I was an orphan. Well, I still am, but that's not the point. The point is that I grew up alone okay. I had no one; absolutely no one to depend on when I was growing up, which, technically, I still am.

You see, I am currently 15, close to 16, and on my way to a new school. My High School life. I finished mid-high, barely, and was accepted into one of the worst school in the nation...

Bla! Who am I kidding. I'm transferring, okay? I got in a fight with a teacher and punched the fucker through a window. Now, I was given an option to get expelled or transferred to the worst school in the nation. A thug infested school that teaches jack shit.

Yeah, well, I guess it ain't all bad.

Because, really (I don't mean to sound arrogant or anything) I am different than any regular thug. Y-yeah, and I feel different. Hm, maybe it was because of that that I had no friends growing up. The care taker in the orphanage was a bitch though.

Ah, random thought. Sorry.

"Oh, you must be Uzumaki-Kun, eh?"

No shit. Who else did you expect you Hawaiian shirt-wearing motherfucker? "Yeah," I deadpanned.

The old guy gave me a nervous smile. "W-well it's unusual to get a transfer student. But, I think you'll manage here." He gave me a smile.

And I sneered at him. 'Whatever," I replied.

This guys was pissing me off.

"Ah, well here is your schedule."

He handed me a the piece of paper and gave a weak grin before pushing his glasses up with his two fingers. "And I hope you enjoy your stay here!"

I scoffed. Any other person would too if they were in my situation. "I doubt it," I mumbled a bit incoherently, but I suspect he caught it.

"Well, then; off you go~"

So, I left the office and found myself walking down the dirty, graffiti infested hallways. I wasn't surprised, no. Delinquents! What do you expect?

Now, I cut of my mussing when I glance at my paper and glance back at the door in front of me.

I cocked a brow. And then I entered.

When I entered I was greeted by shouts and stuff thrown around... was that a shoe someone just threw?

My eyes' twitched but I said nothing.

I walked to the podium right when my 'teach' saw me.

"A-ah," he stuttered. I can tell he's scared. "Can I help you," he finished after a two second interval.

I handed him my schedule.

He seemed surprised, judging from his expression. Well, like I said, transferring this late into the school year (and into the worst school!) could come off as a surprise.

"Transfer?" He mumbled loud enough for me to hear.

He gathered himself after he handed me my slip and spoke loud enough for all to hear.

"Alright class. As surprising as this may be, we have a new transfer student! Say hello to..."

That was my cue to introduce myself; however, it wasn't surprising that nobody was paying attention. Well, except that sliver-haired guy and that other guy who had a ba-

-wait, wtf? Is-is that a baby on his back... did he just flick me off, too?

Crazy shit I tell you.

Well, I rubbed my eyes and shook my head.

"Hello," I greeted monotonelessly; almost robotic. "I am Uzumaki Naruto and I hate you all... that's all."

The teacher seemed to sweatdrop while my comment seemed to piss off the WHOLE class (except the guy with the baby and sliver).

I grinned a bit on the inside. These people are just this stupid!

"Who is this punk?" One of them scoffed.

"He thinks he's all shit? Huh, who does he think he is?"

"yeah, I say we kick his ass right now."

"No, no; after class, I have to take notes."

WHAT? Why? You pussy how can you take notes when we have this bleached blond mutherfucker taking shit."


"W-well he didn't talk shit. He just said he hated us. Not necessary an insult considering the feeling mutual."

"Wow, dude. I didn't know you could talk all philosophical like that."

"There are alot of things people don't know about me."

"Yeah... ... HEY GUys! I SAY WE KICK THIS GUY's ASS, TOO!"


O...K. What the hell kind of place did I transfer into?

Kukukuku, we are the MK5!"


Suddenly the five guys who just popped out of nowhere were each dropped kicked out the window by the whole class.

Believe it or not, I sweatdropped. this was just that stupid!

And! When I turned towards the door, I saw this guy just walk by, stop and poke his head into the classroom.

"Good~night~" he said with a two finger salute and a closed eye.

OK, that... was just random.