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the Benefits
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James felt too much like an adult, in this moment. The elevator music version of a familiar song played throughout the nearly barren grocery store. He pushed his cart down aisle after aisle, humming along mindlessly and picking up different soups, cereals and - he and Kendall's favorite - Ramen Noodles. They'd adopted a healthy diet, moving out on their own; living like poor college kids by choice. He sighed, squeezing between a woman's children, their cart and the other side of the aisle. This was supposed to be Kendall's job. James did the laundry, Kendall got the food. But, of course, he'd found a way out of it, just like he'd find a way out of his end of the deal - doing the laundry for the next two weeks. James often thought if he'd made the right roommate choice, Logan and Carlos didn't have these problems, but he honestly could only see himself living with one other person, happily. He wished, every day, that he didn't still think about her as much as he did. But, she was still just as much a part of him as she ever was. Sadie Grant would never leave James' head, his thoughts or his heart, and it was beyond unfortunate.

He went on dates, occasionally, and most of them ended in sex - but that was it. It was sex. Pure, unadulterated sex. And while, at one point in his life, that was all James wanted, he needed something more. Mental stimulation, for one. Hollywood was full of beautiful girls, but it was also full of beautiful bimbos who had nothing more intelligent to talk about than the latest Kardashian fiasco. Needless to say, James wasn't too happy with his situation. The boys were back in the studio, writing and recording and keeping themselves busy. It took up most of his time, and he was glad for that, but Gustavo was starting to get annoyed with James' lyricism. Broken hearted ballads, "I'm getting over you" dance anthems. While some of them were good, most of them consisted of Sadie's name, so they were deemed unusable. It was when James suggested naming the whole album after her that everyone decided they needed a little break.

So, here he was. Shopping, like a fucking grown up, at the corner grocer for Ramen, Pop Tarts and Red Bull. He didn't know why he bothered getting a shopping cart, it was practically empty. He could hear the sliding doors behind him open, something crashing, an eruption of giggling and a quick apology, but James ignored it, singing, "If it isn't love, why do I feel this way."

The giggling continued and a circuit in James' mind flicked on. He raised an eyebrow, was that what he thought it was? He'd heard that laugh before, a million times before. While watching Megan Fox tear apart boys, or Bradley Cooper try to find his friend in Las Vegas. It was so recognizable to him, but he shook his head. It was the song, the song finally clicked and he was thinking of her because of it. Still, his conscience got the best of him, and James had to prove himself wrong. He didn't turn to look, but he crept to the end of the aisle and peeked down the neighboring one, hidden behind a display of Lucky Charms. There were two girls, picking up cereals and still laughing. It couldn't be, and it wasn't.

They both had incredibly short hair, one blonde and straight, with bright, blue eyes. But the one he was looking at, the one all his focus was on couldn't have been who he thought it was. Her hair was barely to her shoulders, dark and impossibly curly. If James knew anything about her, it was that she loved her hair too much to chop it off. It bounced, like hers always did, the girl in the store, but there was something off about it. He caught a glimpse of the side of her face and James was trying his best to be inconspicuous. Her lips were painted red, her make-up reminded him of a 1940s glamour girl. She looked absolutely beautiful, but that wasn't what sold him.

His eyes wandered, down and down, and then fell upon something unmistakable. Those jeans, and not just the jeans, what was packed in them. James smirked, holding onto the tower of cereal. She lifted her arms over her head, stretching. The short, cropped top she wore lifted and revealed the tattoo James had seen so many times. It was her. But James had only a moment to revel in the moment, and as the Leprechaun's came hurdling towards him, what he thought to be true was confirmed completely. Both girls looked at him, the one with her back to him smirking and laughing. James scrambled to stand up, brushing off his clothes and looking directly at her, "Sadie."

She smirked at him, her bright lips lifting only on the right side, and her voice came out like a song. "James Diamond."

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