Gaaaaaaaahhhhhhh my life suuucks!

OK that was my whine for the next several hundred words or so.

This site has definitely given me trouble, sure, but the most recent transgression was my fault entirely. I'm am so busy with school, and I now have two jobs on top of classes to pay rent, so I end up getting home around midnight, doing my work till three, napping for a couple hours and then heading back off to school, wash rinse and repeat, seven days a week. Its exhausting.

So by the time I remembered to check my profile and update my stuff, and see if everything was still in working condition, it had already expired and been recycled from the site manager.

Im so sorry. I am so soooo sorry.

I had written three extras for "the people you love" and two chapters continuing the story.

I had a sequel to my sex adventures [in a can, in a bottle]

I had an in progress short for my POT fiction, PLUS three chapters for update, only needing conclusions.

I had three lemons on reserve to use in future chapters, for kagomaru things.

I had a detective conan epic

I had a Sailor Moon Lemon adventure

and these are all like my others: thousands upon thousands of words of script.

I know that was probably more of a tease than anything, and maybe a shake of my talented fist, I feel really bad that I was so scatterbrained to let them expire. I'm actually embarrassed that i haven't been typing as much either! I love typing lemons...

But i couldn't NOT tell you guys. :(

I am working as fast as I can to retype them all, and I know they'll be different than what I originally typed [im trying to find my roughs for them] but im doing my very best.

I love you all, and I hope you aren't too angry with me.

Ill start posting my TPYL extras this time around as a different story, instead of waiting to post them at the end of everything. so that you wont have to wait for cuteness anymore.

Please be a little more patient with my absence, as I continue to rewrite them. as quickly as i can, mind you.

OH AND ONE MORE THING! I have some updates almost ready for publishing, so after a few weeks or so, Ill take down this note (its technically against the rules anyways) and ill post my chapters. the one coming up is fluff. and nothing more, and the two after are major plot focused. so pay attention!

I love you guys! More than you knowww!