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Last night's defeat was a tough one to take in. It was difficult to even imagine what horrors 'Armadillo' had endured due to the loss. It messed with Sanji's head a lot more than he thought it would. Sanji didn't even believe for a second that there was a chance he'd care so much. This was all for Lady's happiness originally... but seeing how Armadillo actually looked, all drugged up and displayed like a new sex bot for the world's largest pervs to enjoy; it hit him that this kid really didn't need to be in such a place. The blow stunted him to where he physically felt unable to see Lady afterwards. He avoided leaving through the Lady's House just so he didn't have to admit such a horrible defeat.

What a coward he turned out to be, unable to face the woman that he promised to be brave for. Sanji had decided that he didn't want to go back to that place, at least for a while. He was angry, disgusted with the way things were done. Can't believe those perverts... clawing at the stage like hungry animals. Sanji sat in his car, staring up at the ceiling with his seat pulled all the way back. He felt like utter shit, even more so since he ended up using that money from last night for that kitchen set that he had wanted. What a shit move he pulled. He couldn't even look at his new kitchen ware, the box that his new pots and pans, special dinner plates and the like all sat snug within. I'm such a fucking asshole. That money was for... Ah! Who the hell am I kidding? Like I could do anything for a whore.

He had just gotten home, after mindlessly going to the mall after work and purchasing the new kitchen additions. Sanji couldn't really recall what was going through his mind while he was there, using the money he said he'd keep for the next time he went over to the Lady's House. What difference did it even make? Armadillo... or Usopp, was practically gone to the sharks, being used as a sex toy night by unholy night. Agh, he couldn't take thinking about this anymore. He sat up and opened up the door, leaving the stupid box set of dishes in the passenger seat and got out. Locking up his car, he walked onto the sidewalk, only to see Luffy sitting on the steps in front of Sanji's home. This was a surprise, normally the younger brother was clinging to the older one when it came down to visits like this. Hopefully Luffy was here to just pass time and not mention the whore house.

"Oi, Sanji!" Luffy said as soon as Sanji came closer. "I was waiting for you! You got out a little later than usual huh?" The cook groaned a bit. He was in no mood to talk but Luffy meant no harm. Besides, he could pose as a distraction from his lingering thoughts.

"I stopped by the liquor store to get some smokes and the mall. What are you doing here without Ace?"

"Ace wasn't feeling too hot today. He said he wanted to go see the bird guy, Marco from that fun house we went to!" Fun house? Where was Luffy's mind half the time he was even there? "I'm not too worried though, Ace is really set on getting Marco out, and I'm sure he will!" Luffy's wide smile stretched across his face. The ever faithful kid brother, huh? Yeah, he'll get the Phoenix guy out while the poor Armadillo kid rots and gets raped all fucking night. Ugh, the thought repulsed him. Sanji shook his head quickly and pulled out his keys. Fuck these thoughts...

Once the door was opened, Luffy pushed his way inside and ran around the front room, laughing. This fucking kid... he acts like he's ten. What's got him in such a constant state... Luffy pulled off his sandals and set them at the base of the large stairs that were a few feet away from the front door. Sanji's home was large, maybe too large for just one man to live in. He never really thought of having a roommate, but it was always easy to consider such thoughts since there were more than enough rooms. Sanji had Ace and Luffy, some guys from the Baratie that spent the night over from time to time and the extra rooms proved necessary. He looked up at the steps, that kid could've been wandering around the house, relieved to be away from the dark corridors of his last 'home'. Sanji frowned, taking off his shoes. Why was his mind guilt tripping him so damn much?

The sound of Luffy's laughter lessened as he ran toward the left and into the kitchen. Of course, that'd be the first place he'd head in. Sanji grumbled as he followed Luffy in there. The left side of the first floor consisted of a dining room and the kitchen, both connected but partially divided by a small 'bar' between both rooms. The table within the dining room was long, had six chairs and lovely decorated plates on top. The kitchen was almost all chrome, an island in the middle and only the best kind of equipment inside. It paid to be the adopted son of a head chef in a very successful restaurant.

"So are you gonna make anything?" Luffy asked, looking in the fridge. Sanji wasn't even sure he was in the mood, but Luffy was hungry. He sighed, moving Luffy from the front of the fridge and looked in. It was always packed with food but nothing was ever wasted. That was something he lived by, never wasting food. "Maybe you can make some kind of um...MEAT!" The typical choice of the childish teen. Sanji closed the fridge and opened up the freezer, pulling out some steak and set it on the counter to thaw. He moved along to his seasonings and plucked out a few that he normally used on most of his meat. He stopped for a moment, staring at the different seasoning tops and frowned. Soup... I said I'd make the kid some soup when I... "OI. Sanji!"

"What... What?" Sanji snapped out of his thoughts, turning to Luffy who was right behind him.

"You're actin' all funny! What's up with you today?" Luffy wrinkled his nose, frowning to see what the hell was up. Sanji rarely spaced out as much as he was today, and Luffy was able to catch it. Sanji just stayed quiet, slowly averting his eyes back to the seasonings and shrugged. "I guess you don't have to tell me."

"Just feel like shit, Luffy. Don't worry about it."

"Well, okay!" Luffy smiled. It wasn't in Luffy to really dig deep in other people's problems. He knew some people just needed time alone to heal if they didn't want to rely on others. Sanji was a little relieved that Luffy wasn't so nosy, but at the same time he felt like he needed to let Luffy know what was going on. It wasn't because he felt Luffy could help him feel better, no, it was only due to letting it out and releasing himself of a guilty conscious. Sanji wanted to stop thinking about it so much. Instead of standing there and dwelling on his thoughts, he went ahead and pulled the meat over to the sink and turned on the hot water, putting the meat under to help thaw it faster.

After a few hours, the meat had finished cooking. Sanji had spent a lot of his time sitting in the livingroom, staring at the box containing his new pots and pans. He was still upset with himself, but also unsure if he wanted to keep them. Luffy was asleep on Sanji's couch, having gotten tired after waiting for the food. The stove began to beep, waking Sanji up from his little staring contest with the inanimate box. He stood up and went to the kitchen, grabbing his oven mitts and opened up the stove. The steak smelled amazing, but he had no appetite for any. He set the pan on top of the stove and pulled down a plate for Luffy. There were some vegetables in a nearby pot that had been heating up, along with some pasta that he had finished not too long ago. A full course meal. He was sure Luffy would eat this all withing a few minutes.

After making Luffy's plate and setting it on the table, he went back to the living room to wake him up.

"Oi, Luffy. The food's done. Get up." He nudged the younger one, waiting for a response. Luffy stirred just a bit, only to roll onto his side and soon fall off the couch. "Dumb ass, I told you to lay down on one of the beds upstairs."

"Hmm, but I didn't wanna." Luffy whined and stood up. He wobbled on his half-asleep legs and yawned. "What was done?"

"The food's-"

"AH! Food!" Luffy instantly opened his eyes and rushed into the kitchen. So typical of him to get so excited about food. Sanji smiled a bit and followed after. Hm, his mind got back to thinking about Usopp again, how him and Luffy were about the same age. Would they be good friends? Luffy didn't even sit down once he pulled up his plate of food and began eating while standing behind the chair he should've been sitting in. Almost at the snap of the fingers, Luffy was finished, some bits of the steak and pasta were around his mouth, but not too long after he licked his lips. "MN! That was great! Can I have more?" What was the use of saying no? Sanji grabbed the plate, giving Luffy another refill of all three courses and gave him the plate back. Sanji wasn't going to eat any of it, but Luffy would.

"Hey, Luffy," He began saying, his eyes were on the almost empty pot of veggies. Luffy muttered a response, letting him know he was listening. "I fucked up last night." Luffy lowered his plate, cheeks filled with the food. He swallowed and blinked, staring at the back of Sanji's head.

"What are you talking about?"

"... Last night I was at the... 'fun house' as you call it."

"Really? Did you see Zoro there?"

"Yeah, I did, but we were trying to help someone." Sanji felt his heart pound a little faster. He didn't want to remember how he failed, but he needed to get it out. His mind was cluttered with what ifs. "I was suppose to have enough money to help them get out of there, but I didn't. He was about your age and seemed like a nice kid, but I couldn't save him." He frowned. clenching his fists. He heard Luffy gulping down the last bits of his food and moved up next to Sanji and held out his plate.

"More!" Is he fucking listening to me? Sanji grumbled, giving Luffy the rest of the food and stashed the dishes in the sink. "If you wanted to save someone, then you should've taken them and left!" It's not that fucking simple. "Why pay if they need help?"

"Because I wouldn't want to just up and break the rules like that! What do I look like breaking in and just taking someone out of there? I couldn't get past the security guards."

"That's a lie, Sanji. You're an amazing fighter! You knocked out tons of guys with your legs alone!" Luffy said in between chews. That was true, but it wasn't going to help him in this. Who knew what those men were capable of. "I don't see why you can't just kick those guys' asses. If they're hurting someone, they deserve to get hurt. Like that guy that was hurting someone in the alley! If you didn't stop me, I could've helped whoever was getting hurt." Luffy turned away and shoved the last piece of steak in his mouth.

Being reckless and brash like Luffy wasn't that hard. Sanji was pretty much in a reckless mood at the Baratie, always having to kick some ungrateful guy's ass at some point. He frowned, how come he wasn't able to act that way in the "Gentleman's House"? He scratched the back of his head, a little unsure.

"I guess you're kinda right about that." Sanji said. Luffy set his empty plate in the sink and turned his gaze to Sanji. He looked serious, only for a moment before he grinned.

"Then let's go save this guy!"