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Standing upon a bridge were two figures. The first one was tall and had pale skin. He had long black hairs that fell lazily behind his back. He was wearing the standard attire of an anbu ninja, although a long white coat covered it while a purple belt held the coat. This person was Orochimaru the snake sannin and former member of the hidden village of Konoha.

The second figure standing in front of the former was wearing a strange attire for a ninja. Indeed, he was wearing an orange pant and an orange vest with some black lines on it. He had spiky blond hairs and striking blue eyes. The last distinctive feature was the whiskers marks that adorned his face. This was none other than Naruto Uzumaki, genin of the hidden village of Konoha.

Currently the two were talking or rather Orochimaru was doing the talk while Naruto listened, becoming angrier by the second. How this situation came to be was really simple, during the mission to rescue the current Kazekage, Sakura Haruno – Naruto's teammate – fought against Sasori of the red sand, a member of Akatsuki. The latter upon his defeat, admitted to Sakura that a meeting was scheduled with one of his spies at the very bridge they were currently at. The meeting was with someone very close to Orochimaru. Seeing the chance to get some information on Sakura's former teammate Sasuke Uchiha – who fled the village and became a missing nin – and maybe retrieve him from the clutch of the snake sannin, a team composed of Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Sai and Yamato was formed to impersonate the late Sasori and go to the meeting.

At first everything went accordingly to the plan with Yamato fooling Sasori's spy – who was revealed to be Kabuto – and having him reveal everything he knew, but the team soon discovered that it was trap set up by Orochimaru himself to kill his former associate. If that wasn't enough, the snake sannin was present at the meeting, further complicating things. It wasn't long before Yamato disguise was seen through and it was only thanks to Naruto quick reaction that he was still alive, as the latter, like a raging bull, moved from his hidden spot to the bridge where Yamato stood and pushed the latter out of arm way. Unfortunately this left Naruto standing alone on the bridge with Orochimaru and Kabuto behind him.

Kabuto tried to attack him from behind, but Naruto used a shockwave attack to push him back while destroying the bridge at the same time. Even the members of his team were affected by the attack, but Naruto was far too corrupted by the Kyuubi influence to care, and quickly pursued the cause of his anger, Orochimaru.

Yamato looked around himself, only seeing destruction. He assessed the situation and knew that they were in deep shit. 'How did everything went so wrong? Sakura was injured because of Kyuubi's chakra. Sai is nowhere to be seen and the wood clone I created to follow Naruto and Orochimaru was destroyed. What worse could happen now?'

He should have known not to tempt the devil, because what was happening between Naruto and Orochimaru would seal the fate of the whole shinobi world.


There is a saying that no secrets can stay hidden forever. If Konoha knew how right it was, they wouldn't have done several things in the past. While Naruto in his Kyuubi form with three tails lazily twitching behind his back was fighting an amused Orochimaru, the latter couldn't keep his mouth shut. He wanted to understand several things about Naruto that had always puzzled him. The first and foremost thing was why Naruto didn't use the unreal ability conferred to him by the Kage Bunshin to improve himself. After all it was common knowledge that this special cloning technique allowed their user to retain the memories of the clone upon its destruction. He couldn't understand how someone like Naruto who always claimed he wanted to be hokage, wouldn't use this advantage to become powerful quickly. So he decided to get the information at the source, not knowing that it would trigger the birth of a dangerous entity that would leave its mark on this world.

While dodging a punch from an enraged Naruto, he put some distance between the two of them while talking. "I have always wondered Naruto – kun, why do you serve Konoha so willingly even after what they have done to your country?" The question made Naruto pause, trying to understand what the one who caused all his suffering was talking about.

Orochimaru looked in surprise at Naruto after seeing the questioning look that was sent to him. The surprise was transformed in a wide grin that threatened to split his mouth. "Don't tell me you don't even know how your mother's country was destroyed?" But Naruto kept looking at him strangely, trying to wrap his mind on the fact that Orochimaru knew his mother. "My mother?" He tentatively said, as the last word seemed foreign to him.

This stopped Orochimaru in his track completely and he narrowed his eyes while looking at Naruto. "You don't know who she is, don't you?" Mirth could be heard from his tone of voice, which served to enrage Naruto further at being mocked for something he had no control on, just like when he was little. "I will be damned, Sarutobi – sensei succeeded after all."

"Don't talk about Oji – san like that bastard." The reaction was immediate for Naruto. "Oji – san..." Orochimaru tried the word slowly. "You even call him grandfather, after what was done to you by his consent?"

"What was done to me? What are you talking about? He was the only one to come to my help when I was little. He saved me from... from everything and you are trying to tarnish his memory. I will..."

He didn't finish his sentence as Orochimaru interrupted him with a loud laughter. "Saved you? Kukukuku, how can you be so naïve? Do you really think that a hokage cannot control his how shinobi? Do you really think that a shinobi can disobey the order of his Kage without serious repercussion? This shows just how little you know about the way a village is run. A ninja village is NOT a democracy. It is a dictatorship. Everything the hokage says is law. Don't be deceived by the tough act show by the civilians, in the end it is the hokage decision that matter." Orochimaru said with a sneer on his face.

"When did he come to save you?" Naruto was about to answer when he was interrupted. "Let me guess, he came after you were beaten, didn't he? And each time, he reinforced his image of a hero to you and like a dumb child you were and apparently still is, you believed him." Naruto wanted to say something to contradict what his hated foe had told him, but couldn't find anything to contradict him. But still, it wouldn't do to trust an enemy just because their logic was without fail. Unfortunately for him, what Orochimaru was about to say next would forever destroy the trust he held to Konoha.

"I suppose Sarutobi was right to brainwash you to be nothing more than a puppet. After all, it wouldn't do for Konoha to lose their Jinchuuriki and the only son of their greatest hero the yondaime hokage." Orochimaru spoke to himself, but he didn't take into account the fact that Naruto's hearing was enhanced by Kyuubi chakra running through his system. So when he raised his head, he was surprised to see a wide-eyed Naruto looking at him with shock clearly written on his face. He didn't take long to deduce that Naruto wasn't aware of the identity of his parents and that amused him greatly.

"Now I am beginning to understand everything I have noticed so far. They don't trust you, kukukuku" He said to gain Naruto attention back to himself, as he was about to ask the real question he wanted answered in the first place. "Tell me, how is it that despite the amount of time you have used the Kage Bunshin, you still don't know the secret ability it provides you?"

Although he was still numb from the information he got, Naruto was still able to understand what was said but only had one thing to answer to that. "What secret?" And just like he feared, a smirk of superiority appeared on Orochimaru lips. For his part, Orochimaru was about to roll himself on the ground from the sheer stupidity exhibited by Naruto. But then his eyes narrowed in confusion. 'No matter how hard they try to hide the ability of the shadow clones, Naruto – kun should have noticed by now that his clones' memories come back to him once they are dispelled. Especially with how many times he uses them. It must be an external tampering then. But I wonder what would happen if he were to learn of the deception that surround him. Would he turn his back to the leaf like I once did? Kukukuku, it is worth a try.'

He looked at the impatiently waiting Naruto. "Let me tell you a secret Naruto – kun. The jutsu that you affectionately use without any consideration of its real purpose is a very well guarded secret technique created by the Uzumaki clan. It was later added to Konoha's Forbidden scroll by the Nidaime hokage. This jutsu is in fact the reason why Konoha has always stood on top of the elemental countries."

Naruto looked at Orochimaru with shock on his face. His first reaction was to interrupt him to ask questions that passed through his mind, but in the end he chose not to, knowing that the sannin would tell him. Seeing this made Orochimaru smirk even more. 'Look at that, he can control himself after all, kukukuku'.

"You see the shadow clone jutsu possesses a unique ability that is not present in the other kind of clone jutsu bare a select few. The ability is to pass on to the user, the memories of the clones once they are dispelled. Only with this, you can imagine the worth of this jutsu in information gathering purpose. But the real use of this jutsu is in the training department. Indeed, with this jutsu, the user could master what would take others months to learn in a few days. How do you think Konoha was able to produce so many powerful young ninjas while those from other villages only reach this level after decades of training? Every generation, the elders find someone with huge chakra reserve, then they teach him the shadow clone jutsu to increase his progressing rate. Sarutobi, the white fang, your father the yondaime hokage, Itachi, all of them were trained by using this jutsu."

Orochimaru finished while snarling in anger at the end. Everything he said was the truth but what angered him was the fact that the elders deemed him not worthy of this training method. Even to this day, he didn't know why they didn't select him or any member of his team for that matter; after all, they were all genius in their own field. Of course with time, he had learned the jutsu like Jiraiya surely had – it would explain his strange improvement in such a short time during the war –.

Naruto on the other hand was digesting everything that was said and came to the only logical conclusion. Something was done to him to not be able to get the memories of the clones once they are destroyed. 'With the amount of clones I have used in my life, it is impossible for me not to notice it, even if I am as dumb as they claim me to be.' He thought while trying with all his might to control his rising anger but to no avail. The more he listened to Orochimaru, the angrier he became. He didn't know why but he knew one thing, if this kept going, he would lose his mind to the beast inside him.

"I see you reached the same conclusion that I did. Something was done to you to stop you from using the jutsu to your benefits, because let's face it; with the number of clones you can make, you could reach Kage level in terms of knowledge in a few weeks. They must really be scared of what you will do to them for revenge it seems, kukukuku."

Like a dam, Naruto snapped at that and rocketed toward Orochimaru before punching him so hard that the latter passed through several trees before stopping. Orochimaru rose from the ground while removing the blood that slowly sank from his mouth, his smile never leaving his face. "Did I hit a sensitive spot? Kukukuku. I must say that I am really disappointed; you aren't even close to Sasuke – kun level. Did Jiraiya really train you or did he simply make you rely on the fox power? I wouldn't be surprised if he did that just so you would be easily subdued in case you ever went rogue, kukukuku."

And like Orochimaru expected, Naruto finally lost it. Slowly, his form became that of a miniature Kyuubi, and then a fourth tail appeared behind his back. The bloodlust coming from the chakra was so potent that Yamato and Sakura were able to sense it despite the distance they were from the area. For his part, Orochimaru looked at the transformation with mirth, not caring that he was facing an unstable Jinchuuriki.


Sakura and Yamato were standing on what was left of the bridge, looking at the fight that was going on between Naruto and Orochimaru. The shockwave that Naruto created when he pushed Kabuto away wounded Sakura, but she wasn't Tsunade's apprentice for nothing. While it took her some time to properly heal herself and Yamato, she did it. Now the two of them were ready to go after Orochimaru too, but before they could even move from their spot, they saw a shape moving like a fallen meteorite toward their spot. Before long an explosion occurred to their left, raising a cloud of dust. Once the dust was lifted, they could only stare dumbly at the animal like beast that had become Naruto, pushed hard on the ground by a sword that extended from Orochimaru to Naruto.

After a moment, the sword was retracted, leaving the mini Kyuubi alone with his teammates. Sakura could only stare in shock at what had become of her teammate while Yamato quickly regained his composures. 'That is why I am a member of this team.' He told himself before going through hand seals and stopping before concentrating on the necklace that Naruto wore. Suddenly, several pillars of wood erupted from the ground in a circle formation around Naruto. Then Naruto's necklace glowed green. The green light slowly recovered the beast, while removing the effect of the Kyuubi chakra. Before long, Naruto was back to his original shape but still stayed unconscious much to the wonder of his teammates.

"Yamato – sensei, what do we do? Orochimaru, Kabuto and maybe Sai are escaping. If we do nothing then this whole mission will end up in a failure." Sakura asked her superior not even once caring about what Naruto was going through. Yamato noticed it of course but he filled it for later inquiry as even though it was shocking, it was still the truth. They were given a mission; they couldn't afford to fail it so badly. They at least needed to eliminate Sai before he succeeded in whatever mission he was sent for.

"You are right, by waiting here, we lose track of them. I will leave a clone with Naruto while we keep going. If we are lucky Naruto will quickly get back to his feet to help us." Sakura snorted at that. "Help? The only thing he has done since the start of this mission is to complicate thing even more. How reckless can he be to attack Orochimaru like that?" Sakura said angrily to a silent Yamato who had nothing to say in Naruto's defense.

"While that may be true, don't forget we are going against one of the sannin and every subordinates he may have in his base. We need all the help we can get." Yamato replied before creating a wood clone whom took Naruto's body with him and went to a hidden spot, to protect himself for any stranded attack.

Yamato looked at Sakura who put back her gloves on and with an authoritative voice said. "Let's go". The latter nodded before following closely her superior all the while thinking of her soon to be meeting with the love of her live. 'Sasuke – kun I am coming.'

While his teammates went away to chase Orochimaru, Naruto was in a completely different situation. He looked around himself and only saw corridors going everywhere. He could feel water above his ankle. 'I am in my mind then.' He thought after a while, having recognized where he was. Looking in front of him, he saw a red light at the end of the corridor he was in. He knew very well where this path would take him, but he wasn't in the mood to deal with an enraged fox demon, so for the first time since he came inside his mind, he took the opposite path.

He didn't know for how long he walked that path, he just kept moving. In a way, it was refreshing to just walk aimlessly like that. This allowed him to think about his life, something he always dreaded on, as it made him realize just how bad it really was compared to others. But this time he didn't have the luxury of ignoring his thoughts. The same words kept repeating inside his mind: the yondaime hokage is my father and no one ever told me that. He didn't know what hurt him the most, the fact that he was naive enough not to try to get information on his parents, or the fact that a conspiracy seemed to exist just to keep this information away from him. He had no delusion that Tsunade and even Jiraiya wasn't among the conspirators. 'When did I begin to call her by her name?' He silently thought to himself while slowly moving one leg after the other.

It was during this walk that he noticed the more he was away from the fox cage, the easier it was for him to think. 'It is like a weight was lifted from me. Everything is so clear now.' He could still hear the rumbling of the fox but it was now far too low for him to care. 'Care... Do I really care about anyone now? I can count on my hands the number of persons I would say I really care about, but what if Orochimaru is right? What if Konoha has somehow caused the destruction of my mother home village?' For the first time in his life, Naruto was stuck. Usually, upon facing a problem, he would deal with it without thinking, hoping for the best. But with the faculty to think clearly, he could see that only his luck allowed him to stay alive to this day. 'Fighting against a former member of the seven swordsmen of the mist, against Orochimaru during the Chuunin exam, against a fully released Jinchuuriki, all of this while I was still a green genin. It is a wonder I am still alive right now.'

He was about to continue his introspection when he saw a white light coming from the end of the corridor he now was at. This stopped him, as it was the first time he saw a light so white. Knowing that the last time he saw a light coming from the end of a corridor, he met a demonic entity, he cautiously walked toward the light expecting the worst. But when he finally reached the room that was lighted by the white light, he couldn't help the gasp of awe that came out of his mouth, because in front of him, he could see a giant gears system that stretched even beyond his current sight. It was really a sight to see, the way each turbine made the ones next to them slowly rotate around themselves. What made this even more of an art was the pale white light that surrounded every turbine.

Naruto looked at it and a rush of information came to his mind. Suddenly he knew the purpose of this gear system. He knew that it represented the seal that stopped the Kyuubi from escaping. It was its physical representation. He also instinctively knew that the faster the gear was rotating the weaker the seal became. Upon finishing his inspection, he saw a strange hole at the center of the foremost turbine. The hole looked like some kind of keyhole. 'Does this mean there is a key that could allow me to control this seal?' Naruto thought while slowly moving closer to it. While looking intently at it, he was reminded of the day Jiraiya tampered with the seal on his stomach to increase the amount of demonic chakra he could control. This made him narrows his eyes. 'Did Jiraiya found a way to access this room?'

This simple thought scared him because it was like having a sword on his throat ready to end his life at any time. After all, should the Kyuubi escape, he would die. Banishing those thoughts for later, he contemplated the light that was around the gear in front of him. He didn't know why but it felt foreign to him, almost alien-like. It was neither like normal chakra nor like demonic chakra, but he knew that it was some kind of energy. The way the light shimmered made him wonder just where it comes from. Curious as he was, he slowly reached the white light with his right arm.

He couldn't have known that the simple fact of interacting with this light would drastically change his life. There is a reason why Gods aren't allowed to directly interact with the world of the livings. The yondaime didn't care about that little fact and chose to involve an unworldly entity in the affairs of the humans. And not some low entity but the Shinigami himself, the one who controls death literally. When the Shinigami made the seal to contain the Kyuubi, he used his own brand of energy to do the deed. Although the use of its own energy would make the seal all but unbreakable unless someone used a specific seal to counter it, it came with the fact that a tiny bit of the Shinigami's energy was left behind to power the seal. When Naruto came into contact with it, the light was expanded a little until it covered his whole body.

Only by coming into contact with this energy, Naruto's body was irrevocably changed. Indeed, because of the sentience of the energy, it tried to assimilate itself with Naruto's, but was stopped because Naruto's body was foreign to it. Seeking a way out of this situation, it analyzed Naruto's body until he came into contact with his chakra. The energy quickly tried to mix itself with the chakra but found that it couldn't completely because it was infinite while Naruto's chakra was finite. It was like trying to put a whole ocean in a glass. So it made a decision that would create a being whose potential was simply infinite. He decided to make Naruto supply of chakra infinite too. This was done by rewriting Naruto's DNA. Now instead of forming chakra by mixing spiritual and physical energy, the chakra would come from the void itself. Naruto's body would create several microscopic black holes that would transform their energy into chakra. This process would be repeated everytime Naruto used chakra, making it infinite.

The interaction between this energy and Naruto had other side effect. Were he still conscious, he would have seen a ripple of energy that exploded from him. The energy travelled through his whole mindscape destroying everything he found that didn't belong to Naruto's body. Because the Kyuubi was sealed at birth, the energy considered it safe, and left it alone, much to the Kyuubi happiness as it recognized whom the energy belonged to and was clearly scared of it. The energy reached a hidden room in Naruto mindscape. The entrance to the room was blocked by what looked like chains made of wood, metals and even gold. Detecting that those chains weren't part of Naruto's body, the energy easily tore through them before blasting the door open. This had a horrible side effect, but horrible for whom, that would be determined in the future.

Once the door was destroyed, Naruto was assaulted with memories that he didn't know he possessed.

He saw himself beating Mizuki to a pulp.

He saw himself using the clones to do the menial work that were the D-rank mission.

He saw himself fighting against Zabuza to free Kakashi from his prison.

He saw himself fighting against an enraged Gaara.

The memories kept coming and he experienced them completely. He didn't know it, but those memories were changing him. He was gaining experience from their lives - despite their shortness. While all of this was happening, the other members of his team were fighting for their lives and were now regretting their choice to continue the mission without having a heavy hitter like Naruto was.

The leftovers of the rescue team finally reached one of Orochimaru's hidden bases. Several times, they have lost trail of their targets but luck seemed to be on their side as each of their guesses on where to go next paid off. Now they could only look in wonder at the facility that stood before them. Because the base was built underground, the only visible part of it was the entrance. Sakura, the one tracked mind ninja she is, was about to get through the wide-open entrance when her team leader stopped her.

"What do you think you are doing?" Yamato asked furiously but still low enough so that they wouldn't be overheard. "What does it look like? I am moving in to look for Sasuke – kun. Is it not our mission?" Sakura yelled back not caring if he was the leader or not. She was about to meet her Sasuke after almost 3 years of separation and she wasn't about to be denied.

"Are you trying to get us killed? This entrance will obviously be guarded. I told you earlier that we didn't have the manpower to make any frontal assault, don't make me regret taking you with me in this mission." He said while applying enough pressure on Sakura's shoulder to show just how serious he was. Fortunately, she wasn't stupid enough to dismiss what Yamato had said and calmed herself. "Then what do we do then?" She asked finally, not hiding the sarcasm in her tone. If Yamato noticed, he didn't react to it. Instead he looked around himself trying to find another way in. It wasn't long before he concluded that there was no other way in. He was about to share his finding or lack thereof with his subordinate when a violent explosion occurred several hundreds meters away from their position. He looked at Sakura and quickly nodded at her as the two blurred toward the source of the explosion.

Meanwhile a confrontation between two exceptionally talented ninjas for their age was taking place. One of them was none other than Sai, a member of the rescue team sent by Konoha. He was standing at the bottom of the crater that was formed by the earlier explosion. He was looking impassively at the figure that stood at the edge of the crater. The figure was looking at him as if he was a mere insect. The arrogance that he displayed would have been awkward on any other ninja his age but not on him. It fitted him perfectly. This person was the target the rescue team was after, the man – or child – who was hailed as a prodigy by his peers in Konoha, Sasuke Uchiha. He was looking at the one that just tried to kill him in his sleep with a lazy gaze.

Slowly though, he detached his gaze from his opponent and looked at the two shapes that materialized beside Sai. He quickly recognized one of them and was quick to voice his findings. "Sakura..."

Upon hearing the voice that she had dearly missed for so long, Sakura's body froze in shock before slowly looking up toward the person that spoke. Her heart was beating so fast that she thought those present could hear it. Finally she posed her eyes on the man she loved so much and couldn't stop herself from muttering "Sasuke – kun".

The above mentioned quickly analyzed each of his opponents with his Sharingan activated, cataloguing them all and assessing their threat level. Having finished his analyze, he looked back at Sakura with no emotions whatsoever. "I see you are still chasing after me even after all these years." The Konoha ninjas said nothing to this. "I am curious though, two persons seems to be missing. Maybe they have finally given up on me, that would be the first logical action they did after a long time."

Sakura gritted her teeth at that. She had thought that after all this years of being separated her love would have missed them – particularly her – a little but it seems that it wasn't the case. But misguided as she was she didn't understand what her mind told her, instead she fabricated a dream world upon which Sasuke missed her but hid it well in front of her team members.

Sai on the other hand was analyzing the situation he was in and was frustrated to say the least. Of course on the outside he didn't express any emotions at all, after all it wouldn't do for anyone outside of Root to know that their members still had their emotions. The rumor that said no members of Root could feel any emotions was a lie spread by their leader to instill even more fear to their enemies. Each members of the Root were specifically chosen because they had a goal that went along that of their hidden division.

But coming back to the matter at hands, he was frustrated because he hadn't counted in the presence of his assigned team. He was sent on this mission for one goal and only: to kill Sasuke Uchiha before Orochimaru could take over his body. But he also had another directive to never let any of his teammates assess his real level. Because of their presence he couldn't fight at one hundred percent against his target and this was bad in itself. Thanks to their earlier confrontation, he had assessed that Sasuke was stronger than him by a small margin, but that was if he went all out and obviously it was out of question right now.

Before he could elaborate a plan to get out of the precarious situation he was currently in, a chill went down his spine. He looked behind him to see Sasuke standing there with his back facing him. 'When did he moves...' Sai thought seriously shocked because this changed everything, every scenario he could cook up to deal with Sasuke. He didn't think that his target would possess such immense speed after all. Meanwhile, Sasuke was looking intently at Yamato. "Going by your attire you must be the jounin in charge of this mission. I know that Konoha want me back for reasons unknown to me as of right now, so they wouldn't send just about anyone to fulfill this mission. The question then is what makes you special enough to warrant you taking part in this?"

Yamato was a little surprised at the nonchalant way the Uchiha was behaving, especially the fact that he deliberately showed his back to an enemy as if the latter was inconsequential. After a moment of thinking carefully on his response he finally answered. "I suppose you will find out soon enough if you don't comply to our demands."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at that, a trait he picked up from his brother. "Your demands? Care to enlighten me then?" He was really curious now, does Konoha really became arrogant enough to make any kind of negotiation with their nuke nins or have they really fallen so low in manpower to the point of getting any ninja possessing a bloodline that could increase their power? Sasuke was asking himself this question while waiting for what the obvious leader of the team would say.

"They are quite simple really. Uchiha Sasuke, on the order of the Godaime Hokage, you are to desist whatever actions you were doing and come back to the village to face punishment for your treason. Failure to comply will result in you being dealt with as I see fit."

If Yamato expected a reaction from Sasuke, he was sorely mistaken. The latter didn't even flinch at the disguised threat to his person; instead he kept looking at the Konoha jounin with nothing but apathy. "And I suppose you are the one in charge of dealing with me? You will soon find that quest to be beyond your capabilities"

Upon saying this, Yamato felt that the air around him had changed. He saw Sasuke moves his hand to the handle of his sword and slowly removes it from the scabbard. Knowing that it meant business, he moved through handseals while Sai quickly turned around and reached for Sasuke's. 'He may be fast but he have to see an attack before he can react' thought Sai as he stopped Sasuke from removing his sword, or at least he thought he did, because the Sasuke in front of him vanished in the wind and appeared a few meters away from his earlier position slowly walking toward Yamato.

Yamato widened his eyes at that. 'He is too fast, what kind of training did he went through to attain this speed?' He thought while he finished his seals and pointed his right palm toward Sasuke. Instantly, wood erupted from it and charged its target. Sasuke seeing this dodged to the left before jogging towards Yamato. By the time he reached his target, Sasuke's sword was cackling with lightning moving through it. Yamato trying to block the attack reached for a kunai and put it in Sasuke's sword path.

The kunai did nothing though as the sword easily pierced the weapon before reaching Yamato heart. But thanks to his quick reflexes the latter had transformed his exposed chest in wood to lessen the damage. Sai moved toward Sasuke trying to take him by surprise but before he could reach his target, a wall of lightning surrounded Sasuke, thoroughly shocking him and rendering him unconscious.

Having taken care of Sai, Sasuke looked back at Yamato with the same impassive look. "Mokuton jutsu then? How fitting for a wood user to fall at the hand of an Uchiha, don't you think?" Yamato couldn't respond though as the sword on his shoulder was giving him a numbing sensation. The more he was affected by it, the harder it was for him to keep his consciousness. Yamato still had the energy needed to look at the final member of his team and couldn't help but wonder why she wasn't reacting. "You must be wondering why she hasn't reacted yet, don't you?" Yamato slowly looked at Sasuke in confusion.

"It is quite simple really, she is trapped in a Genjutsu. She may have perfect chakra control, but that doesn't make her immune to my illusions."

This deeply shocked Yamato. 'When did he get the time to cast an illusion on her? What kind of monster did he become after training with Orochimaru?' Yamato wondered just before losing consciousness. At the same time, Orochimaru and Kabuto appeared above Sasuke at the edge of the crater he was in.

"Sasuke – kun has progressed very much if he was able to dispatch them so quickly." Kabuto mused out loud while Orochimaru just smirked. 'And soon I will take over that body, kukukuku'

Meanwhile Sasuke moved toward the still standing Sakura and toyed with the idea of killing her right here. 'It will certainly save me the trouble of dealing with her later on.' He thought and was about to do the deed when he felt his arm being restricted by another hand. He looked over his shoulder at the one that stopped him. "Why did you stop me, Orochimaru?" The mentioned just looked at Sasuke's Sharingan and salivated at the idea of having the dojutsu before he answered. "Don't be so hasty Sasuke – kun, they still serve a purpose if only to reduce the number of ninjas working for Akatsuki. After all, you don't want to face all of them while fighting your brother, do you?"

Sasuke merely scoffed at that but still dropped his hand in an approving manner. This action made Orochimaru smirk in triumph at being able to manipulate the young ninja so easily. He knew that Sasuke always listened to anything he said whenever he made allusion to his hated brother. This had allowed Orochimaru to manipulate him over the past years.

Kabuto also appeared beside the duo and asked the question that was on their mind. "Then what do we do about them Orochimaru – sama?"

Before any of them could answer, they felt a familiar chakra appear at the edge of the crater. Sasuke didn't even have to turn around to know whom the chakra belonged to. "It seems that today is a special day. The only person left is Kakashi and Team 7 would be back again, don't you think Naruto"

After saying that, Sasuke turned around and faced his long time nemesis, the only person he had ever considered a friend if only for a short time. For his part, the figure that appeared looked at Sasuke, and then at everyone present there with an apathetic gaze that unnerved them. At first glance, they could see that nothing had changed from the troublesome blond each of them had met, but the more they looked at him, the stronger the feeling of wrongness was present. Before they could understand where the feeling came from, Naruto disappeared in a cloud of smoke, showing them that it had been a shadow clone all along.

But the only one to understand the meaning of this action was Orochimaru who, though surprised, smirked in anticipation of what that would mean for the future. They were about to return to their decision making about the downed shinobis when they felt a huge amount of chakra coming towards them at a speed that defied all logics. The speed was so high that even Orochimaru was shocked and especially frightened as it reminded him of someone he never wanted to fight against: the yondaime hokage.


It didn't take long for Naruto to finish reviewing all his memories, and by the end of it, he was a changed man. The memories contained everything his clones had seen ever since he has been able to create them. To him it was like all the major events of his life happened a few moment ago. Because of this, he was able to recall every piece of information he has ever been subjected to. This had the benefit of increasing his observation capability to a very outstanding level, far outshining high-level ninjas. But the direst effect was the fact that he was able to see his live with a different perspective and what he saw is what really changed him.

He couldn't understand how he could behave like he had been doing until now, and that sickened him. 'To think that I would do everything I could to hide from the reality of this world.' Naruto thought as he looked around himself and found that he was still in the strange room he had discovered, the room that contained the physical representation of the seal. He looked at his body and quickly noticed the change in his energy pattern. Earlier he wouldn't have even noticed it but ever since he went further away from the fox it was like his mind was becoming clearer than before. 'What is going on? Why can I think much better than before?' Naruto asked himself. He didn't expect an answer to his questions as they were rhetoric anyway, but he was again pleasantly surprised when the answer came to his mind.

'This room is inside my mind. The Kyuubi is in its own dimension. The closer I am to the beast, the farther I am from my own mind. Because I have been assimilating the Kyuubi's dimension as my mind, it was able to manipulate my body, thus limiting my capabilities.'

This stunned Naruto, as he didn't know where the answer came from. It was like the room possessed answers to questions related to his seal and the Kyuubi but nothing else. He shrugged at that and decided to investigate later on as right now he needed to understand what had happened to his body. And like before the answer came to his mind.

'By coming into contact with the Shinigami's energy, my body was irreversibly modified. Now mixing spiritual and physical energy doesn't produce my chakra. Instead transforming the energy coming from the void in chakra creates it. The void energy is created by my body everytime I use my reserve, making it limitless.'

Again Naruto was shocked. Not by the part concerning the changes of his body, but about the fact that he had an infinite supply of chakra now. He quickly began to think on the ramification of this new information and came to a strange and satisfying conclusion: he didn't need the Kyuubi anymore. 'The Kyuubi is only a source of chakra to me. Now that I have an infinite supply of it, I don't need it anymore.' He thought before remembering that said beast was also the cause of his quick regeneration. 'I will have to find a way to replace that.' This was his last thought before looking around himself, specifically at the keyhole in front of him and then he willed himself back to his body.

While Naruto was checking his mindscape, his team leader Yamato or rather his clone, was standing guard over his body. He was monitoring Naruto quiet closely to see if any changes happened to the latter. That is why he quickly noticed the stirring of his charge body. Knowing that Naruto was waking up, he straightened himself and waited for the genin to get his bearing. He had several questions to ask his charge as he was able to notice the almost complete disappearance of the Kyuubi chakra inside his circulatory system, something that was both unforeseen and unexpected.

Upon opening his eyes Naruto came face to face with Yamato. He was about to lash out at him because of the surprise but quickly stopped himself from doing that. He sighed and dropped his head in a way that the upper part of his face was hidden from his leader.

"How long was I out?" He asked with a groggy voice.

"An hour or so." Yamato answered.

"Ahh ok. But where are the others?" Naruto continued with his head still dropped as if he was too tired to raise it.

"They continued the mission. Currently the original Yamato and Sakura are following Orochimaru to his base. We were hopping that by following them, we would come in contact with the target Sasuke."

Before he could continue though, Naruto, whose voice changed from tired to cold in an instant interrupted him. "Are you telling me that you are a clone?" Yamato gave a positive answer not understanding the apparent anger of his charge. 'Are you kidding me? What the hell?' Naruto raged in his mind as his newly developed observation skills put the pieces together. But he had to confirm his theories first before acting.

"So you just left my body out there with only a clone to protect me? What if Akatsuki chose this very moment to attack, what would have happened?" He asked a silent Yamato who was considering his answer carefully.

"The chance of Akatsuki attacking us right now is very small if not dismal as they don't know where we are right now. Moreover don't forget we have a mission to finish. A mission that is of very high priority." Yamato finally answered.

"Compared to my survival, isn't it?" Naruto shot back to a silent Yamato who was too surprised by the conclusion Naruto came up with. But to Naruto, the silence was enough to answer his question. "So you mean to tell me that even after all those years of service to the village, they still consider Sasuke more important than me?" This time, Naruto had raised his head and was looking directly at Yamato's eyes, freezing the later because of the rage that was present in Naruto's eyes. Of course Yamato knew that Naruto meant the village council when he said 'they'.

Finding nothing to counter this verbal attack, Yamato decided to change subject quickly as he didn't want a verbal battle right now with the situation at hand. "I don't know where you are going with those conclusions of yours but what I can tell you is that this is very far from the truth and you know it. Do you really think that Tsunade would assign me to this mission if she didn't care?" Inside his mind, Yamato was proud of his comeback, as it was notoriously known that Naruto thought of the hokage as his mother or something close to it. He knew that the latter would quickly stop this nonsense he came up with once Tsunade was mentioned.

But what he didn't know was that by mentioning Tsunade as the one who chose him to be the team leader, he had revealed to Naruto that she wasn't to be trusted right now. Indeed, Naruto at first had thought that the council went behind the hokage back to pull something like that but now that he had this new information, he knew that he couldn't completely trust her for now, not until he had more information. He was interrupted from his thoughts when Yamato continued speaking.

"Be that as it may, we have to get going. I don't know what is going on right now with the original and Sakura. They could be in danger for all we know so we have to move from here and look for them."

Saying this, he turned his back on Naruto and looked at the direction the rest of the team took off. "Are you well enough to go?" He asked to his charge that was still looking at him with the same cold look in his eyes. "Yes." was the quiet answer he received followed by "Yamato – taicho, I have a question for you." Yamato turned around. "Ask away."

"Why don't you simply communicate with the original to get the direction they are at, like you did earlier today?"

"That is because I can only communicate with him if he is in a range of 500 meters radius. I have lost contact with him for a while now."

Yamato answered before Naruto smiled for the first time since they began this conversation. "I see. That is good to know." He muttered while Yamato looked at him strangely. Before he could wonder what Naruto meant by that, his eyes widened in shock as he coughed blood. He looked down on his chest and found a blue chakra arm that pierced him from his back. After further investigation he saw that the arm came from underground and erupted beside Naruto, connecting him with the arm.

"How?" Yamato was able to mumble despite the fact he was dying.

Naruto looked at him with a cold gaze before answering. "Your mistake was to think that I would forever stay under your foot, that you would never be challenged. You assume that I cannot read between the lies you are feeding me. You are so sure of my loyalty to Konoha that you carelessly give up your secrets, thinking that I am too stupid to make use of them. But I will tell you something that you will take to your grave: judgment day is coming and all the guilty will face my wrath."

The last thing Yamato saw was the cold eyes of Naruto as he mercilessly skewered him with the chakra arm that he had formed. The clone was reduced to a pile of wood to Naruto's amusement. He sighed for a moment, thinking of his next course of action. 'Despite my desire to get as far away from Konoha as possible, I need to find out what happened to my clan and who is the one that sealed the memories coming from my shadow clones. To do this, I have to get back to Konoha. That means I have to save these ungrateful bastards for now, if I were to go back alone, suspicions would arise and I don't need that right now.'

Coming to a decision, he put his hands in one of his favorite position and called the name of the jutsu he wanted to use. "Kage Bunshin" A giant cloud of smoke erupted around him. When the could was dispelled, a sea of Naruto could be seen just before they went to every direction available, searching for his teammates. Meanwhile, the original stayed back and sat in a meditative position while grinning like a mad man. 'Like they says, tests are better than words' He thought while thinking of the fact that he didn't feel any drop of his chakra when he used this technique despite the high cost on chakra. 'I really have an unlimited amount it seems, but how can I use it to my advantage.'

'I have already recreated the chakra tail that I can use whenever I am in Kyuubi mode, although I can only control one tail for now. It won't be enough against Orochimaru though, I have to find something that make use of this gift.'

While thinking he recalled something that he had noticed while reviewing his memories. He had seen several high level ninjas use this but hadn't thought much of it at the time. It was the fact that they sometimes used chakra to tremendously increase their physical abilities. He even saw Jiraiya do the same during the training trip. By observing how they used this skill, he was able to determine several key points. The first and obvious one was that it cost much chakra, forcing their user to use it sparingly and in short burst. This was solved by the fact that he didn't have any limit on his supply of chakra. The second key point was that the increase depended solely on the amount of chakra and control of the user. This point was the one thing that made him smirk in anticipation.

'If I am right, then this skill has the most potential among the ninja techniques.' He thought while rising from the ground. He looked around himself to observe his surrounding. Finally he stopped when he saw a big tree at about two hundred meters from his current position. He focused on his chakra and sent the energy to his legs, coating the whole limbs in his chakra. He took a huge breath and looked at the tree again with a determined expression. 'Here goes nothing.'

And just like that, he ran toward the tree.

He reached it in 4 seconds.

'Not bad for a start, this speed is about mid to high jounin level, a speed I could move at when I used 3 tails mode. But what if I increase the amount of chakra?' He thought while turning around and looked back at the position he was at before. He focused his chakra again, but this time he doubled the amount of chakra he used before and then he ran again.

This time, he didn't stop at the desired spot; he went way farther than that because unlike before, the only thing he could see was a blur. Fortunately he didn't crash on anything but this made him pause with a frown on his face. 'I didn't take into account the tunnel vision I would get if I move this fast.' So focused on finding a way to get rid of this problem he didn't even notice that at that moment, he reached Kage level speed – around 140 meters by second – with easy.

Analyzing everything he has done so far, he noticed a little detail he hadn't thought of. It was the fact that he improved his legs capabilities and ignored the rest of his body. So he did another test but this time, he covered his whole body with chakra. Of course the amount of chakra needed to cover his whole body was enormous, it was more than the total reserve of chakra a high level jounin had in his body. But to Naruto, it was nothing as his body replenished his reserve as fast as it was used. He took another huge breath before running again, back to the tree he used as a mark.

This time, everything was different.

Unlike before where he only saw a blur as he moved, he saw everything.

It was like he was walking even though he moved at Kage level speed. The only thing that allowed him to know that he was moving quickly was that everything around him moved at a snail pace. He took a deep breath to calm himself, as he was so happy he wanted to jump around like a child.

His happiness was short-lived though when he received the memories of one of his clones that found his team. From what he had seen, they were all unconscious and at the mercy of Orochimaru, Sasuke and Kabuto. 'Shit! Those idiots couldn't find another place to take a nap?' He thought sarcastically as he thought of what he could do to salvage the situation. 'Fortunately, they are not too far away, at about 2 kilometers from here. I can reach them quickly but what to do about the others?' He then remembered all the humiliation he sustained at Orochimaru hand, the fact that Sasuke spared him when they fought at the valley of the end and finally Kabuto.

Naruto train of thoughts stopped when a flash of his battle with Kabuto during Tsunade's retrieval appeared. He was reminded of the reason behind Kabuto's survival after taking a direct hit from the Rasengan. A feral smirk appeared on his lips as he remembered Kabuto's explanation of his survival. 'This could solve my problem with the Kyuubi.' Naruto thought and quickly created another clone before dispelling it, thus sending a message to all the clone to stop their research but not to dispel as he didn't know what side effect having that much clones dispelled in one go would do.

He then looked in the direction he knew his teammates were before covering himself with his chakra. And like before he vanished at a speed that defied any logic. Wanting to reach them quickly, he had used even more chakra than earlier, which allowed him to pass the sound barrier. A few seconds later, he had reached Orochimaru's base. Still moving at high speed, he circled above the crater Sasuke, Orochimaru and Kabuto stood, before he jumped in, retrieved his 3 teammates and moved about another kilometer away from the crater before leaving them there. He created a clone to guard them before he went back to confront his enemies.

He reappeared at the edge of the crater. Because of the speed at which he moved, a shockwave was created when he stopped in front of the Oto ninjas. The latter covered their eyes against the dust that rose. Once the dust was settled, they looked back at Naruto as they could feel his enormous pool of chakra.

Naruto looked at the trio with an impassive gaze that unnerved them, as it was so foreign on his face. He could detect the shock that they were trying to hide. 'Certainly because of my speed' Naruto thought as his gaze stayed on Sasuke. The latter was looking at Naruto with a cold gaze. He was still trying to understand what happened a few moments ago. 'To be able to move away 3 people so fast, that should be impossible. Even me I cannot do something like that and I know that I am very fast. Just what kind of jutsu is that?' He wondered but still didn't voice his thoughts.

He didn't have to with Kabuto around anyway. The latter, while impressed by the way Naruto moved his teammates to safety, didn't think much of Naruto. And he wasn't above expressing his thoughts out loud. "Naruto – kun, I see that you are still alive despite the beating you received earlier. You must really want to save Sasuke – kun if you are so tenacious." He spoke while adjusting his glasses. He expected his foe to react to his taunt like always but this time, the only reaction he got was a raised eyebrow from him, before he was completely ignored.

Instead of listening to Kabuto's taunts, Naruto looked at Orochimaru. He quickly noticed the way the latter leaned on one side of his body. He could also see sweat rolling down Orochimaru's face. Remembering what Jiraiya told him about the functioning of the snake sannin soul transfer technique, he deduced that said sannin was reaching the limit of his host body. 'One person out of this battle then.' He thought before looking back at Sasuke.

"Sasuke..." He marked a pause there as if he was thinking about what he wanted to say. "Earlier today, I would have asked you to come back to the village after seeing you, but now I cannot seem to care about what you do with your life." He finally said to the surprise of everyone as they wondered where this change of opinion was coming from.

"If I haven't seen you right now, I would have thought that you would have done exactly as you said." Sasuke answered back. "But apparently even you can change it seems." The sarcasm was clear for everyone listening to the conversation but Naruto didn't react to it.

"You on the other haven't changed much unfortunately." Naruto shot back making Sasuke raise an eyebrow too. "You may have improved physically but you are still the same mentally. You still are as arrogant and self-centered as before. The only difference now is that you hide it much better." He explained much to the surprise of the trio and a muffled giggling coming from Kabuto. Meanwhile, Orochimaru looked at the two ex-best friends wondering where this banter was going.

"Big words coming from someone who was the last of his class" Sasuke finally said causing Naruto to smile at that.

"Like I said you haven't changed. A little attack on your ego and you react like a caged lion, you try to hurt the other by using outdated information. Does it really matter that I was the dead last of our year?"

Sasuke said nothing to that and kept looking at Naruto in the eyes, his Sharingan activated. But for those that were attentive, they could see the anger that Sasuke was containing. Like earlier when he was fighting Naruto's teammates, Sasuke vanished and appeared behind Naruto with his sword raised toward the sky. "I don't really have time to waste talking to you. I spared you at the valley of the end, this time you won't escape alive." He finished while swinging his sword with the intent of bisecting his foe. When he was about to touch Naruto's body, he felt air instead of human flesh as Naruto disappeared from his sight again even with his Sharingan activated.

Inside the crater, Naruto appeared in front of Kabuto who was still looking at his earlier position, not having noticed that he had already moved away. "What are you looking at?" He asked revealing his position to the Oto ninjas who looked shocked at that. Kabuto jumped backward to create some distance between the two while Naruto looked at him impassively.

'Just as I thought, he has reached and even surpassed Minato's speed. I was unable to follow his movements even though I was ready this time. What happened between the time I beat him and now? I know I told him the secret of the Kage Bunshin but he couldn't have increased his physical ability using this technique so how is he doing this?' Orochimaru thought alarmed.

Sasuke on the other looked from his sword to Naruto with wide eyes, as he couldn't believe what he had seen with his Sharingan. 'Before I could touch him he covered himself with a thick layer of chakra before he disappeared. The amount of chakra he used to do this is even higher than my reserves without using the cursed seal, and he doesn't seem bothered by that. In fact, he looks just fine. Just how much chakra does he have?'

Thanks to his dojutsu, Sasuke was able to see Naruto form his technique but after that he lost track of him. Because of his high speed, he knew just how dangerous a fast ninja was to anyone, so he certainly wasn't happy to discover that Naruto was way faster than him. Before he could ponder further on it Naruto interrupted him. "I see you still attack first and ask questions later Sasuke. But didn't any of you found it strange that I would stay here even after recovering my teammates?"

"You obviously want to save Sasuke – kun from Orochimaru – sama" Kabuto answered first while smiling at Naruto.

"Do you have selective hearing, Kabuto? I remember telling you a few minutes ago that I could care less about him" Naruto looked at Kabuto when he said that.

Using this opportunity, Sasuke moved again toward Naruto, this time with lightning covering his hand. Because he couldn't see Sasuke moves, Naruto reacted too late.

Sasuke's arm pierced Naruto's chest with the lightning burning everything around it. Seeing this, he couldn't help but smirk at having found the weakness to Naruto's jutsu and capitalized on it so quickly. Even Orochimaru and Kabuto smirked at that.

The smirk turned into a frown though when he felt wind on his outstretched arm. He knew that he had touched Naruto but apparently the latter had been able to move away at the last second. It was then that Naruto appeared back at the edge of the crater looking down at the trio. They quickly noticed the burned shirt and blood coming from his chest area making Sasuke widen his smirk.

"I found the weakness of that technique of yours." Sasuke said arrogantly at an impassive looking Naruto. "I don't know how you do it, but you use a huge amount of chakra to activate whatever technique you are using and once it is activated, you become too fast to follow. But until you have activated it, you are still as fast as a regular ninja. And in your case, it is about low jounin level. Now I just have to catch you off guard again and it is over." He finished his explanation with a sneer on his face, giving his companions the necessary information to deal with his ex-teammate.

"Just like I said earlier, Sasuke – kun is still out of your league Naruto – kun. You should just give up while you still can." Kabuto said while fixing his glasses again.

Strangely enough, during the whole speech, Orochimaru had stayed silent, choosing to observe instead. Unlike his subordinates, he had experience in spade. Because of this, he saw something that Sasuke overlooked and knew that it was what would bring their doom if he didn't do something right now. But before he could do anything he saw the look on Naruto's face that went from impassive to cold anger and he knew that he was too late.

Especially when Naruto suddenly vanished again.

The thing that Sasuke overlooked in his arrogance was that while Naruto was vulnerable when he wasn't using his speed technique, he was unstoppable when he was using it. That is why Sasuke was shocked when he saw the propelled corpse of Kabuto as a sphere of chakra covered it. 'Rasengan?' Sasuke thought, familiar with the after effects of the jutsu. The most shocking was the distance at which Kabuto was propelled. He was sent at least an hundred meters away from them. He looked behind him just as Naruto appeared. He moved again with his Kusanagi sword unsheathed and lightning covering it toward the motionless Naruto when he saw the latter vanish again.

Gnashing his teeth in frustration, he stopped dead on track and tried to sense Naruto but to no avail. Knowing that Naruto would attack him anyway, he made a gamble. "Chidori Nagashi" He yelled as a current of lightning surrounded him. He stayed like that for a moment before Naruto appeared above him again, this time with Orochimaru and Sasuke in his line of sight.

"How long do you think you can use this jutsu before exhausting your reserves?" Naruto asked to a snarling Sasuke who knew he was right. He deactivated the jutsu hoping to conserve some chakra when Naruto disappeared again and before he could reactivate it, he was slammed too with a Rasengan that launched him in the opposite direction Kabuto flew.

Naruto appeared back and looked at Orochimaru who had stayed calm the whole time. "I see that you know when you are outmatched, Orochimaru." The answer he got was Orochimaru scoffing at him. "Don't compare me to my subordinates. Unlike them I am not naive to fall against your technique."

"Sometimes I wonder if Sasuke and you aren't related with the arrogance each of you display. Then again, I understand that you don't want to appear weak against a genin." Naruto said as he looked intently at Orochimaru. "Earlier Sasuke didn't let me finish what I had to say. So I will finish now, why do you think I am still here fighting all of you if not to retrieve Sasuke?"

Orochimaru looked at him in wonder. He was rackling his brain for an explanation but couldn't find anything that Naruto was interested in. Seeing this Naruto decided to answer his question. "Our earlier battle had several effects on me that will stay secret for now but one of the side effects was this." He pointed at the wound he received earlier making Orochimaru wonder what Naruto wanted to tell him. It didn't took him long to understand what Naruto wanted to said. "As you have no doubt noticed by now, my wounds aren't healing as fast as before. I need to find something around it. That is the main reason I am still here."

This made Orochimaru grin sinisterly before laughing out loud. "Don't tell me you are here to make a deal with the devil? That would be something to behold Kukukuku."

"You are mistaken Orochimaru" This stopped him as he listened to Naruto. "I am not here to make a deal with you. I don't need to as I have already what I want." Orochimaru could only look at him with a surprised look. 'What does he mean by that. He is looking for a way to either recover his regenerative ability or something equivalent. The only person who as something even remotely equivalent is... NO!'

Naruto smirked as he saw the dawning look on Orochimaru face. "As you have no doubt come to the correct conclusion, I am sorry to say that I will borrow Kabuto indefinitely from you. See you next time Orochimaru."

Like before he disappeared, leaving an enraged sannin behind, who quickly moved to secure Kabuto but he found nothing on the area much to his horror. "NARUTOOOOO!"

Far away from there, Naruto was smiling as he was transporting his teammates and a captured Kabuto with the help of his clones. "Now I have to investigate the matter of the destruction of my clan when I return to the village."

Author's notes:

Like most of my stories, Naruto will be powerful. He will encounter difficult opponents of course and will even lost sometimes but I think you will like what I have in mind for this.