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Chapter 2

To Merlin, manservant to Prince Arthur, Crowned Prince of Camelot, yadda yadda,

Let me start off by saying: I had no idea you could read. Or that you had such grand penmanship.

You are an idiot.

You do not tell the Crowned Prince that you are committing treason right under his nose. You do not leave stupid little letters with that information on the Crowned Prince's desk, where anyone could pick it up. But most importantly, you do not apologize.

It was simple to tell it was you who had written that letter. Who else had access to my chambers, really? Who else talks about my reign as king the way you do? Who else vows to serve me until the day they die? Who else would be so stupid as you?

Merlin, you are my trusted manservant. I mean it. You have my trust. Aside from that, you are, I will admit, my dearest and truest friend. If you were to be burned at the stake, or beheaded – gods forbid, I would be without a clean room and without a confidant. So do me a favor and Do Not Tell Anyone Else. I may have to throttle you myself if you do.

About the letter itself: that was possibly the most girlish thing I have ever read. You constantly and consistently poured your heart out on every page, in every line and word. It was emotional and sappy and I know for a fact you cried on it at least twice. Don't be so weepy. You are not going to die.

Prince Arthur Pendragon

To Prince Prat,

Not all of us were dropped on our emotional heads when we were young. We actually have emotions. And brains. I hate you. See if I ever write you a letter again. Or speak to you. That's right. I am not speaking to you.


To Merlin,

Don't be an idiot. You can't keep that up.

However, I will admit that it seems I've upset you. As my apology, since you confessed in your letter to me, I will confess to you as well. Tell anyone else what I am about to write and I will have you flogged.

I have loyalty and love for you too. As you would die for me, so I would for you. I cannot imagine a life without you in it. I am not ready to be king, but when I am king, it would do me great honor if you sat at my side and helped me.

I am not a sorcerer. Sorry.



Alright. I suppose I forgive you. I'm helping Gaius for most of the afternoon – though you already know that – but I will be back later this afternoon to help you prepare for your birthday feast. I may even bring a present for you if you are good.



It better be a big present, because I am going to be so good you may just die of shock.

Say hello to Gaius for me. I will see you this afternoon.







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