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Jack opened one eye. He was on the floor of… something. Not a ship. But he should be on a ship… Then again, he was also used to waking up and having no idea where he was.

He opened the other eye.

He was on the floor of a house…? With a metal ceiling….?

A metal ceiling? That makes no sense, his mind said. Someone walked by.

"Excuse me," Jack said, standing up "But do you happen to have any rum? Mine is always gone, you see, and I've been missing it."

The man laughed. "And who are you?" he asked.

"Captain Jack Sparrow, you?" Jack said, taking pride in having no one to contradict him on the 'Captain'.

"'Captain', eh? Is that what the hair and the bandanna is all about?"

"Wha'dd'you mean? I quite like my hair, ta very much." Jack said haughtily.

"Haymitch Abernathy."

"That's no answer." Jack said, looking around for his hat.

"You asked me who I am." Haymitch pointed out.

"Ah, yes. Yes, I did, but I quite lost interest a while ago." Jack said airily, finding his hat under the table and placing it on his head.

Haymitch laughed. Of course he wanted to murder 'Captain Jack Sparrow', but he was amused, and decided to let him live. For awhile.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth was exasperated. And so was Will, but less so.

"Again." Elizabeth sighed, "He's gone. Again. What is his problem?"

"It's the improvising." Will said distractedly. He was staring at a girl with pea green skin. "That's not normal, is it?" he said, nudging Elizabeth and pointing out the girl.

Elizabeth jerked out of her 'Jack rant'. "I would seriously hope not." she said "But there are a lot of weird people in this city."

The green skinned girl walked over. "You look lost," she said, "Welcome to the Capitol. May I show you around?"

Barbossa was in District 4, trying to find Jack's ship. People were definitely staring at him, but he didn't particularly care. He would be gone already, if he could just find that Black Pearl...

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