Hey. Okay, so technically this was an English assignment, but I hope that you will all like it as much as my teacher did. It is basically just a new ending to Tuck Everlasting.

Winnie sat on her bed for a long time staring at the bottle Jesse had given her. She pictured herself and Jesse living together forever. She thought of all the adventures they could have, but something kept popping back into her mind.

She started to remember everything that Tuck had said. She remembered what he had said about the wheel, and how it was best not to mess with it, but every time she tried to recall everything Tuck had said, her mind went right back to Jesse. Her mind racing from Jesse and Tuck, she walked to the window and looked outside. She sees the frog. Her frog. Suddenly a dog jumps out of nowhere chasing the frog.

Winnie runs downstairs the bottle sill in her hand. She runs out side yelling at the beast, but it didn't run away. Without thinking about it Winnie throws the bottle at the dog. Finally, the dog runs off. The bottle had bounced off the dog and broken and spilled on the frog.

Winnie picks up the frog and says "at least your safe now,"

She put down the frog and went inside. She knew what she had to do. She would go find Jesse when became seventeen, but she would not drink from the spring. She knew Jesse would be disappointed. She looked out the window and saw the frog hop off into the wood. She knew her decision was right.

I know it's short but I hope you liked it.