Chapter 1

NOT GUILTY. The vedrict wrung out through the courthouse and gumshoe cheered and threw the confetti like in the back of the instructions for the game. Ron delite was not a murderor but also he could not get guilty for being mask de mask even though he actually was because of double jeapordy. In the lobby phoenix realised this and got mad because he got a criminal off the hook and that had never happened before except with SPOILERS! that french dude with the hair who he actually didnt get off the hook but that wasn' t the point because he almost did. Plus if ron got in jail right could loose his viginity to desiree who obviously wanted in his pants but was married.

He tok out his cell phoone and went on contacts details and clicked "De Killer"

De Killer heard his iPhone busting out the english national anthem remixed with some sick beats and cool hooks and answered it like a british person would (AN: ik he isnt british but he hsa a monacle so he is in this) with his pinky stuck out like in that episode spongebob because that was his favourite briish cartoon and it haddavid Bowie in it one time.

"Top o' the mronin to ya" said de killer

"Hi this is pheonix wright, i needd you to assassinate ron de lite cause hes a dirty thief and then i can marry his hot wife he winked"

"ok but first we have to meett up because according to my testimony in case 4 i have to do that and donnt forget a hit costs like 20 dollars. And i cant seeyou winking you numpty (it means stupid person)" And he hung upp.

"Damnit where am i going to get 20 dollars!" screamed phoeni x throughout the courthouse but noone heard because it was night now and the cleaning guy was deaf.