Chapter Forty-Eight: Ancestry Part 1

A/N: For those who don't know, I changed Roka's mother's name from Emi to Kaoru. I believe that name suits her character as an Uchiha better, whereas Emi would be more fitted for a native born Uzumaki.

Also, I sure many of you by now have noticed throughout the story how I've been a troll with my constant teasing and flirting with the idea of whether or not this will turn into a harem or just solely NaruHina. Well, I'll take a moment to confirm and clarify some things:

Hinata: Naruto's confirmed girlfriend and intimate lover. Jiriaya, Seijiro and Karin are the only ones who are aware that Naruto and Hinata are intimate with each other.

Honoka: It is true that Naruto at first did have a secret huge crush on her and it took him a quite while to eventually get over and move on from it. Though he never verbally said it at the time, Naruto secretly wanted to sleep with Honoka. Honoka suspected this, but never brought it up. All this because of being a hormonal young teenager infused with Jiraiya's potent perverted nature.

Temari: It was clear that she wanted Naruto for herself and saw Hinata was a problem she couldn't get rid of as she already was in a relationship with Naruto. With great reluctance, Temari backed off after Hinata confronted her in the bathhouse about her constant interest and inquiry of Naruto.

Karin: She always teased Naruto and Hinata with perverted jokes while targeting Naruto with perverted pranks before she found love with Arashi. She once blackmailed Naruto after catching him peeping on her, Honoka, Temari and Hinata at the bathhouse.

Shion: She sought to conceive daughters with Naruto to serve as Uzumaki priestesses before Naruto influenced Kansui to pursue a future relationship with her while being her personal bodyguard and close friend.

Shizuka: She admires Naruto's skills, strengths and abilities. Once, she misunderstood Naruto's words and almost challenged him for his hand in marriage before Naruto clarified things.

Tenten: Her situation was the result of a misunderstanding that Konohanasakuya, Shizuka and Ami had regarding her eternal rivalry with Naruto. The trio almost thought that Tenten would eventually want to pursue something more with Naruto in the future as she swore to forever chase after him in efforts either match or surpass him.

Hanabi: She innocently followed Hinata's advice in getting to know Naruto herself and bonding with him since Hinata refused to answer certain questions she, Hanabi, had about Naruto. Her spent time with Naruto, whether for training or hanging out with him, led to her understanding why Hinata fell in love with Naruto. But that unfortunately, also led to Hanabi unintentionally developing affections and feelings of her own for Naruto in the process, something Hinata didn't expect. Adding to Hinata's concern was Hanabi confiding in her about her (Hanabi's) secret hope of Hinata deciding to share Naruto with her one day. What will be the outcome of this matter? That unfortunately, remains to be seen…

Seijiro stood there in absolute disbelief at seeing the man in front of him, an Uzumaki who was once his teacher and trainer during the final decade of Uzu no Kuni. In their company was also the Uzumaki woman Seijiro knew from his youth who also was once his subordinate after his promotion to Chuunin.

"Roka-Sensei!" Seijiro exclaimed, "I had no idea you along with Hotaru-chan survived the fall of our homeland!"

"It was by Ashina-sama's good grace and sacrifice that I'm still alive," Roka revealed, "I was in the front line by his side along with our other veteran seal grandmasters and ninjas while buying some time for our other brethren to escape our homelands destruction. I was 100 percent sure that I was going to die alongside Ashina-sama in order for the younger generation Uzumakis to escape and live. Ashina-sama though had other plans for me. He wanted me, as his clan deputy, to live and ensure that his heir through his bloodline lived on. But I was in a deep coma for years as a result of my severe injuries and emotional trauma in seeing so many of our brethren, young and old, lost. I only awoken from my deep coma two years ago and have been traveling and searching the shinobi world for my surviving brethren and master's next heir."

"Ashina-sama's great grandson, Uzumaki Naruto, is alive and is the new clan leader of the reviving Uzumaki clan," Seijiro revealed, which immediately caught Roka's attention.

"He's alive!?" Roka asked.

"Alive and strong," Seijiro stated, "I also served as his clan deputy like how you used to during the time Ashina-sama reigned as clan leader and ruler over Uzu no Kuni."

"You haven't changed at all Seijiro-kun," Hotaru remarked with an affectionate smile, "You always talked and proclaimed to everyone how you were going to become Roka-sensei's successor as the next clan deputy and righthand man of the future clan leader."

"And I finally fulfilled my dreams," Seijiro replied, "We Uzumakis never go back on our word."

"And speaking of our other brethren that Uzumaki Naruto is proclaimed to be clan leader of," Roka implored, "Are they in Uzu no Kuni? We must meet with them and Naruto."

"The reestablished Uzumaki clan is currently residing in Konohagakure," Seijiro said.

"The ninja village Kushina was sent to in order to become its next Jinchuuriki?" Roka asked, "And speaking of Kushina, what became of her?"

"It's a very long story," Seijiro said, "But we'll explained everything to you, Hotaru and Hotsuma after we return to Konoha."

"We're about a three days' journey from Konoha," Hotsuma said, "We'll arrive there in good timing if we head out now to Konoha."

"I have a better idea than that," Seijiro suggested before he form a complex hand seal and said, "Ninpō: Kuchiyose!"

There was a burst of smoke that appeared in front of Seijiro and the other three Uzumakis briefly. When the smoke cleared, it revealed Naruto standing in front of them. Naruto turned to Seijiro and was about to inquire of him about why he summoned him when Naruto was suddenly hit with waves of sensations and emotions that was triggered from his Soul Union abilities. He immediately turned to see Roka, Hotaru and Hotsuma standing around him. Naruto's eyes widened with he realized that in front of him were three new Uzumakis he never met before.

"That was my reason for summoning you out here," Seijiro stated happily, "One of my agents found Hotaru and her son Hotsuma and summoned me out here."

"Seijiro," Roka asked, "Who's this young man you summoned here?"

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto," Naruto greeted, "I'm very happy to meet all of you," Naruto turned to the woman and her child and said, "I'm assuming that you're Hotaru and Hotsuma."

"Yes we are," Hotaru said, "My son and I were traveling from Nami no Kuni to Konoha after learning about you and Honoka from Tazuna and his family."

"The other natives of Nami no Kuni also speak very highly of you as their hero and savior after liberating them from some crime lord named Gatō," Hotsuma added, "Tazuna told us where we could find you and Honoka."

"That's great!" Naruto replied before turned to the oldest of the group, "And what's your name?"

"I'm Uzumaki Roka," Roka introduced, "I'm Seijiro's teacher and trainer."

"So you're Roka," Naruto stated, "Seijiro-jisan told me much about you. Now that I remember," Naruto looked over at Hotaru, "Seijiro-jisan also told me about you too Hotaru. Your son however…he didn't tell me anything about you having a son."

"I was married later after the fall of Uzushiogakure," Hotaru elaborated, "But my husband was killed protecting me while I was pregnant with our son."

"I'm sorry about that," Naruto said, "But his sacrifice wasn't in vain as he protected what was precious to him with his life. He was an honorable man."

"Thank you for your kind words," Hotaru replied. Naruto then made a hand sign and suddenly there came a large burst of smoke that surrounded their immediate vicinity. After the smoke cleared, Roka, Hoatu and Hotsuma came to see the rest of the Uzumaki clan from Konoha surrounding them.

"Everyone!" Naruto declared, "Meet three surviving Uzumakis who were found thanks to Seijiro-jisan's spy network."

That was when they took a good look at the newcomers whom they never met before.

"These new Uzumakis are very young like yourself Naruto," Roka commented as he now removed his hood off his head, revealing his long braided red hair that had some sleek streaks of black and white in his hair, "As it stands, I'm the oldest Uzumaki here."

"Could have fooled us with your young appearance," Arashi remarked, "You're not hiding your true appearance under a genjutsu are you?"

"Don't mock me!" Roka retorted, "I have no need to hide my true face like a coward!"

Tsunade felt a vain appear on the right side of her forehead as she felt the indirect verbal slap to the face from Roka's remark though it wasn't intentional.

"Why would you even ask me such a stupid question?" Roka inquired. Arashi was about to say something when he saw from the left side of his eye Tsunade cracking her knuckles with a toothy sinister smile that promised him broken bones and misery in ICU.

"No reason really," Arashi said nervously as he knew it would be wise to drop the topic now.

"Youths," Roka remarked after quietly catching the look and actions coming from Tsunade and putting two and two together. Naruto rolled up his sleeves and extended his arms out towards everyone and instructed, "Each of you take hold me my arms and hands with one of your hands."

"Why?" Hotsuma asked with a confused look on his face.

"Soul Union," Naruto stated, "You'll understand after everyone joins in arms with me."

The other Uzumakis who had experienced this before nodded their heads and complied quickly. Roka, Hotaru and Hotsuma decided to follow their example to see where Naruto was going with this. As soon as they complied, the Soul Union initiated between the clan members. The three newcomers were experiencing large loads of sensations, emotions and thought processes that they never felt before in their entire lives. They felt entirely connected with their brethren as they were sharing and communicating each other's life understandings and bonds. Roka, Hotaru and Hotsuma in all their years had never gone through an experience as that before. The love, the warmth, the loyalty, their understandings, so many ways to describe their new connections with their brethren. They finally found home, family and security and new bonds worth protecting with their lives.

For Roka, having many years of experiences in Uzu no Kuni and past personal ties and experiences with Ashina, he developed a new sense of loyalty to Naruto as he was Ashina's descendant and great grandson. Roka formed a solemn commitment to carry out his new role among his younger brethren, seeing himself as their surrogate grandfather figure and protector.

Hotaru felt she found now just her distant nephews and nieces with the young Uzumakis whereas with Tsunade, it was like she found an older sister. With her connection with Seijiro, she felt old sensations and emotions she had before starting to resurface.

Hotsuma felt he found older brothers and sisters, aunts, a grandfather, and towards Seijiro, he felt like he found a role model and father figure in him.

Naruto and the rest felt new attachments and bonds forming with their three newcomers. With Roka, they also sensed a strong power from him that was neither Uzumaki or Senju. Naruto, after tapping further into Roka's being however, was made fully aware of what that power within Roka was. After the Soul Union was concluded, all of the Uzumaki's slowly pulled their hands away from Naruto, taking a moment to process everything that just happened.

"That was amazing!" Hotsuma exclaimed excitedly, "It felt as though I knew all of you my entire life and that mother and I were never alone!"

"It was such a wondering experience!" Hotaru remarked, "I never felt anything like it in all my life!"

"You children truly are Uzumakis," Roka remarked, "This new generation has talents that I wasn't expecting to see."

"And you have a heritage that's not common among the Uzumakis," Naruto stated as he looked directly at Roka, "That is until the era of my ancestor Ashina. You're half Uzumaki like me."

"What are you saying Naruto?" Tsunade asked curiously.

"Like you Tsunade-obaachan," Naruto replied, "He has mixed heritage. Only it's not Senju, but Uchiha."

All eyes were now on Roka, who stood there unphased by Naruto revealing his deeply kept secret to everyone there.

"You're half Uchiha?!" Seijiro asked in disbelief, catching everyone's attention, even Naruto's.

"You mean you didn't know Seijiro-jisan?" Naruto asked in surprise.

"I'd have told you had I know about this," Seijiro made clear, "I would not have kept that a secret from you."

"My Uchiha heritage was a long-guarded secret," Roka revealed, "Very few knew about my mixed heritage. How did you figure it out so quickly Naruto?"

"Through my Soul Union with you," Naruto revealed, "While I connected with you, a felt an unusual power within you, a power I became very familiar with after my encounter with Uchiha Itachi some months ago. Not to mention that I have an Uchiha for a teammate."

"So you had an up close encounter with that missing-nin before?" Roka replied, "It truly must have been an enlightening experience seeing that it helped you in figuring out my Uchiha heritage."

"Itachi is strong and formidable," Naruto admitted, "I was careless when I first fought him and the Sharingan is something I'll be on guard on next time."

Roka activated his dōjutsu for everyone there to see and said, "I'll be more than happy to teach you and everyone here about the Sharingan."

"Cool!" Hotsuma praised, "I didn't know you have such amazing abilities!"

"Neither did I," Seijiro said, "And I was his student during my earlier days as a Genin and Chuunin."

"An Uzumaki with all of the abilities of the Uchiha clan," Tsunade commented, "My grandmother Mito never mentioned any marital union between the Uzumaki and the Uchiha clan."

"Mito-sama was aware of it as were the older generation of our clan," Roka said, "But most of the younger generation Uzumakis weren't aware of it and the older generation chose to keep it as a hidden secret from Konoha."

Roka deactivated his Sharingan and changed his eyes back to normal.

"Tell us everything about yourself and who your parents were," Naruto said, "Everything. No secrets. Why was your heritage guarded and kept secret from the rest of the Uzumaki clan?"

"It was to keep both me and my mother safe," Roka revealed, "My father was Uzumaki Kenshin. He was one of the most feared and strongest swordsmen and seal masters Uzu no Kuni ever produced, trained by Ashina-sama himself. My father fought in many battles and he also fought alongside our cousin clan, the Senju clan, with our other Uzumaki brethren during the shinobi clan wars. His speed, strength and caliber were rivaled by Senju Tobirama-sama who would later become Konoha's Nidaime.

"My father and Tobirama-sama would occasionally have their spars, but it always became fierce between them as they were always trying to prove who was swifter, faster and more skilled with the sword. Their rivalry pushed them to always improve and hone their skills as far as they could push them. Some of our brethren and some of our Senju cousins at first thought that both my father and Tobirama-sama hated each other. But that wasn't the case at all. They later learned that both my father and Tobirama-sama actually had the utmost respect and admiration for each other and their abilities. But in spite of all of their improvements, their matches always ended in a draw as they were never able to topple the other. Never once did they ever take their matches with each other personal as some used to believe.

"It was those matches with Tobirama-sama combined with Ashina-sama's training and his earlier training with my grandfather, Uzumaki Seijūrō, that helped him become one of Uzu no Kuni's strongest S-class swordsmen and seal masters. On the battlefield, my father was swift, stealthy, deadly, and brutal. His enemies and others who feared our clan had known him, not by his real name, but by his alias, Hitokiri Battōsai The Man Slayer."

"That's an interesting history lesson I'd love to teach to my class," Honoka remarked after a long period of silence

"I'd love to narrate the lesson myself if you ever get the opportunity to teach your class," Roka replied

"I'll arrange for that," Honoka said happily.

"I remember hearing about your grandfather sensei," Seijiro recounted, "Uzumaki Seijūrō: he was a legendary grandmaster swordsman and the one who originated the battōjutsu. Our homeland and people praised him as one of its best protectors. Seijūrō-sama's skills during the revolution was one to the primary instruments in bringing about the end to the shinobi clan wars. He was a living legend well known throughout many nations for his surreal mastery of swordsmanship."

"You haven't changed at all Seijiro-kun," Hotaru remarked with a grin, "You were always a fan of our sensei's family's legacy."

"The boy had good reasons to," Roka stated, "My grandfather's and father's legacies and accomplishments were nothing to sneeze at. My grandfather trained and taught my father his signature Battōjutsu. This cloak that I'm wearing was made by my grandfather and it used to be worn by him. It's comprised of several heavy materials that weighs down the wearer, as well as counter-springs in the shoulders that constantly apply a pressure of roughly 200lbs. The garment acted as a training device, helping him to maintain his strength and speed. It was given to my father as an heirloom and my father always wore it before and after he became the Battōsai. In time, I inherited it in succession of my father."

"Cool Roka-jiisan!" Hotsuma praised.

"My father's mastery of that skill and reputation for defeating his foes in a single blow earned him the moniker, the Battōsai," Roka continued, "He was able to effortlessly cut through steel, and one of the few last master swordsmen able to perform the act of modoshigiri, in where an accomplished wielder of the sword wielding the best of blades were able to cut so neatly, the target can be reattached as if it was never cut.

"The focus-point of his style is enabling him to move at "godspeed" to its fullest, striking and running about at speeds so immense and suddenly that he routinely outpaces the human eye and even dodges enemy's lightning jutsus. In the unlikely event his first strike misses his enemies, my father was equally adapt in dual-sword combat, using his sheath as a secondary weapon, able to use his ambidextrous swordplay to instantly unleash a secondary strike from his sheath, making it almost impossible to beat him once he takes the battōjutsu stance.

"My father was able to engage in prolonged battles, using a variety of techniques, enabling him to fight practically assault. He was able to use his environment to his advantage, flipping about and jumping off the terrain to confuse his foe and find an opening, even running across walls. He was also well known for his remarkable battle instinct, able to instinctively adapt to his opponent's style, letting him seeing through their true nature and read their attack patterns. That allowed him effectively counter an enemy's attack after seeing it once if not neutralize the threat completely. While specializing in swordsmanship, my father also skilled in hand-to-hand combat prowess, able to calmly fend off a large group of foes with jujitsu and aikido maneuvers."

"Your grandfather and Ashina-sama taught Kenshin superbly," Seijiro remarked, "Even Ashina-sama praised Seijūrō-sama accomplishments and contributions to our clan."

"During my father's time," Roka added, "He did his best to live up to my grandfather's reputation and legacy. Uchiha clan during that time however tried to copy my grandfather's battōjutsu to incorporate it into their clan's kenjutsu style. But as hard as they tried to however, they were never able truly copy it and were only able to develop a bastardized version of it. Itachi learned that hard way recently when he encountered me, assuming that I was using sword techniques very similar to the Uchiha clan's when in truth, the Uchiha clan were only able to develop a weakened lesser quality version of my grandfather's battōjutsu."

"I'm sure it must have been a humbling experience," Naruto remarked, "Why was Itachi and Kisame after you?"

"Itachi wanted to verify my Uchiha heritage since like all of Konoha he wasn't aware that I exist," Roka answered, "He only knew me as Roka the Rogue Slayer."

"Whereas your father was the Manslayer," Akio pointed out, "What became of Itachi and Kisame after they found you?"

"Itachi and his partner Kisame however lived and got away, effectively escaping my wrath," Roka said.

"Lucky them," Naruto commented.

"As feared as my father was however," Roka continued, "He later came to have a secret admirer, Uchiha Kaoru, the woman who eventually became my mother. She was one of the strongest and most polished female Jounins produced by the Uchiha clan. She befriended Uzumaki Mito-sama and spent a lot of time with her in order to learn more about the Uzumaki clan."

"Why was Kaoru so interested in our clan?" Akira asked.

"My mother, while growing up, heard many things about our clan and our reputation as one of the strongest and most feared clan," Roka explained, "Though she was aware that Madara and Senju Hashirama were fierce rivals, she knew and understood why Madara never challenged the might of our clan in mortal combat."

"I always wondered why Madara never did despite how powerful he was," Tsunade asked, "I mean, the Uchiha clan and Senju clan had warred against each other for years. Hell, Madara even went as far as to give my grandfather an ultimatum and that was after he lost to my grandfather in a battle between just the both of them that lasted for 24 hours."

"Say what?" Akira asked and then stated, "That doesn't make any sense! Madara lost that battle and he presumptuously thought he was within his rights to make demands from Hashirama-sama?"

"Madara wasn't known for modesty or humility," Tsunade replied, "Plus, he hated that my grandfather was always stronger than him."

"What was this presumptuous ultimatum Madara gave Hashirama-sama?" Seijiro asked.

"The ultimatum was that he either kill my granduncle or kill himself if he wants the Senju clan to be trusted by him and the Uchiha clan," Tsunade answered.

"Madara lost that battle and he arrogantly thought he was within his rights to make such a preposterous demand from Hashirama-sama?" Arashi asked.

"That's ludicrous!" Karin stated.

"Madara, even with the Eternal Mangekyō and all his might, couldn't beat my grandfather in that battle," Tsunade added, "Madara was a very proud and arrogant man and even to my disbelief, my grandfather almost went through with committing senpukku himself in front of Madara and my granduncle just so the Uchiha clan and Madara could make peace and trust the Senju clan."

"Almost?" Naruto asked, "What stopped him from going through with it?"

"Not what," Tsunade clarified, "But who. Shockingly, it was Madara himself who stopped my grandfather from actually gutting himself open after seeing how far he was willing to go to stop the clan war between the Senju clan and Uchiha clan."

"Ironic," Akio remarked, "I guess Madara respected Hashirama-sama's lack of hesitation in being willing to even sacrifice his own life if that's what it took to gain the Uchiha clan's trust."

"My grandfather's actions that day also led to a truce between the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan before Konoha was founded by them," Tsunade added.

"Ashina-sama told me about that incident after Hashirama-sama related it to him," Roka revealed before his tone turned somber, "However Ashina-sama also explained that he told Hashirama-sama how he vehemently disapproved of his actions in nearly committing senpukku just to appease Madara, who lost to him in battle. It was the only time that Ashina-sama was truly pissed at Hashirama-sama and it was the rarest occasion Hashirama-sama feared what Ashina-sama would do to him for pissing him off that badly."

"Comical," Naruto remarked, "The Shodai didn't fear death but he feared my great grandfather's wrath."

"I suppose death would have been an act of mercy," Honoka commented.

"Ashina-sama was not a man to cross or underestimate," Roka stated, "From what I know, Hashirama-sama, Tobirama-sama and the Sandaime Hokage feared him for good reasons. Not to mention Ashina-sama was a seal grandmaster who was a lot older than all three of them, having lived more than one hundred years."

"Yeah," Hotsuma remarked, "That's definitely reasons to fear him."

"What was Ashina-sama's explanation for his anger and outrage at Hashirama-sama if we may ask?" Hotaru inquired.

"Several weeks before that decisive 24-hour battle with Madara," Roka elaborated, "Hashirama-sama had married Uzumaki Mito-sama after receiving Ashina-sama's approval and blessings for her hand in marriage. He explained to Hashirama-sama that his actions that day were foolish, irresponsible and reckless regardless of Madara's later actions. Ashina-sama also told Hashirama-sama that he would have left Mito-sama widowed only after being married for a few weeks without having a chance to conceive a child with him if he was allowed to go through with that senpukku.

"He made it very clear that to Hashirama-sama that no victorious noble clan leader with dignity and self-respect should bow to such ridiculous demands of an enemy clan leader who he defeated in open combat just to gain their trust and that of their clan. Ashina-sama stated that he would have killed Madara before burning his body to ashes on the spot had he been in Hashirama-sama's position that day, especially if Madara dared told him to either kill one of his closest Uzumaki brethren or himself if he wanted the trust of the Uchiha clan for the Uzumaki clan. Ashina-sama found Madara's presumptuous demand as an act of great disrespect and insolence regardless of the fact he stopped Hashirama-sama from going through with it. But it was the fact that Hashirama-sama was willing and was about through with it that Ashina-sama found truly insulting to him and the Uzumaki clan since he had recently given Mito-sama's hand in marriage to Hashirama-sama."

"Ashina-sama's actions were like a father-in-law who got pissed off at his son-in-law's stupidity," Seijiro summed up.

"That's it in a nutshell," Roka confirmed, "Ashina-sama did eventually forgive Hashirama-sama's recklessness and never brought it back up. Ashina-sama was more than strong enough to kill Madara in one fight. Even if Madara were to use his Susanoo and Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan at full power, Ashina-sama would have still beaten him completely and taken much lesser time doing so.

"As for why Madara never challenged the Uzumaki clan, that's because of what happened many years ago while Mito-sama, Hashirama-sama, my mother, and Madara were young teenagers," Roka then looked at all of the Uzumakis waiting to hear his story as he took a breath and continued, "Madara's uncle, Uchiha Sōjurō, was tasked by his older brother Uchiha Tajima, Madara's father who was the Uchiha clan leader at the time, to lead a team of 12 Uchihas, six men and six women, all of them high Jounin-level, on a secret mission: infiltrate the Uzumaki clan and acquired as many secrets of the Uzumaki clan as possible, from advanced jutsus to advanced seals.

"They were only able to get to a certain point when security seals stationed around Uzushiogakure alerted our sensor type Uzumakis that unauthorized intruders infiltrated our village. Before Sōjurō and his team could get further in locating where our most treasured seals and jutsu archive was located, our brethren intercepted them. Realizing that they were compromised, some of those Uchihas battled our brethren while Sōjurō and his remaining team members escaped so they could continue their mission and find where our archive was kept. But they were all caught one-by-one and all 13 of them were detained.

"A couple of our brethren were injured, some a few seriously but thankfully there were no casualties among them. Sōjurō and his team of 12 were later brought before Ashina-sama who would decide their sentence. All of them paid severely for their crimes."

"How so?" Kansui asked.

"Ashina-sama allowed them to live and return back to their Uchiha brethren," Roka said.

"Why would Ashina-sama consider letting them return to their clan as a penalty for their crimes in invading our village?" Akemi asked.

"He didn't," Roka corrected, "As punishment, Ashina-sama sealed away their dōjutsu and permanently disabled their ability to pass on the Sharingan to their descendants. For the Uchihas, losing their bloodline limit and not being able to pass on the Sharingan to one's own future descendants was a dreaded fate. Even if they married an Uchiha who wasn't affected by Ashina-sama's actions, it wouldn't make a difference as that seal would be passed on to their descendants like a curse. Ashina-sama sent them back to their clan in disgrace and as living warning examples to the Uchiha clan. He personally warned and made it clear to Tajima that he'll declare open war and do the same to the entire of the Uchiha clan if they dare challenge and try to steal jutsus and seals from our clan ever again.

"Madara's uncle, Sōjurō, was one of those Uchihas who suffered that humiliating fate. Unable to live with the dishonor and shame of permanently losing their bloodline limit, they all committed suicide. That served to enforce both fear and respect for our clan by many other shinobi clans. The Uchiha clan never challenged our clan again since that incident, fearing that Ashina-sama would cause the Sharingan to go extinct if he were to go through in declaring open war against them."

"How did your mother Kaoru react to seeing what happened to her brethren by Ashina-sama's hands?" Hotsuma asked.

"She held no ill will towards our clan after she find out what they did to merit their tragic fate," Roka said, "She saw that it was entirely their own fault for attacking the Uzumaki clan in first place. She and rest of the Uchiha clan blamed Madara's father Tajima for what became of them and his own brother. It was that bloodguilt and shame that Tajima carried with him to the grave.

"It wouldn't be until years later when my mother met and befriended Mito-sama. That took place sometime after the Senju clan and Uchiha clan declared a truce and founded Konoha. What drew my mother's attention to Mito-sama was how beautiful and elegant she was especially with her majestic long red hair. Before she and Hashirama-sama got married, Mito-sama accepted and took on a solo S-rank mission to wipe out a battalion of ninjas from an enemy clan that swore a blood oath to destroy our clan. Hashirama-sama, after hearing about that dangerous solo mission his fiancée was sent on by Ashina-sama himself, rushed as fast as he could to where she was. But he was shocked by what happened and what he saw."

"What was it?" Hotaru inquired.

"There was a massive earthquake that was felt for miles," Roka explained, "After the earthquake subsided, Hashirama-sama continued on his way to see if Mito-sama was alright. When he arrived, he came to find that the entire mountain that the enemy clan resided in had completed collapsed on top of them. Mito-sama had destroyed and collapsed that entire mountain and wiped out that entire clan with that mountain after entrapping the mountain in a seal barrier to prevent their escape."

"How did she manage that incredible feat!?" Naruto asked.

"Mito-sama was a very gifted kunoichi. She had mastery over chakra control and she was an exceptional seal grand-mistress with monstrous super strength and chakra reserves," Roka said, "It was the combination those attributes that were utilized to wipe out that entire clan with their mountain in one attack. She became the first princess of Konoha after marrying Hashirana-sama."

"She was inspirational role model for many young kunoichis in Konoha," Tsunade spoke in, "She also taught me chakra control and how to turn that into super strength after I became a Chuunin. Plus she had incredible healing abilities as she was able to heal her injuries just as fast as my grandfather. It was one of the reasons why I decided to take up medical studies and advance in it. By she never mentioned anything about Uchiha Kaoru to me."

"My mother also saw Mito-sama as an inspirational role model and wanted so much to be like her," Roka revealed, "She eventually approached and introduced herself to Mito-sama. They quickly became good friends as Mito-sama saw how much my mother deeply respected and admired her. My mother's friendship and sisterly bond with Mito-sama heightened her interest and fascination with the Uzumaki clan."

"Months later, Mito-sama and Hashirama-sama invited my mother to watch a spar match between Tobirama-sama and the man who'd later become my father, Uzumaki Kenshin. My mother was attracted to my father when she saw him though she hid it well from him as he greeted and respected her as Mito-sama's dear friend. During the spar between Tobirama-sama and my father, my mother couldn't help to watch in amazement and awe at seeing how my father was able to hold his grounds and go toe-to-toe with the man who'd eventually become Konoha's Nidaime. She saw and understood why my father was given the feared alias he was known by.

"Talk about first impressions," Arashi commented.

"As skilled as my father was however," Roka said, "Ashina-sama had often referred to my father verbally as his idiot apprentice."

Everyone blinked for a moment as that caught all of them off guard.

"Say what?" Naruto remarked.

"That's news to me," Seijiro admitted., "I never knew that and I was your apprentice."

"I wasn't aware of that either," Hotaru revealed and asked, "Why did Ashina-sama consider your father an idiot?"

"As to why?" Roka replied and then explained, "I heard that there were times when my father, despite his intelligence and abilities, was rather dense and clueless."

"Wow!" Kansui remarked, "I hope that's not a shared trait for all of us Uzumaki males."

"Still," Roko continued, "That didn't deter my mother's interest in my father or changed her views of him. Mito-sama was aware of my mother's growing attraction for my father, but she knew my mother was just too nervous to confess her feelings to him. Whenever my father was in Konoha on business or just to have his occasional spars with Tobirama-sama, she would spy and secretly follow him around while hiding from his sight."

"It's funny as it is amazing how we Uzumakis have that ability in getting our future soulmates into behaving that way," Naruto remarked.

"But one day, something happened," Roka stated, "After completing a solo mission from Konoha, on her way back, my mother heard the sounds of a fierce battle taking place. She turned and hurried over to the direction the sounds were coming from and came across my father batting a squad of mercenary elites called "Oniwabanshū" led by a man named Shinomori Aoshi. With them was also ten Kumo ninjas. Their mission was to track down and kill my father by any means necessary. Rather than jumping in, my mother hid atop in one of the trees to watch and see how my father would fare against those Kumo ninjas and the Oniwabanshū. She promised herself that she would jump in at the very moment she saw that he was going to be overpowered by those ninjas and mercenaries. But then she saw him also perform jutsu that she had never seen before."

"That being?" Naruto asked.

"Kage Bunshin," Roka revealed, "Ashina-sama developed it and taught it to all of our brethren and my father had taught it to Tobirama-sama before he recorded in what Hashirama-sama called The Forbidden Scroll of Sealings."

"I know about that scroll," Naruto interjected, "I read through it once and memorized a lot of jutsus and seals from it. So what happened next?"

"My father summoned a large squadron of kage bunshins," Roka continued, "The Oniwabanshū and those ten Kumo ninjas were surrounds by an army of Hitokiri Battosais. It was brutal slaughter. When the battle was over, my mother, still hiding atop the tree she in, saw that all that remained was only my father standing in the middle of the battleground that was covered in blood, gore and body parts everywhere. Not so much as one of those sent assassins survived or escaped his wrath. What she saw that day added to her understanding as to why our clan was so feared for our unrivaled mastery in seals and why my father was known and feared as the Battosai."

"What startled my mother however was when my father called out to her to come out from hiding in the tree she was in."

"Kenshin knew Kaoru-san was there the entire time?" Seijiro implored.

"She was spotted by one of his clones who was surveying the area for any possible enemy ninjas hiding and looking to ambush him," Roka said, "The clone dispelled itself and gave all the information to my father after his surveillance was done."

"So what happened after that?" Karin asked, wanting to hear more like the rest of her brethren.

"My mother explained how she was on her way back to Konoha from her mission being completed when she heard sounds of a battle happening, which led her to where she found him battling those mercenaries," Roka continued, "She said how she had never saw that kage bunshin jutsu before and how amazing it was when he combined it with his caliber as the Battosai. But to her surprise, Kenshin decided to teach it to her, something she happily accepted as it opened the door for her to spend time alone with my father. Rather than immediately returning back to their respective villages, my mother and father stay together for a couple of days and got to know each other better. They camped out in the forest far away from where the battle with those mercenaries took place. During those days, my father taught and trained my mother and sparred with her before they eventually parted ways and returned to their respective villages. But that wouldn't be the last time they'd meet secretly and trained together.

"Over the next few months, my father trained and taught my mother kenjutsu and some seals. Her enhanced skills, speed and prowess reaped amazing results, especially since she carefully and discreetly used kage bunshins to help her in her advancements. In time, she became one of the most formidable elite kunoichis of her clan. But that was what gained Uchiha Madara's attention and interest as he had been carefully watching over a period how much she changed and improved in such a relatively short time. He saw her as not only very beautiful but very strong and skilled among the women of their clan. As a proud clan leader, Madara wanted the best female Uchiha at his side as his wife, much like how Mito-sama was to Hashirama-sama. With his eyes and desires set on my mother, he made an official clan leader decree that he would take and marry my mother at a future time."

"Thus, comes the inevitable love triangle between her, your father and Madara," Akira commented.

"Far from it," Roka corrected, "My mother had no interest or love for Madara. She completely despised him and wanted nothing to do with him. She was already deeply in love with my father and wanted to be with him. But she knew she couldn't risk Madara finding out that she had been secretly seeing and dating my father, especially after he made an official clan leader decree that she was to become his future wife. She knew Madara wouldn't allow or stand for her being with any other man except himself, let alone that man being an Uzumaki. Madara would have forbidden her from seeing my father again if he had found out about her secret relationship with my father."

"How did you father react to learning about Madara's decree?" Hotaru inquired.

"My mother didn't know how to tell him," Roka answered, "She didn't know what to do and she certainly didn't want to marry Madara, let alone have his children. She knew she couldn't keep it a secret from my father for long as she knew that Madara would eventually set a date to marry her. She had to tell and explain everything to him. She just didn't know how or when. But one day as my mother was returning from another mission while thinking about how she was going to tell my father about Madara's decree, she found my father in the woods wounded and half-conscious. Shocked and horrified, she hurried over to him before he lost consciousness. When he woke up, he found himself resting inside a tent my mother had set up after she had cleaned and bandaged his wounds."

"How was he wounded?" Naruto asked.

"From a fierce battle he had with a long-time mortal enemy and assassin named Makoto Shishio," Roka answered, "Though my father was wounded however, from what he explained to my mother, the battle ended when he impaled Shishio to a wall with his own sword and then burned him alive. It wouldn't be until much later when my father found out that Shishio survived their last battle, but sustained severe body disfigurements beyond the healing skills of the best medics of that time. Shishio had sworn terrible revenge against my father for his humiliation and irreversible body disfigurement which forced him to cover his entire body with bandages to conceal his disfigured body."

"You father truly lived up to his name as the Battosai," Hotsuma commented, "So what between your father and mother in mean time?"

"They went missing for a couple of days as my mother nursed and healed my father's wounds and injuries," Roka continued, "She wasn't the best medic but knew things about healing herbs and ointments that aided in my father's recuperation and recovery. She stayed by his side the entire time and made sure they both had food to eat. This drew them even closer together than before as they fell more in love with each other."

"That's so romantic," Akio remarked with her other triplet sisters and other female Uzumakis agreeing with her, "I never thought a romance between one of our brethren and an Uchiha was possible considering the bad blood that existed between our two clans."

"During their time alone," Roka went on, "My mother finally built up the courage to tell my father about Madara's decree to take and have her as his wife later on that same year. She openly cried while explaining that to him as she didn't want to live or spend her life with Madara and that she knew Madara wouldn't give her his blessings or his permission no less to marry and live with my father. She also knew that Madara's pride wouldn't allow him to live with the embarrassment of retracting his decree to allow her to marry another man other than himself. And if Madara were to find out that she went and marry my father behind back despite his decree, it would lead to an international incident as he would cause political problems between Konoha and Uzushiogakure."

"Wow!" Karin remarked, "I had no idea it was that big a deal."

"Trust me young lady," Roka stated, "We men will move mountains and take down armies when it comes to wanting and winning that one woman who we desire to have at our right hand side."

"I can attest to that," Naruto agreed with his right hand raise to the air.

"Likewise," Arashi chimed in as he also raised his right hand and grinned and winked at Karin as she unconsciously blushed in return.

"How did your father take to hearing what your mother explained?" Akemi inquired.

"This ought to be good," Tsunade remarked as she, like the rest of her Uzumaki brethren wanted to hear more of Roka's story.

"My father said he'll fight for her," Roka answered, "He didn't care about Madara's decree as Uchiha clan leader. He stated that if he has to face Madara in combat to win her over he'll do so, even if it means fighting Madara to the death. That's how much my father loved my mother."

"That's the kind of man every good woman desire to have in her life," Akira said with dream-filled eyes.

"If a man isn't willing to fight and protect the woman that he proclaims he loves at all cost, even if it means losing his life, then he's not worthy of her," Naruto stated sagely, "I know this from my own experience, which is one of the reasons why my girlfriend Hinata is loving and very loyal to me."

"I'm happy to hear that young man," Roka said, "My father would have been proud to hear that from you if he were still alive. And speaking of my father, he reassured my mother not only of his love for her but that he would fight and protect her no matter the cost. And that proclamation was put to the test."

That now got everyone's attention.

"What happened?" Seijiro asked.

"When my father didn't return to Uzu no Kuni as scheduled for days with no word sent to the village about his whereabouts or what became of him," Roka explained, "Ashina-sama personally went to search for him and track him down. After a few days, he found them together at their camp sight. When he found them, he saw my mother sitting on my father's lap making out with him outside their tent. Before things escalated between them, my father realized Ashina-sama was standing and looking right at them stoically. Ashina-sama's greeting words to my embarrassed father with my mother being equally red faced and embarrassed was, "Idiot Apprentice! This better be good!"

"That had to have been very awkward for your parents to be caught like that," Honoka figured, "I can only imagine the look on Ashina-sama's face on seeing his student making out with an Uchiha."

"Ashina-sama at first wasn't receptive of the fact that his apprentice was romantically involved with a female from a clan that he, Ashina-sama, made warming examples out of after they crossed both him and his brethren. My mother explained that she knew of what her brethren had done to offend to the Uzumaki clan years ago as she was there when they were returned to her clan in disgrace. But she made it known that she had nothing to do with it. Ashina-sama replied to her that he was aware that Madara stated that he wanted her as his promised wife. My mother and father were surprised that he already knew about that and that he was well aware of their secret relationship."

"How did my great grandfather find out about that?" Naruto asked.

"Ashina-sama revealed that he had been keeping tabs on my father's activities and on his more than frequent trips to Konoha and his unusual longer stays there," Roka answered, "But he was waiting for my father to come clean and explained to him his involvement with my mother.

"My mother told Ashina-sama that it was her fault that my father didn't reveal to him sooner about how they have been seeing each other for some time as she didn't know how he would react to them being in love with each other. She added that as Uchiha clan leader Madara was within his rights to seek her hand in marriage though it's not something she wanted as she didn't love him but wanted to be with my father.

"My father spoke up and told Ashina-sama that he'll take Kaoru as his wife regardless of what Madara does in retaliation against him and even if he, Ashina-sama, as Uzumaki clan leader disapprove of their marital union. Ashina-sama looked directly at both of them and saw how serious they were about defending their love and bond with each other, regardless of both clan leaders choosing to disapprove of allowing them to marry."

"What was my great grandfather's reply to Kenshin?" Naruto asked.

"Idiot apprentice and silly woman," Roka answered, causing everyone to chuckle as he continued, "Ashina-sama told them that he said nothing about ending their relationship and that he simply wanted an explanation for their secrecy from him. He promised that they would be allowed to be married and live together. However, Ashina-sama said that in order for that to happen, Uchiha Kaoru had to die."

"In other words," Seijiro deciphered, "Kaoru would have to stage her own fake death in order to deceive Madara and the rest of her clan and Konoha that she was killed in battle."

"You catch on fast," Roka remarked.

"You taught me well sensei," Seijiro replied.

"But it was a very dangerous gamble as anything could have gone wrong," Roka continued, "Also, planning her own fake death wasn't as easy as cake as choosing which mission would be the most believable and conceivable for her demise considering her caliber and prowess as a Jounin and Elite Uchiha wasn't easy to choose from either. Three months had gone by and they still were no closer to devising a plan to stage her own death with her body never turning up. And the timing couldn't be any more worse as Madara had set the date for his marriage to my mother, which was in a six weeks' time."

"Talk about pressure under fire," Kansui remarked, "What were they able to do to stop Madara from marrying her and prevent an international incident?"

"Ashina-sama had a secret meeting with my parents and with Mito-sama, Hashirama-sama, and Tobirama-sama at an undisclosed location outside of Konoha. After everything was explained to the three of them, together, they came up with a believable plan that would convince everyone that my mother was killed on a mission.

"A week later, my mother and her team were assigned by Hashirama-sama to carry out a secret S-rank mission against one of Kumo's bases of operations as Konoha and Kumo were at war with each other. They were to infiltrate and destroy that base as it was one of their major points of operations in providing supplies and weapons to their ninja forces.

"At some point in the mission, my mother told the rest of the team to continue with the mission as she would keep the main Kumo forces distracted. Her team was successful in taking out that base, but when they went back for my mother, the only thing they found was her damaged sword with traces of her blood on it and around a small area she was last in. From what one of the ninjas of the Inuzuka clan with them smelled, my mother was ambushed by one of the Kumo ninja's summoned beasts, a massive bear of some form. From what that Inuzuka ninja smelled, he believed that her body was completely devoured by that bear before teleporting away.

"After returning to Konoha, they reported to Hashirama-sama on the mission's success and of my mother's grisly "demise" with her damaged blood-covered sword as evidence. Madara didn't take the news of her reported death so well. He angrily blamed Hashirama-sama for sending her on that mission which led her death. He even accused her teammates of sacrificing her for the mission's completion. Hashirama-sama argued that my mother volunteered to stay behind and hold back the main forces so the rest of her team could complete the mission. He made it clear that the Inuzuka ninja with them confirmed she was killed via ambush by one of Kumo's bear summons and that no one could have predicted that was going to happen. Madara took her damaged sword and left the tower to return to his clan's estate. He stated in isolation for a sometime and it was believed that my mother's believed death was one of the factors that served to fuel Madara's distrust and hate for Hashirama-sama and the Senju clan.

"But what really happened after my mother separated from her team was that one of the Kumo ninjas summoned a massive bear to chase after and killed her teammates who continued on their way while they dealt with my mother. Seeing the danger her teammates were in, she went after the bear and chased it down as the Kumo ninjas tried to overpower and kill her. She deflected their attacks and successfully got in front of the bear as it looked ready to strike her dead. But it eventually stopped and calmed itself down as he looked directly at my mother, confusing the Kumo ninjas who were out to get her. What happened was that my mother placed that summoned bear under a genjutsu with her Mangekyō Sharingan."

"She had the Mangekyō Sharingan?" Tsunade asked, "When did she achieve that?"

"The same night she cried and told my father about Madara's official marriage decree," Roka explained, "She was in great emotional stress and traumatic turmoil that night and expressed that she only wanted to be with my father and no other man. It was then that my father declared his love for her and readiness to fight and die protecting her at all cost so he could have her as his wife. It wasn't hatred or traumatic loss; it was my father's declaration of love for my mother that awakened her Mangekyō Sharingan. Even Madara wasn't aware she had achieved and awakening her Mangekyō Sharingan."

"There's a lot about the Sharingan we don't know about," Naruto said, "You'll have to enlighten us about it at a future time."

Roka nodded his head in agreement and continued, "With her newly awakened Mangekyō Sharingan, she used it also on the Kumo ninjas who had pursued her and slaughtered them. She purposely damaged her sword and cut her left palm to pass some of her blood on her damaged sword and around a few nearby areas. After bandaging her left hand, she had the bear place her inside his mouth before he teleported away from the area and to the location where she was to meet up with Ashina-sama and my father. They were surprised by the giant bear's sudden appearance in front of them. They got ready to attack and kill it until my mother appeared from out of his mouth to stop them from attacking. She explained what happened and then had the bear return to its domain with no memories of what happened or that it was under a genjutsu. My mother and father return with Ashina-sama to Uzu no Kuni.

"Ashina-sama summoned our entire clan and made them all aware of Kaoru being an Uchiha who left the Uchiha clan to become a member of our clan and that she was to marry my father. They were told the whole story of how it all happened. Ashina-sama had my father explain everything himself to our entire clan if he wanted our brethren to fully trust her. It helped that my father had the backing and support of not only Ashina-sama, but also of Hashirama-sama, Mito-sama and Tobirama-sama who appeared and vouched for my parents. Seeing all of them together gave our brethren one hundred percent confidence that my mother could be trusted as a new member of our clan, especially after she disowned her birth surname and took on our clan's surname. When she married my father, she became known as Uzumaki Kaoru. A year after their marriage I was born, the first Uzumaki-Uchiha offspring, son of Hitokiri Battosai."

"My parents educated and trained me while growing up. My father also trained me in his signature battōjutsu. They told me everything about their past, how they met and my mixed heritage," Roka took a couple of steps forward so he could stand in front of everyone present and then continued with his back facing everyone, "My mother thoroughly trained me in the use of the Sharingan and because of my Uzumaki heritage, she knew my Sharingan abilities would be stronger and that I would surpass those of her own one day. And that will aid me to better explain things to all of you in another way."

"What way would that be?" Seijrio inquired. A moment later, Roka turned to face his brethren with eyes closed. And as soon as he turned around, he opened his eyes again, only to reveal to them his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, catching everyone with his dōjutsu. Everything suddenly went black in an instant. A moment later, everyone now found themselves no longer in the forest they were in, but in what was clearly an old civilization.

"This can't be!" Hotaru exclaimed while not knowing what was going, "It's our homeland Uzu no Kuni. This is our village, Uzushiogakure."

"No!" Naruto corrected, "This is Tsukiyomi!"

"Yes indeed," Roka said as he materialized in front of everyone, "I have what the Uchiha clan refer to as the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, which is the strongest known form on the Sharingan. And one of the Mangekyō Sharingan's abilities is creating this illusionary world called Tsukiyomi."

"An illusionary world?" Karin asked, "Like a genjutsu?"

"No," Naruto corrected, "Tsukiyomi is far stronger and more potent and influential than common any standard genjutsu and it has lasting psychological effects on the recipients who aren't strong enough to break out of it, this is if the user doesn't have ill will toward the recipients of his Tsukiyomi. But Roka clearly has good reasons for resorting to this ability."

"Which is why I brought you all here," Roka elaborated, "In Tsukiyomi, I control time, space and matter. One second in the real world can be like hours, days, weeks, months or years here. In Tsukiyomi, everything here and your experiences here feels real. I brought all here to show you what life in Uzu no Kuni was like from my point of view, years before its destruction. Seijiro and Hotaru will recall a lot of things that I'll now reveal."

Soon everyone started seeing people appearing about going about their lives and business. The village was bustling and active with everyday life with some kids either playing and getting involved in play mischief. Every man, woman and child all had red hair, either short or long, in whatever hairstyle they chose.

They were seeing many kinds of department buildings, stores, shops and homes that were in Uzushiogakure during its prime years. Roka also show them a particular seven-story building that Seijiro and Hotaru were all too familiar with.

"I remember this building," Seijiro recalled, "It was where Ashina-sama resided and took care of all affairs concerning our clan and homeland. That building was known as The Vortex."

"Our clan and country also had its own shinobi council and hierarchy," Roka revealed and then he went into further details, "Ashina-sama: Seal Grandmaster, Clan Leader, Ruler of Uzu no Kuni and Highest-ranking Commander of the Uzumaki Ninja Force.

"I was Clan Deputy and Council Spokesman, second to Ashina-sama in rank and authority and placed with the responsibility to see to it that official decrees and regulations made by Ashina-sama and the council were carried out and fulfilled to completion.

"Uzumaki Naoto, the Clan Treasurer and Council Secretary.

"Uzumaki Iizuka, the Archiver and Record Keeper of Seals.

"Uzumaki Takashi, the Coordinator of Civilian and Domestic Affairs.

"Uzumaki Hirokazu, the Coordinator of Commercial Trade and Foreign Affairs.

"Uzumaki Kazuyuki, the Ninja Academy Headmaster.

"Uzumaki Yuji, the Overseer of the Uzumaki Mask Temple.

"Uzumaki Ohshima, the Clan Medical Director.

"Together, we were known by our people as The Governing Spiral.

"The Governing Spiral?" Naruto repeated, "I like that. It's catchy. I have to remember to re-establish that order again."

"It should be noted that all members of The Governing Spiral were S-class ninjas and proficient experts in seals," Roka added., "Together, The Governing Spiral made sure that everything within Uzu no Kuni and Uzushiogakure operated smoothly."

Roka then took them to another building, turned out to be the ninja academy that the Uzumaki children were sent to and how many of them became ninjas at various young ages depending on their skills and caliber. But their passing to become ninjas depended on their abilities to read and write intricate seals and demonstrate that the seals work, form adamantine chakra chains from out of their bodies and execute ninjutsus alongside water-walking and tree walking.

"I remember my days here this this academy," Seijiro recalled, "Ninja training at this academy wasn't to be taken lightly. It makes the training we saw at Konoha's ninja academy look like a joke."

"You always stood out as one of the best students during our time there Seijiro-kun," Hotaru said, "I always saw how determined you were in fulfilling your goals and dreams of becoming the next clan deputy."

"Some thought it would be a very difficult goal to fulfill," Seijiro remembered, "But that's what made me all the more determined, to prove that it could be done."

"Uzu no Kuni made sure to have strong successors to surpass their predecessors," Roka spoke in as she started show scenes of his life growing up, "Over the years I grew up in Uzu no Kuni, I became one of our country's best prodigies with the goal of becoming clan deputy. At the age of 14, I was taken under Ashina-sama's wings and trained by him personally like how my father before was. Having Ashina-sama as a sensei was no walk in the park. He was a hard teacher, somethings brutal. But that was one of reasons why my father and others trained by Ashina-sama himself became such badasses during our prime.

"Sweet!" Honoka remarked, "That's something certainly I'll add to my history lessons at the ninja academy!"

"Be that as it may," Roka remarked but then added, "Ashina-sama knew it would find use for me and my Sharingan one day. But being of mixed heritage also placed me in danger. My parents knew that if Konoha and the Uchiha clan ever found out that I exist, they would demand an explanation and reasons for the deception of my mother's supposed death. Therefore, I was forbidden by both my parents and Ashina-sama from ever going to Konoha or meeting any of my Uchiha brethren. It wasn't up for negotiations. They were very strict on that.

"It had deeply saddened me that I would never meet my mother's Uchiha brethren or step foot in her homeland in Konoha where the other half of my heritage was. But I knew that my parents were protecting me and they made me aware of Madara, who'd have tried to kill me on the spot in pure rage if he found out I was my parents' son. At my young age, there was no way I would have survived Madara's wrath without my parents' and Ashina-sama's protection. Even though, I always wanted to see my mother's homeland, I never disobeyed their warnings and stayed as far away from Konoha."

"I can relate," Naruto remarked, "I'm half Uzumaki myself like you Roka, and I never got to step foot in my mother's homeland either before its tragic destruction by enemy forces. Of course, there are major differences between us. You knew your heritage all your life whereas Sandaime-jiisan and the shinobi council and hierarchy hid my heritage from me for most of my life. I had to investigate and find out my heritage on my own. Konoha had a lot of misgivings they had to atone for, and so so its been going our way."

"That's good to know," Roka replied, "Do you recall when I said Makoto Shishio swore terrible revenge against me father," Roka showed them scenes of what he was going to discuss next, "Well, he was a man who sought to live up to his words. When I was 17 years old, Makoto Shishio returned to settle an old score with my father. That would be my father's final battle with cost him his life as Shishio was seeking to kill not only my father, but me and my mother as well with newly team of assassins he hired. My father died killed those assassins and Shishio as well to protect me and my mother. His body was brought back to our homeland where he was mourned and given honorable burial."

"Seven years later, I married a woman named Uzumaki Reiko and had twin daughters soon after, their names were Asaka and Rukia. Two years after that when I was 27, I was assigned to teach and train Seijiro when he was seven years old. Having Seijiro as my trainee was like having a miniature version of myself, he mirrored everything I did and that made teaching and training him easier."

"You became the clan deputy by that time and I had set my goals on becoming your successor as the next clan deputy after you stepped down," Seijiro said, "It only made sense to me that I imitated you and how you did things."

"And it worked for you in the end as you got to fulfill your dreams," Roka agreed and added, "Seijiro was my prize student and after he became Chuunin, he was given two Uzumakis to be under his command, Hotaru here and Satoma. I won't hide the fact that Hotaru while under Seijiro's supervision fangirled over Seijiro. It was more than clear that Hotaru had a huge crush on him."

"Roka-sensei!" Hotaru exclaimed with a darkened embarrassed blush on her face as Roka showed what he was talking about as everyone watched how Seijiro, Hotaru and Satoma interacted. Seijiro was shown leading his team out of main entrance of Uzushiogakure with Hotaru and Satoma following from behind him, Hotaru looking dreamingly at Seijiro with hearts on her eyes while Satoma shook his head with disgust with a look that asked "Why does he and Seijiro have to be stuck with the violent fangirl?"

"This is embarrassing!" Hotaru wailed as her son and a few others laughed at her behavior during her younger years while…

"I knew Hotaru-chan respected and admired me very fondly, I just didn't know how to respond to her feelings," Seijiro said under his breath, which was unfortunately heard by Roka and others.

"You were a teenage prodigy with a focused mind and spirit Seijiro," Roka replied, "But you were so focused on fulfilling your dreams that you didn't pay attention to the number of girls who were interested in you. But in spite of being a prodigy, you were completely clueless back then in not knowing how to reciprocate a girl's feelings for you, just like my father before you."

"You don't have to rub butter to the burn Roka-sensei," Seijiro frowned at being told something he never knew or realized back then.

"Hold up!" Arashi realized, "You mean to say that even now you never once had a girlfriend Seijiro-jisan!? You're still a virgin!?"

"And what of it?" Seijiro replied with an annoyed tone.

"It's just not what I expected," Arashi said with a shrug, "I thought you of all people had experiences with women before in some form or other."

"I'm not surprised this is coming out of you Arashi," Kansui remarked.

"The truth is that Seijiro, as skilled of a ninja as he was in his youth, was actually shy and timid when it came to females," Roka revealed, "He didn't have a clue how to approach and talk to girls despite the number of them who liked him. What Hotaru didn't know was that Seijiro secretly did like her a lot. But I was waiting for him to make a move or at the very least tell Hotaru that he really liked her."

"Roka-Sensei!" Seijiro growled as he hated how his former teacher was revealing his and Hotaru's embarrassing past that they didn't want the younger Uzumaki's to ever know about, let alone watch and see through the Tsukiyomi that Roka was producing thought the mental link he had with them. Hotsuma was seen laughing at his mother's behavior as a younger girl with the rest of the Uzumakis looking on in amusement with some chuckles escaping their mouths.

"It's so true that the older generation always know how to embarrass the younger generation," Hotaru groaned before she turned to look back at Seijiro who looked like he just lost all of the colors to himself, 'He looks worse off than me!'

Roka, having enjoyed embarrassing his former student and the woman who had a crush on Seijiro heavily in her youth, decided to change the scene to more serious ones. They saw when the Uzumaki clan ninjas went into battles against enemy forces from other villages and clans, when Mito temporarily returned to aid in exterminating the Chitsurugi clan…

"Seijiro, Hotaru," Roka said, "I'm sure you both recall Ashina-sama declaring war on the Chitsurugi clan for their crimes against our clan, yes?"

"As clear a day," Seijiro said.

"We were all part of that war," Hotaru recalled, "Ashina-sama called it Spiraling Death, meaning every member of the Chitsurugi were to be completely wiped out, without a survivor."

"I'm sure Seijiro informed you all about the hated and feud that existed between our clan and the Chitsurugi clan because of their crimes against our clan and attacks on our allies," Roka said, "But it was what they did against my family that was the final straw that led to that clan's destruction."

"What happened?" Naruto asked.

"My wife and two daughters were sent on an envoy to an ally clan that was going to give us a supply of rare minerals that were available in their land," Roka explained, "But our allies messaged Ashina-sama, informing him that my wife and two daughters never arrived as scheduled. When I was informed of this, I took Seijiro, Hotaru and Satoma with me and hurriedly went in search of my family. After two days, we found them, stripped of their clothes and lying on the ground lifeless. I didn't allow Seijiro, Hotaru or Satoma to follow me closer to their bodies as I suspected what happened to my wife and young daughters. They stayed at a respectable distance as I went to identify their bodies. Upon reaching and examining them, I found that they weren't only ambushed and murdered…," everyone saw how Roka's mood changed to one of deep sorrows and regrets as there was more to his story, "…But they were also drugged and gang-raped repeatedly by their attackers.

"My wife and daughters weren't ninjas. They were trained and skilled medics and specialists in healing and in developing healing medicines. My wife and daughters worked under Uzumaki Ohshima's supervision, who I mentioned earlier was our country's Clan Medical Director. The envoy was for our clan to be given a supply of those rare minerals and special herbs for their medical research. We never anticipated that the Chitsurigi clan got word of their work and intercepted them to stop their research and future completion of their project."

"How did you find out that the Chitsurugi clan were responsible for those vile crimes?" Akira asked.

"My youngest daughter confirmed it," Roka revealed, "When I found her, her older twin sister and mother had already died, but she but held on long enough to tell me what happened and who were responsible, but she died in my arms. I wept bitterly at that moment, which in effect, awoken my Mangekyō Sharingan that very same hour. And I wrapped their bodies in sheets before sealing them in a scroll. I had entrusted the scroll to Seijiro and his team before instructing them to return and bring back the scroll to the village and explain to Ashina-sama what happened. For my part, I went in search alone for my family's murderers and rapists.

"You see, the Chitsurugi clan were once close allies of Makoto Shishio and his band of followers. This also led to the Chitsurugi clan becoming my father's enemies and eventually enemies to our clan as a whole. After learning of Shishio's death by my father's hands, they swore to avenge Shishio by making sure my father's family line doesn't continue and eventually die out. It was one of the reasons why my family was attacked by them besides them learning about their medical research.

"It didn't take me long to find them. They were high-ranked members of the Chitsurugi clan. They were a half day's journey from their clan's land. But I didn't allow them to return to their clan as I ambushed and bound them with my adamantine chakra chains. But I didn't kill them. Instead, I brought all six of them back to Uzu no Kuni as proof that they were the culprits responsible for what they did to my wife and daughters. They stood condemned before our clan and clan leader as Ashina-sama not only sentenced them to death, but he allowed me to be their fitting executioner."

"How did you deal with your family's murderers and rapists?" Karin asked.

"Fittingly," Roka replied as his tone turned darker and colder, "I disabled their abilities to move any part of their bodies before taking them out of the village to the woods and stripping them of all of their gear and clothes until their were completely naked. After burning their clothes and destroying their gear, I left them with their sense of touch and feeling, but I made sure that they wished I hadn't. After pouring honey all over them, with my Mangekyō Sharingan, I placed them under a Tsukiyomi where in their minds they spent a week reliving the experience of having their genitals sliced off with katanas again, and again and again. When that was over, I released a herd of wild boars on them. I stood there and watched as they screamed loudly and begged for help as those boars attacked and ate them alive. I wanted them to suffer, painfully and agonizingly before they died."

Roka then showed them a funeral featuring three graves and the entire Uzumaki clan present at the funeral.

"If I may ask," Tsunade spoke up, "What were your late wife and daughters researching that required rare minerals and special herbs?"

"They were developing new herbal vaccines and medicines infused with Uzumaki healing chakra," Roka answered, "They were on verge of a breakthrough but certain resources that weren't available in Uzu no Kuni were required. It turned out that our ally clan's land have plenty of those rare minerals and herbs they needed to perfect their project. While I'm no doctor, but my wife and daughters were unrivaled medics in a class of their own."

"Were any of their notes and research preserved?" Tsunade inquired.

"Funny you should ask," Roka replied, "Their research and everything they worked on were safely saved and sealed away. I made sure of that as I didn't want their legacy to be lost with their deaths."

"If I may," Tsunade requested, "I would like to finish and complete their work. As you already know, I'm a world renown medic and thanks to Naruto, Seijiro and Jiraiya, we set up our own medical training institution and corporation owned and operated by our clan with me as its headmistress and executive director in charge of the entire institution. We call it the Uzumaki Medical Training Corp. Also, Naruto made it clan leader law that every Uzumaki become a medic ninja, meaning you'll have to follow in your late family's footsteps in medical practice. I'd be honored to help you finish and complete what your family started. We owe it to them."

Roka wasn't one to shed tears openly, but he saw this was a great opportunity for his brethren to not only benefit from his late family's work once it was completed, but for his family's medical legacy to thrive through his brethren by Uzumaki law.

"Consider it done," Roka agreed, "And thank you. This would have been what my family would have wanted."

Tsunade nodded her head in agreement.

"The story doesn't end here though," Roka said as he returned the attention back to his explanation, "After the funeral, Ashina-sama sent what was left of those men's eaten bodies back to the Chitsurugi clan as the Uzumaki clan's declaration of war. Ashina-sama's orders were clear: 'Leave no survivors! Take no prisoners!' That entire was to be completely wiped out."

Roka showed them the scene of all of the Uzumakis along with young Seijiro, Hotaru, Satoma, and Mito mobilizing and ready for war with Ashina taking the lead. He next showed them the war between the Uzumaki clan and the Chitsurugi clan and the mass genocide carried by the Uzumaki clan before they burned the entire estate to the ground.

"I regret that one of the Chitsurugi members had survived my attack when I thought I had killed him," Seijiro said, "He lived to hunt down and slay our scattered brethren over the years until I finally tracked and ambushed him with Akio, Akemi and Akira at my side to avenge their family killed by him before I gave him the death blow making sure he finally died. He was the last surviving member of that clan, but now he and his clan are no more."

"I see," Roka said, "Well, it's in the past now, so all is forgiven," Roka then showed them the scene of him being in a hospital room with his aged mother Kaoru resting on a medical bed. She was sick and looked very tired as young Roka was standing next her medical bed.

"My mother was reaching the end of her life," Roka said, "She was suffering from a rare and terminal disease that ended all prospects of her living a longer life, a sickness that my late wife and daughters were working on curing. That was also one of the reasons why the Chitsurugi clan intercepted and murdered my family, to prevent them from succeeding in finding a cure."

"Now I see the whole picture as everything is coming in full circle," Tsunade remarked, "It all makes sense now. One of the reasons why your family needed those rare minerals and herbs for their medical project and research was because they were not only seeking to cure your mother of her terminal illness, but chances are that her sickness could have been hereditary."

"Like cancer," Roka remarked, "And sad to say, you hit the hammer on the nail. It was hereditary as my oldest daughter had the same illness but in its dormant state. My family were studying and researching both my mother's blood samples and those of my oldest daughter. They were also researching what could be the possible chemical chain reaction to cause the dormant illness to awaken and wreak havoc with my eldest daughter's body. Our best mineral resources in our homeland weren't potent enough to produce the desired results my family was looking for."

"My mother knew she didn't have long left to live. But being of Uchiha descent meant that she could give me one last gift to ensure my survival and defense against future enemies…She gave me her eyes and had me transplant them as replacements for my original eyes."

"You did what?!" Hotsuma exclaimed as he was creeped out by what he heard, "You literally have your mother's eyes in your eye sockets instead of your own?"

"It's what allowed me to upgrade my Mangekyō Sharingan to the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan and keep my sight," Roka patiently explained, "Had my mother not done that for me, in time, continuous use of my Mangekyō Sharingan would eventually lead to me suffering permanent blindness. To avoid that, I have to be given the given the eyes of another Uchiha who possesses the awaken Mangekyō Sharingan. However, my mother never lost her sight despite the use of her Mangekyō Sharingan over the years."

"Why was that?" Tsunade asked.

"Like I explained earlier," Roka reminded and clarified, "Her Mangekyō Sharingan wasn't awaken through emotional trauma, hatred or loss. My father's love for her and her deep love for him and our clan awoken it and because it was triggered by positive emotions and energy, it her Mangekyō Sharingan was more potent and didn't suffer the negative drawbacks and eventual blindness that would have resulted had it been awakened through negative emotions and severe trauma like mine were."

"After given me her eyes. my mother passed away passed away not long after, succumbing to her illness. She was buried alongside my father by his grave. Though she was an Uchiha by birth, she was acknowledged by everyone as an Uzumaki and a great contributor to our clan."

Roka then changed the scene to another one, that being of Ashina preparing to leave for Konoha with young Kushina with Roka being left in charge until Ashina's return, "Ashina-sama personally took his granddaughter Kushina to Konoha to become the new Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi as Mito-sama was reaching the end of her life. Ashina-sama explained to me the meeting he had with Konoha's Sandaime and the hierarchy days earlier before Kushina's journey to that village. What happened that required him to escort Kushina there personally was that one of the members of the Konoha's hierarchy took an unwelcomed interest in Kushina."

"Shimura Danzō!" Naruto and Seijiro said at the same time.

"Not surprising," Tsunade remarked.

"I take it that some of you heard of that man," Roka concluded seeing the reaction of all by two Uzumakis, those two being Hotaru and her son.

"Who's Shimura Danzō?" Hotsuma inquired.

"He's very bad news," Naruto stated, "He's one of the high-ranked members of Konoha's government and our enemy. He runs an underground ninja military organization called Root, they're known for taking the most dangerous of missions and spying on the most dangerous of ninja and enemies. Most of them have unwavering loyalty to Danzō, though a few managed to escape becoming his most loyal puppets. He's a very ambitious power-hungry war-hawk who's been trying to recruit the strongest and most promising members of each clan in Konoha. And from what Seijiro-san and myself found out, Danzō has been trying to recruit members of our clan into his organization for years."

"And that leads to my next point," Roka remarked as Naruto allowed him to explained what he means, "Before Kushina was sent to Konoha to become Mito-sama's successor as the Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi, Ashina-sama journeyed to Konoha to explain to the Sandaime Hokage and the hierarchy why Mito-sama needed Kushina as her successor, and how his granddaughter was chosen to become her successor to prevent Kyuubi's rebirth and revival if Mito-sama was given a suitable successor.

"Danzō however saw this as an opportunity to try to manipulate the meeting to his advantage. He verbally undermined Ashina-sama's wisdom and understanding of Kushina's abilities and potential in front of everyone. He painted Ashina-sama as reckless and incompetent in choosing young and inexperienced Kushina as Mito-sama successor, adding that Kushina at her level wouldn't be capable of being Mito-sama's worthy successor. He had suggested to Ashina-sama to give Kushina into his custody so he could "properly" teach and train her to become Konoha's ultimate sword and shield.

"Ashina-sama was not only insulted by Danzō's presumptuous arrogance and actions, but he saw through Danzō's scheme. Danzō was looking to weaponize and turn Kushina into his personal weapon and puppet. Ashina-sama, didn't take too kindly to the idea of his granddaughter being anyone's tool as he personally immobilized Sandaime and the rest of the hierarchy before resorting to his adamantine chakra chains to wrap and nearly squeeze Danzō to death in front of them. Ashina-sama then warned Danzō that if he got so much as one report from Kushina that he, Danzō, approached her in any way that made her uncomfortable that he would personally return to Konoha and kill him and destroy his entire Root Anbu organization before taking Kushina back to Uzu no Kuni."

"That's a piece of history I was not aware about," Naruto remarked.

"Nor was I or anyone else outside the hierarchy for that matter," Tsunade commented.

"It was an undisclosed secret meeting that wasn't made public to all of Konoha," Roka stated, "Also, the Sandaime and the hierarchy covered it up as they didn't want it made public knowledge about how strong of an influence and hold Ashina-sama had over them. After brutally knocking Danzō unconscious, Ashina-sama made it very clear to Sandaime and the other two members of the hierarchy that he wanted Danzō to stay away from Kushina, otherwise he would return to kill Danzō and every member of Root and take Kushina back home, leaving Konoha without a Jinchuuriki."

"And I would have never been born had that happened," Naruto remarked.

"No, you wouldn't have," Roka agreed, "But thankfully it didn't turn out that way. Sandaime and the hierarchy deeply apologized and promised to make sure that Danzō stayed far from Kushina and tried nothing suspicious towards her. They were in no position to negotiate as Ashina-sama had it within his abilities to put all of them to death despite his advanced age."

"Not surprising since neither Hashirama-sama nor Madara ever challenged Ashina-sama," Kansui commented.

"That war-hawk Danzō was always untrustworthy," Naruto stated, "He tried spying on me and our brethren many times but Seijiro-jisan and I managed to keep him in his place."

Roka now fast forwarded everything and showed everyone the scene of the invasion of Kumo, Kiri, Iwa, Ame and their allies in their combined attack on Uzu no Kuni. It was a massive coalition of ninjas with one objective, wipe out and destroy the Uzumaki clan. The number was literally in the tens of thousands.

"With the exception of Konoha and Suna," Roka explained, "The other three elemental shinobi nations and their allies and a few other shinobi villages sought our country's and people destruction."

"Our clan always had enemies and many hated and feared us," Hotaru commented, "I had a number of close calls myself during my time under Seijiro-kun's command."

"Yet you handle yourself rather well," Seijiro replied, "You're still alive and had a son as a result."

"A son who grew up without his father," Hotaru remarked lowly under her breath but it was still within Seijiro's hearing range, so he heard what she said but gave no reply to it.

"Ashina-sama and all of Uzu no Kuni found out about the massive international ninja coalition that was mounted against our clan and country," Roka said, "They were coming from different directions and setting up barricades in their effort to prevent our escape and trap us. With them were armies of different summoning beasts ready for war and our extermination."

"I remember the dark hour when they attacked out village," Seijiro said grimly, "There was mass fighting and carnage everything that night."

"I know," Hotaru spoke in, "I remember trying to find you amidst the chaos and slaughtering. I didn't know where our teammate Satoma was either and assumed that he was lost to the genocide."

"I wanted to stay and fight against our country's attackers and invaders," Seijiro said, "I wanted to hurry and regroup with you and Satoma, but I was intercepted and pulled away by my parents as they fled. They had to literally force and drag me away from all of the fighting. I wasn't able to go back to find you or the others admidst the darkness and chaos."

"We lost a great deal of our people that night," Roka said, "Our ninja forces were being overrun by mass legions. At that time we, along with the other members of the Governing Spiral, were doing our best to buy time for the surviving non-combatant civilians to escape the country. Ashina-sama saw that we were being overwhelmed not only in numbers by the legions of ninjas rushing at us but also by the sheer forces of the summoned beasts brought against us."

"They were hell bent on wiping us off the face of the earth," Hotaru remarked, "I remember being knocked unconscious as I was looking for Seijiro-kun and my family. When I woke up. I found that I was miles away from Uzu no Kuni with Uzumaki Hayashiro and his family. They informed me that my family was lost and that Hayashiro saved me from the Kumo ninja who knocked me unconscious and nearly killed me."

Roka then revealed, "Extreme measures had to be taken to lower the casualties of our people," Roka showed them the scene of his younger self and Ashina commanding him alongside his top ranked ninjas, "Under Ashina-sama orders, combined with my Uzumaki chakra, I used my Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan to cast a massive genjutsu that had everyone, our enemies and people alike, believe that almost all of our people were slaughtered and killed. While a considerable number of our people did tragically die that day however, the truth of the matter is that many men, woman and children, civilians and ninjas alike, actually escaped our country's destruction that night and went into deep hiding all around the shinobi world.

"I can understand casting a genjutsu over the invading armies," Hotsuma asked, "But why place the same gengutsu over our people?"

"Because time was short," Roka explained, "And there was no way I could have selectively chose who would be immune to my genjutsu or not. Plus, it gave our people the incentive not to look back and to keep running until they were far beyond our country's borders. As for the invaders, it gave them the incentive to stay and see the battle and invasion to the very end. They were expecting to take our country's riches, resources and secrets back to their nations as spoils of a great victory against our country and people. They were also planning to take back bodies of our fallen ninja forces to learn more secrets about our clan and abilities, with the idea that they could use and implement whatever discoveries they found to augment their ninja forces.

"Ashina-sama however was allowing none of that. He made sure that the invading coalition with its legions did not go unpunished or to freely hunt down and wipe out the rest of our people who fled and got away. My genjutsu brought our people enough time to escape pass our country's borders under night's darkened skies. With our people now out of the country, our enemies remained to gather what they were expecting to be their spoils for victory, not knowing that Ashina-sama had sealed their fate."

"How so?" Naruto asked.

"He initiated a forbidden master S-class contingency plan to wipe out our attackers in one strike known as Whitewash," Roka answered.

"Whitewash?" Seijiro asked, "What kind of contingency plan was that and why was it forbidden?"

"It was forbidden for major reasons," Roka explained, "It was tremendously costly and extremely dangerous, even by Ashina-sama's standards. Only members of the Governing Spiral knew of that plan and we swore to secrecy to never reveal its existence."

"It was that dangerous that no one outside the circle of the Governing Spiral was allowed to know of its existence?" Hotaru asked.

"It was an all-out last resort if all else failed to stop our enemies," Roka stated grimly, "Like I said earlier, we had to resort to extreme measures to save and protect our surviving people and clan's secrets.

"Ashina-sama and the other members of the Governing Spiral chose to allow me to live as a surviving member. But I protested vehemently against that decision."

"Why?" Naruto asked as he and everyone there wanted to know his reasons for disagreeing with Ashina and the members of the Governing Spiral about letting him survive.

"Because as a member of the Governing Spiral," Roka answered, "I felt it was my duty and responsibility to be among my fellow members to wipe out the invaders, at all cost. I was ready and willing to die alongside my fellow members to protect our people. But Ashina-sama and my fellow members knew that our people would need someone with great understanding of our country, its civilization's infrastructure and its rich history to be there to help re-establish our clan's and our country's greatness. Ashina-sama neutralized me before placing me in a protective barrier before he returned to the rest of the members of the Governing Spiral. I was unable to do anything but be an eyewitness to Operation Whitewash."

Roka paused for a moment before showing them through Tsukiyomi what Operation Whitewash was. Naruto and the rest of the Uzumakis saw Ashina and the other Governing Spiral members initiating Ashina's contingency plan.

Roka began his explanation, "Ashina-sama activated a wide barrier and trapped most of the invaders and their summoning beasts within Uzu no Kuni. The other seven members then gave Ashina-sama their chakra so he could combine them with his chakra. And that's when…"

Suddenly, a gigantic and very violent earthquake that was felt for many miles rocked the entire country of Uzu no Kuni. it was an extraordinary earthquake that was never felt before. It lasted for a while and slowly die off, leaving enemy ninjas who weren't hurt by the earthquake to get back on their feet and help their comrades who were injured by the earthquake.

"An earthquake?" Seijiro inquired and then confirmed, "Yes, I remember now. There was an earth of colossal size that happened after my parents and I reached pass our homeland's borders. But we were never able to make sense of it since our homeland isn't seismically active."

"I remember also that there was a violent earthquake that ripped through our homeland," Hotaru recalled, "Hayashiro, his family and I couldn't understand how an earthquake could have happened when there were never earthquakes in our homeland before."

"That's because that earthquake wasn't natural," Roka revealed, "It was artificially generated. Those members of the Governing Spiral gave every last bit of their chakra to Ashina-sama, all of it, self-sacrificially. With that much chakra ar his disposal, Ashina-sama triggered a massive powerful earthquake deep under the ocean bed, which in effect triggered not just a tsunami, but a mega tsunami."

"A mega tsunami?" Akemi repeated questionably.

"What makes a mega tsunami so different from other tsunamis that happened in other parts of the world?" Akira inquired.

"Look!" Roka directed as he pointed to the ocean and showed everyone what he was talking about.

"OH SHIT!" Kansui cursed after seeing what Roka was showing them.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" Honoka screamed frightfully.

"What…the…fuck…," Tsunade said in a soundless whisper. Even though it was a Tsukiyomi, everything felt entirely real, which startled and frightened everyone. For everyone, especially Seijiro and Hotaru, they couldn't help but absolute terror when they saw from Roka's point of view Uzu no Kuni's final moments: under a bright white full moon, a mountainous colossal tsunami that stretched for miles with the terrifying height of 1,7220 feet was traveling at 500 miles per hour from the ocean.

The group then saw Ashina and the other Governing Spiral members give young Roka their final goodbyes before dying of extreme chakra exhaustion. All of the invading enemy coalitions and their armies of summoning beasts soon saw the mega tsunami coming directly at them with all its force and there was no way to stop it.

"RUN!" many of them yelled as they turned and ran as fast as they could from the deadly mountainous wave of ocean water. Naruto and everyone there saw and felt the power that mega tsunami was coming with as the enemy forces ran and screamed in fear for their lives. The colossal towering tsunami then rushed in at seemingly lightning speed and swept them away while young Roka remained safe within the protective barrier Ashina placed around him. The dome around him floated and carried him safely on top of the mega tsunami as he eye-witnessed all of the devastation and destruction the mega tsunami was wreaking in its wake. By the hundreds the deadly tsunami engulfed and destroyed the invading armies. Some attempted and used earth jutsus to create high barriers of walls to stop the tsunami, but it was of no use as the mega tsunami broke right through them effortlessly.

Over on the other side of the towering mountain-like hills, the other remaining legions were hearing loud roaring noise while wondering what was going on. Their answer came when they looked to the mountainous hills with widened eyes filled with shock, disbelief and horror as the oceans waters rose high above the hills and rushed down into their path in a colossal devastating surge.

"RUN!" several of the invading ninjas screamed as they and the rest of the armies abandoned their posts in an effort to escape the tsunami's onslaught. They had felt the earthquake from earlier but had no idea that it would result in what was now going to be their deaths.

"Unreal!" Naruto remarked with absolute shock and horror as he and all of his brethren were watching the destruction from Roka's point of view as though they were there when it happened.

"The summoning beasts tried to escape via teleportation," Roka said, "But the barrier that Ashina-sama activated and surrounded all of Uzu no Kuni with cancelled out any sort of teleportation. All of the invading legions trapped within the barrier tried futilely to escape for their lives, but it was to no avail as the mega tsunami submerged all of Uzu no Kuni underwater."

"This is so hard to believe!" Hotaru said with a breathless tone.

"So this was what happened from that earthquake," Seijiro remarked.

"That mega tsunami was what destroyed Uzu no Kuni and left it in ruins," Roka explained, "That night, Ashina-sama made sure all of those invading legions and their summoning beasts suffered his wrath and that of all of Uzu no Kuni.

"The mega tsunami eventually subsided, causing all of the ocean waters brought miles inland from it to recede back into the ocean. After all of the waters returned back to the ocean, I found myself standing on my two feet again, in front of the calmed ocean. Ashina-sama's barrier around Uzu no Kuni and the one that was around me deactivated, having fulfilled their purpose. I stood there alone, quietly with only the full moon shining ever brightly above the ocean and the clear night skies.

"In his death, Ashina-sama plunged and dragged all of those invading legions and their summoned beasts with him down to the bottom of the ocean. And all of the bodies of our fallen people and the Governing Spiral were also taken down with Ashina-sama, buried with him deep under the ocean."

A shocking revelation about Uzu no Kuni's final hours was just revealed! Ashina's deadly wrath was executed and destroyed the invading legions who threatened his people! What else will Roka explain to Naruto and their brethren and what will Hotaru and perhaps Seijiro and Hotsuma also reveal? Find out next time in Part 2.