Alright, this is a Sanji/Usopp fic. At least that pairing is the main focus. Other pairings include:

Luffy/Zoro (Yes, Luffy's dominant in this)

Marco/Ace (more minor but still there)

Other pairings are more fluff or business wise due to the environment the characters are in.

Rated M for the gritty details (meaning descriptions on penises and maybe vaginas too. WOO), possible lemons, abuse, colorful language (like FUCK and Bitch and 'cunt'), the dark atmosphere itself. It's not all sad and angst, there are humorous parts AND cute shit. Don't worry, I like lightening the mood when need be (not to mention Luffy's there).

Disclaimer: Not my characters. These characters belong to Eiichiro Oda.

If ya don't like, well ...kay.

He was lying on his side as the elder man drove his foot into the younger one's chest. The pain was excruciating, but he wasn't on the verge of any broken bones—yet. He hadn't presented himself correctly to the customers. They were uninterested in his attempts. Another kick hit slightly underneath the last spot. He hacked up a mouthful of saliva, turning his face toward the cold concrete. The Boss had been watching from afar, seeing as his efforts were half-assed. Of course, this didn't sit well with a man that expected the best out of his boys. The thought of how poor this damned long-nosed kid's advances were made him sick. Why did he hire such a low-life anyways?

"I told you to give everything you got! Can't you do that right?" He questioned, taking a quick break. Using his only hand to remove his cigar from between his teeth, he slowly exhaled. The smoke had danced around his face before evaporating into the air. He kneeled before the beaten boy and used his infamous hook to roll the limp body onto its back. The boy's eyes were hazy, as if the life within had escaped. He huffed in displeasure. Having them pass out or just "not be there" anymore was not fun. This kid made beatings boring. He clenched the boy's cheeks and moved his face from side to side to see if he'd react. No response, as expected.

The problem was that he wasn't done yet.

"This isn't going to save you." He cooed. Standing over the boy he raised his leg, positioning it over his stomach. "I'm still gonna beat the shit out of you." The impact caused the kid to jolt upward. He gagged, showing he was still somewhat there. The man on top was pleased again; he just needed to be snapped out of his little "escape". Weak hands sluggishly rose towards the man's shoe. The kid was trying to remove his shoe? "What are you doing?" The question was obviously rhetorical.

"Pl-Please…" The boy began to sob. The man had placed the cigar in between his teeth again. Amusing, he thought, he was begging now.

"'Please' what?" He teased and grinned that devilish grin. It sent chills through the kid's shriveled body. He didn't know whether to answer or remain quiet.

"Please…stop." He continued, already feeling regret for even answering. The man lifted his foot. The boy's hopes lifted slightly, only to be quickly crushed by another stomp, this time with his fingers within the mix. The sobs became louder; this was what the man had wanted to hear. He began shuddering with excitement. The man chuckled out in a cold tone:

"I'm not finished yet."