachan myself when I first met her in Tenmangu-machi days ago. The only difference was that things wouldn't have ended peacefully in getting Tsunade-obaachan to cooperate willingly if I had gone with my original intentions of telling her off because of her drunken self-centered and disrespectful-'

"How dare you!" Tsunade replied indignantly with her anger flaring, "How dare you come here and presumptuously judge me! You have no idea or understanding of what I suffered and went through before you were born child!"

"I have no idea or understanding you say?" Konohanasakuya retorted undeterred, "We have all lost something and someone very dear and precious to us, not just you! I lost my dearest mother at a very young age and not a day goes by without my missing her and wishing she was still alive and here with me! My father lost his wife and the closest thing he had to a son and most prized apprentice, the Yondime Hokage; my godbrother lost his mother and father at birth and suffered traumatically for years from the mistreatment of this village's people; if I remember correctly my father once said that you told him that your grandfather lost two of his younger brothers during his childhood during the Shinobi Clan Wars era long before he founded Konoha with your grandmother; your mother, your grandfather's only daughter was killed and his brother, your granduncle's his wife was killed while she was still pregnant with his children; the Sandaime Hokage's wife was murdered; the Uzumaki Clan lost their homeland and most of their people!

"But we all continued to move forward and thrive for a better future. Yet none of us did what you have done and dishonor our families and loved ones' memories because they live on in our hearts! So what makes you so special for you to excuse yourself and make your past sufferings worse than ours?

"I may not agree with my father in looking to you as a new love interest, but I will respect his choice. In my eyes however, you have a long way to go before I see you worthy of my father's love and attention. But know this Tsunade, you'll never replace my mother even if you do marry my father and become my stepmother."

Konohanasakuya turned to Jiraiya and said, "I said all that I needed to say and get off my chest father. Thank you for allowing me to freely express myself."

With her speech spoken, Konohanasakuya walked passed Tsunade and went over to Naruto. She hugged him affectionately and then greeted, "Hello godbrother! I've waited a long time to finally meet you! I believe we have some catching up to do."

With that the god-siblings walked out of meeting chamber with Konohanasakuya-hime pulling Naruto along with her out of the room, leaving everyone else in the room with Shizuka and Ami giving a short bow before following about Konohanasakuya and Naruto. There was an awkward silence that permeated the atmosphere until someone decided to break the silence…

"Such strong words of conviction and emotions from one so young," Seijiro remarked, "She reminds me of Naruto in some ways."

"What happened here was my fault," Jiraiya said, "Before coming here, I informed my daughter through a secretly sent letter that I would be dating Tsunade soon and that I would become Konoha's new Godaime. Konohanasakuya replied to my letter days earlier and requested that when the time comes if she could be allowed to freely express herself verbally to Tsunade-hime without my interference. My mistake was assuming that she wanted to say something positive about me and that she hopes things works out between Tsunade and myself since she considers my legacy as reflection on her," Jiraiya said regretfully as he turned and looked at Tsunade apologetically, "I honestly had no idea my daughter harbored such hatred and animosity towards you Tsunade. I'll talk to her and-."

"No Jiraiya," Tsunade objected, "This is something between me and your daughter. To be truly honest, I didn't paint a good picture of myself for her to admire and respect considering the village she was born and raised in. But I'll change that."

"You're looking to prove yourself to Jiraiya's daughter?" Shizune asked, "Please don't tell me you're going to place a bet on whether or not you'll win Konohanasakuya-hime over."

"It would be insulting and demeaning to both Jiraiya and his daughter if my efforts to win her affections and admiration of me were based on a bet Shizune!" Tsunade rebuked, "Jiraiya would never forgive me if I did such thing and her entire village would truly despise me! No!" Tsunade turned to Jiraiya and vowed, "I will win your daughter's love and admiration sincerely, no matter how long it takes me or how hard and far I must go to prove that I'm not the same person I once was!"

Jiraiya smiled and said, "You're truly serious about this, aren't you?"

"I give you my sworn word with everyone here as my witnesses Jiraiya," Tsunade replied, "As an Uzumaki with Senju descent! And as you already know, an Uzumaki never goes back on their word once sworn!"

Jiraiya nodded his head in total acceptance of Tsunade's oath and thought, 'I can only wonder how things will be turn out in the future between Konohanasakuya-hime and Tsunade-hime after today.'


Naruto and Konohanasakuya were walking together through Konoha streets with Konohanasakuya walk next to Naruto at his righthand side. Shizuka and Ami were walking alongside Konohanasakuya at her righthand side. After they got some distance away from the Hokage Tower, Konohanasakuya broke the silence.

"I'm sorry you had to see my display of anger and disgust towards Tsunade, Naruto-kun," Konohanasakuya apologized, "But the sight her just served to piss me off."

"Don't worry," Naruto assured, "I didn't feel any better than you did when I first met her to be completely honest. I wanted to do what you did when I first met her really. Except it would have ended with her and I fighting each other," Naruto then joked and laughed, "But it certainly would not have been for my hand in marriage!"

"I don't know what my father sees in that walking disgrace to all kunoichis!" Konohanasakuya replied, "From what I heard Tsunade has never once ever treated my father kindly!"

"Part of this is really my fault Konohanasakuya," Naruto confessed, "If you want to be angry and blame someone then blame me, not your father."

"What are you talking about?" Konohanasakuya with a confused tone.

"I made a bet with Tsunade-obaachan some time ago to get her to not only return to Konoha peacefully," Naruto explained, "But to take my girlfriend Hyuuga Hinata and Uzumaki Karin as her new apprentices and to go out on seven dates with your father."

"This was your doing!?" Konohanasakuya exclaimed in shock, "Why?!"

"To get Tsunade-obaachan to make up for all the times she wronged your father," Naruto explained, "I did this before your father told me about you and his late wife. I know your father isn't without his faults and imperfections and in some ways, I'm able to relate your father because before I met and fell in love with my current girlfriend, the girl I originally tried to pursue also rejected me for someone else despite my best efforts and intentions.

"Originally your father told Tsunade-obaachan that she didn't have to live up to her end of the bet in going out with him and that he was going to ask me to call off that part of my condition of the bet. But I heard from your father that Tsunade-obaachan asked for their seven dates not to be called off. He told me that Tsunade-obaachan said she wanted to go out with him and not because of the condition of the bet."

"Why does Tsunade have a change of heart all of a sudden?" Konohanasakuya asked, "It's not because my father is going to become the Hokage, is it?"

"Far from it," Naruto confirmed, "Tsunade-obaachan has no interest in the position of Hokage. But I think something happened between Tsunade-obaachan and ero-jisan while we were in Tenmangu-machi."

"While in Tenmangu-machi, my father didn't sleep Tsunade I know that much," Konohanasakuya remarked, causing Naruto to trip and almost fall to the ground. Konohanasakuya, Shizuka and Ami looked at Naruto as he got back his balance and stood upright again.

"Please don't be surprised," Konohanasakuya stated with a toothy smile similar to Jiraiya's, "I was educated about sex and human reproduction since I was three." (A/N: That's true about me also. No lie!)

"Your mother taught you about sex and human reproduction while that young?" Naruto asked.

"No," Konohanasakuya replied, "I learned about it in details from reading my father's Ichaicha Paradise books. It was later on when I went to my mother and asked her if she conceived me by having repeated hot sex with my father," Konohanasakuya laughed, "I can still remember and see that shocked and embarrassed look on my mother's face after I asked her those questions and how many tries it took before I was conceived! I even asked her which position worked in conceiving me!"

"You're definitely ero-jisan's daughter," Naruto laughed as he crackled at how the eight-year-old was behaving so carefree and free spirited.

"Though embarrassed," Konohanasakuya continued, "My mother asked me how I learned about what I knew and I explained that I found and read one of my father's orange books and that I wanted to know if that's now they brought me into the world. My mother sat down with me and explained everything to me about marriage, sex and reproduction. She left nothing out while telling me how much she loved my father and how happy she was that their love resulted in my birth. Tsunade never loved my father and she always looked down on him. Even now she shamelessly tried to justify her act of almost murdering my father at the bathhouse years ago with her feminine justice crap speech! She didn't have the decency or the humility of saying 'I'm sorry'! Just thinking about that pisses me off! Her double standard hypocrisy sickens me! I hate her!"

'Tsunade-obaachan is caught between two extremes,' Naruto thought, 'A man who still loves her deep down and his daughter who despises her.'

Konohanasakuya took a moment to cool herself down and to get her emotion back in check again. After a few moments, Konohanasakuya sincerely apologized, "I'm sorry for my behavior just now, Naruto-kun. I seem to forget myself whenever I think about that vile woman."

"It's OK," Naruto said, "I have anger and rage management of my own to deal with so I'm in no position to judge you."

"So why don't you tell me some things about you Naruto-kun?" Konohanasakuya offered, "You can tell me about yourself over some ramen, my treat! And please, just call me Sakuya-bime."

"Are you sure about treating me Sakuya-bime?" Naruto asked, "After you're the diplomatic guest in my company, so hospitality should be my treat," Naruto there offered, "I'll even treat your two cute, hot-looking entourage kunoichis with you."

"Complimenting us won't make us drop our guard with you Naruto-kun." Shizuka replied, "We women of Nadeshiko aren't as easy as to fool as those disgraceful fangirls who dare call themselves kunoichis."

"My three distant Uzumaki cousins have live among you and your people for some years and their characteristics testifies to the nature of you and your people," Naruto said, "I'm sure if I were to challenge you for your hand in marriage Shizuka as is the custom of your village-"

"I'd be more than happy to accept your challenge Naruto-kun," Shizuka interjected with a grin, "After all, I heard a lot about your exploits and reputation. You're very powerful ninja from what reports about you said and since you're Jiraiya-sama's pupil I'm certain he's been training you to become even stronger. I'll be happy to challenge and battle you for your hand in marriage if you're interested."

After seeing the deep hole that he dug and almost plunged himself into, Naruto quickly replied, "Thanks Shizuka but I already have a gir-"

"Naruto!" a female voice called out from behind him. Naruto and three females with him stopped to see Tenten, Sakura and Ino approaching the group. Tenten, Sakura and Ino had looks of curiosity after seeing the three foreign females with Naruto with the youngest of the three looking like she was royalty.

"Tenten, Sakura Ino!" Naruto greeted, "How are you three? I hope all is well with you three."

"We heard that Tsunade-sama returned to Konoha with you," Tenten explained, "We thought she would be in your company."

"Sorry she's with ero-jisan," Naruto said, "I haven't seen her since I left the Hokage Tower."

"Drats I was really hoping meet Tsunade-sama," Tenten complained and added, "She's practically the ideal kunoichi I want to model myself after!"

"Were you informed about the changes to our team's formation Naruto?" Sakura asked, "The Sandaime-sama replaced me with Hinata and put me on her previous team with Kiba and Shino. That means I won't be able to be with my precious Sasuke-kun anymore and Kurenai-sensei is a stern task mistress."

"Forehead, Sasuke-kun was never yours to begin with," Ino remarked, "And you never got to even kiss his lips once, unlike me."

Sakura glared daggers at Ino who grin back at her. Konohanasakuya, Shizuka and Ami were forming first impression opinions of Tenten, Sakura and Ino, and so far their leader's thoughts of them were…

'I know those three girls for a minute and already I don't like them,' Konohanasakuya privately thought,

"By the way Naruto," Tenten asked, "Who are those foreign girls with you?"

Ino and Sakura dropped their petty argument after returning their attention back to more important matters wit regards to the girls in Naruto's company.

"These girls are foreign dignitaries from the village of Nadeshiko," Naruto explained, "The young eight-year-old to my right is Konohanasakuya-hime, she's the ruling princess of her village and with her are Shizuka and Ami, her entourage and Nadeshiko's ambassadors."

"I wasn't aware that shinobi villages could have ruling royal families," Tenten commented, "This wasn't taught at the ninja academy."

"There were a lot of things that weren't taught at the ninja academy," Naruto remarked, "But that's beside the point. Konohanasakuya-hime and her entourage are here on very important family business and I was chosen to give these ladies a tour of the village."

"Konohanasakuya-hime?" Ino repeated as if she was testing the name out, "Sound similar to this village's name."

"My father named me after this village," Konohanasakuya revealed, "He's was born and raised here after all unlike my mother who was born and raised in the land of my birth."

"Your father is from Konoha?" Tenten inquired.

"Thus the family business I'm here for," Konohanasakuya said, "I traveled all the way from Nadeshiko to Konoha to not only see and visit my father, but to also witness his inauguration in becoming this village's Godaime Hokage."

"Say what?" Ino blinked and replied as if the information didn't process properly, "What do you mean that your father is going to become our new Hokage?"

"In my village," Konohanasakuya explained, "I'm known as the Sage's Daughter because my biological father is none other than Jiraiya the Toad Sage of Konoha."

"Jiraiya-sama is your father?!" Sakura and Ino shouted simultaneously.

"And he's going to become the new Hokage!?" Tenten asked in surprise, "When was this?"

"Your current Hokage is going to step down from his position as the reigning Hokage with my father rising as his successor," Konohanasakuya said, "I came from the Hokage Tower after having a briefing with your Sandaime who personally explained this to me. You girls are more than welcomed to confirm my words with your Hokage himself if you believe I'm making all of this up."

"We believe your words Konohanasakuya-hime." Tenten said, "But we never knew that Jiraiya-sama had a daughter."

"I can see that seeing how the entire has no clue as to who I am except for the very few who met me so far," Konohanasakuya remarked, "I'm sure nobody here knows that Naruto-kun is also my godbrother."

"Naruto is your godbrother!?" Sakura replied in disbelief as she looked between Naruto and Konohanasakuya, "This guy?! Really!? Are you serious!?"

"You're very presumptuous," Konohanasakuya remarked with a calm but cold tone, "You clearly don't know your place in with Naruto-kun."

"Excuse me!?" Sakura retorted, looking at Konohanasakuya menacingly the same way she would when Konohamaru got her mad. For Sakura, she didn't care who's parents the one younger than her was. Even if the grandparent was the Hokage, as was the case with Konohamaru, Sakura would still physically attack them if angered enough while believing she would be in her right to physically hurt them. However, Shizuka and Ami weren't going to let Sakura have her way as they were ready to use brute force against Sakura if she stepped out of line further. Naruto had no intentions of intervening as he wanted to see how things would play out.

The hardened look Konohanasakuya now gave Sakura showed that she was not amused with how Sakura addressed both Naruto and her as she continued, "You clearly forgot your place in that Naruto-kun is not only a Chuunin and clan leader but also a member of your village's shinobi council! Don't dare talk to us as if you're our equal! Give both us our due respect!"

Sakura was taken aback by how Konohanasakuya sternly rebuked her. Seeing that Sakura offended the visiting dignitary, Ino quickly stepped in, "Please forgive my friend's rudeness and presumptuousness. She has a large forehead but her brain isn't big enough to fill in the space."

Sakura glared daggers at Ino and retorted, "What was that Ino-pig!?"

Ino turned back at Sakura and replied, "Do you want to cause an international incident because you thought you could rudely act and talk to a foreign dignitary in whatever way you want!?"

That silenced the pink-haired Genin when she saw Ino's point. Sakura turned to Konohanasakuya apologized, "I'm sorry for speaking rudely. I didn't mean to offend you."

"All is forgiven," Konohanasakuya replied then warned, "Just don't do it again."

Looking to quickly change the subject and remove the current tension, Ino spoke up and said, "Hey Naruto, the girls and I heard about your new Uzumaki brethren who arrived here in Konoha today and how they're all seasoned ninjas."

"They all are," Naruto confirmed, "They're very skilled in combat and together they not easy to beat."

"And while we're on the same topic," Tenten suggested with an air of confidence, "I challenge you to a battle at the training ground! Just you and me Naruto!"

"You also wish to battle Naruto-kun for his hand in marriage?" Shizuka asked.

"What!?" Tenten exclaimed with a baffled expression before she pointed at Naruto and replied, "Marry Naruto!? This ninja is my eternal rival!"

"Eternal?" Ami now spoke up after a long silence, "So you permanently linked and attached both yourself and your life to this clan leader and vowed to forever pursue his time and attention to better yourself and your combat skills. An admirable vow I respect after finding a worthy alpha male who no doubt bested you in combat."

"In Nadeshiko no Sato," Konohanasakuya stated, "Our people would consider your actions towards Naruto-kun as act of matrimony."

"Say what?" Tenten asked with a nervous expression. Naruto smacked his right over his face as he saw the mess him and Tenten just got themselves into.

'I better clear these misunderstandings now before things starts getting out of hand, even for me,' Naruto thought.

(As The Day Progressed)

The armies of kage bunshins were hard at work cleaning up the new Uzumaki District to have it ready for use. They spent many hours under the guidance of Tsunade's kage bunshins working to dust, sweat, mop and clean everything in district since Tsunade herself knew everything about the former Senju District turned Uzumaki District. It wasn't until late into the even when all of the work was finally done. But the clone, under Naruto's clones advice, dispelled themselves gradually over a period of almost two hours rather than all at once to avoid memory experience overload to their makers which would lead to complete loss of consciousness and depend on their makers' location, that could prove dangerous.

The Uzumakis and Tsunade took residence in the now cleaned and ready-to-use district. Tsunade chose to be in her own house, while Kansui and Arashi stayed together in another house and the Triple-A sisters stayed in a house close by to the twins. Seijiro also chose a house himself within district. As for Naruto, Honoka and Karin however, they chose not to live in the district for now as they had gotten too accustomed to living in the beautiful large house that they're currently residing in. However, Naruto hid and posted some of his disguise clones around the district as his means of security against trespassers.

(Later That Evening; At Naruto's House)

Naruto, Jiraiya and Seijiro were sitting together into Naruto's study and work office. While in Naruto's office, they were listening and watching the video recorded meeting that Hiruzen had with his four kage bunshin in his Hokage office earlier today. But they were particularly interested in listen to the part about Danzō and everything about was said about him and everything he did. Neither Naruto, Jiraiya nor Seijiro liked what they heard one bit and it only fueled Naruto's and Seijiro's hatred of Danzō. After they were done listening and watching the video, Naruto said, "Danzō has committed more acts of treason than I would have forgiven if I were the Hokage! I see why predecessor threatened and wanted to kill him!"

"Both your ancestor and Sarutobi-sensei saw that Danzō was scheming to have Uzumaki Jinchuurikirs and some of the Uzumakis themselves indoctrinated as loyal members of his ROOT ANBU," Jiraiya said, "I always knew Danzō was never to be trust but up till now I never knew how far he'd go to get his way At we understand more why your life in Konoha was so bitter even after Sarutobi-senei passed the law forbidding anyone from talk about the night of Kyuubi's attack. Danzō was behind this in is plot to later manipulate you into joining his organization."

"It's very clear that this Danzō is loyal only to himself and his cause," Seijiro remarked, "He has no respect or loyalty to his fallen or living leaders and fact that he even plotted and attempted to murder Sandaime for the position of Hokage is proof that Danzō might even make an attempt at your life Jiraiya in the future."

"In Itachi's black book," Naruto recalled, "Itachi explained how Danzō stole one of Shishui's Sharingan eye some time before the Uchiha clan massacre took place. And through my clones' investigation, I learned that Danzō even tried to steal the Sharingan from Kakashi. For someone who's been very distrustful of the Uchiha clan, his objective in stealing Sharingan eyes has raised a number of red flags and suspicions. But that's not the only thing about Danzō that bothers me."

"What else is there?" Jiraiya asked.

"Why is Danzō heavily bandaged with only one eye to see with and only his left hand that's useable while being clothed and covered in dark robes?" Naruto asked, "What happened to him that led him to look the way he does with the condition he's in? It's never been disclosed or explained why, and my clones couldn't find any records of Danzō being in any wars or battles that led him to be severely wounded or hurt by enemies that bad. Like it or not, Sandaime-jisan has turned a blind eye to this like everything else Danzō has done. If you ask me, Danzō is plotting something, something big."

Seijiro turned to Jiraiya and asked, "What will you do as Hokage? Will you continue to allow Danzō to serve his function as part of the hierarchy?"

"I don't trust that man anymore than either of you do," Jiraiya said, "And I certainly wouldn't trust him with my daughter and her people if his actions against Sarutobi-sensei and Naruto as a child doesn't already speak volumes of what he's capable of. Even when I become Hokage, disbanding his ROOT ANBU and removing him from the hierarchy won't be easy as he undoubtedly has connections within and outside of Konoha. If I removed him from the hierarchy I'm sure he'll make life for us difficult in one way or another."

"Speaking of your daughter ero-jisan," Naruto contemplated audibly, "The hierarchy and perhaps others will see you being the Godaime Hokage and the biological father of the ruling princess of Nadeshiko as an opportunity for Konoha through you to not only convince your daughter to open trade with Konoha but to exercise a measure of influence and control over that village."

"While opening trade between Konoha and Nadeshiko is going to happen however," Jiriaya said, "I will not allow the hierarchy to force my hand in having controlling influence in how my daughter governs her people. As Hokage and her father, I'll serve as her example and role model in how to govern and protect her people since I used to live among them for a number of years and my late wife taught me many things in how the government, trading and the ninja systems work in her village."

"Speaking of ninja system Jiraiya," Seijiro suggested, "The shinobi council might request if you can to convince your daughter in allowing Konoha to have some form of influence in their shinobi system and training programs. Since it's female dominated, they may want you to convince your daughter and her governing council to allow some of Konoha's most trustworthy kunoichis to be sent to Nadeshiko to exchange teachings and trainings between the two villages."

"While that might be an acceptable idea however," Jiraiya replied, "In the end, that decision will be entirely up to my daughter and her people since they practically have their own self-contained culture and way of life. My daughter along with her country's governing council will look out and take into consideration what's the best interests of their people, not Konoha's. When the time comes, we'll have to see exactly how things play out and where we'll go from there."

"That's understandable," Naruto agreed.

"Still," Jiraiya stated, "As Hokage and Naruto's teacher, it will be difficult to continue my work as a spy master and keeping up with my spy contacts," Jiraiya turned to Seijiro and said, "Your skills and talent as a spy master and infiltrator are just as good as my own if not far better. Would you be in the position to work for Konoha as our spy master and infiltrator?"

"I don't know yet Jiraiya," Seijiro said, "I was inclined to train Kansui and his brother Arashi as my new apprentices. I'll have to give your offer some serious thoughts and consideration first if that's alright with you."

"I understand completely," Jiraiya said, "This is not something I would entrust to just anyone Seijiro. Asking you to take over my role as a spy master shows the amount of trust and reliance I have in you. I hope you deep lyconsider my offer."

"I will," Seijiro promised. Jiraiya stood up from his seat and said, "I better be on my way now. My daughter is waiting for me to go see her soon."

"How are you and Tsunade-obaachan taking your daughter's hatred of her?" Naruto asked, "I can't imagine how you and Tsunade-obaachan must feel knowing that your daughter is completely unhappy with you dating Tsunade-obaachan. You may have forgiven Tsunade-obaachan for everything she put you through, but your daughter doesn't appreciate how Tsunade-obaachan never apologized about that bathhouse incident that nearly got you killed and how she tried to justify her actions during that incident."

"Tsunade-hime vowed that she will win my daughter's love and admiration sincerely," Jiraiya revealed, "She said no matter how long it takes me or how hard and far she must go, she would prove that she's not the same person she once was! Tsunade-hime understands the situation and rift that exist between her and my daughter but she holds no ill-will towards my daughter."

Naruto asked, "Will you talk to Sakuya-bime about Tsunade-obaachan and-"

"Tsunade asked me to allow her and my daughter to work things out between without me trying to influence my daughter's actions and view towards her," Jiraiya interjected, "But the best that I'll do is to encourage my daughter to give Tsunade a chance to prove who she truly is and to look pass her past faults and mistakes At the same time though, I can overlook the fact that Sakuya-bime might think I'm trying to replace her late mother with Tsunade. As her father, I'll have to help her to understand that her late mother will never be replaced and that she'll continue to live in our hearts."

"I wish the best between Sakuya-bime and Tsunade-obaachan," Naruto said, "I can only wonder how Tsunade-obaachan will win your daughter's love and admiration."

"Tsunade-hime is the world's most renown medic ninja after all," Jiraiya said confidently, "She'll think of some way to fill in and heal the rift between them. Well, I'll be on my way now. Until next time."

Jiraiya performed a smoke shunshin and left Naruto's office and house, leaving him alone with Seijiro. Naruto leaned back in his seat in front of his desk and remarked, "I wish I knew what to do about Danzō. That man is practically a walking threat and obviously an unremorseful traitor that Sandaime-jiisan tolerated for far too long."

"I'll keep a close eye on Danzō for you Naruto," Seijiro offered, "I'll monitor him with a more keen eye and a spy that I can effectively plant within his ROOT ANBU. But I won't do a thing against him personally unless it's truly necessary."

"In that case," Naruto replied, "I'll leave Danzō to you."

(The Next Day At The Hokage Tower)

Naruto and all of his brethren were summoned to the Hokage Tower for an unscheduled meeting with the Hokage, the hierarchy and the shinobi council. An hour before noon was when Naruto and all of his brethren arrived at the meeting chamber where all of the other clan leaders, the hierarch and Hiruzen were. When Karin's, Akio's, Akemi's and Akira's eyes fell on Danzō however, a most alarming and uncomfortable vibe ran down their spines as they sensed a dark aura radiating from out of that man. They sensed a very dark secret hidden underneath Danzō's physical appearance. They kept themselves together but knew for a certain not to trust Danzō or agree to anything he suggest unless Naruto said otherwise.

"Welcome newcomers of Konoha," Hiruzen greated with Jiraiya standing to his right. The Toad Sage saw that Tsunade was standing alongside Akira while Seijiro stood by Naruto's righthand side as his advisor and personal bodyguard.

"I understand that this meeting is on very short notice," Hiruzen stated, "But I felt it was necessary for the shinobi council and the hierarchy to be properly introduced to all of you. As you're well aware, Naruto is also a member of the shinobi council of this village."

"Yes Sandaime-sama," Seijiro replied politely, "Naruto has well informed us of his position and role in this council."

"Good," Hiruzen replied as he nodded his head and continued, "The meeting will commence and come to order now. We're hear to not only introduce ourselves to the newcomers but also to learn some things about them and their history before arriving here in Konoha as surviving members of the Uzumaki clan."

Seijiro was chosen to go first to explain his history and abilities. Seijiro explained his profession as a freelance bounty hunter who had no affiliation or allegiance to any country though he had connections with Koyuki-hime of Haru no Kuni.

"Uzumaki Seijiro," Danzō interrogated, "After hearing about you from Koyuki-hime from Haru no Kuni, some investigating was done into your background and we found that you have an active criminal record as an S-class missing from Kirigakure. You wanted for fraud, conspiracy and plotting against the establish government of Kirigakure with a kill-on-sight order issued against you. Can you to explain those criminal activities to us?"

"Hatake Kakashi also has a kill-on-sight order issue against him from Kirigakure as an A-class ninja wanted dead," Seijiro retorted, "I don't see Kakashi standing before the council here being force to explain himself."

Danzō wasn't deterred by Seijiro's countering words as he replied, "We're well of aware of Kakashi's actions during the Third Shinobi War and his exploits against Kirigakure during the war. We don't know anything about your history with Kirigakure and therefore you pose as a possible security threat to this village's safety, especially since you have no affiliation or loyalty to any shinobi village."

'This man is a danger to Naruto, myself and the rest of my brethren,' Seijiro thought as his mind began planning on how to deal with Danzō in the future, 'He's truly a snake whose head needs to be crushed!'

Naruto came to Seijiro's defense and explained, "Krigakure was one of the shinobi nations that sought to wipe out the Uzumaki clan in the first place. And before you or anyone here jump to wrong conclusions about any of my clansmen, I ask that you and everyone here first hear and know the facts about Seijiro-jisan's past."

"I will remind you Naruto that I stated earlier before the council here that an investigation was done on Uzumaki Seijiro," Danzō retorted as eh pulled out an official Bingo book from Kirigakure show Seijiro's records, "None of what I said was made up boy."

Seeing how Danzō was trying to undermine him and criminalize his brethren, Naruto looked straight at Danzō and countered, "Your so-called proof of Seijiro-jisan being a security threat to Konoha is as valid as me stating in front of everyone here that I have proof from a reliable source that you Danzō had ambushed Uchiha Shishui, a loyal shinobi of this village, for his Sharingan before his death and the night of Uchiha clan massacre happened."

Hearing that placed Danzō on the spot as all eyes turned to look at him. With his years of experience, Danzō was able to keep his calm without breaking a sweat of nervousness as he was replied, "You make a fair point Naruto. I have no grounds on which to refute you in saying that I still don't have enough proof of Seijiro posing as a threat to this village."

"I should hope so," Naruto remarked, "It's my job as clan leader and a member of this council to defend my brethren from both enemies and potential enemies."

Outwardly Danzō looked calm, but he was raging internally while wondering, 'How did Naruto found out about that? What else does Naruto know about me and my ROOT organization that he shouldn't know?'

"Don't make any accusations against my brethren without substantial proof Danzō!" Naruto warned, "You may be part of the hierarchy, but I give you my word, I will not bend or cower to those who threat my precious people! I'll defend them, even from you Danzō! So don't test me!"

Naruto and Danzō stared at each other defiantly as though there was a standoff.

"Order in this chamber!" Hiruzen commanded, "We will not turn this meeting into a war room! There will be peace and order in this chamber! Am I clear on that?"

Naruto calmed himself down but kept his guard up with Danzō, as did all of the other Uzumakis in the chamber.

"Seijiro is no threat to Konoha at all," Jiraiya spoke up in Seijiro's defense, "In fact, he's one of the contributing reasons why we found Tsunade-hime faster and why she was willing to return to Konoha after years of being away. His skills as a ninja and bounty hunter are most admirable and demand respect if I do say so myself. I've personally gotten to know Seijiro, Kansui and Arashi during the time searching for Uzumaki Tsunade-hime before and after we found that. However, I've known Akio, Akemi and Akira for a longer period of time while I was residing in Nadeshiko but that was before they revealed to me that they're Uzumakis.

"These Uzumakis have lived hard and tragic lives with many enemies seeking their deaths before Naruto found joined them together as a clan again. I asked that everyone here please listen and hear their stories out."

All of the clan leaders along with Homura and Koharu listened to Jiraiya's speech and found his words meaningful.

"I agreed with Jiraiya-sama's appeal for the Uzumakis," Shibi remarked, "It would be logical to listen with open mindedness what our newcomers have to explain to us without having bias views of them for from strangers to us."

"It would be too troublesome to do otherwise really," Shikaku commented.

"So then let's hear their story out," Chouza said, "Let's start with Seijiro's life story."

Seijiro was then allowed to explain his history but left out the part of how he triggered the war between Kumo and Kiri. He only told the Hokage and everyone else in the chamber only what he wanted them to know and nothing more. The Triple-A sisters went and explained their history before and after joining Nadeshiko and how Seijiro helped them avenge the deaths of their family and clan. The Triple-A made it clear that they're ninjas affiliated with Nadeshiko and are willing to serve as liaisons between the two nations.

Kansui and Arashi then went and explained their past to the Hokage and council. But when ask about their abilities, they, like the others, only revealed enough but not a whole lot

Soon, Tsunade was asked by the hierarchy and council to explain her reasons wanting and choosing to join the Uzumaki clan and changing her name and status from Senju to Uzumaki. She explained that her time being with her brethren from her grandmother's side of the family gave her a new purpose, new bonds and a new family to be part of and protect as her precious people. She also explained that by birthright from her grandmother's side of the family she was within her rights to choose to join the Uzumaki clan and change her name from Senju to Uzumaki. She made it very clear that her decision to be known for now on as Uzumaki Tsunade was final and permanent.

After the meeting, Naruto left the Hokage Tower and made his way to his next destination, while both Tsunade and Karin went to retrieve Hinata.

(Hours Later; At Root Headquarters)

Danzō stood in front of a black-haired pale boy dressed in black the same age as Naruto who was kneeling in front of him.

"I was told you summoned me master," the boy said.

"I have a mission for you," Danzō instructed, "As of today, your new name will be Sai."

"Sai," the boy said with a smile on his face, "I like that name."

Danzō frowned deeply at the youth in front of him and ordered, "Don't make fake smiles in front of me."

Sai dropped the false smile and happy sounding tone for a more neutral and emotionless tone and expression, "My apologies Danzō-sama. But it's just hard for me to express emotions."

"Never mind that Sai," Danzō said, "I'm giving you a secret S-rank mission. You're to spy and keep close watch on Uzumaki Naruto. I want you to stick close to him without alerting him that you're working for me as my secret ROOT ANBU agent."

"May I ask what is it about Uzumaki Naruto that concerns you, Danzō-sama?" Sai inquired.

Danzō then thought back to when Naruto revealed in front of the entire council about his dealings with Shishui and how he stole his Sharingan. While he kept a calm outward facial expression during the meeting earlier, inside Danzō was plotting to have Naruto ambushed and murdered as he saw the Jinchuuriki as a dangerous threat to him and his ambitions for Konoha. But he knew that it wouldn't be easy to pull off when he recalled Hiruzen's warning about Naruto and Seijiro having connections with foreign nations that would retaliate against Konoha should a calamity that was Konoha's doing befall him and his brethren. During the meeting, Danzō saw that he would have to carefully buy out some time to plan out how he would effective remove Naruto and later Seijiro, making sure it doesn't point back to him as the conspirator.

"The Jinchuuriki poses as a dangerous security risk to both me and ROOT as an organization," Danzō replied, "Further details on Naruto will be given to you at a future time. In the meantime, your primary mission is to keep track of Naruto's movements and report back to me with anything important you discovered about the Uzumaki."

"As you wish Danzō-sama," Sai said in obedient compliance. Danzō was no fool though. He knew how dangerous Naruto was as an S-class Elite Jounin-level Chuunin. But while Danzō knew Sai couldn't afford to underestimate Naruto at any time, he was willing to sacrifice Sai if it meant fulfillment of his ambitions and goals for Konoha.


Naruto was alone and out in one of the training fields standing in front of a cable that was tied and being held up seven feet off the ground. Tied across the cable were ten flat square shaped pottery plates each of them being held up by small ropes tied through the one hole each of them had at the top corner. The plates themselves were a foot long and wide and being held five feet off the ground. Naruto went over to one of the ten plates and stood in front of it. Clenching his right fist, he gathered his strength and laughed his fist into the plate, shattering it on contact. He repeated this with his left fist and shattered the second plate to pieces.

"Naru-chan!" Hanabi called out as watched approached and saw what Naruto was doing. Naruto turned to see his girlfriend's younger sister approaching him with curious look on her face.

"Hanabi-chan," Naruto greeted, "Nice to see you. But what are you doing out here?"

"I came to practice my drunken earth elemental Juuken in private without onee-sama or father or the others knowing about it," Hanabi revealed, "That was until I heard the sound of shattering pottery. So I came here to see what was happening only to find you breaking these plates."

"This is an advanced physical training," Naruto explained, "It's useful in building up pure raw strength without the use of chakra or elemental manipulation. It helps strengthen your blows especially when in close melee combat. Do you like them?"

"Yeah I do!" Hanabi said confidently, "In fact it sounds easy! Let me try!"

"Alright" Naruto gestured to her to go ahead and try to shatter the third plate, "But remember, absolutely no chakra or earth manipulation! It's pure physical strength!"

Wanting to prove herself to Naruto, Hanabi nodded her head and hurried to the third plate and got herself ready to punch and shatter the plate like Naruto did. Clenching her right fist tightly, Hanabi got ready and punched it and…

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Hanabi squealed in pain as she quickly rubbed her now sore right knuckles after finding that not only were those pottery plates hard, but they also carried some weight to them.

"You think it's easy?" Naruto teased, "Go ahead Hanabi-chan! Try it!"

Hanabi frowned deeply at Naruto and went back to the third plate, deciding to use her left fist this time. She threw a punch at it again and…

"Ouch!" Hanabi cried in pain as she now rubbed her left knuckles.

"Still think, that it's so easy?" Naruto mocked as he grinned at Hanabi. Instead of giving Naruto a retort, she tried a third time, but the result was still the same as she hurt her left fist again, giving off the same squeal like before. Naruto chuckled and turned away as he walked off towards his training equipment resting under a shaded tree. Seeing that Naruto's back was turned, Hanabi smiled mischievously as she grabbed the plate with her left hand to keep it in place. With all her might without the use of chakra or earth manipulation as Naruto instructed, Hanabi threw her right fist into the plate and let go of it at the last second before her fist struck the plate.

"OW!" Hanabi shouted loudly as her fist not only stuck the plate but caused it to swing forward and upward fast over the cable and back down, leading it to shatter on the back of her head on contact with Hanabi being forced to her knees from the impact. On hearing the sound of shattered pottery, Naruto turned to Hanabi and congratulated proudly, "Way to go! You broke it!"

Hanabi, while on her knees and looking up at Naruto with tears running down her face while holding her injured head, cried in pain, "Yeah! And also my head too!"

The young Hyuuga continued crying while she held her hands over the spot where the plate struck her before Naruto went over to treat and bandage her head injury. He made a mental note to have Hanabi's injury healed up by a medic nin later after explaining to her how to properly shatter the pottery plates without hurting herself. While both Hinata and Karin were currently with Tsunade to begin their new training with her, Hanabi was introduced to a new form of training she would implement into her Juuken fighting style and eventually into her drunken elemental earth Juuken style.

Hinata and Karin started their new training with Tsunade while Hanabi was introduced to a new form of training by an absolute fluke. Danzō is making moves to plant Sai as a spy to keep careful watch on Naruto. How far will Sai get in his dangerous mission S-rank mission to spy on a seal/spy master? How will Seijiro go about spying on Danzō? Will Tsunade succeed in winning Konohanasakuya-hime's forgiveness, love and admiration as she has vowed to as an Uzumaki while dating Jiraiya? What further discoveries will Sasuke learn with Tayuya regarding Itachi's true motives as to why he wiped out the Uchiha clan while leaving him alive? Find out more next time.